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Imperialism out of Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Iran! LCFI

For the victory of the peoples of the Middle East and Central Asia and the defeat of imperialism! 1. The only way out of the crisis of capitalist accumulation is by investing in the means of mass destruction. The siege of the great imperialist powers for the re-conquest of Syria and Iran is tightening. The driving cause of this new military adventure is the need for imperialist political economy to develop their output of weapons of mass destruction to solve the public debt crisis of the metropolitan countries of the European Union and the USA. The goal is to leverage the world economy that is now shrinking. A new war, whose amplitude is unpredictable so far, is on the horizon. The impending nuclear war is the proof of the deep senile parasitism of the capitalist system, which needs more and more wars as a means of survival. 2. Imperialism imposes its monopoly of violence on the planet. Just as the bourgeois state imposes a monopoly of violence by force on society, imperialism imposes a monopoly of weapons of mass destruction around the globe. This is the second cause of the movement to war for the capitulation of Iran. Therefore, the U.S., the only country that used nuclear weapons against opponents, claims the right to be the only holder, directly or by means of their puppets (NATO, Israel, etc.) of weapons of mass destruction. Iran and Syria are semi-colonies that have governments that sponsor anti-imperialist guerrilla insurgency in the region and so increased their political influence in the last 10 years after the occupation of Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. 3. Furthermore, the possibility of Iran developing nuclear weapons destabilizes the correlation of forces in the Middle East and can frustrate their plans of re-colonization. For this they must prevent Iran from enriching uranium to 90%. Imperialism has failed to disarm the North Korean workers' state; it has fissile material for nuclear weapons and medium-range ballistic missiles. In addition, the two largest workers' states of the twentieth century, Russia and China, have developed nuclear weapons. Under the auspices of imperialism, favoured by the cold war and the dispute between them, India and Pakistan also have nuclear weapons. 4. Imperialism strives to put all countries under its control and they do not balk at practicing terrorism to assassinate scientists, as they have just done in Iran; thus they are preparing a bloodbath in Syria or Iran worse than of Libya. Just as happened in the invasion of Iraq, the imperialist powers use the old mantra that the country represents a danger to the world by producing nuclear weapons. 5. This explains the fact that in two years five scientists on the Iranian nuclear production having been blatantly murdered by agents of imperialism. This is a clear attempt to abort their nuclear program which is the only form of military defence against the nearly 300 atomic bombs Israel holds in the service of the U.S. in order to maintain com-

Iran might pound Persian Gulf cities with ballistic missiles and use swift boats to attack American war ships in an attempt to dissuade a U.S. attack on its nuclear arms sites, a new report states.Tehran likely would employ a mixed game plan against the U.S. military consisting of "advanced technology" and "guerilla tactics," according to a research organization with close ties to the Pentagon.
plete control of the region. The unmanned spy plane that has recently crashed on Iranian soil means a provocation is underway against the nationalist regime of Ahmadinejad. 6. In any case everything is moving towards a deepening of imperialisms military enterprise of colonisation in the Middle East, taking advantage of the Arab Spring. This means a transition in the character of the nationalist regimes; previously there was some friction in relations with imperialism, now they seek regimes completely subservient their interests. 7. In this case the goal of imperialism is to enforce the complete destruction of the bourgeois nationalist regime of Ahmadinejad which maintains a relative political independence of the country, achieved since the revolution of 1979, which overthrew the pro-imperialist government of the Shah. 8. More likely than a direct military invasion as in Iraq and Afghanistan, at least at the first attempt, would be an annihilation of the major cities and the incineration of the Iranian defenses. For imperialism and especially for Israel, the attack on Iran will need to be a lightning annihilation, necessarily still faster than a Nazi Blitzkrieg, to avoid the possibility of counter-attacks on invaders targets in the Persian Gulf that are within reach of Iranian missiles and aircraft. This is how U.S. imperialism and Zionism, the deniers of the Armenian Holocaust, are preparing a new holocaust in Iran.

