The Dash

My Dash Between the Years
My name is Jon Morgan. I was born in 1974, and grew up in Hartland, Michigan, where I graduated from high school in 1993. I have a younger sister, and of course two parents. After high school I attended Central Michigan University with the plans of studying Journalism and working as a newspaper reporter. Back then, my plan seemed so clearly laid out that I was sure that everything would fall in line and that I'd spend the rest of my life as a newspaper reporter. But, as it turns out life was a lot more complicated than I could have imagined. In college I dealt with many different issues: the transition of living on my own, dealing with roommates, dating, and of course buckling down and studying for classes. A college education turned out to be a lot more open-ended than my high school education ever seemed. You had to be a dedicated student if you wanted to succeed with your classes. I attended most of my classes, probably only missed one during the four years I was at CMU, but I was also surrounded by other people who carried a completely different outlook on college. I'm telling you all of this, and a lot more if you choose to stick around, because this year my blog is going to be about everything that happens between when I was born and when I die. In other words, my blog is going to be about the "dash in between." But another important thing to note is that I'm not just writing a blog. Each of my entries will be converted into both a Google doc and a Wiki entry. The Google Documents will be made available for download and reading offline, and the wiki articles will be shared so that those of you who want to can poke around and point out ways in which I might improve my writing. Then, after polishing off the collected works I'm going to publish a volume. Hopefully, if I live for many more years, there will be several volumes. And, I'm hoping that people might enjoy them. I don't want to be the only voice talking about their dash, so I'm also opening up the blog to other writers who would also like to share their life experiences. So, there could potentially be several dashes mixed into those several volumes of works. Kind of like "Chicken Soup for the Soul," with a lot more crowdsourcing. | Wiki | Blog | Documents |

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