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January 2 2012

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A Look Into The Life Of Portia Simpson-Miller

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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


A Look Into The Life Of

ber of the Council of Women World Leaders, an International network of current and former women Presidents and Prime Ministers whose mission is to mobilize the highest-level women leaders globally for collective action on issues of critical importance to women and equitable development. She had previously served as Minister of Labour, Welfare and Sports from 1989 to 1993, when she re-entered parliament for South West St. Andrew, the PNP having boycotted the elections called in 1983; she was first elected, for that constituency, in 1976. She was Minister of Labour and Welfare from 1993 to 1995, Minister of Labour, Social Security and Sports from 1995 to February 2000, and Minister of Tourism and Sports from February 2000 to October 2002. She was a Vice President of the PNP from 1978 to 2006. In appointing her first cabinet following her swearing-in, she also assumed the portfolio of defence minister. In the PNPs internal vote to elect Pattersons successor, held on 26 February 2006, she received 1,775 votes; while her nearest rival, national security minister Dr. Peter Phillips, took 1,538 votes. She was only able to garner approximately 47% of the delegates vote, making her the first PNP president to be elected by less than half of eligible delegates. On September 3, 2007 her party narrowly lost the 2007 general election retaining 27 seats against the rival Jamaican Labour Partys 33 seats. This margin was revised to 32-28 after recounts. In July 2008, Simpson-Miller had been challenged for the Presidency of the Peoples National Party by her former rival, Dr. Peter Phillips. The election was held among the partys delegates on September 20. She has been re-elected as the head of the PNP for her second consecutive year, defeating Phillips by an even wider margin that that of the previous election. December 5, 2011, after rival JLP Prime Minister Andrew Holness called an early election, that was legally called for September 2012 on December 29, 2011, Simpson-Miller campaigned in key constituencies and battlegrounds. The party had their manifesto for the nation if elected in August 2011. Polls by the Jamaican Gleaner called the election too close to call, and some say that they may only gain 1 seat or less. However, the vote count resulted in a landslide victory for Ms. SimpsonMiller and her party, returning her to power. With 41 of 63 constituencies declared by the Jamaica Observer in favor of Simpson-Millers PNP, 22 for the JLP on the evening of December 29, 2011, early results suggested that an election victory for Simpson-Millers PNP party was imminent. Simpson-Miller will take office for a second non-consecutive term as Jamaicas Prime Minister, only the second to do after Michael Manley.

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ortia Lucretia Simpson- Miller, ON, MP was born December 12, 1945 in the parish of St. Catherine, Jamaica. Portia Simpson-Miller was the countrys seventh Prime Minister from March 30th 2006 to September 11th 2007. She was Jamaicas first female Prime Minister, and the first female to hold the Prime Ministerial position for the second time.

Portia Simpson-Miller

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Simpson-Miller holds a Bachelor of Arts in public administration from Union Institute & University, a private college specializing in distance learning programs. She has since been awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters by Union Institute & University. Mrs. Simpson-Miller is also a mem-

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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Portia Simpson Miller sworn in 2nd time as Jamaicas prime minister after big election victory
KINGSTON, Jamaica Portia Simpson Miller was sworn in for the second time as Jamaicas prime minister Thursday January 5, 2012, pledging to ease its deep poverty, boost the sputtering economy, heal political divisions and sever colonial-era links with Britain. She said her government intends to abandon the British monarch as Jamaicas official head of state, and instead adopt a republican form of government. Jamaica declared independence from Britain in 1962 but remains within the Commonwealth and has Queen Elizabeth II as head of state.

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Jamaica is a cash-strapped island with a punishing debt of roughly $18.6 billion, or 130 percent of gross domestic product.

Simpson Miller, whose 1-year-long first stint in office ended in 2007, took the oath of office before roughly 10,000 guests on the grounds of the rambling, colonial-style mansion that is the official residence of the governor-general. The 66-year-old politician scored a dramatic victory in last weeks national elections, leading her slightly left-leaning Peoples National Party to a 2-to-1 margin in Parliament over the centerright Jamaica Labor Party. Her opposition faction won a dominating 42 seats in the 63-seat legislature, leaving the incumbent party with 21. The plainspoken, charismatic Simpson Miller, this Caribbean islands first female prime minister, takes over from Andrew Holness, a 39-yearold Labor lawmaker who was leader for just over two months.

I love the queen; she is a beautiful lady, Simpson Miller quipped, before speaking to the audience in Jamaican patois: But I think time come. Simpson Miller also said she will replace the Privy Council in London with the Trinidad-based Caribbean Court of Justice as Jamaicas highest court of appeal. She said this will end judicial surveillance from London. She vowed her government will ease the burdens and the pressues of increasing poverty, joblessness and deteriorating standards of living while also pursuing a tight fiscal policy and forging strong partnerships with the private sector and international partners such as the International Monetary Fund. My administration will work tirelessly that while we try to balance the books we balance peoples lives as well, Simpson Miller said.

In the short- and medium-term, the prime minister said her administration will use state resources to stimulate jobs through the Jamaica Emergency Employment Program, a centerpiece of her partys campaign manifesto. Her Peoples National Party said it will try to renegotiate roughly 25 percent of a troubled $400 million road program financed by China in order to transfer some of the money to the emergency employment program as a way to kickstart the economy. We will seek to make this country one of brothers and sisters, not of rivals and victims, she said.

The prime minister also urged Jamaicans to create a more civil and respectful society and earnestly strive to make the best of themselves. After her speech, Simpson Miller elicited laughter from the audience by dragging a slightly embarrassed-looking Holness, now the leader of the opposition, to the podium and saying she was his second mother.

After being tested and tempered, I stand before you today a stronger and better person prepared to be of service to my country and people, Simpson Miller said at the start of a spirited 45-minute speech.

