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: Administration Support Technician Infrastructure Manager BRANCH: Civilian F LOCATION: DATE CREATED: HOURS OF WORK:

Position Code #P10xxx Support Services


Information & Technology Headquarters July 2011 35 hrs/wk Mon-Fri Day Shift

GENERAL PURPOSE: To provide technical support to the Network and File Server for the police service to assist in the implementation, configuration, coordination, control, maintenance, troubleshooting, monitoring usage and ensuring security of the network. Responsible for assisting with the setup and maintenance of File Servers & architecture of the network, security, antivirus, backups, Internet, and intranet. MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES: Reporting to the Infrastructure Manager, provides technical support and assistance in the daily operation of the police service Network and its security features. Troubleshoots and resolves problems identified by PC Support Technicians or as end users or Network Administrator present. Assists to design, implement and manage changes to the network infrastructure. Maintains all operational computer systems to ensure full communication and access to information available to WRPS members. Creates and manages all Windows based servers, which includes print servers for printers, file servers for all users, antivirus server, Exchange server, and Internet Firewall. Creates testing environments for new applications. Assists with implementing Regional applications through WRPS network. Monitors servers and network devices. Provides support to help resolve hardware and software problems beyond the scope of other Information Technology support personnel. Prepares, modifies and monitors work schedules for IT Technical Group and establishes guidelines and directions to follow for backup operations, new software and applications installation. Informs technical operators upon changes, upgrades to network infrastructure, and provides training and guidance as required. Troubleshoots physical and technical security risks to data, software and hardware and assists in the development of policies, procedures and contingency plans to minimize the effects of security breaches. May make recommendations and implements changes to work methods and procedures to make them more effective and/or to strengthen security measures. Assists to conduct risk assessments and information security measures, if needed, assists with disaster recovery efforts. Identifies security issues and concerns related to data security policies and procedures and brings them to the attention of the Data Security Analyst. Has ongoing contact

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Position Code #P10xxx

with vendors regarding security system and network updates and technical support of security products. Informs the Network Administrator and Data Security Analyst of critical issues that may affect the police service and conducts research for status and statistical reports as required. Assists in the review of new system proposals to determine impact on current systems and feasibility. Conducts research for reports detailing same. Remains current and up to date on new technology. Performs other related duties as assigned. RESPONSIBILITIES FOR MATERIAL/FINANCIAL RESOURCES: Ensures proper care and functionality of the collective parts, which make up the Regional Network, consisting of servers, cables, wires and devices. Monitors server components to ensure they are functioning at an optimal level. Repairs as necessary and/or notifies the Infrastructure Manager of maintenance requirements. Researches, proposes and recommends hardware and software purchases to the IT Director for new servers, workstations, printers, laptops, anti-virus, anti-spam, security appliances and computer components. Ensures that personal computers and systems used for own work are maintained in good working condition. NATURE & IMPACT OF ERROR: Failure to ensure adequate security policies are in place could significantly hamper the work of the organization. Misleading advice and failure to address network or security problems, could result in reduced business practice efficiency and effectiveness, including incorrect budgeting of funds, unnecessary work, delay in work of others and a loss of confidence in the services provided by the unit. Improper handling of computer equipment could result in personal injury, including electrical shock. Errors in data analysis and manipulation could result in delay in work of others and unnecessary expenditures. RESPONSIBILITY FOR SUPERVISION OF STAFF & OTHERS: The incumbent has no formal responsibilities for supervision of staff and others. Provides systems guidance to other IT staff and functional guidance to system users. Works with other IT staff to address system malfunctions and other related projects.

