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AGREEMENT FOR MONTHLY TENANCY This Agreement of monthly tenancy is made on this the day of September, 2011, At Jamshedpur,

Mr Vijay Kumar Ojha, S/o Late Rashik Bihari Ojha, Resident Of H.No.102, Zone No.11, Birsa Nagar, P.S. Birsa Nagar, Town Jamshedpur, District Singhbhum East, State Jharkhand (hereinafter called the Landlord(first Party) of the one part, AND Mr Mohammad Shadab, S/O Abdul Quasim, Resident of H.No.5/4, Alishan Tawor , Road No. 12, Jawahar Nagar, Azad Nagar, P.O. & P.S. Azad nagar, Mango, Town Jamshedpur, Dist

Singhbhum East, State Jharkhand (hereinafter Tenant (Second Party)) of the other Part;



And whereas the first party is the owner of the aforesaid shop/office premises, situated at UB.162A, Akash Deep Plaza, P.O. & P.S. Golmuri, Twon Jamshedpur, Dist Singhbhum, and he is peaceful Possession and enjoyment over the same without any interruption from any corner. And whereas the first party hereby declared to let out the aforesaid shop/office premises as monthly rent basis and whereas the second party has also desired to take the said shop for business of Travel Agency not any other purpose. Whereas the second party has agreed on the following terms and conditions. Terms and conditions. 1 That the tenancy agreement has been started from 1st day of August, 2011 and the tenancy period will be valid for 11(Eleven) months from the date of commencement of the tenancy. 2. That the first party has delivered possession of the aforesaid shop/office premises in favour of the second party. 3. That the First Party has received advance Rs. 25,000/(Rupees Twenty Five Thousand)only, from second party for the security of aforesaid shop premises, this amount shall be refunded to the 2nd Party without interest on the expiry of tenancy due to any reason.

5. That the second party will pay a sum of Rs. 2,000/only per month to the first party as a monthly rent. 6. That the Electricity, maintenance and any other charges shall be pay by second Party from the date of possession is delivered by First Party. 7. That the second party shall not use the let out premises in any other purpose except Travel Agency Business. 8. That the second party shall pay the monthly rent in advance on 5th day of each English calendar month. 9. That the second party shall not sub-let or deliver the schedule below premises to any person or party. 10. That the second party shall not change nature of the premises in question nor shall make any construction on structure without permission of First Party, they will maintain the premises in question in all respect. 11. That all rights and liabilities and obligation of the parties towards each other will be governed by the law applicable to the premises in question. 12. That in case of any violation of these terms by second party, they will be liable to be ejected forthwith and they will be liable to deliver vacant possession of the premises to the first party.

13. That after expiry of the agreement a fresh agreement will be made between the party further period with the consent of parties in the new terms and conditions if so requires. In the witnesses whereof the parties to this agreement both hereunto set and subscribed their hands on this day, month and year above written. WITNESSES: 1. Signature of the first party

Signature of the Second Party 2.