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IT Assignment

[This assignment has to be done as a group activity where every group will comprise of 3 members.]
GROUP TOPIC G01 Access various job portals and create a report on job availability in IT sector, in India and abroad. Make a report on the jobs at different positions taking into account the following: Ratio of jobs available Job responsibility for every job Desired qualification for the jobs Desired experience for the various jobs G02 Surf net for information about security and surveillance for a work place. Write a report on the various software and hardware available in the market for security and surveillance from different vendors and compare and contrast between them on various parameters. G03 Visit Dr. Batras and Dr. Baksons homeopathic clinic websites and comment upon their user friendliness. Assess the sites functionality and ease of use for patients and doctors and a prospective patient from your findings. G04 Access the websites of major hardware manufacturer and obtain the latest information regarding h/w releases for all platforms (super computer, mainframes, workstations, personal computers, laptops) G05 Interview the network administrator of your college and find out the basic requirement to establish Wi-Fi in the campus. What are the various hardware and software needed to ensure smooth functioning of wi-fi network? What are the various problems one can face during the setup and how can these problems be resolved. G06 All email websites have some privacy policy to ensure privacy of their customers. Pick some email websites and comment on their privacy policy. What all information does a website hold of its users and when can such private information of the customers be disclosed. G07 Access the websites of at least two major DBMS vendors. Find out and compare the capabilities of their latest products. G08 What are the various measures taken by various banks to ensure smooth banking processes for its customers with secure transactions? Write a note on safe and secure online banking practices. G09 Examine several websites for auctions. Analyse the similarities and differences among them and rank them according to their ease and use. G10 Plan a trip for the following destinations: Australia, Nepal, Israel, Thailand 1. Find the lowest airfare 2. Examine a few hotels by class 3. Prepare the list of what to see. 4. Find out about local currency and convert Rs.10000 to that currency with an online currency converter 5. compile the trip and prepare a report G11 Assume that you are in the business of precious stones and have been providing these stones local and nationally for a long time. If you have to promote your business abroad online what would be the various ways to promote your business and how would you take care of payment and delivery of products to customers? G12 Find out what does it take to place the advertisement of your website on rediffmail.com

G13 G14

and yahoomail.com. What is the fee charged and is it worth it. Why do you think so? Visit various eCommerce websites do some purchasing and find out the various modes of payment they offer. Which mode of payment would you prefer and why. Why would you not select the other mode, give reason. List at least three websites in the category of B to C, C to B, B to B, C to C and Government to Citizen. Comment upon their usefulness and suggest if you see any scope of improvement.