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1. Explain different grades of CRISIL. 2. Role of portfolio manager. 3. explain the clearing and settlement procedure of NSE. 4.

Explain major types of insurance in brief. 5. what is Insider Trading? Write down SEBI rules for insider trading. 6. Explain the asset classification of bank. 7. What is asset liability mismatch? 8. What is factoring? Which are the types of factoring services available in India? 9. Factors affecting in assigning the credit rating to securities. 10. What is leasing? What roles are played by lessor and leasee? How it is important to the lessor and leasee? 11. What is the difference between factoring and bill discounting? 12. Differentiate life insurance and general insurance. What is the current trend of insurance in India? 13. Explain the role of merchant banker in the primary market. 14. Distinguish operating lease and financial lease. 15. why venture capital industry in India is not growing? 16. what are the reasons behind slow growth of factoring in India? 17. Explain: Forfeiting, book building, hire purchase, re insurance, health insurance, medi-claim. 18. mutual funds scheme 19. SRFAESI Act 20. forward Rate Agreement, derivatives, options 21. What are the restrictions on accepting of deposits from public by the non banking financial institutions? 22. Mention the major SEBI guidelines to be followed while floating of a primary issue. 23. What is the role of debt market in the capital market? Who are the participants in the debt market? 24. Highlight the role of asset liability management in commercial banks and also explain the factors influencing ALM for commercial banks. 25. Certificate of deposits and commercial papers 26. IRDA 27. NABARD 28. Describe different types of NBFCs 29. Explain risk management for banks. 30. Explain the functions, participants and importance of call money market? 31. What are the functions of depositaries and custodians? 32. How are the floating rate bonds differ from zero interest bond and deep discount bonds? 33. Explain about the money market instruments that traded in the Indian money market? 34. Role of NHB in the development of Housing Finance. 35. What are the Basel II norms? Explain the process of capital adequacy ratio. 36. which are the major credit rating agencies in India?

37. Highlight the major roles of a central bank in any financial system. Also explain how does the monetary policy of RBI helps in it. 38. explain the present scenario of Indian insurance sector. 39. What are the pre issue and post issue obligations of merchant bankers? 40. How the RBI uses Repo rates for managing the liquidity in the market? 41. Describe the role of commercial banks in industrial development. 42. What are the causes and probable effects of present depression on Indian financial sector? 43. Write a detailed note on the scams of Indian capital market. 44. Write a detailed note on Harshad Mehta and Ketan Parekh scam.