Hello Friends It is your host from, Voice in the Wind Wednesday afternoons, 4 pm on Linkage Radio. A New Year is usually a time of making resolutions in an effort to improve our lives. However, our efforts are futile in most cases we give up on our ideals as the year progress. Well, we are only human and prone to failure except in Christ! I look forward to a New year, anticipating growth in our listener-ship and continued interaction with our audience in Radio land. Keep listening and calling in with those prayer request and testimonies. There is one resolve we can all make, to learn more about Gods word and apply it to our lives. So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom. Psalm 90:12 KJV You might feel like your life is a mess or you dont know where to begin. God accepts you just as you are, wherever you are; He can transform you! He is the Master Potter! He can remold the pieces of our lives and make something beautiful. We have to start with having respect for God. The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom: a good understanding have all they that do his commandments: his praise endureth forever. Psalm 111:10 (KJV)

Let us look forward to this New Year as a new beginning, a new cycle of our lives where there is much to accomplish. So much sowing can be done, the fields are ready! Our actions, our words, our deeds are seeds that can be sown in the soil of others lives and indeed we will reap whatsoever we sow! Let us go through this year purposed to sow well that we may indeed reap well! We can bless others with our kind words, a smile as well as tangible goods. May this be a year of finding favor with God and man. A year in which you prosper and be in good health! A year in which you grow in knowledge of God and increase in the wisdom of the Holy one of Israel! To All; A prosperous New Year! God bless You All Missionary Monteque

January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Health At Sunrise Quick Tip

and Sea Moss (chondrus crispus) Common Names: Carrageen, Sea Moss. Irish Moss grows in the cold Icelandic northern waters. Sea Moss grows in the warm Mid-Atlantic and warmer Pacific waters, and is widely used in the Caribbean and Latin America, and is sometimes referred to as Irish Moss. Though their medicinal and nutritional values are almost the same on every level, they differ greatly in growth, formation and size. The color varies from dark purple, reddish brown to yellow-brown, and light yellow.

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by Dr. Rahsan Abdul Hakim

Irish Moss

Due to the overdevelopment of cities, manufacturing facilities and technology (aka civilization), the biggest problem facing globalearth is the erosion and depletion of land, environmental pollutants, and incorrect disposal of human and man-made waste. A lot of earths land has been contaminated or depleted of minerals and other rich food-building materials. Irish Moss, Sea Moss and other sea algae can provide all the missing minerals needed by the body, and makes a good mineral supplement. Nutritionally, Irish Moss/Sea Moss is rich in iodine, sulfur, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, magnesium, selenium, iron, copper, chlorine, bromine; protein, vitamins, and other trace minerals.

Moss is used for coughs, colds, sore throat, asthma, bronchitis, tuberculosis, and all chest and lung congestion and problems. Excellent for relieving gas, heart burn, peptic ulcers, all digestive disturbances and malnutrition. The inherent medicinal healing properties soothe inflamed intestines, draw and absorb toxins and poisons (especially lead and radiation) from the body, passing them out through the bowels.

Irish Moss/Sea Moss is an excellent beverage/food for weight-loss. As an emulsifier, it liquefies fat and mucus, making it easier to eliminate body fat. It is rich in iodine and natural sea-cell-salts, making it beneficial for iron-deficiency anemia, strengthening, nourishing and toning up glands, balancing high or slow metabolism. It balances water levels, eliminates water retention in-and-around organs, goiter. Mixed with flaxseeds it is good for prostate, bladder and all urinary tract ailments, as well as fortifying the reproductive abilities.


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In Ireland it is a nutritious food and mainstay of their diet due to its great ability to strengthen the body and keep it warm in the wintertime. Caribbean Grand-Mothers made certain Sea Moss preparations for their families since it is a nutritious whole food. Often used as a main stable for babies, growing youth, elders, the convalescence, and those recovering from various illnesses, due to its ability to strengthen bones and muscles, build and repair tissues, cells and cartilages. The medicinal benefits and uses are endless. Irish Moss/Sea

When making the beverage, be sure to add a carminative such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, pimento seeds, or cayenne pepper, in order to normalize the radical cleansing effect that it has on the mucus membranes. It should be sweetened with honey. Sea Moss is highly beneficial for healing the skin: of eruptions, burns, scabs and wounds, eczema and premature aging. Used as a facial to restore elasticity and firmness and create new skin.

We are looking for people in the Diaspora to become members of the New York Agricultural Club.

Peace and Blessings. From the Book: Basic Herbs For Health And Healing 2009Rahsan Abdul Hakim For questions, comments or concerns, call (718) 798-3962

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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


New York State Sues Jay-Z

Rapper Jay-Z is being sued by the state for failing to pay $18,000 in workers compensation insurance for members of his posse. The mega-millionaire did not cough up the cash during a three month period in 2009, according to a lawsuit. The documents show the New York rapper, whose real name is Shawn Carter, eventually acquired the correct insurance to cover his crew of cooks, maids and

On Sunday morning, the internationally acclaimed artiste received a chilling death threat, via phone, from an unknown caller. Khagos management team intimated that they are taking the threat very seriously; contacting law enforcement officials to investigate the matter. Although startled by the threat, the singer insists that this incident will not deter him from continuing his mission to showcase positive songs within what he calls a corrupt music industry. Mi get the phone call at about 9 a.m. and the caller

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Dancehall Singer Khago Receives Death Threats

Jamaica (TG) Reggae artiste Luciano, while confirming that there was a bottle-throwing incident at a concert in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, is emphasising that it was out of the ordinary and definitely does not reflect his normal reception in Africa. Luciano, known as the Messenjah, has been unwavering in his support of Africa and all things African. I have travelled to Ghana, where thousands come to meet me and attend my concerts. Up until now, my Africa experience has been among my greatest, Luciano declared. Reports out of Port Harcourt stated that Jamaican reggae icon, Luciano, was on Saturday night (December 17) pelted with empty water bottles by some youths that attended the closing of the 2011 Rivers State Carnival, popularly known as CARNIRIV, at the Liberation Stadium.

Luciano Bottled At Concert In Nigeria


I believe that everything happens for a purpose and out of evil cometh good. Perhaps this will be a musical reawakening for the people in Port Harcourt and will usher in an era of greater appreciation of foundation, roots reggae. I certainly dont take it personal. In addition, the wonderful experiences I have of performing in Africa will overshadow this every time. Luciano stated.

