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TERTIARY INSTITUTIONS SERVICE CENTRE (Incorporated in Western Australia)


Mr Dean Matthew Freitas Category: School Leaver
COURSE DATA (WACE courses and TEE subjects)
Year Course/Subject Course units Scaled Score


2011 2011 2011 2011 2011 xxxx

English Applied Information Technology Mathematics Physics Physical Education Studies xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

3A/3B 2A/2B 3A/3B 3A/3B 3A/3B xxxx

60.0 55.9 54.0 48.0 46.7 xxxx


UNIVERSITY ADMISSION DATA WACE Curtin University Edith Cowan University Murdoch University The University of Western Australia ELIGIBILITY FOR UNIVERSITY COURSES Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved

Competence in English Achieved Achieved Achieved Achieved ATAR/ Selection Rank 4 Courses 66.85 66.85 66.85 66.85

To be considered for a course(s) at Curtin University, Edith Cowan University, Murdoch University or The University of Western Australia you need to have: achieved the WA Certificate of Education (WACE); and satisfied the Competence in English requirement for the university concerned; and met any course prerequisites; and achieved an ATAR/Selection Rank high enough for the university course(s) concerned.

As a guide, Indicative ATARs/Selection Ranks for courses are available at www.tisc.edu.au. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Issued by the Tertiary Institutions Service Centre (TISC) in Western Australia

28 December 2011


Dean Matthew Freitas
Standardised Examination Mark and Standardised Moderated School Mark 79.9 76.1 School English stage 3 Exam School Mathematics 3AB Exam School 74 72.3 66.5 n/a

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Raw Mark Applied Information Technology stage 2 Exam 78

Combined Mark

Adjusted Combined Mark*

Adjusted Combined Mark with Increment+

Scaled Score++


68 49

70.1 58.1 46.1 57.9 72.9 60.0

50 51

52.9 49.9 46.9 51.3 71.3 54.0

Physical Education Studies stage 3 Exam (written) 40 School (written) 69 Exam (practical) School (practical) Physics stage 3 Exam School 16 63

51.2 49.4 45.8 14.2 56.5 41.8 56.8 46.7

34 47

44.0 39.2 34.5 46.3 61.3 48.0

* Adjusted combined mark is the result of putting stage 2 and stage 3 marks from the same course on a common scale before adding the increment, if appropriate. There is no adjusted combined mark for WACE courses with only stage 2 or stage 3 examinations (because there are not two levels of results to put on the same scale). + An increment is only added to stage 3 adjusted combined marks in a course where the course is examined at both stage 2 and stage 3. In the case of Mathematics an increment is added to 2CD, 3AB and 3CD. For Mathematics: Specialist an increment is added to 3CD. With the increment, these marks are generally on a range of 0 to 115 (in the case of Mathematics 0 to 130) ++ Scaled scores are on a range of 0 to 100. For an explanation of the Marks Adjustment Process for University Admission click here.