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The Holography Times

The Holography Times
December 2011 | Volume 5 | Issue 16

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The Holography Times

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The real thing

The VISIONFOIL 104 Hologram from BOBST gives you and your customers the strategic advantage needed to win the war against product and brand piracy, delivering ultra precise application of every size and type of hologram currently in the market, plus many that are not yet commonplace. From banknotes to visas, and from tickets to packaging, the VISIONFOIL 104 H handles them all effortlessly.

After all, its the real thing.

B O B S T G R O U P . C O M


The Holography Times

Dear Readers, Welcome to the 16th issue of The Holography Times. We all are aware that branding and packaging are important components of marketing. While branding differentiates a companys product from their competition, packaging is a marketing tool used to reect the brand. With thousands of product launches every year, an innovative use of packaging can enhance the brand appeal as well as sell the product it contains. This issue brings our cover story on Holographic packaging, which will help you in revaluating your approach towards how holographic packaging can augment brand appeal and protect brand equity. Apart from this, the issue also covers tender updates, latest patents, news briefs from the industry, along with book reviews and much more. We hope you would like this issue as much as you have liked the former ones. Our only aim is to provide you an update on the industry trends to enable you be more informed and use the information provided as and when required. Since 2011 is nally coming to an end, we look forward to year 2012 with great hopes and take this opportunity to wish all our editorial board members, advertisers, advisers and above all, our readers a very happy and successful New Year ahead. Do send us your feedback / critics at info@homai.org. With Regards, C S Jeena

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Holographic Packaging
Enhancing brand appeal and protecting brand equity

Shobhit Arora, Giriraj Foils

8 14 16 17 18 19 3

Book Review Counterfeit Seizure Report Tender Updates Global Patents Upcoming Events


The Holography Times

News Bytes

IHMA awards recognizes industry leader

The other winner and commendations for 2011 were;

Innovation in Holographic Technology
Winner Stensborg A/S for HoloPrint Commended Hologram Company Rako for Holo-inlay in Shrink sleeves

Ian Lancaster

an Lancaster of Reconnaissance International has won the Brian Monaghan Award for Business Innovation at the International Hologram Manufacturers Associations (IHMA) Excellence in Holography Awards 2011, in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the industry over the past 30 years. The award is named for Brian Monaghan, an innovative and enterprising entrepreneur in holography who died tragically young, and goes to the person selected by the Board of the IHMA as an individual who has followed the tradition of business innovation established by Brian Monaghan. Adam Scheer, IHMA Chairman, presented the award at HolopackHolo-print, The Holography Conference, in Las Vegas, Nevada in November. He said: Since the early 1980s, Ian has worn many hats holographer, executive director of the Museum of Holography, leader of conferences, publisher of industry newsletters, consultant and a leader on international standards bodies and more. In every role, he has touched every stakeholder in the hologram industry as one of its leading innovators, advocates and thought leaders. The global hologram industry we know today would not enjoy its recognition, prestige and trust without the tireless work and creative vision of Ian Lancaster. Ian Lancaster founded Third Dimension Ltd in 1981, to make decorative holograms before joining the Museum of Holography in New York as executive director. He then became the editor of Holography News and director of the Holo-packHolo-print conference. He has served as General Secretary of the IHMA since its inception.
Source: www.ihma.org

Commended Optaglio for Achromatic hologram with Colour Shift Effect

Best Origination
Winner Optaglio for Globe lower Commended Hologram Industries for Demetalised Alphagram Stripe on Brasils New 100 Reais Banknote

Best Applied Security Product

Winner Hologram Industries for DID Patch on Philippines P500 and P1000 Banknote Commended InkSure& Demax for Car Document Authentication for Bulgaria Commended Kavach Division of PRS Permacel for West Bengal State Electricity Board Meter Seal

