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This handout is produced to make working on Windows and Windows Application easier. This is because most of the Windows activities can now be done without stress with the use of Keyboard. This means that if the mouse is not available, you can still make efficient and comfortable use of your Keyboard alone that would make your working on windows faster. This handout can work with all the Windows based Operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.But the truth of the matter is that most of the commands that you would come across in this handout work well with Windows XP compared to Windows Vista and Windows 7.It can work with both laptops and Desktops Computers. If you are faced with any challenge when using this handout of windows shortcut keys do not hesitate to contact the Author of this handout on this number: 08104215562 or send an email to the Author with this email:walor4real83@gmail.com or awalwale@yahoo.com


Handling Windows Speedily Using Shortcuts Keys and Combinations that perform special function in Ms Window.

Shortcut Alt + Tab Alt + Shift +Tab Alt+ Print Screen Ctrl +Alt+ Del Ctrl +Esc Alt +Esc F2 F3 F4 F5 Alt+ F4 Ctrl+F4 Ctrl+ plus key Alt+ Enter Shift +F10 Shift +Del Holding Shift during Booting up Holding Shift when Inserting CD

Result Switches between open applications Switches backward between open applications Switches backward between open applications Create screen shot for current program Reboot/Windows task manager Bring up start menu Switches between applications on taskbar Rename selected icon Find file(s) from the desktop Open the drive selection when browsing Refresh contents Close current open program workbooks/windows Close window in program Automatically adjust widths of all columns in windows Explorer Open properties window of selected icon or program Simulate right-click on the selected item Delete programs/files permanently Boot safe mode or bypass system files Prevent audio CD player from playing

Windows Shortcut that work Shortcut WINKEY + D WINKEY + M WINKEY + E WINKEY + Tab WINKEY + F WINKEY + CTRL +F WINKEY + F1 WINKEY + R WINKEY + Pause/Break WINKEY + U WINKEY + L WINKEY + Shift + M Alt + spacebar Result Bring desktop to the top of the other windows Minimize all windows Open Microsoft Explorer Cycle through open programs on taskbar Display the windows Search/ Find feature Display the search for computers window Displays the Microsoft Windows help Open the run window Open the system properties window Open the utility manager Lock the computer in Window XP and later Undo the minimize done by the WINKEY + M and WINKEY + D Displays the main Windows System menu. From the System menu, you can restore, move, resize, minimize, maximize or close the window.

Working on the Desktop Keys and key Combination that perform special function on the desktop Shortcut F3 Type the first letter of the file. If you have several files starting wit the same letter, continue hitting the letter key until your cursor lands on the file. Right click on the file/folder to rename, select and click on Rename then give the name of your desire to your file/folder and press Enter key from your keyboard. Select the file, right click, and then click Properties Ctrl + Esc Ctrl + Esc + Esc Ctrl + Shift + drag the folder or file to the desktop Alt + Tab, then hold down Alt while clicking Tab to reach the desire file or folder Result Search for a file/folder Select a file / folder/icon Rename/file/folder

Find out when the file or folder was created, by whom, and the size of the file/folder Display the start menu Escape the display of the start menu. Create shortcut icon on the desktop Scroll between open items, favorite file/folder

Microsoft Word keyboard Shortcuts Keys and keys combination that performs special function in Ms word Shortcut Shift + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow or Down Arrow to Ctrl + C Ctrl + X Ctrl + Z Ctrl + A Ctrl + B Ctrl + Shift + @ Ctrl + F Ctrl + K Ctrl + Y Ctrl + I Ctrl + U Ctrl + Shift + < Ctrl + Shift + > Ctrl + Shift + F, then use the arrow keys to Ctrl + Shift + P, then press the arrow keys to reach the new Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + N Ctrl + O Ctrl + W Ctrl + S Ctrl + P Alt + Ctrl + I Ctrl + G Ctrl + H Ctrl + J Ctrl + L Ctrl + Q Ctrl + E Ctrl + R Ctrl + M Ctrl + T Ctrl + D Ctrl + [ Ctrl + Shift + * Ctrl + f Ctrl + g Result Select text Copy the selected text Cut the selected text Undo your last action Select all the text within Apply Bold to your typed text Format number in time format Open find box Insert link Redo the last action Italics text Underline text Decrease font size Increase font size Change font Change font size Create page break Create new page or new document Open options Close a document window. Save a document Open print window Preview what you are about to print Find and Replace Find and Replace options Justify paragraph Align selected text or line to the left Align the selected paragraph to the left Align the selected text or line to the center Align the selected text or to the right Indent the Paragraph Hanging the indent Font options Decrease the selected font View or hide non printing characters Move one word to the left Move one word to the right

Ctrl + h Ctrl + i Ctrl + Del Ctrl + Backspace Ctrl + End Ctrl + Home Ctrl + Space Ctrl + 1 Ctrl + 2 Ctrl + 5 Ctrl + Alt +1 Ctrl + Alt +2 Ctrl + Alt +3 Shift + F3 F1 Shift + Insert F4 F7 Shift + F7 F12 Shift + F12 Alt + Shift + T

