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BISSAN DEBSI Objective Seeking to apply my theoretical knowledge, enhance my skills and gain more exper ience 1040

Russell Ave. Los Altos, CA 94024

(650) 450-0815 (M) bd133696e@westpost.net Education 2004- 2006 San Jose State University San Jose, California MBT Masters of Biotechnology 1998- 2002 Beirut Arab University Beirut, Lebanon BS Biochemistry Fall 2004 San Jose State University Certificate of Training in Biosafety April 2003 Beirut Arab University Certificate of Lab Technology Experience February 2008- June 2008 Escape Therapeutics Inc. California, San Jose Lab Manager Manages all lab meetings, conferences, seminars. Manages all lab supplies, buying, storing Performing experiments for stem cell research. October 2006- October 2007 Stanford Laboratories/ Neurology Department Ca lifornia, Palo Alto Research Assistant Maintaining transgenic mice lines and genotyping using DNA extraction Cloning plasmids through bacterial transformation, ligation rx and purifying the DNA using various kits Immunohistochemistry, Staining with different Abs. Dissecting brains, slicing and mounting brain sections. Injecting drugs into mice. Cell culture work, splitting cells/bacteria, transfection Luciferaseassays Behavioral tests September 2005- December 2005 Stanford Laboratories/ Neurology Department Cali fornia, Palo Alto Research Assistant Responsible for maintaining transgenic mouse colonies. Genotyping. September 2003- May 2005 Silicon Valley Academy California, San Jose Substitute Teacher Taught English as a Second Language for different levels September 2002 Biochemistry Department /American University of Beirut, Lebano n Research Assistance Responsible of research activities in Western Blotting, Northern Blotting Electr oporation. San Jose, California Beirut, Lebanon

July- August 2001 Medical Lab Hamoud Hospital, Lebanon Medical Lab Assistance Carried out clinical activities in Hematology, Serology, Chemistry and Microbiol ogy sections. July- August 2000 Medical Lab LA Hospital, Lebanon Medical Lab Assistant Carried out clinical activities in Hematology and Chemistry sections. July 2000, July 1999 Saidon High School Saidon, Lebanon Teacher Taught chemistry to Freshman and Junior Students Summer 1999-1998 Ibrahim Library Sales Books, Office tools, Toys Saidon, Lebanon

1997-2002 Student Union Saidon, Lebanon Vice President Carried out activities, projects for students. Helping them find jobs, solve the ir problems, organizing conferences and festivals. Major Studies Molecular Biology: Assay of DNA, RNA, and separation by electrophoresis. Biotechnology & Genetic Engineering: Development of recombinant DNA Techniques, Polymerase Chain Reactions, RT-PCR, Bacterial Transformation, HLA Ty ping. Chemistry of Natural Products: Structures, Extraction and Purification of Natura l Products. Bioanalytical Chemistry: Chromatography, Immunization methods. Clinical Chemistry: Urine analysis, blood analysis, food analysis. Enzymes: Determination of enzyme kinetic, optimizing enzyme reactions. Metabolism: Experiments to study the intermediary metabolic reactions. Bioorganic Chemistry: Qualitative analysis of CHO, lipids, amino acids and prote ins. Biophysical Chemistry: Titration, Preparation of buffers. Introduction to Bioinformatics. Basics of Virology. Introduction to Immunology. Introduction to Regulatory affairs. References Available Upon Request.