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Aris S. Kirimlis, M.B.A. 501 Hungerford Dr. #458 Rockville, MD 20850 (240) 481-0108 ak11711d8@westpost.

net EDUCATION Masters of Business Administration University of Maryland Spring 2010 Masters of Science - Biotechnology University of Maryland Fall 2011 (anticipated ) B.S. in Biotechnology University of Maryland December 2005

Relevant Courses Taken -Marketing -Project Management -Organic Chemistry -Operations Management -Ethics/Legalities -Analytical Chemistry -Business Finance -Business Strategy -Inorganic Chemistry -Biochemistry -Molecular/Cellular Biology -Neurobiology -Immunology -Virology -Vaccine Development -Microbiology -Cell/Tissue Culture -Molecular Genetics -Protein/Nucleic Acid Methods WORK EXPERIENCE April 2010 - Present Fisher BioServices Senior Laboratory Analyst Similar responsibilities as previous position, with added managerial responsibil ities. Oversaw day-to-day operations of the lab, ordered materials, coordinated weekly meetings with laboratory personnel, communicated project details with pro ject managers and clients, conducted interviews for hiring new employees, coordi nated with upper management to improve functionality of laboratory operations, h ave been given positive feedback and references on client audits, conducted trai ning for new and existing employees, and ensured that all training files remaine d current. May 2007-April 2010 Fisher BioServices Laboratory Analyst Analyze blood and urine samples sent from research facilities around the world, and ran tests specific to each research project. Isolated plasma, serum, granulo cytes, leukocytes, PBMC (through ficoll isolation), RNA, and DNA. Ran PCR reacti ons and 260/280 spectrophotometric purity analyses. Wrote several SOPs, batch re cords and Installation Qualification forms, and maintained GLP/GMP/GDP working e nvironment. Trained by manager for supervisory and managerial responsibilities, made price build-ups, spearheaded projects, coordinated between client sites and communicated with project managers, and ran training sessions. April 2004 - 2008 Independent Research Study Organic Chemistry Research Independent study of organic extraction and isolation of natural compounds from almond seed coats. OTHER RELEVANT EXPERIENCE RESEARCH Isolation of natural products, Thin Layer Chromatography, Gas Chromatography/Mas s Spectroscopy, flash chromatography, protein/nucleic acid gel electrophoresis, bacterial culture, cell/tissue culture, DNA isolation and amplification/replicat ion. PUBLICATIONS Characterization of three natural products from almond seed coats.", Kirimlis, A , Accepted for MARM 2006, Hershey PA June 2006

"Isolation of two natural products from almond seed coats.", Kirimlis, A. Accepted for National ACS Conference Undergraduate division, Washington D.C Augu st 2005 MEMBERSHIP Member of the American Chemical Society since 2005 Membership# 2388977 ADDED QUALIFICATIONS - Proficient in BSL-2 and BSL-3 environments and chemical environments - Versed in 21 CFR regulations - Familiar with 45 CFR regulations - Familiar with ISO 9000 and ISO 9001 regulations - Fluent in Greek and English - Proficient in Microsoft Office applications REFERENCES Anthony Yee Former Laboratory Manager, Fisher BioServices Former Supervisor 14665 Rothgeb Dr. Rockville, MD 20850 301-412-3414 Dr. Eduard Chani Former Laboratory Manager, Fisher BioServices upervisor 14665 Rothgeb Dr. Rockville, MD 20850 703-723-6343 Dr. John Sczepanski Professor of Chemistry 9934 Dellwood Dr. Columbia, MD 21046 410-491-7039 Former professor and colleague Former S