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Applications for planning approval should be submitted to the local authority. Consultants appointed, consist of city planner to be able to provide advice in terms of the application process and also gives optimal alternative and help in ensuring that all the necessary approval be available within a reasonable time. The procedure on the implementation is combination provisions of the National Land Code 1965 (Act 56) and Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (Act 172). Planning approval made in specified in the rules Planning Control (General) Act 172. Information and documents to be submitted vary by planning authority local. The applications for planning approval are as the following:

Step 1: An application of planning approval for a development to be submitted to the local authority Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) for attention of the Town and Country Planning Department using Form A of the First Schedule Method 2 (1) Control Rules Planning (General) section 21 of Act 172. Submission of Form A has to be accompanied with the document mentioned in the Second Schedule Control Rules Planning (General). After submission of document is done, authority of planning approval need to process the application planning approvals. Application for planning approval must accompany by such documents as the list in the Planning Control Rules. In addition, Section 21A the need of Laporan Cadangan Pemajuan (LCP) submitted with the application.

SurianMas Development Sdn Bhd (656856-D)

SurianMas Development

Step 2: After local planning authority (PBPT) found that the application form together with the information and documents have been complete accordance with the conditions of application, local authority will register the application. Application then be referred to the technical departments to get review. Technical department involved will be resubmission of the application to the local planning authority together with their comments. Local authority will be examine the commentaries of the technical department whether the applications meets the requirements Planning Control Rules (KKPP) (General) Act 172. If the application need to make changes, written instructions will sent to the applicant that the applicant amend the application based on review comments or condition proposed by technical departments have been consulted local planning. Applicants are required to return the application to the planning authority after amendments were made as local directed within the agreed period or period which has been extended. The application will be deemed has been withdrawn if the applicant does not re-submit the applicant to local authority within the prescribed time or within an extended. Decision on application for planning approval will notify to the applicant as follows: i. Application approved The grant of planning approval given in absolute terms or with conditions Specify the date passed or expired planning permission Specify the period of limited planning approval the use of land and building Impose conditions of work be conducted and how the extent where such work can be carried out

SurianMas Development Sdn Bhd (656856-D)

SurianMas Development


Application rejected The applicant is informed of the right the applicant to appeal under the provisions of section 23 (1) (a) Inform the register of address Board of Appeal and the appeal period. Notice to the objector: The right of protesters to make appeal to the Appeal Board Inform the address of the register Board of Appeal and the appeal period.

Planning approval granted will be expired 12 month after the date of approval. Applicants are required to apply new where planning approval is granted had expired and while giving extension of planning approval, local planning ma impose new conditions that thinks fit or change the conditions originally imposed. Local authority is also may issues an order that planning approval of the plan buildings that have been withdrawn or modified in which the order was made in the interest of the public.

SurianMas Development Sdn Bhd (656856-D)

SurianMas Development

Process of application Planning Approval

Accept the application form Form A

Review document

No Request for document / additional notice Yes


Register/ open file / review detail

Referring to the development and review from Technical department

Accept review the Technical Department

Written instructions to the applicant

Application for approval is void

No Yes Yes

Applicant to amend plans / provided requirement and delivered back to local authority

If there are objections

Written notice to the adjoining landowner / right object within 21 days for local authority if the is no Local Plan No

Objection hearing by the Hearing Committee within 30 days after the expiration objections

Consideration of application by Committee Planning Advisor

Full Council decision on the application of local authorities Planning Approval

SurianMas Development Sdn Bhd (656856-D)