Grammy Award- Winning gospel vocalist Deniece Williams will be bringing something new to Shaggy and Friends concert. The sounds of gospel are not usually associated with a show involving Shaggy but there is nothing normal about Williams who will be joining several international acts billed to perform on the lawns of Jamaica House. Born June Deniece Chandler, Williams began making her mark in music during the 1970s when she became a backup vocalist for

Shaggy And Friends Adds A Touch Of Gospel

legendary musician Stevie Wonder. In 1975 she signed to Columbia Records and one year later released her debut album entitled This Is Niecy which featured the charttopping hit single Free. Her next hit Too Much, Too Little, Too Late which went No 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart came in the form of a duet alongside pop sensation Johnny Mathis. To date, Williams, who started off as a secular R&B singer and later made the transition into gospel, has

say p****hole yuh a go dead later and then hang up the phone, Khago explained via press release. He continued, But dem

caan intimidate me, mi ah go continue to do good work and sing songs for the people, too much corruption inna the music business but mi naa back down. Though conscious of the fact persons have developed envious attitudes towards him, the young singjay warned his enemies that shouldnt underestimate his resolve. Dem need fi know say mi no frighten fi dem threat even though there is no coming back after death because mi know all of my enemy dem and my friend know all ah my enemy dem so dem fi know wah dem a do.

released a total of 13 studio albums and has received four Grammy awards between 1983 and 1999. Her illustrious catalogue of hits include So Glad I Know, I Surrender All, Do You Hear What I Hear and We Sing Praises. Joining Williams on the 2012 line-up will be Lauryn Hill, Eve, Gyptian, Maxi Priest, Cocoa Tea, Assassin, I-Octane, Half Pint, Mr Vegas, Wayne Marshall, Tami Chynn, Romain Virgo and the diamond-selling reggae superstar himself, Shaggy.

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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Jamaica (JO) - There was a bloody start to the new year in St James where two middle-aged men were shot dead executionstyle in that parishs second double murder in as many days. Fifty-nine-year-old vendor Ascor Peterkin and labourer Glendon Bryant, 52, both of Salt Spring in St James, were robbed before they were shot by armed thugs at about 7:00 am. Police theorized that the hoodlums were in the process of robbing Bryant on Lammie Lane in the community when Peterkin, who was on his way home, unwittingly drove into the crime scene. The thugs immediately ordered him out of the vehicle and told him to join Peterkin. Both men were robbed of an undetermined sum of cash and valuables before the bandits ordered them to lie on the ground. When they complied, the men were sprayed with bullets. The gunmen then ran from the scene. The injured men were later taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where they were both pronounced dead, police said. The early morning incident has increased fears among residents who had already been HAVANA, Cuba (AP) Cuba appeared to be making quick progress in meeting a pledge to free 2,900 pardoned prisoners, most of them convicted of minor crimes, even as a top human rights official on the island criticized the year-end amnesty as a media show. Human rights official Elizardo Sanchez and dissidents on the Communistrun Island said Wednesday that authorities had released more than 2,500 inmates. The government has published a list of names of those pardoned in the

New Years bloodshed in St. James, Jamaica

jolted by a previous shooting spree in nearby Rose Heights, which left 20-year-old Michael Nesbeth, also called Warren, and Sharon Lawrence, 39, dead; and five other persons injured. Elan Powell, head of the Criminal Investigation Branch (CIB), revealed that this incident may have been linked to an ongoing gang feud in the community. Information we have is that the target of the attack was Nesbeth and the other persons were really innocent bystanders who were shot as they tried to kill Nesbeth, said Powell. Police reported that Nesbeth, who they said was a member of a gang in the community, and the others were sitting at a hairdressing parlour when a group of rival gang members, armed with assault rifles, pounced on them and opened fire. All of the injured persons were taken to the Cornwall Regional Hospital where Nesbeth and Lawrence died while they were being treated. The other persons have been listed in stable condition. Their injuries are not considered life-threatening, police said.


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Cuba making good on pledge to free prisoners

Official Gazette, but has not said how the liberations announced by President Raul Castro on Friday are going. Castro said he was granting the pardons in connection with an upcoming visit by Pope Benedict XVI. One freed prisoner, Jose Menendez, told The Associated Press that it was a complete and welcome surprise when he heard his name over a prison loudspeaker and was told he was on the list. If I could talk to President Raul and the Pope, I would shake their hand and say that I am immensely

Two Found Guilty 18 Years After Jamaicans Murder in UK

LONDON, England (AP) A jury has found two white men guilty of murdering a black teenager in a brutal racist stabbing that shocked Britain almost two decades ago. Gary Dobson, 36, and David Norris, 35, were convicted today of killing Stephen Lawrence as he waited for a bus in 1993. The pair will be sentenced Wednesday. The case which has seen multiple court cases but no convictions until now led to strong criticism of Londons Metropolitan Police and resulted in an investigation that

found that the force was institutionally racist. Michael Mansfield, who represented Lawrences parents, praised the familys huge dignity and persistence they had shown in seeking justice. Lawrences mother Doreen said she was no longer angry but the sadness remained. In the early days I would be angry, definitely, but somehow I dont feel that anger anymore, she said in a prerecorded interview with Sky Television News.

grateful for this opportunity for life that they have given me, an emotional Menendez said from his small Havana apartment, his wife at his side. Menendez, 46, was imprisoned in the late 1980s on gun charges, and subsequently convicted of other crimes committed while behind bars. He was not due to be released until 2029. Castro announced the amnesty in a speech to lawmakers on Friday, and noted that most of those pardoned were first-time offenders, youths, women and inmates over 60 or those suffering

ST. DAVIDS, Grenada, (UPI) Three more Grenadian police officers were charged Sunday in the death of a Canadian man allegedly assaulted in a police station, authorities said. A total of five Royal Grenada police officers have now been charged in last weeks death of Oscar Bartholomew, 39, of Toronto, the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. reported. Two autopsies have concluded he died of brain trauma. The CBC said the exact charges against the three additional officers were not clear. The officers names were not reported. Officers Kenton Hazzard and Wendell Sylvester, both with the St. Davids police station where the attack is reported to have taken

Five Grenadian Police Charged in Canadians Murder

place, were charged with manslaughter Saturday. All five defendants are to appear in court Tuesday in St. Georges, the CBC said. Bartholomew, a Grenadian native who was back on the Caribbean island for the Christmas holidays with his wife Dolette, is alleged to have been assaulted by police Monday and died a day later in a hospital. The attack allegedly occurred after the couple stopped at the police station seeking to use the washroom. Bartholomew allegedly was beaten after mistaking a female police officer for an old family friend and picking her up in a hug before putting her down when he realized it wasnt his friend. them is a very small thing. The government has not said how many people it holds in its jails. While it tolerates Sanchezs activities, it considers all dissidents to be mercenaries sent by Washington to undermine the revolution. Among those freed in Castros amnesty were 86 foreigners, many convicted of drug trafficking or prostitution. One high-profile inmate left off the list was American subcontractor Alan Gross, who is serving a 15-year jail term for crimes against the state.