Best Applied Decorative Product

Winner Hazen Paper Company, Curtis Packaging and Coty Inc. for Beyonc Pulse


News Bytes

The Holography Times

3D Holograms to become forgery proof identi iers

ayer Material Science has developed light sensitive ilms that are marketed under the Bayfol HX that has its applications in manufacturing ID cards that are forgery proofed. The technology involves photopolymer ilms such as the Bayfol HX wherein the holographic image is inscribed on it and upon exposure to laser beams is made visible thereby providing secure physical authentication. These photopolymer materials are cost-effective, ideal for mass

production since they do not require any chemical processes or thermal treatment to go through. Bayfol HX based holograms can be portraits, company logos or even stereograms. The material ensures that the colour of the portrait does not change irrespective of the angle it is viewed from hence the rainbow effect as we see in conventional holographic material is completely avoided. Unlike the conventional holographic materials, the Bayfol HX requires no metallic background and virtually any background can be utilized.

Bayer MaterialScience distributes Bayfol HX for security related applications and to select hologram manufacturers with specialized knowledge. It caters to the automotive, electronics and electrical, construction, sports and leisure industries and had 30 productions centres and employ close to 14700 staff worldwide. Bayer Material Science has a turnover of 10.2 billion and is considered to be one of the worlds premier polymer manufacturing companies.

Source: www.bayermaterialscience.com

De La Rue secured its biggest VISA hologram order

e La Rue Holographics has secured its biggest ever single order for Visa dove security holograms. The irst shipment from a total of 20 million units has already been dispatched to the Far East, with the remainder to follow over the coming months. The holograms, which are supplied in reels ready to be hot stamped on to Visa branded inancial transaction cards, depict the iconic three dimensional Visa dove symbol which appears to move as the hologram is tilted. De La Rue has been an accredited supplier since the mid 1990s. This latest order reinforces De La Rues position as one of the leading suppliers of holographic products to the inancial card market. As Ruth Euling, De La Rue Holographics Managing Director

points out, De La Rue believes in the opportunity for expansion in its secure hologram business, as evidenced by this signi icant order for Visa dove holograms. With over 200 clients across four market sectors we have a very solid platform for growth. Our proposed site relocation plan, which would see hologram manufacturing move from our current facility in Basingstoke in the UK to another of De La Rues British sites in Westhoughton, near Bolton within the next 1218 months, will allow us to better utilise current resources across the De La Rue group, as well as improve and invest in plant and operations for the future. Alongside our plans to improve capability, productivity and ef iciency, we will continue to work with our customers to keep our holograms at the leading edge of security.
Source: www.delarue.com

PRS Permacel won IHMA commendation award

Kavach, a division of PRS Permacel Private Limited, based in Mumbai, India won the IHMA commendation awards 2011 for best applied security product. The company received the award for one of its solutions provided to West Bengal State Electricity Board meter seal. The awards function was held in Las Vegas, New York at the Annual Event Holopack-Holoprint 2011. Source: www.prs-permacel.com

The Holography Times

News Bytes

Firm received $ 2.7 million to research hologram technology I

VIR Inc., a Lakewood Ranch company specializing in medical education technology, says it has received a $2.7 million Department of Defense contract to research hologram technology. The one-year contract was awarded by U.S. Army Research, Development and Engineering Command and Army Research Laboratory in Orlando. Ivir is working with the University of Minnesota Medical School; Zebra Imaging, which produces 3D digital holographic prints; and Bolt, Beranek and Newman, a division of defense contractor Raytheon. The project will investigate holographic and 3D imaging technologies and the possibility of integrating them into existing medical modeling and simulation systems, the company said.

Holographic and 3D anatomical displays will allow medical professionals to better visualize human physiology during training. The project also will evaluate using light detection and ranging technology for use in medical training during tactical ield evaluations.
Source: www.bizjournals.com

Kurz new art in design box

he stamping foil manufacturer Kurz presented the premiere edition of its Presentation design and art box at this years Luxepack. The company plans to produce a new edition of the Presentation box on an annual basis, and to dedicate each one to a speci ic theme. The irst edition, titled Metropolis, deals thematically with various metropolises around the world. The Metropolis box contains six individual smaller boxes, each representing

a speci ic metropolis. The packaging of each box has been designed in such a way as to symbolize the characteristics and distinguishing qualities of the corresponding city, thereby highlighting the wide variety of ways in which hot stamping and cold foiling can be used to convey messages. The boxes demonstrate how warm or cool metallic tones, glittery holographic structures, lavish structured stampings or sumptuous reliefs can

be employed to capture the atmosphere of a city. Invitation to collectors The packaging design adorns ive sides of each box, but does not extend to the sixth side. Instead, this side of each box presents a portion of an artistic image so that, when all boxes have been arranged correctly, a complete picture is formed. The creator of this artwork, which has been produced using stamping foils, is Michael Matthaeus Martha, an artist in Frth where the headquarters of the KURZ Group is located. Marthas picture depicts an artistic interpretation of the metropolis theme, which is explained in an accompanying lea let. Kurz is offering this work to its customers as a genuine collectors item. It is the irst item in a planned collection of artworks, all of which will be decorated with hot stamping or cold foils and assembled from individual packaging items.
Source: www.kurz.de


News Bytes

The Holography Times

IAA appoints new Director General

The IAA (International Authentication Association) announced the appointment of Susanne Hasselmann as their new Director General. David Howard, Chairman of IAA and Global Director, Product Protection, Johnson & Johnson said: I am very pleased to announce the appointment of Susanne Hasselmann to the position of Director General of the IAA. Susanne brings immense industry experience and a unique background in brand protection to this role. The Board unanimously agreed that she would be able to grow IAAs international role and enhance its voice within the global authentication community. Susanne has been working in a leadership capacity in the authentication industry for over 15 years. As Director for Business Development at De La Rue in the 90s she headed the Microsofts COA (Certi icate of Authenticity) programme, one of the largest authentication programmes in the world. She co-founded Axess Technologies, a leading technical and strategic consultancy in brand protection and authentication. She has chaired the UKs AntiCounterfeiting Groups (ACG) Brand Protection Group for many years and has contributed to numerous industry magazines, books and White Papers. Susannes focus over the next six months will be to review the current IAA strategy and to develop a renewed focus for 2012 and beyond.
Source: www.ceepackaging.com


BOBST, the worlds leading supplier of quality machinery and services to packaging manufacturers, has announced the launch of ACCUCHECK, the worlds irst built-in zero-fault quality control device for folding and gluing machines. The BOBST ACCUCHECK system enables manufacturers to drive quality, performance and productivity in packaging with complete control and 100 percent quality output. The latest in a line of over 350 BOBST units worldwide which include built-in print quality control devices, ACCUCHECK will enable manufacturers to meet demands for rapid and faultless folding and gluing packaging production, checking the print on every single carton, in-line, during the last process before the boxes are packed and dispatched to the illing lines. Using a high de inition camera based on the Registron quality control system, ACCUCHECK scans each carton as it enters the folder-gluer, comparing the realtime image against the reference image. ACCUCHECK has been designed for the extremely high rate of data low received from the camera during production, enabling it to interface perfectly with the host folder-gluer to ensure that any non-conforming carton is logged in the management system and ejected. ACCUCHECK is able to automatically detect a range of print and print-related defects such as hickeys and spots, physical defects of the carton such as scratches or rubs, inaccurate die-cutting and problems with the control of colour variation. Depending on the settings de ined for the run, the defective carton can be allowed to continue, or automatically ejected, without affecting production. Whether ejected or not, defects are recorded for later analysis.
For more information, contact Raluca Dan, Communications Manager, Business Unit Sheet-Fed, at raluca.dan@bobstgroup.com Source: www.bobst.com


