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Dee Paquette Frankfort, Illinois 60423 (815) 263-3438 dp13c42e6@westpost.

net Qualifications Project & administrative management Accounts payable Customer service Accounts receivable Payroll Overseeing day-to-day operations Legal contracts (Drafting & Proofing) General office skills Written correspondence Marketing and advertising Job training Performance reviews Drafting & implementation of company policies & procedures Health coverage coordinator Warehouse management Shipping & receiving Purchasing Sales Human Resources Accounts receivable collections Computer Skills Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Quick Books Pro MAS 90 4.10 (all Modules) Microsoft Office Publisher Act Database Professional Experience PROJECT MANAGEMENT/ADMINISTRATIVE MANAGEMENT/CUSTOMER SERVICE/MARKETING & SALES Instrumental in the start up of a company that sold railroad freight cars and re lated products. The company achieved successful annual sales figures between tw elve million and seventeen million dollars annually and was accomplished without any outside financial backing by managing cash flow and profit margins accompan ied with an aggressive marketing and advertising campaign. Authored professiona l marketing materials for customer mailings. Designed ads for professional publi cations & magazines that were distributed and read through out the industry and related industries. Implemented all company policies including back up proofing systems to ensure the accuracy of accounts receivable, accounts payable and ware house inventory. Implemented software changes and upgrades and trained staff on new system. LEGAL CONTRACTS/WRITTEN CORRESPONDENCE/DAY TO DAY OPERATIONS/GENERAL OFFICE Drafted sales contracts working closely with attorneys from both buyer and selle r's companies. Drafted various types of corporate correspondence including lega l documents, human resources and employee file documentation. Overseeing all da y-to-day operations to insure profitability, safety in the work place and good m orale amongst staff. Drafting an implementing of all general office policies for employees, sales and purchasing procedures. ACCOUNTS PAYABLE/ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE/PAYROLL/JOB TRAINING Set up procedures for processing accounts receivable, accounts payable and payro

ll. Trained qualified staff members to manage accounts payable, accounts receiva ble, payroll, sales, warehouse, and other areas of the day-to-day business opera tions. Employment History QRSS Electronics - Division of Quality Railway Services & Supply, Co - Mokena Il linois - Administrative Manager 2005 to 2010 Quality Railway Services & Supply, Co. - Mokena Illinois - Administrative Manage r 1996 to 2010 P.W.P.C. Marketing & Advertising - Chicago Heights Illinois - Office Manager 198 8 to 1996 Bay Furniture - Homewood & Aurora Illinois - Customer Service Representative 198 0 - 1988