The sadness is always there but the anger is not, she said, adding that anger eats away at you and is not a healthy thing. Dobson and Norris both pleaded innocent. When the verdict was announced, Dobson said: You have condemned an innocent man here; I hope you can live with yourselves. Lawrence, 18, was fatally stabbed late on the night of April 22, 1993, as he waited for a bus in southeast London by a gang of white men, His companion Duwayne Brooks said one of the attackers called out

from illness. Sanchez, the head of the independent Havanabased Cuban Commission on Human Rights and National Reconciliation, said only five prisoners convicted of political crimes appeared to be among those pardoned, including a doctor convicted of revealing state secrets, and another prisoner sentenced in connection with a hijacking. He said the overall number of inmates freed was dwarfed by Cubas prison population. Its evident that this is a media show, Sanchez said. When there are 70,000 prisoners, releasing 3,000 of

racist insults as he approched. Norris, Dobson, and others were identified as suspects by police days after the murder but faulty handling of evidence meant prosecutors were unable to convict them until now. Two men, Neil Accourt and Luke Knight, were charged with Lawrences murder in June 1993, but were never successfully prosecuted. The case has hinged on whether Lawrences killers were motivated by racism. Continued on Page 8


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012

Dancehall fans got their Christmas wish as the GT Taylor Extravaganza stage show hosted by DJ Linkage offered a combination of great talent and stellar performances for everyone to remember going into the New Year. The Jagra sponsored event took place on Christmas Day in Black River, St. Elizabeth; offering a lineup that reeled in several patrons from around the island. The 12th edition of the Christmas show featured performances from a litany of Reggae and Dancehall stars including John Holt, Coco Tea, Twin of Twins, Warrior King and Specialist to name a few. The self-proclaimed Princess of Dancehall, Tiana also graced the GT Taylor Extravaganza stage; aiming to once again show her worthiness as a female deejay of the year candidate Fellow breakout star, I-Octane also gave fans lots to cheer about; living up to his energetic performance mantra by shelling out hits such as Licky Licky, Nuh Ramp Wid Wi and Study Yuh Friends amongst others to a wonderful crowd reception. The prominent singjay continued to wow fans by performing Burn Dem Bridge and the classic hit, Mama Yuh Alone. Another established singjay, Mavado stamped his authority on the event by performing such as Hope and Pray and Im On The Continued from page 7 Dobson and Norris both denied in court that they were racist, but special investigators also installed a surveillance camera inside one of the mens apartments in 1994, capturing Norris in a racist tirade, in which he said he would torture and kill black people. Some of the men also acted out violent attacks in the video, stabbing objects with knives and pretending


with Father Linkage WHY DO WOMEN CHEAT?

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GT Taylor Extravaganza Was A Star Studded Event

Have you woman ever cheated on you? Is there any doubt within your mind why you think a woman would want to cheat? Well for us men, the last thing we would want to find out is that our woman is cheating on us. We see cheating as unforgivable, scornful and we cannot and will not comprehend why our women would be so unfaithful.

But men let us face the fact, if a woman can't get what she wants from her man and we keep ignoring the importance of her feelings, she's more likely to out and find it somewhere else. START TO APPRECIATE HER Stop taking her for granted, women are human and just as we need everlasting love with all its kindness and affection that's what she needs. It is so hard for me when I talk to some women and they are telling me their relationship don't have that spark like when they first fell in love. Let us be man up, what about the spontaneity? Remember when you first started dating and had sex in the car....in the bush.... (NO? WHAT?) Be naughty again. Let us start bringing them flowers, a box of candy, take her to the movie, remember her birthday, mother's day, Lets show them we love and care greatly for them, because if we continue to take her for granted she will find another guy who will respect her and show her that she does matter the world to him. SHE WANT TO GET EVEN If you cheat your lady she may start cheating on you. Men see it as nothing, we let our ego get in the way, we tends to look for another woman who flatters us and don't think about the consequences of getting caught. Trust me when a woman is hurt about our infidelity she will do things out of her character. I believe that when you are matured and know who you are what you want out of life, and you find that special person who brings joy, love and happiness in your life, the very thought of cheating would never cross your mind. All focus would be on how to make that relationship work. As Father Linkage seh....... Always put God first ask for his divine intervention and guidance in everything you do.

Dont miss the next issue..... A married woman tells how it feels to be living in lies.

Rock prior to showcasing newer material such as Dont Wanna Be A Memory and Survivor featuring the highly-acclaimed rapper, Akon. However, it was yet another singjay, Khago who stole the Christmas show as his status continues to elevate within the Dancehall/ Reggae ranks. Building his reputation as one of the best live performers in Jamaican music, Khago performed his sensual Reggae hit, Across Mi Heart before unleashing the charttopping smash, Blood A Boil to an eruption of cheers. He then performed the hit, Badda Dan Dem which was then pulled due to the loud cheers from the patrons on hand. Other notable performances included internationally-acclaimed deejay, Bounty Killer who continued his strong run of form after a dominant performance during his lyrical clash with rival, Beenie Man at Diamond Splash in Negril. The Alliance deejay performed his hits single, Who Tell Him Dweet, once again calling out Beenie while also performing hits such as No Cream To Mi Face before before bringing out his protg, Kiprich who performed Real Badman amongst other hits. JOP leader, Aidonia also made his presence felt at the event while performances from Wayne Marshall, Spice and DAngel also were wellreceived.

Two Found Guilty 18 Years After Jamaicans Murder in UK

to stomp on their victims. Lawrences family won permission in 1994 to mount a private prosecution against five men. Two were released before the trial in 1996, and the remaining case against three men including Dobson collapsed in April 1996, when a judge ruled that testimony from Lawrences friend Brooks was inadmissible.


Romance is in the air . Its the perfect time to make yourself look your best and invite that certain someone to dinner. Even if youre already happily married, why not take advantage of the auspicious mood and plan a special date with your spouse? Even old married couples are entitled to romance now and then!

January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


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Today, you crave a little style. Sensible shoes and practical clothes get the boot in favor of fashionable shoes and luxurious fabrics. Your passion and sense of romance are at an all-time high. You can expect to reap a tremendous payoff as a result of the extra efforts you have been making with your appearance.