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Position Code #P10xxx

Receives daily direction and work assignments from the Infrastructure Manager. Has daily contact with immediate co-workers within the Branch. Has occasional contact with IT staff from other PRIDE police service agencies. External: Has contact with PRIDE service partners, outside technical support servers, equipment and software suppliers and contractors with respect to software, hardware or network installation issues and operational problems. EFFORT (Mental/Physical): Maintains compliance by monitoring own work to ensure guidelines are adhered to regarding the requirements of the Computer & Information Systems Procedure and the Internet & Intranet Use Procedure, the Municipal Freedom of Information & Protection of Privacy Act, the Personal Information Protection & Electronic Documents Act, CPIC Rules, Regulations and Policies Reference Manual, Dictation Systems, Computer Aided Dispatch, Records Management System, Internet, Provincial & Federal Systems. Utilizes generally accepted industry standards when designing and implementing security measures. Determines and sets network security layers (firewalls) to deter unauthorized access to police data. Assesses policies and procedures for changes to work methods and procedures for efficiencies or to strengthen security measures. Works independently to prioritize own assignments in accordance with work plans and standardized procedures to interpret requirements to complete work as assigned by the Infrastructure Manager and in response to problems or potential breaches of security. Takes appropriate action to maintain the computer systems in response to system crashes or virus threats. During off hours, contacts the Infrastructure Manager by phone or e-mail to resolve urgent unexpected problems. Assesses e-mail system functionality and determines appropriate action for immediate resolution of concerns impacting network related security issues. Accesses the Internet and various technical manuals to maintain current knowledge and skill level through self-study, reading journals, and through formal courses from outside agencies. Maintain good working knowledge of old and current versions of software, Internet and Intranet systems. Researches security measures and to upgrade network related security issues in relation to firewalls, virus threats, routers and password control. Sustained periods of visual and mental concentration, manual dexterity using various tools, and attention to detail are required for system and program analysis, inspection and evaluation, and when using computerized equipment to monitor and run the police service network


Position Code #P10xxx

Work is performed in a shared open concept office. Periodically travels to WRPS locations and PRIDE police agencies to assist end users, assess, set up, troubleshoot and resolve network problems, and supports after hours call. With a requirement to come into the office after hours if required to support priority issues. Due to the nature of the work, contacts are occasionally impatient and unreasonable, requiring the incumbent to be polite and tactful as well as informative. May work overtime for extended periods of time during urgent situations on a sporadic basis as directed by the Infrastructure Manager. Responds to user requests for assistance and determines urgency and priority. SKILL: a) Knowledge: Knowledge of computer languages, operating, business and information systems, development tools and automation processes normally acquired through the attainment of a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science or a Community College Diploma in Computer Systems Technology, plus related server design and analysis experience. Proficiency in the operation of a personal computer and extensive knowledge of server devices, personal computers, various software and operating systems, computer protocols, programming disciplines, Windows Server 2008, Exchange Server 2007 & 2010, security and anti-virus software, Internet, anti-spam and firewall software, and Share Point. Proven work experience in Router, switches, and infrastructure requirements to support a complex Wide area network. High level of judgment, problem solving, analytical and technical skills, including an ability to analyze, diagnose and resolve complex users hardware or software problems; mathematical skills; and an ability to teach self various computer software programming languages with limited training. Ability to organize own time and the time of the PC Support Technicians effectively, prioritize, meet immediate and inflexible deadlines and achieve results. Ability to adapt to constant changes in priorities. Ability to complete urgent tasks quickly and without errors. Communication and interpersonal skills required to represent the police service in a professional manner when dealing with multiple vendors and agencies; to identify and understand the use of software and hardware in the support of server functions to achieve desired output; to train end users at all levels of computer skill and knowledge, who are occasionally frustrated and irate, using common terms, courtesy, patience, tact and diplomacy. Ability to remain current and up-to-date on new developments in order to analyze new system proposals to determine impact on current systems and feasibility.

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Position Code #P10xxx

A valid Class G Ontario Drivers License with no more than six demerit points required to travel within and outside the Region to attend meetings, seminars and conferences. Ability to meet police security clearance requirements and to maintain confidentiality. Ability to participate as an effective team member. Must have an understanding of the WRPS Shared Vision Statement, including the Ideals of Excellence, and mission statement. Must know and display throughout daily activities the WRPS core values. Ability to meet testing requirements for the position. b) Language Communication (Written & Verbal): Ability to read and understand technical manuals, updates, bulletins, periodicals, newspapers and magazines for current, reliable, cost-effective and feature-rich software and hardware solutions. Ability to read documents such as policies and procedures, user manuals, forms and contracts to understand current or proposed systems and to read program listings to determine logic flow and achieve program changes. Ability to record user settings and to document and diagram network information. Ability to compile and write documentation on custom designed systems and instructions to computer operators; system specifications; and memos to staff, responding to problems, direction and updates. Ability to verbally respond to technical inquiries from Police Service staff, as well as highly technical hardware and software engineers and manufacturers.