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bruno nobru

ex-cerpts, bruno nobru

arent poems but fragments of landscapes paths and passages to flow roots and branches embryos of rhizomes in a prelude to be to find the real tone composing another - new to tune with myself from myself being me my own route agreeing or disagreeing acting and moving writing with your name with false name or no name we are all free to go anywhere let's fly!

sao paulo / minas gerais brazil



description title: ex-cerpts author: bruno nobru date: writing between 2006 and 2008 location: sao paulo and minas gerais, brazil compounded in: january and july, 2008 related topics: life, liberty, culture, existence cover picture: by bruno, 2007

rights and use you are free: to share and to remix to copy, distribute and transmit, to adapt the work under the conditions of attribution, noncommercial you must attribute the work you may not use this work for commercial purposes important all the culture needs to be permitted and accessible to all people, free of private greed and luxuries contact bruno nobru www.brunonobru.net trocarletras@gmail.com


the best companionship to read this book is yourself. I dont have any intention to write truth and if you are searching that is not what you'll find here this is not what Im searching neither my trip I suggest listen the sound of the silence and read beyond this words, whithout conclusions. dont be hurry to read, use the intervals: review and write what you think, what you feel and want to do: be honest with yourself dont require yourself to read, the reading and experiences will happen gradually, like us. dont try to read this book as another, because it isnt any. the blank spaces are to be appropriate, scratched, written, designed, building the path on the trip and disobeying the harmful acts to himself, like deprive your own desires, live in fear or in the hypocritical lie. because has a difference between to do what I want and to do what other people and mass-media want. one thing is what I am, another is the other (a non-me) isnt important to understand what is right, good, fair or real just follow the flow of experiences and then calmly, very calmly, get what you felt

humans create the car cars cause traffic traffic bothers man

short texts other parameters different visions

discaptures of routine possibility of cutting to re-look with few sounds isnt in the words animals dont speak (its unecessary)

inherited mental illness and fatefulness from our parents, grandparents, society, culture, school, neighbors, friends, cousins, ... buffer eye, inherited nebulae in the mind

while the body remains fragile ....

life is affected, the feeling muted, the limited existence

people are fed with food animals, vegetables, canned clothes, shopping, ballads the insects bite people the market is feeding the people - animals wise and ignorant the sound of the city the progress of the concrete life the fake life the sexual repression the divestment policy the domestication the confortable and everything is easy: just work and pay taxes buy shit you throw away after and rent a movie you watch on the election time

a guy was wrong he was busted let's play a billiards?

between me and you have much more than me and you have what transforms us what makes us another-me and another-you

strange beings

predators and prey

parasites sucking blood disguised as harmless helpers strategies are used to capture their prey ... some of the prey are seeking disguises to defend the strongest survive ... each one developed different ways to defend of their predators trying to ensure his life some are joining together in groups against common predators creating tribes that generate conflict differences arise with sex and conflicts between different relations

theories concepts many concepts

situations ready organized right

the coffee in the cup the trousers folded right the color of shoe combines the lack of life lived

those phrases ready those eyes those laughs those ways of being and acting every time those ready which I dont belong it take care of myself in some situations I disgust

be or not to be isnt the issue there is much more in life than buying its is easy to like who likes what we likes who believes like we believes I want to see make shit in the woods fall of man lost the game overcome the risk

the night, the place where they hide the solitary creatures who prefer not be seen in daylight bats and owls manic and prostitutes anti-social par excellence the during day they are serious men entrepreneurs, shopkeepers, lawyers false hypocrites ... all strange beings dreamed and feared walking stealthily like cats on the different spaces, alone only the sound of my footsteps following me lights on all night long, the city rules doesnt stop they are living into all the time to leave distant his dark, sincere and authentic person leave aside, silent and asleep

- to pretend: the spectacle of life [the theater of everyday]

the economy of image and action

exchange the pain of work pollution and stress by the pleasures and the products of the big city tents of people stacked looking for employment mixing cultures the fear of repression trained to consume in favor of others and other little to their favor enter year, leaving year the todynho continues with the same taste and the ana rosa station continues in the same place

since the relations are established are creating existences -characters and masks for every situation and circumstance gradually each one will assume a life of its own their ways of being its means its spaces your contacts their being becomes a character of yourself and if your being is what you do not want you become spectator of your own life

life taken washed neither clean nor dirty no bar, no billiard air ... (a good buddy) takes time for understand that time and has a lot without a name flying around we walk both and sometimes seem the ground dont leave the place time. . time. . time. . time the day-to-day scenes are repeated they never talk of ourselves they speak of football, the pope, the show the bigbrother, the bar ... so many that I tire myself I'm talking about here for me and you no scenes enter

the writing is the father the clock is the cut the writing is between the pen is the hostage I think a bag to think like the people this being bureaucratic who humans became humans like the dinosaurs were extinct there is no time for liberty respect for life

my clothes must serve me and not I serve them want to fly? creates wings! what their level of modesty? they are me ... so much things that you forget a life more or less the fear of fear of regret the resignation

