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Standard chartered

Savings account Axcess plus account - certain features of axcess plus account :Free unlimited visa ATM transactions Free doorstep banking International debit cards Phone banking Online banking AVG QUATERLY BAL- 25000 Parivaar account- option of clubbing balances in grouped accounts. Option of systematic investment plan. Globally valid atm-debit card Phone and online banking AVG QUATERLY BAL- 25000 Super value account- free bill pay Free inter bank funds transfers Free inward remittance certificates Free payable at par cheque book AVG QUATERLY BAL- 50000 Aasaan account- international debit card Unlimited free access to SCB ATMs. Phone and internet banking AVG QUATERLY BAL- nil Current accounts Business plus account- free payable at par cheque Debit card with axcess plus benefits Quick transfer funds Free national electronic funds transfer AVG QUATERLY BALANCE- 50000 Enhanced business plus 100 account- free payable at par cheque Free national electronic funds transfer Option of choosing the avg quaterly balance Unique benefits with each type of account Avg quaterly balance- 100000 Enhanced business plus 1000 account- free payable at par cheque Debit card with Axcess plus benefits and free Transacrtions at atms around the world The enhanced 1000 account provides further Benefits and privileges of the priority banking Programme. AVG QUATERLY BAL- 1000000

savings account regular account- net banking phone banking international debit card personalized cheques and payable at par chequebook AVG QUATERLY BAL- 10000 Savings max account- premium hdfc services free International debit card and womans advantage card among other Benefits. Dd upto a limit of 1 lac per day. Money maximiser option available. Insurance benefits like accidental hospitalation cover, reimbursement cover AVG QUATERLY BAL- 25000 Family savings account- grouping 2-4 accounts to form a family account Free international debit card, Free DD and MCs on hdfc bank locations. With all the accounts grouped maintaining a minimum account Balance a family account can be started. AVG QUATERLY BAL- combined balance for all accounts-40000 No frills account- access to atms across the world. Free IVR based phone banking International debit card Facilities like safety-deposit locker, super saver and sweep-in available AVG QUATERLY BAL- 0 Current accountRegular current account- inter-city banking Free Demand drafts, pay orders above 100000 Phone banking, net banking, doorstep banking. AVG QUATERLY BAL- 10000 Premium current account- Free anywhere collection & payment within HDFC Bank branch network (except Dahej), up to Rs.25 lacs per month, incremental amount to be charged @ Rs.1.50 per Rs.1,000/-, min Rs.25/Free demand drafts, pay orders above 100000 Other current account features. AVG QUATERLY BAL- 25000

Apex current account- maximum transactional benefits with faster mobilization. Free cash deposits upto 100lacs per month(per day limit 100000) Free payment and collection through RTGS Phone banking, doorstep banking, net banking AVG QUATERLY BAL- 10000000

icici bank
savings accountregular saving accountDebit-cum-ATM Card Money Multiplier Facility Internet Banking Customer Care Mobile Banking Standing Instructions Nomination facility DD Call and Collect AVG QUATERLY BAL- 10000(metro) 5000(urban) Special savings account- money multiplier facility Free multi city chequebook facility Phone banking Supplementary savings Internet banking Freedom savings account- debit-cum-atm card Money multiplier facility Internet banking DD collect and call Anywhere banking AVG QUATERLY BAL- 10000 Advantage women saving account- interest payable half yearly No internet and phone banking facility Free debit card Banking transactions chargeable at normal charges. AVG QUATERLY BAL-zero

Current accountClassic trade current account-Free inward remittances FIRC and BRC issuances Other trade facilities at very attractive rates Free cash withdrawal through self-cheques Free multi-city cheque payment Free fund transfer to any ICICI Bank account through Internet banking AVG monthly bal- 40000

Prepaid current account- Free personalized cheque book Free business banking debit card Free unlimited fund transfers Free Internet/ Phone/ Mobile Banking 50 free transactions every month and charges thereafter NO AVG QUATERLY OR MONTHLY BAL Yearly charge of 3000 paid in advance Elite current account- Free Non-Cash services* upto 10 crore per month Free Cash withdrawal at non base branch through Self cheques up to Rs. 50,000/- per day Free Cash deposit at base branch up to Rs. 1 crore per month Free Doorstep Banking services upto 5 lakhs cash pick-up per day & cheque pick up Free mobile alerts, phone banking, corporate internet banking. *Demand Drafts, Pay Order, Multicity cheque payments, Local Cheque collection Non base & Upcountry Cheque Collections Avg monthly bal- 1000000

Axis bank
Savings accountEasy access account- At-par cheque ATM Network Anywhere Banking Telebanking iConnect SMS Banking Quarterly account statement Quarterly interest @ 3.5 % per annum Free monthly e-statement. AVG QUATERLY BAL- 5000(metro) 1000(rural) Krishi savings account- international debit card with withdrawal limit worth of 25000 per day Anywhere banking

At par cheque book Minimum average balance- 5000 Prime savings account- At Par Cheque Facility without any limit Free cash withdrawal upto 5 transactions at other bank ATM' Two Demand Drafts/Pay Orders free per month (drawn on Axis Bank centres) and a charge of Rs 100 thereafter. International Debit card with an Accidental Insurance cover upto Rs. 2 lakhs Phone banking, internet banking AVG QUATERLY BAL- 25000(metro) 10000(rural) Womens saving account- At-Par Cheque book ATM Network Anywhere Banking Telebanking iConnect SMS Banking Quarterly account statement Quarterly interest @ 3.5 % per annum Free monthly e-statement AVG QUATERLY BAL- 5000(metro) 2500(urban)

Current account Normal current account- home branch cash deposit facility free upto 2.5 lacs International business debit card Free transactions upto 25lacs per month. Cash withdrawals upto 5lacs per day AVG MONTHLY BAL- 10000 Business advantage account- home branch cash deposit upto 3 lacs per month Phone banking, iconnect Inter branch cash deposit facility upto 2lacs per day. International business debit card MONTHLY AVG BAL- 25000 Krishi current account- anywhere banking Upto 50% rebate on charges for maintaining higher balances. Phone banking International debit card Half yearly bal-10000(urban) 2500(rural)