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1376 Ransier Drive Hendersonville, N.C. 28937 * USA Cellular 305 542 0321 ml13e1620@westpost.net MARIE-FRANCE N.

LACHANCE "Mary" Profile Talented and accomplished professional with extensive background in he althcare finance, management, and support services for corporate, independent or facility based practices/services. Proven ability to create and implement effec tive policies and procedures, maximize revenue, enhance productivity, and increa sed efficiencies. Excellent analytical and quantitative abilities. Outstanding l eadership and communication skills. Experience 2010 - 2011 Director of Client Financial & Support Services Healthcare Solutions Network of NC Structure & implementation of centralized business office for two state operatio ns. Research enterprise level software for purchase with implementation. Creden tialing for two states. Training of staff and management towards a positive clie nt financial philosophy & environment. Create positive cash flow and reporting structure. Implemented additional revenue streams. 2009 - 2010 Healthcare Support Services & Billing Consultant Contracted professional reviewer of systems, policies with revenue analysis. Doc umented plan of action, revenue maximization, work flow, and policies & procedur es. 2007 - 2009 Manager, Third Party Billing Miami Behavioral Health Center Multi faceted mental healthcare company with contracts with major specialty mana ged care companies, Medicaid, Medicare and third party carriers for crisis manag ement, mental health and drug rehabilitation. Managed and structured full billi ng cycle with implementation of department restructure. Created policy and proc edures, maximized revenue, created reporting structure, communication with manag ement and set up training program for facility staff, billing staff and professi onal staffing. Participated in credentialing and documentation of program profe ssionals. 2006 - 2007 Manager, Billing Central Billing Office S. Florida ENT Associates PA Multi physician group practice management and restructu re of billing department and functions. Process assessment, software evaluation and modification, training, oversight of processes. Complex practice & provider management with autonomous remote offices. Centralization of facets of the pract ice administration achieved. * Analyzed needs of physician and staff. * Make recommendations of best practice. * Structure growth oriented systems and protocols. * Initiated/participated in administrative solutions and provider services withi n group. * Customized reporting to Board of Directors and individual physicians/offices. * Designed and implemented employee seminars: o Front Desk Skills & Software Use. o Telephone Skills & Customer Service. o Patient Financial Responsibility Seminar * To increase collections in offices o Special software applications training. 2004 - 2005 Manager - Audit & Repricing Department. Strategic Healthcare Development Corp. Cost containment through hospital bill l ine item auditing, repricing, billing verification, and pricing reviews for self insured programs. Review of Plan Documents, Erisa law and appeals research and support. Managed a growing line of business, substantiated data provided to clie

nts, streamlined audit process, trained employees, and provided information to m anagement on department productivity and profitability. * Established structure and guidelines for audit process validating data provide d to clients. * Supported appeals through Erisa guidelines and other government programs. 2002 - 2004 Assistant Director - Level IV. University of Miami School of Medic ine, Department of Otolaryngology. Directed specialty-billing department for sch ool of medicine medical group. Oversaw daily functionality of department flow of patient financial data management, charge creation, payment and collection, and communication between patient care points and billing office staff. Responsible for data collection and report generation for management and department heads. * Created better flow of information from patient care points of service to bill ing office. Oversaw formats and data flow to maximize financial recovery of pati ent care billings. Verified coding and HIPAA guidelines within department. Meet and exceeded departmental collection goals. Created custom reports using Cognos report generator as secondary program to IDX. Provided education to staff, medic al residents, and administration of base line information and changes in the ind ustry guidelines. Assistant Director - Level III. University of Miami School of Medicine. Univ ersity medical group general billing office. Assisted director in daily operatio ns and operational goals of department. Assumed projects and goals as directed. Assisted in communication with department and administration. Educated staff and residents in industry standards and changes in guidelines. Structured, wrote an d implemented policy and procedures for department. * Assisted department in meeting goals within School of Medicine. Achieved depar tmental restructuring of physical location and space design to accommodate staff , workflow and university requirements that was accomplished at a substantial co st savings and reduced timeframe. 1 Yr. Contract Claim Arbitrator. Higeia Corporation International PPO (Headquarters Toronto, Canada). Negotiated on behalf of inter national travel insurance carriers within the US and Canada. Administered claims and negotiated settlements. Audited medical bills, assisted in software design and provided expert knowledge to staff members unfamiliar with the US healthcare system. * Met goals of position and department. Provided insurance knowledge to assist d epartment and management. Worked in conjunction to other departments in meeting goals of position and responsibilities. 1998 - 2001 Independent Consultant. Self-Employed. Seminars for the medical professional: Staff education & training. Office restru cturing. Documentation & Coding requirements. Software implementation and traini ng, (On site training, individual and group) Computer hardware installation and testing. Interpretation, rewriting of software documentation. Educational Materi al Design. Training program design. Public speaking. Manual preparation and form creation. Compliance Manuals, Procedure Manuals. * Ability to communicate and educate clients and staff members in complex health care demands, Y2K goals, software implementation and contract consultancy. 1996 - 1998 Owner/Partner. MEDC Administrators Inc. Supplied contract consultant services to professionals and medical services prov iders. Implemented managed care systems. Reviewed contracts for negotiating stre ngths and weaknesses. Provided structure and management of a full service billin g company. Implemented a Medicare Part A patient account receivable management p rogram with all divisional implications and a full cost reporting structure. * Structured services and administration per client guidelines to bring about a successful corporate entity in the healthcare financial entrepreneurial field. 1986 - 1996 Owner, CEO. Medical Claims Associates Inc.

The company managed 'Medicare Part A & B patient account receivable' and 'patie nt financials'. In excess of 50 million dollars in patient services was administ ered for clients in the USA and Puerto Rico. * As a start up venture as a one-person shop accomplished a ten-year growth to a corporation of 27 employees with a client base of over 25 clients. Achieved and negotiated client contracts causing financial and professional growth of compan y and associated services.

Historical Professional affiliations prior to 1986 Information Available Upon Request * Specialties: Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery, General Surgery, Gastroenter ology, Dermatology, Diagnostic Services, Pathology, internal Medicine, OBGYN, Ot olaryngology, Cardiology, Urology, etc. Skills English, French. Highly organized, project coordination, effective management style, ability to "think out of the box", priority management, team philosophy, positive approa ch and results. MS Office proficient, IDX/Groupcast & Legacy Software, Knight Integrated Ser vices Software (mental health & substance abuse specialty specific software), Me dical Manager Practice Management Software, Microsoft Visio and Cognos Power Pla y and Impromptu Report Generator. Electronic Medical Records Management Software . Licenses Florida State: Life, Health, & Variable Annuities & All Lines Insurance Adjuster . Education BS - Healthcare Information Technology. Registered Health Underwriter - Insurance Designation. American College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Registered Employee Benefits Consultant, Insurance Designation - In Progress. American College, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania