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Erode Branch
Dear Colleague, You are cordially invited for our regular monthly meeting on 18.09.2011, Sunday at IMA Hall.


Date Time Venue

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18-09-2011 Sunday 6.00pm-9.00pm IMA A/C Hall, Sampath Nagar, Erode.

Programme at a glance

6.45 7.00pm : Dr. M.Ravi kumar, Chief Civil Eye Surgeon, Erode. Topic: LET THEM SMILE WITH OUR EYES--- DONATE EYES 7.00 7.15pm : IMA Prayer Presidents Address Secretary Report 7.15 7.30pm : Investment in Gold Mr. Rajkumar, Allukas Jewellery, Erode. 7.30 8.30pm : Dr. P. Guhan, MD, DM, DMRT, DNB Topic: Recent advances in Oncology Dr. Karthikesh, MS, DNB, FRCS, MCH Topic: Oncology: Surgeons Perspective

8.30 8.45 pm : Awards & Felicitations 8.45pm : Dinner

08th & 09th , Oct - 2011, Free Paediatric Cardiac Camp at Sengunthar School.
For Registration Contact EIMA President/Secretary
Todays meeting sponsored by

Dr. Reddys Oncology

Dr. V.L. Guhanathan

President 94430 35090

Dr. Suseenthar
Hon.Secretary 9842752434

Dr. K. Rajasekaran
Finance Secretary 9843088544

President's Message
OUR TEAM Dr. V. Madhavan
Imm. Past President 98427 55802

Dr.(Mrs.) Nancy Thanu

Vice President 94430 22764

Dr. Suseenthar
Hons. Secretary 98427 52434 98429 54074

Dr. K.Rajasekaran
Finance Secretary 98430 88544

Dr. Anuradha
Joint Secretary - I 93641 27181

Dr. S. Chenniappan
Joint. Secretary - II 98430 27287

Dr. M.Prabhakar
Asst. Secretary 98429 26126

Dear Colleagues, Greetings from your President. The last one month has been very busy. Along with our regular CME and other community programmes, we also had the elections for the post of IMA STATE PRESIDENT ELECT for the year 2013. It was heartening to see our members come up in such large numbers to vote for the canditate of their choice. Under the able stewardship of our proactive secretary - Dr. Suseenthar, we were able to conduct a wide variety of health awareness programmes. Members, we also have two very important events coming up. The National AMSCON - 2011 is being conducted by EIMA on 12th and 13th Nov 2011. Very interesting workshops are being conducted. I request all members to utilize these oppurtunities to update themselves. Another important milestone in the annals of the history of EIMA will be the conduct of the Ist ever TIMA RESEARCH DAY and EIMA BEST PAPER AND BEST POSTER DAY on 16th of November. I request all interested members to project their clinical and academic skills and learn the dos and don;ts in the art of Presenting a Paper / Poster. Members interested in sports & Culture can take part in the TIMA INTER BRANCH AND CULTURE, SPORTS MEET - WEST ZONE being conducted on 9/10/2011. Dear Members, All these activities are being conducted by senior members of our branch for your benefit, so kindly take active part and bring out your hidden Talents, shed your inhibitions and make the events successful. Apart from our regular CME this month, we also have an expert talking to us on Investment in Gold. Come join us and have an interesting evening

Yours Affectionately,


President EIMA Cell : 94430 35090

07th-14th National Heart Week 08th World Literacy Day September 10th World Suicide Prevention Day 10th World First Aid Day (Second Saturday of September) 12th National Leprosy Day

21st World Alzheimers Day 22th World Rose Day - Welfare of Cancer Paients 26th World Deafness Day 28th World Rabies Day 30th World Heart Day