It isnt just royalty who gets to live happily ever after in fairy tales, Gemini. You have this right as well. The conditions are ripe for attracting a special person into your life. There is no need to rely on expert advice for attracting a soul mate. Its your own unique qualities that will beckon to the right one.


While you may feel the urge to put on a pair of boxing gloves and duke it out with your family, Cancer, try putting on an oven mitt instead. Cooking a meal or perform-


Finally, all of your efforts are being recognized, Virgo. Thats not to say that you can now sit back and rest on your laurels - quite

You are by nature a creature of the ocean, and very much attuned to its tides and rhythms. The celestial configuration is now bringing you into alignment with an even deeper set of rhythms. It is by looking more closely at your dreams, or taking notice of your intuitions and gut reactions that you can make real progress in your personal relationships.

While you may feel the urge to put on a pair of boxing gloves and duke it out with your family, Cancer, try putting on an oven mitt instead. Cooking a meal or performing other domestic chores will help take your mind off your troubles with your family. If you arent the domestic sort, exchange the mitt for some reading glasses and bury yourself in your work. These tensions on the home front will pass quickly enough.

ing other domestic chores will help take your mind off your troubles with your family. If you arent the domestic sort, exchange the mitt for some reading glasses and bury yourself in your work.


You have a wonderful, nurturing nature, Libra. Those around you reap tremendous benefit from your caring soul. Just as you are receptive to the needs of others, so too should you be aware of your own needs. Dont hesitate to turn to others for help if you need to. You might be surprised how mere acquaintances pitch in to lend a hand.

the contrary! Now is the time to put your original ideas to the test. But this time you have the backing of the higherups. Dont be nervous; just do what you had planned to do all along.



In case you do any writing or artwork today, it will seem to come from a source outside of yourself, Scorpio. Is this the divine muse youve heard others talk about? Possibly, or perhaps its just your own natural talent shining through at last. Today is also auspicious for relationships, so be sure to take time for friends and loved ones both old and new.


The people you meet today could be of tremendous benefit to you later on, Aquarius. You have especially keen vision today, so make sure to take note of everything of interest that you observe. Your work also benefits from your attention to detail.

Your hard efforts to improve your life are finally showing results, Capricorn. And this is just the boost youve needed, as some people set your selfconfidence a bit on edge. Just dont let others destroy your vision of happiness. Continue to walk toward your goal and dont hesitate when small obstacles appear left and right.

the long run. Group situations are great, but dont overlook the pleasures of an intimate one-onone encounter.




Put that book down and get out of the house, Sagittarius! Youve been by yourself long enough; its time to start interacting with other people. In addition to having heaps of fun, youre likely to have some encounters that will prove beneficial in


This is a time of new beginnings, Pisces. Whether you are aware of it or not, you are more than ready to take on some new challenges. You have allowed yourself to become complacent about your career. You have the ability to make a major step up, so why not do so? All that is required is a bit of effort on your part. Figure out what your ideal job would be and then pursue it. Or better yet, create it!


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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Permanent Memorial in New York for Jamaican 9/11 victims

NEW YORK, USA A permanent memorial to honor Jamaican nationals who died in the terrorist attacks at the World Trade Centre on September 11, 2001 will be erected at the British Garden at Hanover Square, in lower Manhattan. Jamaica joins other commonwealth nations - Australia, Canada and the United Kingdom in making the British Garden a permanent memorial for its 9/11 victims. On Memorial Day, November 11, 2011, ten years and one month after the terrible attacks, Geneive Brown Metzger, Jamaicas Consul General to New York, represented her country by laying a wreath in honor of all those Jamaican nationals who were lost when the two towers crumbled. The Consul General participated with the full endorsement of the Jamaican Government. Reflecting on the event, Brown Metzger said, The Jamaicans who perished in the attacks on the World Trade Centre will never be forgotten by their families and homeland. This memorial in the heart of New York City is a fitting tribute and I am honored to be able to lead the official recognition of their sacrifice to their adopted homeland. Located in lower Manhattan, The British Garden is a joint project between the British Consulate and the St Georges Society in New York. It was officially opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 2010 and its founding was prompted by a desire to honor and memorialize the 67 British subjects who lost their lives in the tragic attacks. Since then the purpose of the British Garden has been expanded to also honor other Commonwealth subjects lost in the attacks. Royal Patron of the British Garden at Hanover Square is HRH the Prince of Wales.

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Sting Promoter Unhappy with Crowd Support

he Jamaica music landscape has changed dramatically for the better or for the worse; only time will tell. With the advent of computer, the music landscape has revolutionised with more emphasis being place on beats. Songs are adjudged to be bad based on the rhythm that it is on. Less emphasis is placed on lyrical content. The beat is the driving force behind a song. Forgive me for being mature but whilst we have to cater for the young market there has to be BALANCE. Here is a question Which comes first, the chicken or the eggs? Each one teaches one. I am saying this to say that newness is good but with proper guidance it can be BETTER. Our music is our

GOLD and we need to preserve it; for our children and grandchildren. We need timeless music. We have too many flavours of the month or the season. It is therefore the duty of the power houses that introduce the music over the air waves to be aware that children are listening. Some children dont have proper guidance and are influenced greatly by music. Music can be addictive and persuasive. It has been proven that children learn faster when lesson is put to music. We need to be SINCERE in our handling of music. With power comes responsibility. I am appealing to all players in the industry; singers, DJs, musicians, producers, disc jocks, broadcasters, journalists let us try and outdo the other music genres in 2012.

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Synthetic Marijuana Spreading In the US Military
A new drug that can leave its users hallucinating for days is spreading through the military ranks at an alarming rate, military officials admitted. The drug, a synthetic marijuana known as Spice, has led to the investigation of 700 Marines and Navy sailors this year up from 29 two years ago. The Air Force has punished 497 airmen so far this year. Spice can make users paranoid, hallucinate, suicidal and can cause long bouts of psychosis, among other symptoms. Much like bath salts, another dangerous new drug, Spice was available legally in some states until this year. In March, the Drug Enforcement Administration banned it for at least a year after

health officials warned it was sending more people to the hospital with strange symptoms. People are going to emergency rooms because of Spice, Tamar Wilson, staff attorney with the Colorado District Attorneys Council, told the Denver Post in February. This is not a marijuana substitute, though that may be why people initially try it. Young people are getting it and bringing it to schools. We realized it really is a significant problem.

