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MARA Systems is world leader for high-performance caching solutions using Squid.

CacheMARA is based on a 64-bit kernel supporting 72 GB ECC of memory and multiple terabytes of cache storage (12.2 TB). With P2P we offer 12 x 2TB so total cache space 24 TB. The total log space around 500 GB. Our proprietary web caching technology, customised caching rules supporting various protocols offers gigabit high level performance. Its perfectly suited to Internet Service Providers (ISPs). CacheMARA offers the same web caching performance as other similar solutions, at a much lower price point. Because of the appliance format with use of secure OS the boxes are incredibly reliable. Our appliance solutions use high-end selected hardware to ensure both reliability and high performance. Its a dedicated ISP web cache appliance, which helps you save bandwidth and/or improve the speed with which your end-users can access web content. As a proxy, it also allows your network administrators to monitor and control web traffic. Most customers around 35%-40% bandwidth savings; usually 40% - 50% of the requests are served directly from the cache; they can be served from CacheMARA within 1 ms.


FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS A. Bandwidth Optimization Scalable Cache Cluster Several Intercache Communication Protocols Support: o o o Legacy protocol ICP Hypertext Caching Protocol (HTCP) Cache Digests

Easy and Arbitrary Cluster Extension Static and Dynamic Web Content Caching Video and CDN Caching Different Video Resolutions Support: o o HD resolutions Skipping parts of the video

One-Click-Hosters Caching Support Sharehosters Caching Support Filehosters Caching Support Microsoft Windows Update Caching Antivirus Update Caching Advanced Proxy Configuration

Full FTP Caching Support IP Spoofing Cache Hierarchies Support: o o o o Advanced load balancing Application layer routing Authenticated user name Round robin distribution

B. HTTP Proxy Features Transparent and Non-Transparent Proxy Setup Auto detection of defect hard-disks Flexible HTTP proxy logging facilities Comprehensive access control Easy and Flexible Access policy management 64 bit Linux Kernel and 64 bit Squid HTTP Proxy Solid State Disks (SSDs) for Higher Performance WCCP v1 and v2 Support Optional Content Filtering User and group-based authentication via: o o o o MS Active Directory with/without Single sign-on NT Domain LDAP Digest LDAP

C. Management and Control Innovative Web Management GUI Intuitive Interface Powerful Management: o o o Management through HTTPS to Appliance HTTPS to Management Appliance Command-line Interface via Serial Console and SSH

Advanced Reporting: o o Comprehensive Live Statistics Status Information for Each Service in Various Scales per: Day Week Month Year Easy Online Upgrades Backup and Restore Capability

Support for Dedicated Logging Servers via Syslog Simple Network Management (SNMP) Support D. Technical Support Friendly and Reliable Support Team

Free Software Updates Bug Fixes and Security Fixes of the Software Technical Support 9 x 5 (email, phone, chat, IM, remote access) Up to 2 Support Tickets after working hours Hardware Warranty up to 3 years on a bring-in basis Full Support during Deployment and Configuration

A. Lower Total Cost of Ownership Maximum Security with Controlled Access Simple Plug and Play Format: Minimal Installation Overhead No Expensive System Integration Fees of Staff Training Required Ongoing Bandwidth Reduction Frees Bandwidth for other Protocols Increasing Browsing Speed Intuitive Web GUI Simplifies Administration No Need to Apply Separate Software and OS patches