bghU : neh dbjW MuhJ, mj fhuzij MuhJ, mij jF tia MuhJ clYF Vwgo bra ntL. Dear Doctors, Greetings. Last Month, We have completed all the activities, which were given in the Tamilnadu State IMA Mannual. Independence Day was celebrated at our IMA Hall. The Election for President Elect was conducted in a good manner with the help of all Senior Doctors & members of our association. We thank Everybody for helping us conduct the election successfully. Last Month at our regular Meeting, Mr. T. Mathiyalagan spoke about Fire Safety & Hospital, Dr.N.P.Sankarnarayanan spoke about Holistic Medicine, Dr. K. Thangmuthu was the Chief Guest. We thank all of them for the excellent presentation. The Humanitarian award was given to Dr. Kannama Duraisamy, and their family members were felicitated for their Contribution of land to our IMAYAM. The World Breast Feeding Week was celebrated with Lectures, skit and other performance from Nursing college students at Lotus Hospital. Infant Mortality meeting was conducted on 28.08.11. Our chief guest was Dr. S.S. Sukumar, Immediate Past President IMA TNSB. The Speakers were Dr.N. Balasubramaniam and Dr. Shanmugam (Pediatrician). We conducted free Medical camp, Eye Donation Fort Night and Education camp at Thottipalayam Village, Near Erode. National Cancer week Awareness Talk was given by Dr. Velavan. Organ Donation week was celebrated at Vellalar Engineering College, Erode. Dr.Easwaramoorthy spoke about Organ Donation and conducted Jeevan (Basic Life Support Programe) National Oral Health Day camp conducted. Free Ultrasound camp for Pregnant Ladies. International Youth day was also Celebrated with life Style modification Programme. This Month Dr. M.Ravikumar talks about Eye Donation and Dr. P.Guhan, Dr. Karthikesh talk all about Oncology. In May I Help You Program you can clarify your doubts about Gold Investment. Kindly send poor paediatric patients (Age Infant to 16 years) for the Cardiac camp & Enjoy the Medi-Expo-2011 at Malligai Arangam. Kindly Register for upcoming event TIMA Research Day & AMSCON-2011 Conference. Long Live IMA Thanking you. Address for Postal communication Yours Affectionately 23, R.K.V. Nagar, II nd Street, Dr. Suseenthar Thirunagar Colony, Erode - 638 003. Hon.Secretary,Erode IMA Ph : (O) 0424 - 2282828, 2221894 Editor, EIMA News Mob : 98427 52434, 98429 54074 Total No. Patients in Jan - July : 42,417 email : drsuseendhar@gmail.com Address for Personal communication Our EIMA aims to reach more than 50 members LOTUS Hospital, and to reach more than 50,000 patients Kollampalayam, Erode . Our AIM of 2011 Reach 30,000 Memberships - start 30 New Branches - Reach 3,00,000 Patients


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neheho nehKj eho mJjF theho thg bra. - Fw - kUJ - 948


Fellowship in Interventional cardiology (France) Senior consultant & Interventional Cardiologist, Chennai, India.

Dr. G. Sengottuvelu, MD DM DNB FSCAI FMMC

Aspirin is the cornerstone of therapy in atherothrombosis, encompassing a wide spectrum of clinical entities. A meta-analysis of 287 clinical trials on aspirin in the prevention of cardiovascular disease has provided firm evidence that antiplatelet therapy, mainly aspirin, can reduce by approximately 25% the risk of non-fatal myocardial infarction (MI),non-fatal stroke, or vascular death in high-risk patients, regardless of sex, age, presence of arterial hypertension or diabetes . An absolute reduction in the risk of having a serious vascular event was 36 per 1000 MI survivors treated for 2 years . Undoubtedly, clinical benefits of aspirin are most apparent in patients with acute myocardial infarction (AMI), which has been convincingly demonstrated in the landmark infarction trial, Second International Study of Infarct Survival (ISIS-2). Treatment failures occur with any drug and aspirin is no exception. Evidence is growing to indicate that there are subpopulations that do not respond to antithrombotic action of aspirin. The term aspirin resistance has been used to describe a number of different phenomena, including inability of aspirin to: (i) protect against cardiovascular events despite its regular intake; (ii) to affect various laboratory tests, reflecting platelet activity. Possible causes of recurrent ischemic vascular events among patients taking aspirin Non-atherothrombotic causes of vascular events Embolism from the heart (red fibrinthrombi;vegetations; calcium;tumour;prostheses) Arteritis Reduced bioavailability of aspirin Inadequate intake of aspirin (poor compliance) Inadequate dose of aspirin Concurrent intake of certain non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (for example ibuprofen,indomethacin), possibly preventing the access of aspirin to cyclo oxygenase-1 binding site Alternative pathways of platelet activation Platelet activation by pathways that are not blocked by aspirin (for example, red cell induced platelet activation: stimulation of collagen, adenosine diphosphate, epinephrine, and thrombin receptors on platelets) Increased platelet sensitivity to collagen and adenosine diphosphate Biosynthesis of thromboxane by pathways that are not blocked by aspirin (for example, by cyclo-oxygenase-2 in monocytes and macrophages, and vascular endothelial cells) Increased turnover of platelets Increased production of platelets by the bone marrow in response to stress (for example, after coronary artery bypass surgery), introducing into blood stream newly formed platelets unexposed to aspirin during the 24 hour dose interval (aspirin is given once daily and has only a 20 minute half life)

Genetic polymorphisms Polymorphisms involving platelet glycoprotein Ia/IIa, Ib/V/IX, and IIb/IIIa receptors, and collagen and von Willebrand factor receptors Polymorphisms of cyclo-oxygenase-1,cyclo-oxygenase-2, thromboxane A2-synthase, or other arachidonate metabolism enzymes Factor XIII Val34Leu polymorphism, leading to variable inhibition of factor XIII activation by low dose aspirin HOW COMMON IS BIOCHEMICAL ASPIRIN RESISTANCE? In studies investigating the prevalence of biochemical aspirin resistance, the range of prevalence estimates for biochemical aspirin resistance varied from 5.5% to 56.8%, depending on the method of assessing platelet function, the definition of biochemical aspirin resistance, and the patients tested. These studies suggest that biochemical aspirin resistance is a measurable phenomenon in a substantial proportion of patients prescribed aspirin. However, the studies have several limitations, including small sample sizes, lack of agreement between different platelet function tests, different dose regimens and nonadherence, and little information about measurement stability over time. Laboratory Tests Used To Investigate Platelet Function
Platelet aggregation Optical




Widely available Correlated Not specific Labour intensive Operatorwith clinical events and interpreter- dependent Assesses platelet function in the absence of erythrocytes and blood flow (shear stress)

Semi-automated PFA-100, Simple Rapid Correlated with Moderately expensive Uncertain VerifyNow Aspirin Assay clinical events Assesses platelet sensitivity and specificity Platelet function in presence of membrane receptor expression erythrocytes and high shear Platelet membrane receptor Expression P-selectin flow cytometry Expression indicates platelet activation Uncertain sensitivity and specificity Uncertain reproducibility Uncertain correlation with clinical events Results highly dependent on flow models chosen Expensive Labor intensive

Platelet-release products

Soluble P-selectin

Simple Correlated with clinical Uncertain sensitivity and specificity events Long-term storage Uncertain reproducibility Simple Correlated with clinical Uncertain sensitivity and specificity events Long-term storage Uncertain reproducibility

Urinary thromboxane excretion

CONCLUSIONS AND CLINICAL IMPLICATIONS No current evidence shows that patients with biochemical aspirin resistance would respond better to alternative antiplatelet treatment regimens. Identifying such patients directly may be less cost-effective than prescribing aspirin to everyone at risk and accepting some treatment failures. We do not want to risk depriving some patients of a treatment that may benefit them, even though the effect may be small. Despite treatment failures, aspirin remains the single most cost-effective drug for the secondary prevention of atherothrombotic disease. To optimize its clinical effectiveness, clinicians should be aware of the potential causes of aspirin treatment failure, prescribe aspirin in appropriate doses, and encourage patients to take aspirin, stop smoking, and avoid regular use of NSAIDs and add other antiplatelet drugs.


Consultant in Fetal Medicine Erode.