Move to the beginning of the line or Paragraph Move to the end of the Paragraph Delete word to the right of the cursor Delete word to the left of the cursor Move cursor to the end of the document Move cursor to the beginning of the document Reset highlighted text to default font Single-space lines Double-space lines 1.5-line spacing Change text to heading 1 Change text to heading 2 Change text to heading 3 Change case of selected text Open help Paste Repeat last action performed (Word 2000 and so on) Spell check selected text and/ or document Activate the thesaurus Save as Save Insert the current time

Speeding up Excel with Shortcuts Keys and keys Combination that perform special function in MS Excel Shortcut Ctrl + F6 Ctrl + page up and Page Down Ctrl + Tab Ctrl + Ctrl + Shift + ! Ctrl + W Ctrl + Shift + ^ Ctrl + Shift + @ Ctrl + Shift + # Ctrl + g Ctrl + Space Shift + Space Result Switch between opened pages Move between Excel worksheets in the same document Move between two or more opened Excel files Insert value of the above cell into cureent cell Format number in comma format Close document Format number in Scientific format Format number in time format Format number in date format Move to the next section of Select the entire column workbooks/windows Select the entire row

Internet Explorer Shortcuts in Browsing Shortcut Ctrl + A Ctrl + D Ctrl + E Ctrl + F Ctrl + H Ctrl + I Ctrl + N Ctrl + T Ctrl + O Ctrl + P Ctrl + S Ctrl + W Ctrl + Enter Ctrl + Click Backspace Alt + Home Home Tab End Esc F11 F5 F6 Alt + Right Arrow key F1 Shift + Ctrl + Tab Shift + F10 Result Select all items on the current page Add the current page to your favorites Open the search bar Find on this page Open the history bar Open the favorites bar Open a new window Open a new Tab Go to a new location Print the current page Save the current page Close the current browser window Adds the http://www.(url).com Open link in new window Go to the previous page Go to your home page Move to the beginning of a document Move forward through items on a page Move to the end of a document Stop downloading a page Toggle full-screen view Refresh the current page Change Address bar and page focus Go to the next page Display Explorer Help Move back between frames Display a shortcut menu for a link

Run Commands to access the Control panel Commands Appwiz.cpl Timedate.cpl Desk.cpl Findfast.cpl Fonts Inetcpl.cpl Main.cpl keyboard Main.cpl Mmsys.cpl netcpl.cpl Password.cpl Mmsys.cpl sounds Sysdm.cpl Powercfg.cpl Nusrmgr Result Adds or remove programs control Date or Time Properties control Displays properties control Find fast folder control Fonts folder Internet properties control Keyboard properties control Mouse properties control Multimedia properties control Network properties control Password properties control Sounds properties control System properties control Power and battery configuration display Displays the account creation environment (Mostly works for windows XP)

General Run Commands Commands Compmgmgt.msc Devmgmgt.msc Diskmgmt.msc dfrg.msc Eventvwr.msc Fsmgmt..msc gpedit.msc lusrmgr.msc Perfmon.msc rsop.msc Secpol.msc Services.msc Msconfig Config regedit msinfo32 Sysedit Win.ini Winver mailto: Command Dxdiag Result Computer management Device manager Disk management Disk defrag Event viewer Shared folder Group policies Local users and groups Performance monitor Resultant set of policies Local security settings Various services System Configuration Utility System Configuration Utility Registry Editor System information System Edit Windows loading information Shows current version of windows Opens default email client Opens command prompt Displays all the information needed about the system that includes the system name,, the Bios version, the RAM size and so on


Adobe PageMaker Shortcut Control working Shortcut that Speed up Task in Adobe PageMaker application Shortcut Ctrl + N Ctrl + O Ctrl + S Ctrl + Shift + S Ctrl + D Ctrl + Z Ctrl + X Ctrl + C Ctrl + V Ctrl + A Ctrl + G Ctrl + shift + G Ctrl + J Ctrl + Alt +G Ctrl + shift +L Ctrl + shift + R Ctrl + shift + C Ctrl + shift + J Ctrl + shift + F Ctrl + shift + K Ctrl + shift + > Ctrl + shift + < Ctrl + shift + { Ctrl + shift + } Ctrl + R Ctrl + \ Ctrl + B (or F6) Ctrl +shift + I (or F7) Ctrl +shift + U(or F8) Ctrl +shift + S Ctrl +shift + V Shift + F2 Shift + F3 Shift + F4 Shift + F5 Shift + F6 Shift + F7 Shift + F8 F9 Result Open a new page Open a saved document Save a document Save a document as(i.e. give name to save a document) Place Undo Cut Copy Paste Select all Group Ungroup Colour palette on/or off Ungroup Align left Align Right Align center Justify Force justify All in Capital letter Increase the font size by one point Decrease the font size by one point Send object to the back Send object to the front Ruler on/ off Superscript Bold Italics Underline Strike through Reverse Rotating Tool Line Tool Rectangle Tool Eclipse Tool Polygon Tool Hand Tool Text Tool Pointer Tool


Shift + F10 Double Click on pointer Tool Double Click on Text Tool Double Click on Line Tool Double Click on Rectangle Double Click on Rectangle Frame Tool