I write this like Im walking on the bus on the street and anywhere because I exist anywhere

the wind blows the fire spreads golova travels

thousands of people working every day perspiring in the places that don't want throught abuse and ugly faces paying the entertainment to the sons of the money while they rest and consume the products of the sweat

images ... is just what the majority wants so hypocritical as they living with the freedom stored in the pocket, private and hidden those who fall into believe that drinking and shouting is the same as being free its concept of freedom is so fragile and easily influenced who guides for consumption and wealth of some paying the leisure to the sons of money

would I love to be who I am? I wanted one day to be a cup of coffee or a egg, to realize if I love who I am because how could I know if I love if I never left from myself? if one day I be a cup I can feel the difference between the cup and I and to understand if I prefer to be cup or I while I can't turn a cup I stay in doubt

the coffee it's like a cigarette and the cigarette is no longer anything and it makes me want go to bathroom life is now is like a new water I'm not so without me I feel more alive the gray color isn't gray and eyes are closed to think that a previous everything happened and nothing was as it seen and the color is no more there is no more before there is no more after just maybe feeling like this I'm pressing buttons with the tips of the fingers and smoking myself

we think we know how we are we think who know and knows how to act in every situation and we forget that life is change and that we change then we realize thats knowledge is no so good because each situation is a situation and each moment leads to a other movement

the dictatorship didnt end it's active with camouflage pointing their weapons at mind shooting ideas about what is right and what is wrong doing everything for we don't think different the wishes and ideas are guided living in the fallacy of liberty you feel free to say what you want but need to do what you don't want we are on the technological revolution with many ideological dictatorships ... a lot of people are fucking and others that aren't idea about it few take advantage of the most ignorance the means of mass-media has influence on all the time to a handful of behaviors ideas and feelings: creating quiet and obedient slave free to consume and be consumed

with few words the syllables be licking with many they spread

wake up to spit your phlegm

not the other nor his old phlegm

fill up of new phlegm inspires you the most that can and spit with all the strength and will!

each lives a landscape we are not equal

freedom isn't an individual achievement particular it isn't something that has but to construct the relationship changes the libertarian environment and the environment is an extension of the individual

we dont have people as we have a table a bicycle or a bottle of milk things get waiting for us to use people are used to themselves because they are objects of these same and not to others

you are the author of your life and history: don't buy what isn't useful for you not give more importance to what has than yourself and don't believe in all you hear finish all the relationship and places who not benefit you: create new spaces, go to the other places, establish new relationships throw away your old fear be autonomous and independent while you let your life aside she also leaves you aside do what you want for yourself do not expect that others do for you create your art expose your feelings, ideas and opinions ... agreeing or disagreeing, spitting, kicking publish with your name, with false name or without a name you can much more than you think I invite you to break all this stuff the rules about writing, art and life ... we are all free to go anywhere let's fly!

this is the man ...

that has weaknesses thats expropriate

the things are not afraid of them things are of no one there are things in the air to be caught many go there from one side to the other some close to me

I am beyond this text to spit skip create culture and go beyond ...

several possibilities - the life

each with its values its a-favors its cons your favorites your distracted their notions of freedom and imprisonment their complaints and their tastes choose your paths look well at them find your extensions and adjusting the way to you hare krishna, novels evangelicals, marijuanas zen-buddhists, anarchists existentialist, liberals each group with their establishments and paths to be traveled each head leads your own sentence

what happened passed and what was is what I am tied now with more different experiences more different possibilities and paths new and different other when more road I walk more free I am to chose what will stay and what I want to change

my writing is anti-poetic anti-rhyme and anti-ethics anti-all these consumerist stuff my writing is acid in pieces to melt the notion of common and any attempt to keep individuals in pre-established rules my art is the RISK to bet on life and not in death to the differences and not the same in changes and not in adaption it's the fly that lands in your soup and you each or spits rhymes with dirt with pain, and different air launches your face unlike make your eye to watch the operation - Talking about it, if you touched today? rip your blindness and look to surroundings some wants milk and other shit and what you want? anything? look if your milk is your shit as time you lost listening to nirvana and what you won?