The Holography Times


Shobhit Arora, Giriraj Foils

Giriraj Foils Pvt Ltd (GFPL) was incorporated in 1995 and has gradually risen to being one of the premier manufacturers of premium grade lms for holograms. In a decade of its emergence, GFPL has captured three fourth of the market share of the hologram Industry in India. Recently, they were exhibiting at the HolopackHoloprint 2011 conference at Las Vegas where THT team talked to the Managing Director of GFPL about the recent trends of security foil in industry and their plans for this market. Please guide us on the trends and application of security foil industry in India and in world. The market worldwide is changing very fast, apart from normal features in the ilm, trace & found technology, IT features for tracing, barcode reading , window metalizing and many such complex processes are being introduced within the ilms. Due to all these, making look-alike hologram made on such ilms is becoming dif icult day by day. How do you see GFPL in this market? We at GFPL are upgrading the facilities so as to provide all such features within the ilm at a very economical price in comparison to the world leaders in this segment.We are investing heavily on upgrading our infrastructure so that we can move ahead in competition. Consistent quality plays an important role in this industry, what are you doing for it? Yes, this is one feature which plays the most important role in growth of our industry. Consistency in quality, services and communication plays vital role wherever you go around the globe.We at GFPL always try to do so by providing consistent quality to our customers.We always check / test our inward raw material so that we do not face any such problem due to inferior quality/variation in the batches. Recipes of the mutually agreed products are frozen and on every production cycle the same are rechecked and rigorously followed.Deviation in the production cycle is avoided and the same are cross-checked amongst the production staff.Our machines are upgraded regularly and we are procuring latest High vacuum coating systems from APPLIED MATERIALS so as to provide consistent metalizing. What are the new developments GFPL is doing for hologram / security printing industry? We are providing customised patterns as well as general patterns in selectiverelease category of ilm for holograms in aluminium metalization as well as Zinc sulphide metalized class. Apart from these Special colour ilms as well as multi colour patterns have been developed for providing more security with in the ilm itself so as to ensure that duplicating the base ilm becomes more dif icult. What would be your companys main focus in the next ive years? Our main focus is to cover the untapped and unrepresented markets, provide consistent quality and specialised products so as to get undaunted support of our patrons as in the past.Without support and understanding of the customer, growth is not possible,so we have to continue providing our customers unparalleled quality andservices in order to retain our market leadership.


Cover Story

The Holography Times


The Holography Times

Cover Story

Holographic Packaging
Enhancing brand appeal and protecting brand equity
Product packaging plays an important role in product protection as well a key marketing role in developing on shelf appeal, providing product information and establishing brand image and awareness. With nearly thousands of products introduced every year, selection of a right technology is a big challenge both for packaging experts and product manufacturers. Further, in time of global market conditions, brand owners are also facing the problem of tampering and counterfeiting. Here, we examine how holographic packaging playing an important role in brand enhancement and brand equity protection.

Cadbury used it and resulted in increased sales of 25% to one of its confectionary bar.

Introduction: Hologram has evolved from security to packaging since GlaxoSmithKline used it in 1989. In 1990s period many companies follow up the Glaxo example and started using holographic lexible packaging for product launches and promotions. Cadbury used it and resulted in increased sales of 25% to one of its confectionary bar. The most signi icant development was the adoption of holography by Colgate Palmolive for most of its dental care range throughout the world as a long term feature, following the outstanding success of holographic ilm on two cartons of its toothpaste in Europe. Although Colgate followed SmithKline in it use of holography for its carton, Colgate seized the initiative to use holography in co-ordinated manner across the world of its dental care range globally. With the progress of time, holographic ilms and foils feature in a variety of packaging constructions and are used for

a huge range of products from low value fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) such as snack foods and confectionary products to premium priced products such as spirits and perfumes. What is holographic packaging? In general terms, the uses of holographic materials, foils or ilms in packaging can be termed as holographic packaging. The holographic solution includes; Holographic hot stamp foils Laminating ilms Holographic selective cold transfer ilm Holographic transfer ilm total cold

These all solutions can be used in lexible, rigid packaging and decorative labels. Further, overt and covert security features can also be combined in these solutions and if designed appropriately can be used to protect the product packaging from counterfeiting as well increasing brand appeal.