Multifetal pregnancy reduction is the elective termination of a variable number of fetuses attempting to improve the perinatal outcome of the remaining fetuses. Multifetal pregnancy reduction (MFPR) is a clinical procedure that began in the 1980s PROBLEMS OF MULTIFETAL PREGNANCY. Multiple pregnancies of higher order are almost always a result of infertility therapies. It is well known that high order multiple gestations have increased risks for both maternal and fetal complications, and the most common are the entire pregnancy loss, maternal high blood pressure, intrauterine growth retardation, premature rupture of membranes, and pre-term delivery. The occurrence of any of these events increase the risk of perinatal death and that of sequelae, such as interventricular hemorrhage, cerebral palsy, retinopathy, respiratory diseases, and more. The fetal reduction procedure may improve maternal and fetal conditions, thus reducing the risk of prematurity and its associated complications TIMING Transvaginal aspiration is usually done before 9 weeks. Transabdominal injection is done at 11- 13 weeks. This is the preferred timing as some of the fetuses would have spontaneously miscarried avoiding the procedure. In addition, waiting until the latter period increases the chances of detecting an intrinsic growth delay in one of the fetuses. Because a significant lag in crown-rump length increases the risk of chromosomal anomalies and spontaneous abortion, these fetuses would be targeted for reduction. Moreover, the chances that morphologic abnormalities may be detected by ultrasonography improve with each advancing week of gestation PREOPERATIVE ULTRASOUND The aim of ultrasound is to identify the number of live fetuses, their growth, mapping their location and check for the chorionicity. The Nuchal translucency measurement is done and a careful examination of the fetal anatomy is carried out. The fetuses not to reduced should be precisely identified so that any trauma to the fetuses and membrane can be carefully avoided. SELECTION OF THE FETUSES If there are no fetal abnormalities the choice of embryos to be reduced in mainly by their location, the easier to reach is selected. The fetus just above the internal os is usually not selected fot reduction.If a set of monochorial fetuses are present both of them are reduced. If we inject one of the fetuses the KCL will reach the other fetus in most of the time. Also the incidence of complication is more with monochorionic twins. There is generally no medical indication for MFPR in twins PREOPERATIVE COUNSELING Information about the natural history of multiple pregnancies and on the

expected obstetrical and perinatal results of the reduction procedure should be given. TECHNIQUES - Trascervical aspiration - Transabdominal needling - Transvaginal needling Transcervical aspiration The patient is placed in lithotomy position. Cervix is gradually dilated. A Karmann's cannula connected with 20 ml syringe is introduced. The fetus to be reduced is identified by transabdominal ultrasound and the embryo is aspirated leaving behind the placenta. The procedure is repeated if more embryos are to be reduced. The disadvantages include significant bleeding and higher pregnancy losses and hence this method is no longer used. Transabdominal needling Under ultrasound guidance by an abdominal probe a 20 gauge needle is inserted through he mother's abdomen into the thorax of the embryo. Aspiration is done by the attached syringe to make sure the needle is not in the amniotic cavity. Then KCL is injected slowly . Usually upto 1-2 ml og KCL will be required. The cessation of fetal heart should be documented. Occasionally the fluid injected can be seen as pleural effusion. After the needle is removed the reduced fetus often sinks passively in the amniotic cavity. The success of the procedure should be rechecked by ultrasound on the following day. Transvaginal needling The needle is inserted through a transvaginal needle guide attached to a vaginal ultrasound probe and advanced through the vaginal and uterine wall into the gestational sac. KCL is introduced into the fetal thorax. POSTOPERATIVE FOLLOW UP Spotting may be seen after transcervical aspiration. The usefulness of prophylactic antibiotics, tocolytic agents or cervical suture has not been demonstrated. RESULTS Fetal reduction can be associated with the loss of entire pregnancy in 5-16 % of pregnancies. The loss rate is more with increased number of fetuses and less with experienced operators. This includes the pregnancies which otherwise also would have been lost. Various studies have shown improved perinatal outcome in pregnancies with three or more fetuses undergoing reduction to twins. CONCLUSION In pregnancies with three or more fetuses fetal reduction helps to improve perinatal outcome. However the procedure related loss should also be borne in mind and adequate steps taken to reduce this clinical situation.

Observance of 26th National Fortnight on Eye Donation (25 August 8 September -201 1)
Dr. M.Ravi kumar, Chief Civil Eye Surgeon, Erode.



