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WorkSource East Career Center Hours: Monday Friday: 8am- 5pm

19421 SE Stark Portland, OR 97233, 503-660-1440


February 2012
ALL ACTIVITIES MUST BE SCHEDULED register online at: www.worksourceportlandmetro.org
A Partnership of Mt. Hood Community College and Oregon Employment Department X

KIF Keep it Fresh

Maywood 10100 NE Prescott, Portland, OR 97220

Open Skills Lab Maywood 8:30 - 11:30 2/6, 2/13, 2/27 Training Information Workshop 9:00 10:00 2/6, 2/27 Only WP Computer Basic Maywood 1:00 4:00; 2/13 only WP Computer Office Maywood 1:00 4:00; 2/6, 2/27 only Resume Workshop 1:30 4:00 2/6, 2/13, 2/27 Open Skills Lab 1:30 4:30 2/13, 2/27 2/6,

Workplace Computer Basic 8:30 11:30; 2/7 & 2/21 only WP Computer Office 8:30 11:30; 2/14, 2/28 only Training Info Workshop 10:00 11:00 2/14 only Open Skills Lab 1:00 4:00 weekly

NCRC Orientation 8:30 9:00 weekly NCRC Reading 9:00 10:30 weekly NCRC Math 10:3012:00 weekly NCRC Locating Information 1:00 2:30 weekly Job Search Essentials 8:30 12:30; 2/29 only Social Networking 9:00 11:30; 2/8 only Interview Workshop 1:30 4:00 weekly

Job Club 9:30 11:30 weekly Career Exploration 12:30 4:30 2/9 only Workplace Math 12:30 3:30 & 2/16 only 2/2

Know Your Market 9:00 12:00; 2/10 only Open Skills Lab 10:00 - 1:30 weekly Job Search Workshop 1:30 3:30 2/3 & 2/17 only Job Search for Mature Workers 1:30 3:30 2/10 only Workplace Math Mayw Rm.219 9:30 12:30; 2/10 & 2/24 only KIF-Improve your Locating Info skills Mayw Rm.219 9:30 11:30; 2/3 & 2/17 only

KIF - Improve Locating Info skills 12:30 2:30 2/23 only OJT Orientation 3:00 4:00; & 2/16 only WS Scholarship Workshop 3:00 4:00; & 2/23 only 2/2

Check for in-office hiring events.


Spanish Workshops
Computacin e Internet en Espaol - Aprenda como usar la computadora, correo electrnico y como navegar en el internet Monday: 8:30 11:30 2/6, 2/13, 2/27 Only MS Word en Espaol- Aprenda cmo hacer documentos en la computadora Maywood Rm. 303. 1:00 4:00 Friday 2/17 Only

Russian Workshops
Ko : . Thursday 1:30 4:30 2/16, 2/23 Only

ELL Workshops In English for English Language Learners

ELL Computer Skills: Beginning Computer instruction, learn to open files, overview of email use, and find information on the internet for ELL. Friday 1:30 3:30; 2/17 Only KIF - Rosetta Stone: language software instruction to learn English for ELL students Wednesday 3:00 4:00; weekly

Evening & Special NCRC Workshops

NCRC Orientation is required prior to taking any assessments (applies to day and evening NCRC) NCRC Orientation and Reading Assessment: 6:00pm 8:00pm 2/2, 2/16 NCRC Math and Locating Information Assessments 6:00pm 9:00pm 2/9, 2/23

Job Search
Interview Workshop: Learn types of interviews you are likely to encounter and suggestions for preparing to answer the typical interview questions Job Club Workshop: Network with other job seekers, discuss different job search related topic each week, share job leads Prereq - Resume, Interview Job Search Essentials Workshop: Advanced Job Search Workshop to learn how to market your skills, understand the hidden job market & networking. Learn about Proactive and Reactive job search. (4 hour workshop - Prereq - Resume, Interview) Job Search for Mature Workers Group: Support and Job Search Networking for individuals over 50 years of age. Job Search Workshop: Learn strategies to increase the effectiveness of your job search including how to use iMatch Skills/working in Oregon and other online resources

Career Explorations: Explore career options; integrate tools and resources to develop a Career Plan. Prereq Saved Prosperity Planner, Bring resume Keep it Fresh Improve your locating information: This workshop helps to prepare you for the NCRC assessment NCRC: National Career Readiness Certificate, document your skills with a certificate recognized by employers across the country. Must be preregistered and attend orientation.

OJT Orientation: Learn about the process to apply for On the Job Training (OJT) opportunities. Prereq. Have NCRC and current resume Open Skills Lab: Scheduled time in the Learning Lab to work on specific learning objectives including basic keyboarding, mouse, online learning for Basic, Intermediate and Advanced computer, math and reading comprehension, and resume building. Training Information Workshop: Resources to Plan and Pay for Training: Do you know you need training but arent sure how to pay for it? Attend this workshop to learn about funding resources, including scholarships available through WorkSource. Workplace Computer Basic: Beginning computer instruction, learn to open files, overview of email use, and Overview of Windows Workplace Computer MS Office: This course provides introductory instruction in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Know Your Market Workshop: Learn to use OLMIS to gather information re: occupations, industries and the labor market conditions that impact career planning.

Resume Workshop: Learn how to target types of resumes that can get you interviews.

Social Networking for Job Search: Learn how to use Social Networking tools to support your job search, build an online professional network, conduct company specific research and access exclusive job opportunities

Standard Workshop Descriptions www.worksourceportlandmetro.org

- WorkSource Portland Metro East is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services, alternate formats and language services are available to individuals with disabilities and limited English proficiency. - All classes free of cost upon request. Programs are financed in whole or in part with funds provided through Worksystems, Inc. from the U.S. Department of Labor. To place free relays call in Oregon dial 711.