Cover Story

The Holography Times



2010 AIMCAL product competition award Category: Packaging healthcare, cosmetics and toilerties; marketing

2009 AIMCAL product competition award Category: Packaging healthcare, cosmetics and toilerties: marketing

2008 AIMCAL product competition award Category: Packaging healthcare, cosmetics and toilerties: marketing


IHMA , Best Applied Decorative Product



Hazen Paper Company and Curtis Packaging for Coty Inc. Beyonc Pulse

Hazen paper Gem-studded gift box for Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds

Hazen paper Holographic set-up boxes for Elizabeth Arden

Unifoil corp. for Sarah Jessica Parker Covet Perfume

Holographic packaging products entitled companies with various marketing awards in last 10 years

Uses by industry Today, holograms have entered into main stream of packaging and are now viewed by many of brand owners as a powerful toolcombining signi icant packaging enhancement with brand protection. With thousands of products introduced every year, brand owners have challenges To get the attention of customers to be successful in moving their product off the shelf To protect its products from ill effects of counterfeiting

Holographic packaging products entitled companies with various marketing awards in last 10 years (see side bar). Recently, holographic paper Hazen paper and box maker Curtis Packaging have collaborated on the design and production of the packaging of Cotys newer line of Beyonc Pulse fragrance launched in September 2011. The customer needs an eye catching product that can increase shelf appeal. The collaborator decided to product a result which not only is the hologram 3-dimensional in effect it is 3-Dimensional in fact. The result was that the hologram emanate from the focal point of the box behind the brand name inside the box and lash outward around all of panels side-to-side and top to bottom in an in inite continuum of lashing light. Holography protecting brand equity Indian consumer goods companies suffer huge annual due to look-alikeand counterfeit packaging. Hence, large corporate giants, especially in the FMCG and pharma sector, are increasingly

Holography Enhancing Brand Appeal The innovative use of holographic packaging has a proven track record of increasing sales by providing eye catching visual impact in the form of registered image holograms or wallpaper designed holography with a certain pattern, logo or trademark. In this era, where customers face the psychology of choice, holographic packaging help in getting the attention of the customers and moving the product off the shelf.


The Holography Times

Cover Story


2007 IHMA excellence in holography awards, Category: Security/ Authentication

2006 AIMCAL product competition award Category: Packaging healthcare, cosmetics and toilerties: marketing

2004 AIMCAL product competition award Category: Packaging non food marketing

2004 AIMCAL product competition award Category: Label retail category




PT Pura Barutama and PT MBW Medicos for holographic cartons for Vitamin C + Kollagen outer package box

Unifoil Corporation for Colgate-Palmolive Luminous Toothpaste

Unifoil Corp. Holographic Box for Power Distance Golf Balls from Nike

Vaccumet Corporation holographic label for Miller Lite

opting for special tamper-proof packages. Worldwide some of the most commonly counterfeit goods include nutracuticals, coffee, baby formulated, bottled water and medicines. Besides the losses the companies make in the domestic market, there is a huge international market to keep in mind as well. Some countries have compulsory requirement of tamper-proof packaging in all imports to the country, as one of the biggest motivations to introduce better packaging. Though various packaging solutions are now under consideration, the multiplefeature based designs are now driving industry, said Rajiv Dhar, Director, Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), an autonomous body under the aegis of the Union ministry of commerce and industry. Take the instance of Indian pharmacompanies which are using holographic packaging for their tablet strips. Today, most

holograms are used as printed material in forms of small stickers or labels, and pasted to a corner of the package, or on the lid opening. But with holographic packaging, you can cover more of the packages surface with holograms making it harder to counterfeit. Conclusion: Holography is pushing the boundaries in areas of packaging and authentication. The technology is limited to imagination. Holograms and holographic effects have proved themselves successfully for packaging of branded products, foods, pharmaceuticals etc for many years. However, a combination of multiple layers of overt and covert security is always bene icial. As technology continues to develop, theres no reason why the hologram will not continue to evolve as packaging designers become ever more comfortable with it and continue to see the bene its unfold before their eyes.


