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PART II 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. What are the steps in creating Bulleted lists in a StarOffice Writer document ? How will you create numbered list? How do you switch over from insert mode to type over mode? What is meant by text editing? How will you insert a column in star office writer table? How will you create a document in a StarOffice Writer document? How will you select the text with the keyboard? How will you make the selected row/column the same size in StarOfficeWriter? How to work with multiple documents in Writer? How will you change the height of a row and width of a column in Writer? What is the difference between copying text and moving text in StarOfficeWriter? How will you delete the entire table in Writer? Write the two types of page orientation. How does StarOfficeWriter check spelling while typing? How will you create the numbered lists in the StarOfficeWriter? What is the purpose of creating a footer in the document? How will you correct mistakes in StarOfficeWriter? What is the use of auto correction option? What are the different types of paragraph alignment? What is meant by header and footer? What is the difference between absolute referencing and relative cell referencing? What do you mean by date arithmetic in StarOfficeCalc? Name the different types of cell referencing. What is the use of Autoformat sheet? Write a note on text operators in Calc. Can we change the data present in a cell? If so, how? Write the names of popular spreadsheet packages. How will you save a worksheet? What are cell and cell pointer? 30. Write a note on Auto Format in StarOfficeCalc. 31. Write the Spreadsheet applications 32. Define electronic spreadsheet. 33. What is date arithmetic? 34. What is range? 35. Explain how will you generate the series 33,30,273 (practicals problem) 36. What are the steps involved in data processing? 37. Write a note on reports in StarOfficeBase? 38. Define primary key. 39. What is the difference between query and filter? 40. What is the difference between data and information? 41. List and define the three components that make up a database. 42. How will you insert a Calc cell range into a text document? 43. What is the Database? What is DBMS? 44. What is meant by Relational Database? 45. Write the steps in sorting a database in StarOfficeBase. 46. Write a note on filters. 47. What distinguishes information from data? 48. Write a short note on multiple sorting in of Star Office Base. How will you copy Text and objects between StarOffice application using drag-and drop? 50. Write a note on online sound and video?


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51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 60.

What are the uses of morphing? What is multimedia? What is warping and morphing? Write about the types of Video Compressions. Compare lossless and lossy video compressions. What are the two categories of 2-D animations? Explain the creating steps for creating 3-D animation. Expand and explain: (i) AVI, (ii) MIDI. Write full form of MIDI,AIFF, MPEG and AVI. What are the classifications of 2D animation? 61. Name the special software used in the multimedia content. 62. What is a plug-in? What is its advantage? 63. What is the use of master page in presentation? 64. How will you create handouts in StarOfficeImpress? 65. List the features of Impress. 66. What is the use of insert OLE object in Impress? 67. What is meant by Rehearse Timings? 68. What is slide transition? 69. What can you do with the left pane of the presentation window? 70. How will you insert pictures in presentation? 71. How to change the slide background? 72. How will you customize a presentation? 73. How will you record a show with rehearse timings? 74. What is the use of slide sorter view? 75. How will you insert, delete and rename a slide in star office impress? 76. How will you change slide background? 77. What is custom animation? 78. Define object. 79. What is meant by inheritance? 80. What is Encapsulation? 81. Define polymorphism. 82. What are keywords give examples. 83. If a =5,b=3,d=1.5, C is int and F is float evaluate (a) F=a+b/a (b) C=d*a+b 84. Explain conditional operator with example. 85. Give any two uses of void data type. 86. Define tokens. 87. Write about the impact of modifiers in C++. 88. Write a note on assignment operators. 89. List out user defined data types. 90. What is the use of the operators related to pointer variable? 91. How pointer variables declared? 92. Determine the order of evaluation of (b*b)-4*a*c. 93. Define conditional operator. 94. Write a short note on identifiers in c++? 95. Write a brief note on break and continue statements. 96. Write a short note on enumerated datatype. 97. What are the four storage specifiers in C++? 98. List out the relational operators associated with C++. 99. Write the syntax of if else if, for, while, do while and switch case. 100. How is a pointer variable different from ordinary variable? 101. List the use of the operator asterix (*) when it is used as a unary operator. 102. Write about typedef inC++. 103. Write a note on size of operators. 104. Write the classifications of tokens. 105. Which operators are specific to C++? 106. X=5, f=6 then c = x++ + ++f. Find C. 107. int x=3, y=4, ctr=2, res=x;

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while (ctr <= y) { res * = x; ctr += 1; } (a) Identify the control variable use (b) How many times the loop will be executed? What are pointer variables? What is the purpose of continue statement? What are control statements? What are two main categories of control structures? What do you know about assignment statements inC++. Write the rules for the formation of nested loops. Write the syntax of nested if statement. Write a note on inline functions. Write the advantages of using functions. What is main purpose of function prototype? What is the use Strcmp () functions. What is the purpose of strlen() function? Write about any two string functions in C++. Write a short note on string literal. What is the difference between call by value and call by reference? Give the general syntax and example of function prototype. How does an array behave when passed to a function? Write a note on write (). Write the purpose and value returned of Strcmp() string manipulator. What is an array? Write its different types. What is array of strings? Give examples. What is meant by array of characters? Explain the memory representation of 2-D arrays. What are the different ways to indicate the dimension (rows / columns) of an array? What is 2-D array? How is it declared? How will you declare two dimensional arrays? What are the characteristics of member functions? Write a note on array of objects. What is class? Give example. What is meant by data hiding? Write about Static Data members. List out any four characteristics of member function used in program development. What are the two parts of class specifications? Explain the two methods of creating objects in C++? Write the general form of class declaration. What are the various section of C++ program. What are the different ways of creating objects? Write any two rules of operator overloading. Write a note on array of objects. Write short notes on memory allocation of objects. What is data abstraction? List advantages of OOP? How are the class members accessed? What is function overloading? What are the three access specifiers? How are the functions invoked in function overloading? Write the rules for constructer definition and usage. List out the operators that cannot be overloaded. Write the functions of the constructor What is the difference between constructor and destructor?

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What are the various processes involved in operator overloading? When is a Copy constructor executed? What are the functions of a constructor? What is inheritance? What is accessibility? What is single, multiple, multilevel inheritance? What are the different types of inheritance? What are the advantages of inheritance? Write a syntax for creating a derived class from base class. What is an abstract class? What is meant by e-learning? What is e-governance ? What is e-banking? What is ITES (IT ENABLED SERVICES)? What is the use of call centres? What is ATM? Define Data Management. List out the Common Computer Crimes. What is meant by Piracy? What is computer crime? What is meant by theft of computer time? How are computers used in education, banking and shopping? Write a note on Virus. Define cracking. What is the use of call centers? What is Medical Transcription? What is Data digitization? Write the benefits of the data digitization. PART III

1. Draw and explain various icons available in table formatting toolbar in a StarOffice Writer
document. 2. How to create bullets and numbered list. Explain. 3. Explain the ways of selecting text in Writer. 4. How will select the required portion of the text in a document using mouse, keyboard and shortcuts? 5. Explain the two methods of indenting text. 6. Explain the methods of changing the margins. 7. Give the steps involved in replacing a given text in a Star Office Writer document. 8. How would you carry out the spell check after the entire document is typed? 9. What are the various types of paragraph alignments that can be made? Explain. 10. How will you add an entry to the AutoCorrect list in StarOfficeWriter? 11. Explain creating header and footer and adding remarks and page numbers in a text document. 12. Write the steps to be followed to find and replace a given text. 13. How will you insert chart in a Worksheet? 14. What is a function? How will you use it in a Worksheet? Give an example. 15. Define and write the advantages of using Electronic Spreadsheet? 16. List and describe the features available in spreadsheet software in addition to its ability to calculate numbers. 17. How can you generate a series of values? Explain with examples. 18. What are the formatting options available in Calc? 19. What are the various icons in the insert object floating toolbar of worksheet? Mention their functions and uses. 20. How will you insert rows, columns and cells in a worksheet ? Give an example. 21. How can a database be queried in StarOfficeBase?

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22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30.

Explain different Database types. Write any five advantages of computerized data processing.. Explain filter and its types with examples. What are the various manipulations of a database in StarOfficeBase? Explain sorting with example. Explain how will you design forms in star office base. How will you generate reports in star office base? How will you insert a calc cell range into a text document ? How will you insert a database table into a Star office document ? 31. Discuss about the general working of for loop in C++. 32. Explain Entry-check loops with examples. 33. Explain inline function with an example.`` 34. Explain the Nested If statement with an example C++ snippet. 35. Explain any one of the loops in C++ with example. 36. Explain ifelse and switch statements. 37. What are the different ways of passing parameters in C++ functions? 38. Write about the different scopes of a variable in C++. 39. Explain call by value and call by reference methods in functions with examples. 40. Explain function overloading with rules. 41. Write the rules for function overloading and operator overloading. 42. Explain call by reference method with suitable example. 43. What is function overloading? Explain with an example. 44. What are the various rules in overloading operators in C++? 45. Explain the different types of inheritance.

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