Ministry of Health and Family welfare, Govt. of India, declare National Eye Donation Fortnight. This fortnight will be celebrated in between August 25 to September 8. And September 8 will be observed as National Eye Donation Day. What is an eye bank? An eye bank is an organisation, which obtain, evaluates and distributes eyes from humanitarian-minded citizens for use in corneal transplantation, research and education. To ensure patient safety, the donated eyes are evaluated under strict medical standards. All donated eyes not suitable for corneal transplantation are used for valuable research and education. Why should eyes be donated? Donated human eyes are necessary in preservation and restoration of sight through corneal transplantation, research and education. More than 90% corneal transplant operation successfully restores vision in people suffering from blindness due to corneal problems. Infants born with cloudy corneas have an opportunity to see following corneal transplantation. What is the cornea? The cornea is the clear, transparent dome in front of the "black portion" of the eye. It is also the main focusing surface, which converges light rays as they enter the eye to focus on the retina. It is thus the most important part of the optical apparatus of the Eye. Loss of transparency directly results in loss of vision. What is corneal Transplantation? A Corneal transplant is an operation which replaces the opaque cornea with a clear cornea Obtained from a human donor eye. How does a cornea become opaque? 1.Infection , 2.Injuries, 3.Iatrogenic (Malpractice, Improper Post-op. care after any eye surgery), 4.Malnutrition , 5.Congenital/Hereditary. Magnitude of the problem in India: There are currently an estimated 13 lakh corneal blind people in the country. Majority of them are young and their sight can be restored only by corneal transplantation. Thus, to effectively meet the ever growing demand, we need around 1,00,000 corneal transplants to be performed every year. Who can be an eye donor? Practically anybody from the age of 1 year. There is no maximum age limit. Poor eye sight and age make no difference. One can bequeath his eyes by taking a pledge while he is alive. He resolve to donate his eyes after his death. This by itself is a noble act but it requires relatives or friends to carry out his pledge, his desire, after his death. Spectacle Wearers, persons who had cataract surgery, diabetics and hypertensives can donate eyes. The ultimate decision about usage for transplantation will be made after evaluation. Can the next-of-kin consent to a donation if the deceased family member hasn't signed a pledge form? Yes.

How to donate? You are authorised to donate the eyes of your beloved relatives at the time of their death. That the eyes need to be collected within 6 hours of death. So, call the eye bank as early as possible after the death. Things to do after making the call: 1. Keep both eyes of deceased closed and covered with moist cotton. 2. Switch off the overhead fan. 3. If possible, instill antibiotic eye drops periodically in the deceased's eyes-to reduce the chance of infection. 4. Raise the head end of the body by about 6 inches, if possible - to lessen the incidence of bleeding during the removal of the eyes. Who cannot be a donor? -Death of unknown cause. -Death due to infectious caused viz. Rabies, syphilis, infectious hepatitis, septicemia, and , AIDS, Is there any delay in funeral arrangements? No, Eyes removal is performed shortly (within half an hour) after death and leaves no visible signs the would interfere with common funeral practices. Is there religious conflict? No, Donations gives a gift of life or sight to others. As such, it is consistent with beliefs and attitudes of all major religious and ethical traditions. Can the whole eye be transplanted? No. Only the cornea can be transplanted. However, the rest in part of the donor eye is used for research and education. Can a person blind from retinal or optic nerve disease donate his eyes? Yes. Provided the cornea is clear. Can a living person donate his/her eyes? No. Can the recipients be told who donated the eyes? No. The gift of sight is made anonymously. Any specials phone no. for eye bank and eye donation? Yes, a dedicated special phone no: - Dial - 0424-2252356, 2258355.(G.H,Erode,) is available for 24 hours service. Family members of the deceased persons can contact this phone no. to donate the eyes of the deceased persons. What help I can do for the noble cause? Dial the eye bank (if you are at Erode- Dial - 0424-2252356, 2258355.G.H,Erode,) soon after unfortunate death of your near & dear one. Consent to donate the eyes of your close relative or friend. Motivate family members of the person who has died in your area. Spread information about eye care and eye donation. You can sponsor the stickers with messages on eye donation, publicity materials and distribute to public with the help of eye bank. You can organize awareness programme on eye care and eye donation in your flats association, office, school, club etc. Make yourself a friend of Eye Bank.

DEDICATED LINE FOR EYE DONATION AT -- G.H, ERODE, 0424-2252356, 2258355.


(TIMA Research and Organ and Blood Donation Wing) & INDIAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, ERODE BRANCH

Invites you and Flourish! for the Let us Publish and F Our Motto: TIMA RESEARCH DAY & Our Motto: LetEIMA BEST PAPER AND BEST POSTER DAY us Publish us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let First Intimation One day Workshop on Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Publish and F Easy Guide to Writing Scientific Articles Publish and Date : 16 October - 2011, Publish and Flourish Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Sunday Time : 9.00 am - 8.00 pm Motto: Let us Publish and F Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Venue : IMA Hall, Sampath Nagar, Erode Our Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Publish Registration Fee : Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Publish and F Spot : ` 500/Delegates: ` 400/Students: ` 250/Publish andam - 5.00 pm Registration Our Motto: Let us5.00 pm - 8.00 pmand Flourish Morning : 9.00 Flourish! Evening : Publish No Registration Kindly send at par Cheques or DD in the name of IMA, Erode payable at Erode, along Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! address given below: us Publish and F Our Motto: Let with name, Address, Cell Number & Email ID to the EIMA us Publish BEST POSTER DAY Our pm - Let us Publish Our Motto: LetBEST PAPER &and Flourish! - 5.00Motto: 8.00 pm All the registered delegates are eligible to participate and they should send the abstract of the paper/poster (200words) to the organizing secretary before Let us Publish and F Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: September 30th. Only Short listed papers will be eligible for the prize competition on 16th October evening. Publish and Flourish! and utilize thisLet us Publish and Flourish Kindly register Our Motto: rare opportunity Thank You Yours sincerelyOur Motto: Let us Publish and F Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Dr. S.S.Sukumar Dr. S.Easwaramoorthy Dr. T.Sadagopan Dr. K.Prakasam Dr. K.BalaSundaram Our Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Publish Dr. J.A.Jayalal Dr. Balagan Raja Dr. V.L.Guhanathan Dr. Suseenthar Dr. K.Rajasekar Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Publish and F Conference Secretariat: Easwaramoorthy, Publish and Flourish!Dr. S.Our Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish Lotus hospital, Erode-638002 Ph No: 98433-28928 / 97900-28328, 0424 2282828 Ext:239 E mail: easwarmoorthy2007@rediffmail.com Motto: Let us Publish and Flourish! Our Motto: Let us Publish and F
Organising Chairman Organizing Secretary President, IMA TNSB President Elect, IMA TNSB Vice President, West Zone

Motto: Let us Publish

Hony Secretary, TNSB

Treasurer, TNSB

EIMA President

EIMA Secretary

EIMA Treasurer


NATIONAL AMSCON - 2011 IMA Academy of Medical Specialties

12th & 13th November 2011 Hosted by IMA Erode Branch Venue: Maheswari Mahal A/c, Hotel Oasis, Erode, Tamil Nadu
Programme Highlights 12 November 2011, Saturday 13th November 2011, Sunday 9 A.M. to 5 P.M

A. Workshops, 9 A.M. to 11 A.M. A . Intermedical College Quiz Programme B. CME Programme 11 A.M. to 5 P.M. 9 A.M to 10 A.M. 1.) How I manage sessions with Experts Topics: (i) Febrile Seizures in Children B. CME: 10 A.M. to 1 P.M. (ii) Acute Renal Shutdown (iii) Acute Respiratory Distress How I manage sessions with Experts 2.) Lectures (i) Gynaecology topic Topics: (i)Acute coronary care beyond 2011 (ii) Emergencies in Diabetic Care (ii) Role of Doctors in the aftermath of Bomb blast (iii) Update on Organo phosphorus Lectures: (i) Management of Septic Shock poisoning (ii) Myths & Truths in Management of Snake (iv) Role of Imaging Radiology in bites abdominal pain (iii) How do I become a Critical care physician C. Convocation: 5 P.M 6 P.M. D. Inauguration Function of AMSCON 2011 C. General Council Meeting. 2 P.M. to 3 P.M. 6 P.M to 8 P.M. Cultural Programme & Dinner 8.00 P.M. D. Valedictory Function, 3 P.M. onwards REGISTER IMMEDIATELY st Spot Delegates Upto 31 Aug 11 After 31st Aug 11