The lead promoter for the recently concluded STING 2011 stage show feels that the popular Dancehall event lacked support for the second year running. The 28th edition of STING took place at Jamworld in Portmore, St. Catherine on December 26th 2011. Looking to make up for a lack luster 2010 show, this years staging of STING, tagged with the Rumors of War theme, promised several clashes and superstars galore that fans demanded after last years event shifted from its usual nature. However, considering the notable absences of prominent Dancehall singjays such as Mavado and I-Octane, STINGs lead promoter, Isaiah Laing expressed his dissatisfaction with the crowd turnout for his show during a radio interview on Wednesday. Meanwhile, Laing offered explanations as to why Mavado and I-Octane were no-shows at the event. According to Laing, Mavado did not show up to the Jamworld venue for his scheduled performance at around 1:45 a.m.; thus prompting STING promoters to move up the clash between Kiprich and Merciless. Once the clashes started, Laing intimated that Mavado opted not to perform at the show but the self-professed Gully Gaadpromised to make this up to Sting fans. As for I-Octane, Laing refused to detail the root of the disagreement between himself and the internationally-acclaimed singjay; claiming that a misunderstanding occurred between them. According to Laing, the two will meet in the near future to settle their differences. Established Dancehall superstar, Beenie Man, who Sing sponsors said would clash long-time rival, Bounty Killer during the show, arrived at the event following his performance at an event in Montserrat. However, Laing stated that fans of the selfprofessed King of the Dancehall discouraged him from engaging in a lyrical battle with the War Lord.


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Robert L. Carter dies at 94; NAACP attorney fought segregation

Robert L. Carter, who as an NAACP civil rights attorney was an architect of the legal strategy used in the cases that led to Brown vs. Board of Education, the landmark 1954 Supreme Court decision that declared school segregation unconstitutional, has died. He was 94.

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used black and white dolls to test black childrens self-images; the children invariably attributed negative traits to the black dolls and positive ones to the white dolls.

Carter, a former U.S. district judge for the southern district of New York, died Tuesday in a hospital in Manhattan after suffering a stroke last week, said his son David.

Kenneth Clark served as an expert witness in the South Carolina case, and both Clarks sat with Carter at the counsel table in two other cases. In the end, in the Supreme Courts unanimous decision, that was the evidence they relied on to rule that segregation per se was unequal, Sullivan said. In the aftermath of Brown vs. Board of Education, Sullivan said, the Southern states mobilized to defy the court and attempt to shut down the NAACP.

With law degrees from Howard University School of Law and Columbia Law School, where he wrote his masters thesis on the 1st Amendment, Carter initially considered an academic career.

Carter, who became the organizations general counsel in Instead, fired up by the racism he experienced while serving 1956, challenges that and ultimately wins two major Supreme Court as a second lieutenant in the Army Air Forces during World War II, he rulings that basically protect the 1st Amendment rights of civil rights went to work at the National Assn. for the Advancement of Colored organizations to operate in the Southern states, she said. Peoples Legal Defense and Education Fund in 1944. Carter also turned his attention to applying the constitutional His Army experience, he wrote in A Matter of Law, his 2005 implications of Brown vs. Board of Education beyond the South. All memoir, made a militant of me, and instilled in me a fierce deter- through the 60s, they litigated cases throughout the North, Sullivan mination to fight against racism with all my intellectual and physical said. strength. Carter argued 22 cases before the U.S. Supreme Court and won As chief legal assistant to general counsel Thurgood Marshall, 21 of them before resigning from the NAACP in 1968. Carter worked closely with the future U.S. Supreme Court justice. In 1972, he was appointed a U.S. District Court judge for the An associate in their office later likened the charismatic Mar- southern district of New York. He retired as a senior judge in 2009. shall to being the wind, while the more intellectual Carter was the keel. Carter was born March 11, 1917, in Careyville, Fla., and moved with his family to New Jersey when he was 6 weeks old. After his faCarter was a vigorous, careful, devoted attorney fighting for ther died when Carter was a year old, his mother supported her eight black equality in the courts, said Richard Kluger, author of Simple children working as a domestic and taking in laundry. Justice: The History of Brown v. Board of Education and Black Americas Struggle for Equality. Carter, who grew up in Newark and East Orange, graduated from high school at 16 after skipping two grades. Bob had studied to be a legal scholar and was a brilliant strategist, thinker, intellectual, said Patricia Sullivan, a professor of hisHe received scholarships and earned a bachelors degree in tory at the University of South Carolina who knew Carter. political science from Lincoln University in Pennsylvania in 1937 before going to law school and serving in the military. Although Carter oversaw the preparation of briefs, Sullivan said, he also went out in the field; he tried cases in every SouthCarters wife, Gloria, whom he married in 1946, died in 1971. ern state. In addition to his son David, he is survived by his other son, Sullivan, who specializes in civil rights history, said Carter John, a justice of the New York Supreme Court in the Bronx; a sister, was a major architect of Brown vs. Board of Education. Alma Carter Lawson; and a grandson. It was a series of cases that led to the point where they were going to challenge segregation head on, she said. The question was how? What would be the legal argument to challenge the precedent of Plessy vs, Ferguson?, the 1896 Supreme Court case that said separate but equal was constitutional. While preparing for a trial attacking segregation in public schools in Clarendon County, South Carolina, Carter discovered studies that demonstrated the deleterious effects of segregation on black children. That included the work of Kenneth and Mamie Clark, who


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


n our fifth edition of Linkage Linkz Newspaper, we are honored to receive the member of one of the most successful musical groups in Africa. In the 80s, this group toured almost all the African Continent and some European countries and have won a lot of prizes. Their music was chosen as the 2010 soccer world cup anthem in South Africa.

African Vibz

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nity is a magnificent outreach of endurance in the goodness of God. It grips us especially during the holidays and shortly after the loss of a love one. Regrettably on occasion before the season kisses us farewell, time becomes a bandage over our pain and joy. Then within a blink of an eye we return to the arms of arrogance and lack of forgiveness. Its as if a switch automatically gets reset distracting us from the importance of togetherness and how to appreciate each other. Sadly most of us are not immune to the transformation and become subject of vexation being added to our soul.