Case Study

The Holography Times

Dixie Toga
Holographic Empty Packs

Empty holographic packaging elements

Client/Brand Year Project title Creative team

: : : :

Dixie Toga, Latin America 2010 Dixie Toga Holographic Empty Packs Casa Rex, Design Agency

The background to the campaign When a brand wants to sell its products, packaging is a way of making it better looking and more attractive to the clients. What happens though when a brand wants to sell a packaging? That was the problem of Dixie Toga a packaging brand which could now sell holographic shopping bags.To inform their clients about it, Dixie Toga appointed Casarex a design agency for the purpose. They created a series of empty packagings with amazing graphics and designs on them.

Empty holographic packaging

The challenge/trigger event Objective : To sell holography for packaging Challenge : To sell empty holographic packs.

Empty holographic packaging colors

The solution As the objective was to sell holography for packaging, it would be natural to expect to see holographic packs. But this posed a problem: there was nothing inside the packs and therefore, no theme or concept that could be explored from a design perspective. Faced with this scenario, instead of developing meaningless dummies posing as real products (a common technique used in the packaging industry), Casa Rex came up with an innovative concept and developed the Dixie Toga Empty Packs, turning the no content issue into the creative idea behind the execution. The designing company personalized phrases like Im empty or Theres absolutely nothing inside me to deliver relevant and fun content for each holographic pack design. To portray the different moods that holography can add to packaging, the agency identi ied and developed six sets, each one made out of the substrates that are suitable for holography.

Empty holographic packaging bunnies

Empty holographic packaging black

The results The end result was a memorable collection of promotional tool for the company. The Empty Packs were Merit winners at the 2010 International Design Awards and received a nomination by Pentawards.

Empty holographic packaging arty


The Holography Times

Books / in brief

Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting
A book provides a strategy on combating drug counterfeiting, by C S Jeena

BOOK FACTS Pharmaceutical Anti-counterfeiting, combating the real danger from fake drugs by Mark Davison Wiley Publications; Pages 426, US $ 89.95

rug counterfeiting is not a new phenomenon for this industry. The book Pharmaceutical Counterfeiting by Mark Davison may not be the irst one to examine the menace of drug counterfeiting, but is the irst to provide a comprehensive guide on the currently available anti-counterfeiting technologies and the possible solutions to combat the problem. The author, Mark Davisonis himself a renowned pharmaceutical consultant and is currently the CEO of Blue Sphere Health Ltd. Davison has a great deal of industry experience in pharmaceutical as well as product security and hence has written this book after careful research and insight into the industry and its problems. It is very likely for the industry professionals to appreciate the authors ability on categorically addressing the issues like drug counterfeiting, current authentication and tacking technologies, future approaches and examples on drug counterfeiting from around the world. His discussions on future policy/ authentication technologies

hold a promise to be useful for policy makers and drug companies as he emphases on the need of integration of both digital and non-digital (physical and sensory) authentication methods for pharmaceutical companies. In the book he has also suggested the policy makers to think on focusing over health and patient protection rather than handling and de ining IP issues and legal de initions. The book also examines the micro and macro drives, government involvements, geographical and regional issues, and consumer behaviour along with practices in some other industries. However, it would have been even better if the author had highlighted some of industrys best practices adopted by various pharmaceutical companies besides giving a comparison of authentication technologies in terms of their strengths, weakness, usages etc. Perhaps a future edition on these pointers will do even well with the readers. For those determined to take an action against counterfeit pharmaceutical and healthcare products, will ind the book useful.


