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The words in this insert use the Roman (English) alphabet to represent Hebrew sounds. The guide below will give you a general idea of Hebrew pronunciation.

Vowels a e eh

a as in father e as in met e as in met; used when e sound occurs at the end of a word ie as in pie i as in sit ee as in bee o as in open u as in flute uh as in abound

bvakasha Tel Avv kafeh

ay i o u Consonants kh

layla tov miday Tel Avv toda ishun vshva

gutteral ch as in German ach, gargled at the back of the throat r rolled at the back of the throat ts as in cats



tz Stress


Most words are accented on the last syllable, although some words have the accent on the next to the last. A note on male/female verbs: You will notice that Hebrew verbs change endings according to the gender of the subject. Verb endings also change according to the gender of the person being addressed in a sentence. Throughout this program, when there is a difference in gender, you will see the male version first, followed by the female. The first few are marked with (m) and (f) to help you get started.

Bokhm a Bokhm! Welcome to Living Language In-Flight

Hebrew. This short and simple program is designed to give you just enough of the basics that youll need to get by in Hebrew. Just listen to the native speakers of Hebrew and repeat in the pauses. Lets get started.

Lesson 1: Saying Hello

Shalom! Hello! Bohker tohv! Good morning! Yom tov! Good day! Erev tov! Good evening! Ma shlomekh (f)/ Ma shlomkha (m)? How are you? Beseder. Fine. Tov mod. Very well. Kakha kakha. So so. Ma shimkha (m)/ Ma shmekh (f)? Whats your name? Shm adon Kohen. My name is Mr. Kohen. Shm gveret Kohen. My name is Mrs. Kohen. Nam lhakr otkha (m)/ otakh (f). Its nice to meet you. Shalom. Good-bye. Lehtraot. See you later. Lehtraot bekarov. See you soon. Layla tov. Good night.

Lesson 2: Basic Expressions

Toda. Thank you. Toda raba. Thank you very much. En bad ma. Youre welcome. Bvakasha. Ken. Lo. Slkha. Excuse me. Please. Yes. No.

Tislakh l. Pardon me. An mitztaer/ mitztaeret.* Im sorry. An lo mevin/mevna. I dont understand. An lo medaber/medaberet vrt. I dont speak Hebrew.

Ata medaber anglt? Do you speak English? An lo medaber/medaberet vrt kol kakh tov. I dont speak Hebrew very well. Daber lat bvakasha. Speak slowly, please. Od haraam bvakasha. Repeat, please.

Lesson 3: Numbers
effes 0 ekhad/akhat* 1 shnaym/shtaym 2 shalosha/shalosh 3 arbaa/arba 4 khamsha/khamesh 5 shsha/shesh 6 sheva/shva 7 shmona/shmoneh 8 tsha/tesha 9 asara/eser 10 ekhad asar/akhadesreh 11 shnaym asar/shtem esreh 12 shlosha asar/shlosh esreh 13 arbaa asar/arba esreh 14 khamsha asar/khamesh esreh15 shsha asar/shesh esreh 16 shva asar/shva esreh 17 shmona asar/shmoneh esreh 18 tsha asar/tesha esreh 19 esrim 20 esrm vekhad/vakhat 21 esrm vshnaym/vshtaym 22 esrm vshosha/vshalosh 23 *masculine/feminine esrm varbaa/varba 24 esrm vkhamesh/vkhamsha 25 esrm vshsha/vshesh 26 esrm vshva/vsheva 27 esrm vshmona/vshmoneh 28 esrm vtsha/vtesha 29 shloshim 30 arbaim 40 khamishim 50 60 shshm shvm 70 shmonm 80 tshm 90 mea 100 mea vekhad/vakhat 101 mea vshnaym/vshtaym 102 mea vshlosha/vshalosh 103 200 mataym shlosh me-ot 300 arba me-ot 400 khamesh me-ot 500 elef 1,000 1,000,000 mlyon

Lesson 4: At the Airport

Efo? Where? Efo hamekhes? Where is customs? Efo bkoret hadarkonm? Where is passport control. Yesh lkha mashehu lhatzhr? Do you have anything to declare? En l ma lhatzhr. I have nothing to declare. Yesh l mashehu lhatzhr. I have something to declare. Efo tvat hamzvadot? Where is the baggage claim area? Efo yetzot habenlumot? Where are the international departures? Efo haknssot? Where are the arrivals? Efo shaar meah shloshm vshtaym? Where is gate 132? Efo dukhan hamodn? Where is information? An mvakesh/mvakeshet... I would like... An mvakesh/mvakeshet moshav khalon. I would like a window seat. An mvakesh/mvakeshet moshav maavar. I would like an aisle seat. Hineh karts knsa shelkha. Here is your boarding pass. Nsa tova! Have a good trip!