100% Zoom Preference Dialogue box Character specification box Custom Stroke Dialogue Box Rounded Corner dialogue Box Frame option Dialogue


CorelDraw Keyboard Shortcut Confirmed Working shortcuts that speeds up task in CorelDraw Shortcut Result Open a new page Ctrl + N Open a saved file location Ctrl + O Save Ctrl + S Save as Ctrl + Shift + S Duplicate your work Ctrl + D Undo Ctrl + Z Cut Ctrl + X Copy Ctrl + C Paste Ctrl + V Select All Ctrl + A Group work Ctrl + G Ungroup work Ctrl + U Workspace setting popup Ctrl + J Open file menu Alt + F Closing the active Window Ctrl + F,C Displays the revert dialogue box Alt + F,T Displays the save Drawing dialogue box Alt +F,A Displays the import dialogue box Ctrl + I Displays the Export dialogue box Ctrl + H Displays the Corel SCAN dialogue box Alt +F,Q Displays the print dialogue box Ctrl + P Open your Work for preview Alt + F,R Open the print setup dialogue box Alt + E,U Closes the entire CorelDraw program Alt + F,X or Alt + F4 Repeat the last action Ctrl + R Displays the paste Special dialogue Alt +E,S Reproduces the selected object instantly Alt + E,N Blend Rollup Ctrl + B Extrude Rollup Ctrl + E Lens Rollup Ctrl + F9 Linear Dimension Rollup Alt + F2 Position Rollup Alt + F7 Rotating Rollup Alt + F8 Scale and Mirror Rollup Alt + F9 Size Rollup Alt + F10 Skew Rollup Alt + F11 Opens the Toolbar the option box Alt + V,T Opens or hide Property bar Alt + V,P Opens or hide the Status bar Alt + V,B Shows or hide the Ruler Alt + V,R Shows the printable Area of the file Alt + V,A 13

Alt + L,I Alt + L,D Alt + L,G Alt + L,P Alt + L,N Alt + L Alt + L,B Alt + A,A or Ctrl + A Shift + page up Shift + Page Down key Alt + A,N or Ctrl U Ctrl +G Ctrl + L Ctrl + K Alt + A,I Alt + A,R Alt + A,W Alt +A,S Ctrl + Q Alt + C,A Alt + C,W,P Alt + C,W,X Alt +C,W,E Alt + C,W,F Alt + B,C Alt + B,E Alt + B,R Alt + B,V,B Alt + B,V,G Alt + B,V,D Alt + B,V,P Alt + B,V,R Alt + B,V,L Alt + B,V,C Alt + B,M Alt + B,A,V Alt + B,A,G Alt + B,3,C Ctrl + T Ctrl +Shift+ T

Opens the insert page dialogue box Opens the delete page dialogue box Displays the Go To page dialogue Brings up the page setup dialogue box Displays the object Manager dialogue box Opens the Layout Menu Opens the Contrast Setting Window Opens the Align Distribute window Brings a selected object(s) to the front of other objects. Brings a selected object(s) to the back of other object Ungroup a group of grouped objects To group work together Combines the selected objects Break apart an imported or combine object Intersection Rollup Trim Rollup Weld Rollup Separate a text from path Converts a text or an object to a permanent state Automatically adds perspective to object Place inside container Extract Contents Edit content Finish Editing Open Convert Takes you to Corel PHOTO-PAINT for bitmap editing Displays Resample dialogue box Convert to black and white 1-white Convert to 8 bit grayscale Convert to Duotone 8-bit Palette 8-bit RGB Colour 24 bit Lab Colour 24 bit CMYK Color 32-bit Bitmap Color Mask Rollup Bring up Artistic- Vignette Box Displays the Glass Block dialogue box Opens page Curl dialogue box for page curling Open the Text Format Dialogue box Opens the Edit text dialogue box 14

Alt +X,T Alt + X,S Ctrl + F12 Alt + X,H Alt + X,V F2 F3 F5 F6 F7 F8 F10 F11 F12 z y G Shift + F11 A X

Fit a selected text to a selected path Straightens a selected curve text Spell checking Opens the change case dialogue box Converts the selected text to Artiste Text Zoom tool Zoom in Freehand tool Rectangle tool Ellipse tool Text tool Shape tool Fountain Fill Outline Pen Zoom Polygon Interactive Fill tool Uniform Fill Spiral tool Eraser


Microsoft Outlook Shortcuts Keys and key combinations that performs special function in Ms outlook Shortcut Result To send an email Alt + S Copy the selected text Ctrl + C Cut the selected text Ctrl + X Complete the name/email typed in the Ctrl + K address bar Bold the highlighted selection Ctrl + B Reply to an email Ctrl + R Forward an email Ctrl + F Create a new email Ctrl + N Create a new appointment to your calendar Ctrl + Shift + A Open the outbox Ctrl + Shift + O Open the inbox Ctrl + Shift + I Add a new task Ctrl + Shift + K Create a new contact Ctrl + Shift + C Create a new Journal entry Ctrl + Shift + J