The Holography Times



The Holography Times

Industry Updates

Counterfeit Seizure Report

The HOMAI counterfeit report displays all of the counterfeiting seizures reported in Indian newspaper for period September November 2011.
D/M/Y 03.09.2011 06.09.2011 09.09.2011 14.09.2011 14.09.2011 20.09.2011 21.09.2011 24.09.2011 26.09.2011 26.09.2011 28.09.2011 3.10.2011 10.10.2011 10.10.2011 10.10.2011 12.10.2011 17.10.2011 20.10.2011 25.10.2011 31.10.2011 2.11.2011 3.11.2011 9.11.2011 12.11.2011 14.11.2011 18.11.2011 News Reported Counterfeit cosmetics seized, three arrested Former Navy of icer arrested with 150 fake travel warrants Fake stamp paper racket busted in Gwalior Dr. Falsehood, the menace of fake medical certi icates is having multifaceted effects State has 40,000 fake caste certi icates Fake OPD cards: The great begging con is on Duplicate mobile battery found: gang arrested Fake currency of Rs 2.94 lakh seized Farmers facing problem with fake seeds Fake certi icate racket busted in Madurai Smugglers held, goods worth Rs 13.5 crore seized Factory seized making fake gas regulator 1200 fake cement packing bags seized Two held for making fake driving licences Terrorist may adjust counterfeit currency worth Rs 200 crore in UP 27 carton-boxes of fake ghee seized Fake deodorants seized, man arrested 8 held for credit card fraud in city Fake currency racket busted Card fraud loss at Rs 13 Crore in 2010: RBI 18,000 in a day, Fake IPADs loods market 10,000 litres fake oil seized, found label & tin boxes of famous brands Man forges PMO ID card, still roams free 3 lakh fake ration cards seized Indian Inc goes after $ 5 billion fake, smuggled goods threat 10 women held with fake passports Category Pharma Counterfeiting Fake Document Fake Document Pharma counterfeiting Fake Document Fake Document Product Counterfeiting Currency counterfeiting Fakes Fake Document Fake FMCG product Fake FMCG product Fake Fake Document Currency counterfeiting Fake FMCG product Fake FMCG product Fake Identity Currency Counterfeiting Fake Document Fake electronics goods Fake FMCG Identity Theft Fake Document Counterfeiting Identity Theft

For detailed, subscribe to HoMAI press monitor or e-mail at info@homai.org



Industry Updates

The Holography Times

Tender updates
Assam University, Silchar, India Prohibition & Excise Department Bank Note Press, Dewas, India Dakshinanchal Vidyut Vitran Nigam Limited Director Industrial Safety and Health Indian Trade Promotion Organisation State Board of Technical Education Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi Prohibition & Excise Department Directorate Supplies And Disposals AtalBihari Vajpayee Ian Institute Of Information Technology and Management Archaeology And Museums, Jaipur, Rajasthan Shri Warana Sahakari Dudh Utpadak Prakriya Sangh Ltd. Department of Geology and Mining

Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Sep Oct Oct Oct

Assam Andhra Pradesh Madhya Pradesh Uttar Pradesh Gujarat New Delhi Jharkhand New Delhi Uttar Pradesh Haryana Madhya Pradesh

Security hologram Security hologram for Excise Adhesive Label Security hologram Supply of hologram meter seals Hologram Security Hologram Security printing marked sheets Security Features for the use in Personalization of Indian Visas. Security Hologram for excise adhesive label Security hologram for excise adhesive label Security hologram

Nov Nov Nov

Rajashthan Maharashtra Uttar Pradesh

Security hologram Holographic Packing Film Security hologram

Trkiye Radyo Ve Televizyon Kurumu Genel Mdrlg Satinalma Dairesi Baskanligi Ministerio Da Educacao Sasseta Asamblea Nacional De Rectores - ANR State Institution Department of Education Of The City Of UST-Kamenogorsk Istanbul Byksehir Belediyesi Levazim Ve Ayniyat Mdrlg Istituto Poligra ico E Zecca Dello Stato Spa



Printing of banderole hologram

Sep Sep Oct Nov South Africa Peru Kazakhstan

Hologram stickers Security hologram stickers. Security holograms Holographic Gift Bag

Nov Nov

Turkey Italy

Hologram, Magnetic Tape and Label of PVC Hologram

To get the latest tender, subscription and information email at info@homai.org



The Holography Times

Industry Updates

Global Patents
Publication DD.MM.YYYY Title Int. Class Application Number Applicant


2373492 -method for producing a Security element and transfer ilm)

B42D 15/10


OVD kinegram AG


(Wo/2011/138394) optical authentication component and method of fabricating said component