CME Workshop




Registration: Delegates register by completing the registration & accommodation forms and return along with payment of Single At Par Cheque / DD to the Conference Secretariat Demand draft/ Cheque should be made in favour of NATIONAL AMSCON 2011 payable at ERODE Those who have completed 3 years of AMS Membership can apply for FAMS Convocation Immediately Conference Secretariat Please mail completed registration forms along with payment to

Dr. K.M. Abul Hasan

Organising Secretary, NATIONAL AMSCON 2011 & Hon. Secretary, AMS IMA TNSB

City Hospital 87, R.K.V. Road, Erode 638 003. Ph: 0424- 2214000, 2217000 Mobile: +91 98430 25300, +91 94433 20505 Email: nationalamscon2011@gmail.com

FINE- ARTS & SPORTS Competitions for WEST ZONE

We are happy to inform you about the Fine-arts & Sports competitions for West Zone will be held at ERODE on 09.10.2011 , SUNDAY. All the IMA members of West Zone are invited to take part in it to show their talents. Presidents and Secretaries of IMA-West Zone are requested to motivate their members to participate in huge numbers. The Fine-arts competitions will be conducted after the Sports competitions so as to enable every one to take part in all competitions. Encourage your family members also to get involved and win prizes. As the Pooja Holidays precedes the competitions, you can get more time to practice & win.

Music competitions (For IMA doctors & their Families)

A. Singing Competitions: i)Solo ii) Group 1. With Music - a. Accompaniment by Instruments b.Accompaniment with Karoake 2.Without Music B. Dance competitions: Classical ; Folk ; Fusion i)Solo ii) Group C. Pure Instrumental

Sports Competitions
A. For Doctors & Family Members i) Carroms ii) Chess B. Only for Doctors: 1. Shuttle Badminton 2. Table-Tennis 3. Tennis a. Singles b. Doubles

c. Mixed Doubles

For further details and registration contact:

Dr.Nancy Thanu - 9443022764

Chairman, Fine-arts committee Rathnam Maternity Clinic

Dr.C.N.Raja - 9842727277
Chairman,Sports Committee Annai ENT,Head &Neck Care Center

3-A,Kovalan Street Teachers colony, Erode-11 dhanuezhil@gmail.com

12-D, Palaniappa Street, Perundurai Road, Erode-9. cnrajaent@yahoo.co.in

West Zone Branches Dharmapuri Hosur Uthangarai Krishnagiri Mettur Dam Attur Salem Paramathi Velur Tiruchengode Rasipuram Namakkal Bhavani Komarapalayam Dharapuram Erode Gobichettipalayam Sathyamangalam Anthiyur Vellakovil Kangeyam Perundurai Nilgiris Gudalur Anamalai Annur Coimbatore Peelamedu PSG Mettupalayam Pollachi Tirupur Udumalpet North Coimbatore Dindugul Kodaikanal Oddamnchatram Palani

NB : Competitions for East Zone will be on 11.9.11 at Trichy along with 20:20 Cricket for whole of Tamilnadu IMA Doctors. Kindly attend and make it a grand success.