Tip on Forgiveness

African Prince: Thanks for taking time from your busy schedule to grant us this interview. Can you please tell us who Emile Kojidie is? Emile Kojidie: Emile Kojidie is a composer and song writer. I am from a beautiful country in central Africa called Cameroon, and I am founding member of a group called Zangalewa. African Prince: Now that we know who Emile Kojidie is, can you please tell us the history of the group Zangalewa? Emile Kojidie: It is a very long story but I will make it short; Zangalewa is a musical group that was created in the 80s from a mother group called Golden Sounds. Golden Sounds was the official band of the Presidency of the Republic, but while playing with this big group, some of us use to stay behind after the big practice to work hard and these are the ones that became the founding members of the group Zangalewa: Dooh Guy, Bass guitarist and songs

After some years, Annie Anzouer left the group to pursue her solo career in Europe. We toured countries such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Togo, Benin, Senegal, South Africa and Kenya where we received the first URTNA price (National Union of African Televisions). We also toured different cities in Europe and we are going back in November for a European tour.

Ze Bella, Drums and songs Eyebe, songs Annie Anzouer, (the only lady) guitar and songs Emile Kojidie, Sax, songs and drums Kero (RIP) who died in 2010

By African Prince

African Prince: Thanks very much Emile and hoping to having you soon on Linkage Radio. Emile Kojidie: the pleasure was mine and I will gladly accept the invite.

in history, over 2,000,000 singles sold. Every artist dream is to have this type of success but I am not the type to let success make me proud or lose my focus. I commit everything to God and thank him.

Please, be aware and alert. Before the year unfold if you havent already done so, let God comb you soul for inner peace. Allow yourself to say youre sorry just to avoid a fight, rather than pampering the hurt and the pain. After all we both know God dont like ugly, so dont let your enemies drive you to the point of being unjustified in the sight of God. Embrace life until you surprise yourself and forgive without a second thought. With Love, VisionsOf.Us Word for the Day: Psalm 130:4 There is forgiveness with thee, that thou mayest be feared.

Dear Friend/Colleague,

Just want to let you that I will be embarking on a Mission of Compassion Trip to Rural Ghana in early March 2012. This will be a huge undertaking. We will be feeding

Medical Mission
the hungry, empowering the poor and caring for the sick. We are still in need of medical items, clothing and nonperishable food items. Please see below for needed items. If you would like to contribute, please send do-

African Prince: how do you feel when you see the success this song had in the whole world during and after the world cup? Emile Kojidie: I have to admit that it is a dream come true, mostly when I receive all the frames reminding me that our song is the best selling official world cup song

African Prince: How did you feel when you heard your song at the opening night of the 2010 soccer world cup? Emile Kojidie: to be honest, I had tears in my eyes when I heard that song. Many musicians will love to have this type of experience in their lifetime. I am so grateful to God because without him something like this wouldnt happen. Its a blessing and a consecration to be honored like that.

Watch Jamaican Television LIVE!

nations to me at:

Shannon Simpson All Care Living Assistance Services 10 Fiske Place, Suite 229 Mt. Vernon, NY 10550 Re: Mission of Compassion Happy Holidays!


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012

By Howard Renrut


New York Vibes

Gramps Morgan, Richie Stephens Among Top Performers At Gospel Show In Brooklyn For over 90 minutes, veteran reggae singer Richie Stephens and Rastafarian reggae crooner Gramps Morgan held court at the End of Year Gospel Celebration in Brooklyn last week and

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proved why they are among the best in the business. After entertaining performances from some of the early acts, Stephens came on stage to a rousing applauds for the packed pew who embraced the singer from he crooned his first note. He went to work quickly, delivering gospel staples that brought a spiritual vibe to the entire presentation. For his longtime fans, Stephens presented Perfect Love and Fight Back - a timely classic that was recorded years ago with his friend Garnet Silk. He poured out his heart on his current #1 hit Live Your Life, which was penned soon after the untimely death of his son Coppershot. After a work horse set, Stephens returned for a well-earned encore. Wow! The gospel concert in NYC was a wonderful blessing. I could feel ever note coming from deep within me and the people just could not get enough. Glory be to God was his Facebook message to fans in cyber world. Gramps Morgan was also in fine nick and had the entire congregation waving hands, flags... whatever they could find. Everyone rose to their feet as he wreaked havoc with the Morgan Heritage classic Down The River that struck a responsive chord with the Christians in the house. He delivered a heartfelt rendition of Palms 23 that was liveicated to incarcerated DJ Buju Banton. Wash the Tears from his debut album Two Sides of My Heart was delivered with a sort of reverence rarely seen at reggae events. The song hit the sweet spot, while the dancehall tinged closer The Almighty had the massive dancing and skanking in their seats. When I left the venue, patrons were still in high spirits. The holy ghost party was just getting started with gospel veteran George Banton stirring up the congregation with songs from his vast catalogue.

Event Coordinator Maxine Greaves Honored For Outstanding Service To Entertainment At the recently held Glam Sense Awards Fashionistas Runway Show at the Cascades Mansion in Brooklyn, Americas Next Top Model contestant Camile McDonald, singer Rayvon, Future Fambo and Lady Patra were among those receiving awards. NY event coordinator Maxine Greaves from G Max Entertainment was also honored for Outstanding Service To Entertainment. This hardworking socialite grew up with her parents and siblings in Mandeville. Maxine also realized her ability to successfully plan events while at Manchester High School. After the success of many events she help coordinate, she realized she was a natural, which has set the stage for what she does for many of her paid clients today.

the West Indies (AFUWI) galas. Maxine is a member of Team Jamaica Bickle (TJB) that provides support for Jamaican athletes competing at the annual Penn Relays Carnival in Pennsylvania. Maxine is also a long time member of Organization for International Development (OID), whose mission it is to provide quality diagnosis, treatment and preventative health education to the impoverished as a means to improve the quality of their lives and social well-being.