G02B 5/18


Hologram Industries


Wo/2011/137941 -method for providing a watermarking wire mesh, watermarking wire mesh, apparatus for obtaining it and anti-counterfeiting document

D21F 1/44


Fedrigoni s.P.A


Wo/2011/134391 -anti-counterfeiting method using at least two different codes

G06K 7/10


Pettersson, Hans, Jerry, Urban


2382097 customised secure document and procedure for securing a document

B42D 15/00 20060101 AFI2010081 9BHEP


Hologram Industries sarl


2377687 -molded plastic material, method for manufacturing it, and tamper-evident articles made of said material

B41M 1/04




WO/2011/124641 -method and device for producing contact prints of volume re lection holograms

G03H 1/20


Hologram Industries Research GMBH


2373493 -identi ication document with an improved anti-counterfeiting element

B42D 15/10




WO/2011/120317 -anti-counterfeiting method for product package

G09F 3/03


Guangzhou Manborui Material Technology Co., Ltd


2372019 -A strip for inclusion in a pulp during manufacture of a security paper

D21H 21/42


D W Spinks Embossing ltd

Using PATENTSCOPE you can search 8,163,633 patent documents including 1,969,606 published international patent applications (PCT). FOR MORE VISIT AT http://www.wipo.int/patentscope/search



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10th Asian High Security Printing Conference Dec 7-9, 2011, New Delhi, India, Web: www.cross-conferences.com India Packaging Show 2011 Dec 7-10, 2011, New Delhi, India, Web: www.indiapackagingshow.com Optical Document Security Jan 18-20, 2012, San Francisco, California, Web: www.opticaldocumentsecurity.com Pharmapack Europe 2012 Feb 15-16, 2012, Paris, France, Web: www.canontradeshow.com Product Authentication + Security Summit Feb 29-Mar 2, 2012, Shanghai, China, Web: www.product-authentication. CeBIT Mar 6-10, 2012, Hannover, Germany, Web: www.cebit.de Cartes in Asia Mar 28-29, 2012, Hong Kong, Web: www.cartes-asia.com IP Protect Expo 2012: Brand Protection in Action Mar 28-29, 2012, London, United Kingdom, Web: www.ip-protectexpo.com The 9th Pan European High Security Printing Conference Mar 27-29, 2012, St Petersburg, Russia, Web: www.cross-conferences.com Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting April 24-25, 2012, London, United Kingdom, Web: www.appelconsulting.co.uk Security Document World 2012 May 21-23, 2012, London, United Kingdom, Web: www.securitydocumentworld.com DRUPA May 3-16, 2012, Dusseldorf, Germany, Web: www.drupa.com Latin American High Security Printing Conference June 12-14, 2012, Rio De Janerio, Brazil, Web: www.cross-conferences.com International Banknote Designers Conference Sep 2-5, 2012, Stockholm, Sweden, Web: www.banknotedesignersconference.com Security Printers Conference & Exhibition Oct 17-19, 2012, Bordeaux, France, Web: www.intergraf.eu Holopack Holoprint 2012 Nov 6-8, 2012, Moscow, Russia, Web: wwww.holopack-holoprint.com Global forum on Pharmaceutical Anti-Counterfeiting Nov 27-29, 2012, Washington DC, Web: www.pharma-anticounterfeiting.com Banknote 2012 Dec 10-13, 2012, Washington, USA For more details contact: www.ibd-association.com

About HoMAI The Hologram Manufacturers Association of India (HOMAI) is a non-pro it organization established in 1998 to represents and promotes the interest of hologram industry in India as well as to ight against counterfeiting.

Published by: Hologram Manufacturer Association of India (HoMAI)

Issue Editor: C S Jeena

The Holography Times is a quarterly newsletter published by HOMAI with an aim to provide latest developments, research, articles, patents and industry news to a wide audience related to Holography in Indian and World.

The editorial team welcomes your news, contributions and comments. Please send your product updates, press releases, conference announcements or other contributions to HoMAI:

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