Dr. A. Anitha Devi

Dr. S. Ramesh

Dr. P. Selvan

Dr. M. Aravind

Dr. V. Ramkumar

Dr. E. Lakshmiprasath




Election - 2011

Election - 2011

Election - 2011

Election - 2011

Election - 2011

Election - 2011

Election - 2011

National Cancer Week Dr. Velevan

Medical camp

EYE Camp Dr. V. Madhavan

Infant Mortality Meeting Dr. N. Balasubramaniam

Infant Mortality Meeting Dr. Shunmugam


National Oral Health Day Dr. Sudharsan


Free Ultra Sound camp Dr. Suseenthar



World Breast Feeding week

World Breast Feeding week

World Breast Feeding week Chief guest Dr. E.K. Sagadevan

World Breast Feeding week

World Breast Feeding week

Organ Donation Dr. S. Easwaramoorthy


Organ Donation

Organ Donation


Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award

Humanitarian Award

Movie Show

Community Activities
4 AAO GAON CHALEN At Swaminathapuram 412 Patients were treated in the month of August 2011. Our IMA Members part in it.Screening Camp was Conducted at SKM Sevai Maiyam, Saminathapuram. took 4 SATHYA SAI Sri Sathya Sai Seva Samithi Erode Conducted General Camp. Total Number 140 Patients. Our members participated in it. ANAEMIA FREE INDIA Cheran Hospital 80 Patients Treated. ERODE GH 155 Free Dialysis were done at Govt. Head Quarters Hospital, Erode. 45 Free Endoscopic examination were done. BLOOD DONATION CAMP In July 2011, 06 Blood Donation Camps were held. Total of 710 Units of Blood were Collected. ARASAN EYE HOSPITAL 27 Free eye camps , 2325 patients screened, 565 Free surgeries performed , 54 pairs of eyes collected, 1 Keratoplasty done. KMCH SPECIALITY HOSPITAL KMCH Erode conducted free Osteoporosis & Bone Density Detection Camp on 20.08.2011. Total number of patients screened - 130. SENTHIL MULTI SPECIALITY HOSPITAL A free Neuro Medical Camp was Conducted by Senthil Multi Speciality Hospital, Erode on 28.08.2011, Sunday at Milan Hospital approximately 90 Patients screened. MONIKA DIABETES CENTER Aug 1 Free Diabetes Detection a Awareness Programme was conducted. Totally 230 patients were screened. LOTUS HOSPITAL 115 free Ultra Sound Scan camp for Pregnant women conducted. ADI SATHYA HOSPITAL Attended ESC CONGRESS as an executive committee member. (PARIS, FRANCE), Took CMEs for ASOGEM, Two Diabetic Detection Camps, Three Hb A1c Free camps, World Asthma day free Allergy detection camp, Two free Spirometry and Asthma detection camps. SAKTHI HOSPITAL 28.08.2011 Sunday,conducted free medical camp for Ortho, Gynaec, Skin, Ophthal, 540 Patients Benefitted. MAARUTHI MEDICAL CENTRE AND HOSPITALS Erode Diabetes Foundation functioning in Maaruthi Medical Centre and Hospitals, conducted free Diabetes Detection and Awareness Programme on 28.08.2011, on Diabetes and Prevention of foot Complication. Free Blood glucoseestimation done for around 210 patients and for other potential diabetics. ASOGEM CAMP ASOGEM General Medical camp conducted 150 Patients Benifited. .

4 4

4 4

4 4 4

For joining share & care please contact Dr. P.S. Radhakrishnan 99943 77337
Shield, Awards & Gift Sponsors
Makers of



Mrs. K. Sasirekha Mr. V. Purushothaman,
IMAYAM New Annex Building from M.Ps Fund is in Progress
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Ambulance donated by Sakthi Masala is being utilised for the home Patients We Congratulate Dr. A. Murugesan M.B.B.S., D.M.R.D., for recieving the first Emeritus number in Indian Radiological and Imaging Association (IRIA) in our region (Coimbatore, Periyar & Nilgiri District). Emeritus Number : 33 EM / TN 22A.

Shalimar Agencies, Erode

Dr. M.Ravikumar recieved an appriciation award from our District Collector Mr. kamaraj on Independence Day.

A Senior Rehabilitation Medicine Specialist who wants to settle at Erode prefers to be attached to a Nursing Home.

Please Contact 9442384609

Free Cardiac Camp
We request all the Doctors to utilize this Opportunity and send the poor Paediatric patients (Age Infant to 16) for Futher enquires Dr. V.L. Guhanathan - 94430 35090, Dr. Suseenthar - 98427 52434, Mr. J.J. Bharathi - 98427 48884

Date : October 8th - 9th

Venue : Sengunthar School

In Association with

Medi Expo - 2011

Date : 14,15, 16, October 2011 Venue : Malligai Arangam, Erode.
For Stall Booking : Bharath Trade Fairs Erode Mob : 99522-10003, 0424 - 2211214, E-Mail : grandexpo_erode@rediffmail.com, Bharattradefair@yahoo.co.in

Bharath Trade Fairs Erode Presents