Lesson 5: Getting Around

Efo hamonyot? Where are the taxis? Efo habus? Where is the bus? Efo harakevet? Where is the subway (train)? Efo hayetzah? Where is the exit? Kakh ot lktovet hazoht bvakasha. Take me to this address, please. Ma mhkhr? What is the fare? Atzor poh bvakasha. Stop here, please.

Haim habus hazeh nosea lrkhov Ben Gurion? Does this bus go to Ben Gurion Street?

Mapat har bvakasha. A map of the city, please. Mapat harakevet bvakasha. A train map, please.

Lesson 6: Asking Directions

Slkha efo? Excuse me, where is...? Lekh Go... Yemn hashen. The second right. Ham zeh karov? Is it near? Ham zeh rakhok? Is it far? Etzel Next to... rahmzor the traffic light Turn... harkhov the street tzomet the intersection hagahn the park takhanat habus the bus stop takhanat harakevet the subway station hamalon the hotel

Lekh yashar. Go straight ahead. Lekh lakhvon hazer. Go that way. Lekh akhora. Go back. Sohv... Sohv yemna. Turn right. Sohv smohla. Turn left. Sohv bmagal. Turn around. Bsof harkhov. At the end of the street. Bapna. On the corner. Smol harshon. The first left.

Lesson 7: At the Hotel

An rotzeh/rotzah lhrahshem. Id like to check in. An mvakesh/mvakeshet kheder. Id like a room. Lben ahdam ekhad. For one person. Lshnei bnei ahdam. For two people. Yesh l makohm shamur. I have a reservation. Lkahma leyloht? For how many nights? Llaylah ekhad. For one night. Lshney leyloht. For two nights. Lshahvuah ekhad. For one week. Hnay hamahfteyakh shelkha. Here is your key. Hnay hakartis mahfteyakh shelkha. Here is your keycard. Yesh lkha kheder akher? Do you have another room? Im sheyrut praht? With a private bathroom? Im sheka lamakhshev? With a dataport? Yesh kheder yoter shakeht? Is there a quieter room? Yesh kheder yoter gahdol? Is there a larger room? Yesh kheder hitahmlut? Is there an exercise room? Ham yesh breykhat skhya? Is there a pool? Efo kheder havdoht? Where is the conference room? Efo hamkhonat fax? Where is the fax machine? Efo hashoeyr? Where is the concierge? An rotzeh/rotzah lsahder et hayetzah. Id like to check out.

Lesson 8: Making Friends

Shalom! Ma shmekh/shmkha? Hello, whats your name? An yakhol lashevet poh? May I sit here? Efo ata gahr? Where do you live? An gahr bTel Avv. I live in Tel Aviv. Zeh khavehr. This is my friend. Zoht khavehr. This is my boyfriend. Zoht khavrahshel. This is my girlfriend. Zoht isht. This is my wife. Zeh baal. This is my husband. Hamdna shelkha mod yafa. Your country is beautiful. Ham hayita beartzot habrt? Have you been to the U.S.? An mod ohev et haokhel poh. I like the food here very much. An ahl nsiaht asahkm. Im here on a business trip. An noseyah im mishpahkht. Im traveling with my family. Anahkhnu tahyahrm. We are tourists. Ata ohev/At ohevet lahlekhet lsrahtm? Do you like to go to the movies? Ata ohev/At oheved lirkod? Do you like to dance? Nelekh! Lets go! Ham an yakhol lifgosh et khaverkha? Can I meet your friend? Ma mspar telefon shelkha? What is your telephone number? Tvahker oht bvakasha. Please visit me. Mey odna heyneti. I had a wonderful time.