the things are going well until the other appear many others that hinder and they are always slow picturesque speaking and makers little always they the judges and tables of values they say when I'm wrong because for me I'm always right if they were I everything was great but they aren't and I still being wrong who I am

I want to talk to real people people that makes what they feel, which is strong people who lives and acts as both that is not judging how you feel or placing values on which this people who don't need to hide that show who they are and are different from other because they feel different people who decide that the choices and knows that the feeling is changing and who does not live by feelings of obligation but to live and if not so isn't obliged to do people who believe in the possibility to create another art and another life ... you know you can be real and is not afraid to do it maintain free relations without feelings of guilt or duty

spare me thats all I have made daily each time more I spend less with anything I really spare me I dont spend to anything to any each time more less effort fewer words less saliva more myself

kill mosquitos yes this is my occupation I destroy those who destroy those who bite and those who want to absorb me

I'm being what I do and what I choose when I do and don't choose - I am the same what I do I agree with what I want for me I honestly do not apologize is what I represent

I write what I write and not what I don't write my writing is for me what I don't write is not for me is for whom does

thats me and Im not for you

the words come out of the paper the words will leave the paper and fly...

my past is my fault this my condition the bet is a risk

life. . . we just have to go live and see later what is

I do myself all the time and I create culture when I show

very early tomorrow my thoughts go planting bananas in the air I want a hot chocolate going in my neck and have time for fishing ... to hook the people who passing on the street

bright hearts pulsing in the air a lot of blue, green and purple all happy, coming and going everything around to shine time for color for sound silence and the return

birds keep cheese in their refrigerators

its raining, but sun in I'm re-stretching my aesthetic and myself without numbers clouds navigating without air the mea-ning is crea-ted when is sho-ck almost will but walks slow-ly a beer worth a pause moment -to the bitter be sweet - now it costs $ 2.20

sentence of cut

I create you observe he feels we walked I confused you dive he sinks we swim I cut you robe it burns we broke I place you circumvent they find we observed I path you lost he jumps we

I invent life the eye, and death

I invent time the day, the night

I invent the new which creates senses

I invent the sky and my joy

and I invent the wind it takes things that I invented

when I write I show me ... risks in paper with parts of me my writing is-between-things: between me and my experiences enter into me and leave me in pieces the right of the write as the duty to choose it only to myself and no one else nobody better than me to describe it some cells are and continuing taking care of mitosis and meiosis the pen transmits and preserves - walks by risks . . . and the words poor of them they dont know what to say

if I describe myself in words I'll be classified in things that I am not because I'm not born words or became words I'm being something there is no way to describe only by itself that's no way to qualifies because if is classified I can't be and I turn me other

things remain the same while we look with the same eyes

interpret them as you want this is your problem and not my but it is clear I'm not everything that I write

bid and spit!

the booklet

this booklet is a re-configuration of parts written for me from July 2006 to January 2008 in sao paulo and minas gerais, brazil it contains fragments of my life, places where I went, I did things, people who I live, perceptions that I had, I heard sounds, words that I read, trees, traffic, roads, travel and many other landscapes ... when I write I like, then I dislike. after a time I relike. sometimes public and I hate it again, after I relike and then I reagain some of them were included in booklets that I made with some twenty pages each, with five published and disseminated by myself on paper a4, pb, xerocopiados: "memories of when we were water" (2006), "from: while / to: perhaps" (2006), "I am not you" (2007),"existential excerpts" (2007) other, unpublished, are in process to gush: "fragments of perceptions" (2004/2005), "my freedom" (2006/2007), "whatever" (2007), "walking between clouds" (2008) sometimes I write a few words and public in www.brunonobru.net and a lot of things released around through streets and houses from this little ball they call earth

bruno barbedo carrasco

I was sprouted in the chaotic city to sao paulo (capital), at the beginning of the 80s. I don't remember well the beginning of the story, but I never liked the school and all those ways to be pre-determined. I was walking the few for myself, I think I started making sounds a guitar disconnected of all common stuff and to spit it. trying different sounds, noise, and tuning and pro impromptu walk, on a more authentic. then started reading philosophy and walk to the psychologist of autonomy, thats who I am and also what I don't. I was to live in the fields and jungle and I went back writing - what I do between one thing and another, when there are spaces: in any row in the middle of the night, inside and outside the bus too. I like the city and nature.. at the time I exist in the south of Minas Gerais. I'm going with my feet, but I not only that what I wrote. sometimes I go to the fair, sometimes cycling or with foot, sometimes I take coffee, sometimes not. . .

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