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9. The race for the "black gold" (BLACK GOLD RUSH). The third cause of war is the need completely to re-colonize the Middle East and Asia in order to exert control over the region with the greatest energy potential, (which is therefore also the most disputed) on the planet. Aided by the bourgeois world media, the U.S. and EU have devised a draconian oil embargo on Iran, in the hope that this will paralyze the countrys important oil sector and force it to give up its nuclear program.

ism against the proletariat in various countries today. This has its greatest expressions in the Arab Spring, which despite having progressive contradictions as in Egypt, has enormously boosted imperialist domination in the Middle East.

15. Another phenomenon of class war is expressed today in Europe, where the bourgeoisie with the aid of the criminal trade union bureaucracy, have been able to end the historic rights of the European proletariat despite several general 10. The magnates of capital want to strangle Iran by blockstrikes occurred in these countries, where in all cases, the ing its sale of oil worldwide. The siege is accomplished by an bureaucracy can get around this by keeping intact the capiexternal economic blockade and by internal coup and desta- talist domination. bilization attempts by means similar to those attempted in 16. It is urgent that the proletariat head a revolutionary Syria today and those in Libya yesterday. That is, through united front of oppressed people without nourishing the demonstrations of pro-imperialist mercenaries to overthrow slightest confidence in bourgeois direction of Syria, Iran, the bourgeois nationalist regime, as we already saw in reacRussia or bourgeois-bureaucratic rule in China. The bourtionary uprisings funded by the CIA in 2009. geoisie is nowhere able to perform any consistent struggle 11. The imperialist countries are now living through a great against imperialism and for national emancipation. The naenergy crisis. Consumption of oil in the world grows in at a tionalist bourgeoisie always strive to be minority partners in greater rate than the increase in world population since the the exploitation of workers. The workers need to demand 1960s. Together, the imperialist countries consume nearly that these governments arm all the people. They need to 60% of all world oil production. The U.S. has 6% of the popu- form a military front with the government, without any polation of the globe in 2003 and consumed 25.1% of all oil in litical support and even with military independence; they the world. While they are the largest consumers and demust fight for control of the productive forces and of war in pendent on this energy source, the imperialist countries their countries to carry out an anti-imperialist and antihave less than 6% of oil reserves known today. This means capitalist struggle to its ultimate conclusion, i.e., the social that as a matter of life or death imperialism must effectively revolution in each country. take direct control of the sources of oil in the producing 17. The LCFI argues that the only political program that can countries in order to guarantee effective satisfaction of its now offer a progressive strategy against the re-colonisation energy needs. For this they must carry out predatory wars of the world and against the nuclear massacre of the Iranian against the producing countries to fix the prices, profits and population is the program of the Fourth International. We distributions of these imperialism controlled energy reare for reconstructing the only body capable of overcoming serves to meet their interests. the biggest historical obstacle in the path of the working 12. By toppling the nationalist regime of Ahmadinejad, US masses - the crisis of revolutionary leadership the LCFI Imperialism would have direct control of one of the world's fights for the reconstruction of the only force which can largest oil producers. The Chinese economy would then achieve the emancipation of the working class worldwide! become hostage; although it is dependent on the US today All support the Syrian and Iranian resistance as well as all it is the prime candidate to replace it tomorrow. Iran is the the oppressed peoples of the Middle East! second largest supplier of oil to China, which has increased its energy demand enormously in recent years. We defend the right of Iran, North Korea and any semicolonial country to arm themselves including with nuclear 13. On the other hand, in addition to the formal statements weapons, to deter Imperialist aggression. We are for workand small troop movements in opposition to imperialist ers control of these weapons and support the right of the threats, the historical trend prevalent in China and Russia is proletariat to arm itself to defeat Imperialist aggression not to engage in military action against U.S. imperialism and Zionism. There are currently no demonstration of any real Down with imperialism in Iran, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and change this historical trend. In addition, of course, China has Haiti! a very large foreign exchange reserves in U.S. dollars will certainly evaporate when there was a conflict of this kind, a fact that would shake much the Chinese economy. Liga Comunista - Brasil 14. Imperialism OUT OF THE MIDDLE EAST AND CENTRAL ASIA! Imperialism has managed to carry out its murderous enterprise against the peoples of the world because it was strengthened by the reaction against the world revolution engendered by the counter-revolutionary collapse of the USSR. Just look at the current global offensive of imperialTendencia Militante Bolchevique Argentina Socialist Fight - Britain 15 January 2012