Lesson 9: At the Restaurant

Efo yesh msahdah tova? Where is a good restaurant? Shulkhan lishnahym bvakasha. A table for two, please. Ishun o lo ishun? Smoking or non-smoking? Tafrt bvakasha. The menu, please. Rshmat yayn bvakasha. The wine list, please. mana rshona appetizers mana kart main course mana akhrohna dessert An rotzeh/rotzah mashehu lshtoht. I would like something to drink. Kos maym bvakasha. A glass of water, please. Kos te bvakasha. A cup of tea, please. Kafe im khalav. Coffee with milk. bra beer Yesh lkha mana tzmkhont? Do you have a vegetarian dish? Ze hakol. Thats all. Hakheshbon bvakasha. The check, please. Hatesher kalul? Is the tip included? arukhat boker breakfast arukhat tsoharayim lunch arukhat erev dinner Bteyavon! Enjoy the meal! Laybrut! To your health! Ze tam! This is delicious!

tzalakhat plate mazleg fork sakn knife kapt spoon mazleg sn chopsticks mapt napkin sefel cup kos glass bakbuk yayn bottle of wine kubyot kerakh ice cubes melakh salt plpel pepper sukkar sugar marak soup

salat salad lekhem bread khemah butter tryot noodles orez rice gvna cheese yrakot vegetables bsar off chicken khazr pork basar bakar beef An ohev et hasteak shel lo mvushal. I like my steak rare. An ohev et hasteak mvushal beynohn. I like my steak medium. An ohev et hasteak shel mvushal hetev. I like my steak well done.

mtz juice pashteeda pie glda ice cream Od ekhad bvakasha. Another, please. Od bvakasha. More, please.

Taavr l bvakasha et ha Please pass the... metubal spicy matohk sweet khamutz sour

Lesson 10: Telling Time

Ma hashaah? What time is it? tsaharaym noon khatzoht laylah midnight Akhshav hashaah achat. Its 1:00. Akhshav shtam. Its 2:00. Akhshav shalosh vakhetz. Its 3:30. Akhshav arba. Its 4:00. Akhshav reva lshesh. Its 5:45. Akhshav shalosh dakot akhrah sheva. Its 7:03. Haseret matkhl btesha vakhetz. The movie starts at 9:30. Harakevet ohzevet shva esrey dakot akhrey akhad asar. The train leaves at 11:17. bohker morning akhrey tzohraym afternoon erev evening laylah night

hayohm today makhar tomorrow etmol yesterday

akhshav now yoter mukhar later myad right away

Lesson 11: Money

kesef money Unit of currency: shekel habank The bank Efo habank? Where is the bank? An rotzeh lhakhlf ktzat kesef. Id like to change some money. Ma shaar hakhalfn? What is the exchange rate? An rotzeh et zeh bshtaroht ktahnot. I would like that in small bills. Ma hakomisyon? What is the commission?

Lesson 12: Shopping

Kama zeh oleh? How much does that cost? Ktov et zeh bvakasha. Write that, please. Beyzeh shaah hakhanut nftahat? At what time does the store open? Beyzeh shaah hakhanut nsgeret? At what time does the store close? Ma ata mvakesh? What would you like? An yakhol laazor lekha? Can I help you? An rotzeh et zeh. I would like this. An rotzeh/rotzah solelot. I would like batteries. An rotzeh/rotzah flm. I would like a roll of film.

An rotzeh/rotzah mapat har. I would like a map of the city. Hney h. Here it is. Zeh hakohl? Is that all? An rotzeh/rotzah lshalem bmzumanm. Id like to pay in cash. An rotzeh/rotzah lshalem bkartis ashray. Id like to pay by credit card. Efshar lehazmn et zeh online? Can I order this on-line? khanut kolbo department store bigdey nahshm womens clothes khultzah, khatzayt, simlah blouse, skirt, dress

Bigdey gvahrm mens clothes Mikhnsaym, khultzah, anvah pants, shirts, tie Nalaym vgarbaym shoes and socks jeans jeans khanut sfarm bookstore mafa bakery supermarket supermarket etlz butcher shop shuk market

Lesson 13: Staying in Touch

telefon telephone An khayav laasot telefon. I have to make a phone call. Yesh po telefon tzbur? Is there a public phone here? An yakhol lhshtamesh btelefon shelkha? May I use your (cell) phone? Ehzeh mispar bvakasha? What number please? Hakav tafus. The line is busy.

fax fax An tzrikha lishlohakh fax. I need to send a fax. Yesh fax bshvl? Is the there a fax for me? dohar elektron e-mail Efo hamakhshev? Where is the computer? An tzrikha lishlohakh dohar elektron. I need to send an e-mail. An yakhol laaloht al hainternet? Can I get on the Internet? Yesh lkha atar internet? Do you have a Web site?

Efo hadohar? Where is the post office? An rotzeh/rotzah kama bulm bvakasha. Id like some stamps, please. lmikhtahv for a letter lgluya for a postcard Kama dmey dohar? How much is the postage? lartzoht habrt to the United States dohar ahvr airmail haavaraht bin laylah overnight delivery

Lesson 14: At the Train Station

An rotzeh/rotzah kartis bvakasha. I would like a ticket please. LTel Avv. To Tel Aviv. derekh akhat one way halokh vkhazohr round-trip Makhlaka rshona oh makhlaka shnya? First class or second class? Efshar lkabel luakh zmahnim? May I have a schedule? Ezeh platforma? Which platform?

Matay harakevet ohzehvet? When does the train leave? Matay harakevet mgah? When does the train arrive? Harakevet bzman? Is the train on time?

Yesh karon ohkhel? Is there a dining car? Yesh karon sheynah? Is there a sleeping car?

Lesson 15: Getting Help

Ata yakhol laazor l? Can you help me? Nevdu l hamzvadot. Ive lost my baggage. Ibadet et haarnak shel. Ive lost my wallet. Nebahd l hadarkohn. Ive lost my passport. khart larakavet shel. Ive missed my train. An ahvud/ahvuda. Im lost. Hatslu! Help! Mshtara! Police! Nshdadet. Ive been robbed. An lo yodeah efo sht. I dont know where my wife is. An lo yodaat efo baal. I dont know where my husband is. An lo yodeah/yodaat efo hayeled shehl. I dont know where my child is. Nfgaht. Im hurt. An zakuk lrofeh. I need a doctor. Tzaltzel lambulance. Call an ambulance. An ellerg lpenicilln. Im allergic to penicillin. Yesh l skharkhoret. Im dizzy. An margsh bkhlah. I feel nauseous. Hazroa shel koevet/koev. My arm hurts.

Haregel shel koevet/koev. My leg hurts.

Rosh koevet/koev. My head hurts.

Lesson 16: Days and Months

yom shen Monday yom shlsh Tuesday yom rv Wednesday yom khamsh Thursday yom shsh Friday yom shabbat Saturday yom rshon Sunday
yanuar January februar February mertz March aprl April may May yun June yul July owgust August september September october October november November detzember December yom hashen hazeh this Monday shavua shehahvar last week khodesh haba next month Besrm lmertz. On March 20th. Ma hatarkh hayom? What is the date today?

Hayom esrm vkhamesh laprl. Its April 25th.

Lesson 17: Going Out

Ata yakhol lhamltz al msada? Can you recommend a restaurant? Ata yakhol lhamltz al bet kafe? Can you recommend a caf? Yesh teatron karov? Is there a movie theatre nearby? Yesh muzehon karov? Is there a museum nearby? Yesh bahr tov karov? Is there a good bar nearby? Ma hem atare hatayahryot? What are tourist attractions? Efo an yakhol lskhot? Where can I go for a swim? Efo an yakhol linsoa al ofanaim? Where can I go to bike? Efo an yakhol laasot ritza kahla? Where can I go to jog? Efo an yakhol lalekhet lrkohd? Where can I go to dance?

Lesson 18: Asking Questions and Describing Things

Efo? Where? Efo haytza? Where is the exit? Ma? What? Ma doar elektron shehlkha? What is your e-mail address? M? Who? M zeh? Who is that? Matay? When? Matay hatisa megiya? When does the flight arrive? Eykh? How?

Eykh an mkhayeg lartzot habrt? How do I dial the U.S.? Kama? How much? Kama ze oleh? How much does this cost? gadol / katan big / small tov / ra good / bad yafeh / mkhoar beautiful / ugly kham / kar hot / cold gavoah / nahmukh tall / short shamen / razeh fat / thin yashan / khadash old / new zaken / tzar old / young sahmehakh / ahtzuv happy / sad

karov / rakhok near / far ahdohm red kakhol blue tzahov yellow yarok green tahpuz orange argaman purple shakhor black lavan white khum brown Metzuyahn! Thats great! Zeh nora! Thats terrible! Beseder. Okay.

mahhehr / laht fast / slow

An lo yodea. I dont know.

Zeh hashuv. Its important. Tzahhehr! Be careful!

Taaseh khaym! Have fun! Bhatzlakha! Good luck!

That brings us to the end of Living Language In-Flight Hebrew. If you master just the words and expressions youve heard in this short survival course, youll be able to get by in Hebrew. Of course, you may decide that you had a great time learning just a little bit, and now youd like to learn more. If thats the case, Living Language offers great complete courses in a variety of languages, too. For now, though, we wish you the best of luck using all the Hebrew that youve learned with us so far.
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