A first for Caricom

Region now has two serving women prime ministers

Maxines foray in media got started in 1997 when she teamed with then business partner Allison Pinnock to launch their own radio show Sound Explosion on 93.5FM in New Rochelle. Realizing that being an on air jock was not her calling, she found her niche as an event coordinator and media specialist. She did successful stint at Link Up Radio, Reggae Culture Jam, Irie Jam Media before establishing GMax Entertainment. She has since worked at Irie Jamboree; Reggae Carifest; Reggae Culture Jam Radio; Merritone Family Fun Day and the Dennis Brown memorial organization. Her most recent projects include volunteering for the American Friends of Jamaica and the American Foundation of the University of

Maxi Priest, Ub40 Among Reggae Stars Featured In Lovers Rock Film Coming To Queens The Story of Lovers Rock - a new documentary film that enjoyed a successful theatrical release in Europe and at the Quad Cinema in November will now come to Queens, NY for screenings at the Black Spectrum Theatre on Friday, February 3 and Saturday, February 4th. The Story of Lovers Rock tells the story of how Lovers Rock music defined a generation in the UK in the late 70s and 80s hugely impacting on British Pop Culture. The film which was released on September 30 in the UK critical acclaim is produced and directed by award winning director/ producer Menelik Shabazz; who makes his return after a 30 year absence. Lovers Rock, often dubbed romantic reggae, is a unique British sound, the genre developed against a backdrop of racial tension, the Brixton riots and sound systems in the late 70s and 80s. It went from a small UK scene to becoming a global phenomenon through artists like UB40 and Maxi Priest. The feature length documentary contains interviews, comedy sketches, dance, live performances and archive footage with Janet Kay, UB40, Maxi Priest, Levi Roots, Linton Kwesi Johnson, comedians Angie Le Mar, Robbie G, Eddies Nestor and new artists like Ava Leigh and Lovella Ellis -which are used to shed light on the music and the generation that embraced it. The New York Times writes Mr. Shabazz conveys a love of the music and its culture and film critic Kam Williams writes: You can add The Story of Lovers Rock to the short list of must-see, politically-tinged documentaries which shed light on the cultural roots of a lesser-known musical genre, a la Calypso Dreams and Buena Vista Social Club.

When Portia Simpson Miller took the ceremonial oath yesterday afternoon from Governor General Sir Patrick Allen as Jamaicas new prime minister, it was a history-making event for the rest of the Caribbean Community (Caricom). For, along with her Trinidad and Tobago counterpart, Kamla Persad-Bissessar, it would mean that for the first time in Caricoms 38-year history two women prime ministers will now be among the heads of Government in the 15-member Community. Of quite different cultural and political background, what the 66-year-old Simpson-Miller, leader of the Peoples National Party (PNP) and Persad-Bissessar, leader of the United National Congress and dominant partner in her Peoples Partnership Government, would have in common is an evident commitment to expedite the process of ending all forms of discrimination, and most certainly elevate the rights of women.


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Incentives for Investing: SUBSIDIZED LAND PREPARATION - In an effort to reduce the capital costs incurred by agro-investors/agro-businesses, the government has acquired agricultural machines and equipment. The services of these machines and equipment are made available to agro-investors/agrobusinesses at a subsidized rate.

We are forming a community and we are looking for Jamaicans abroad to invest back a yard, through Agriculture. For more information call 914 434 4205

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Invest in Jamaica

SUBSIDIZED IRRIGATION - In an effort to mitigate against the adverse effects of drought and the high cost of irrigation on the development of the sector, the Ministry has sought to provide further support through the subsidization of irrigation. RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT SUPPORT - The research and development arm of the ministry is equipped with the resources and technical competence and provides oversight and support to new agricultural initiatives.

INCOME TAX RELIEF FOR APPROVED FARMERS - Section 36(d) of the Income Tax Act 21 of 1982 was enacted for the purpose of encouraging agricultural production by granting income tax relief to any person engaging or proposing to engage in a prescribed agricultural activity. A prescribed agricultural activity is any activity which the Minister of Finance prescribes by Order in the Jamaica Gazette.

THE EXCHANGE CONTROL ACT - The Government of Jamaica has no restrictions on the movement of foreign currencies flowing either in or out of Jamaica. This Act facilitates the free movement of capital to other countries, whether for investment or repatriation purposes.

Below are 2 more points, check the next issue of Linkage Linkz for more points. 1. Curtailing theft of agricultural produce The theft of agricultural produce is one of the major hindrances towards further investments in agriculture. Re-launch of the receipt book programme work closely with Parish Councils to be more vigilant at abattoirs register farmers through police stations establishing a closed user group system with the poke and farmers Register butchers

We are moving to reduce this scourge and will be:

collaboration between our key stake holders (farmers, police and Parish Councils)

The agricultural sector plays a critical role in feeding our society, but we do not produce sufficient quantities to satisfy our demand. As a consequence, our food import bill averages between US $700 - 800 million dollars. This Nine (9) Point Plan is a first step in addressing some of the problems in the sector in the short to medium term (over the next 12 months).

The pig industry is one of those subsectors poised for growth especially with the country having both a competitive and comparative advantage within the sector. To this end, the Ministry is enlisting the support of the private sector as well as engaging in discussions with the Development Bank of Jamaica to drive production within the industry. Boosting Pig Production


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


The Financial Corner

Tyrone Senior

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Your Identity Has Been Stolen!!!

an you imagine receiving an email or note in the mail with that heading? My brothers, my sisters,that could be your reality. Over 27,000 people have their identity stolen on a daily basis. Last year alone, in 2011, over 18 million people had their identity stolen. This is up 33% from the previous year. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in America and it is not a crime that is easily detected. As a matter of fact, it is a crime that is not usually solved. Most people find out their identity is stolen when they try to make a major purchase. By the time most people become aware that their identity has been stolen, it is usually too late.

It is imperative that everyone pays close attention to their credit. If you would like to know how to protect your credit from identity theft or if you have been a victim of identity theft please dial the number below and mention Linkage Linkz when you call. For more info visit this link 1-888-807-1892 www.hishermonetalk.com

Caribbean families are broken up in the overreaction to child-rearing beatings

Caribbean and black American families are under attack from individuals and institutions sworn to protect them, says veteran criminal attorney Derrick Arjune in his book The Mailbox Syndrome, which says theres an unnecessary prosecution of some child abuse cases involving parents who still use beatings in child rearing. In the mainstream, predominately white criminal justice system, judges dont know or understand the circumstances, when parents use some physical enforcement to keep their children in line, said Arjune, who said hes certainly not condoning or promoting child abuse. Parenting for us is more demanding, he said, noting that too many African-American and Caribbean parents are equipped with few options to ward off urban evils, such as gang violence and other ills their children are susceptible to at an early age. Theres a belief you should use the rod, when necessary, said Arjune, who uses the Randy Jonas case as an example in the book. The decorated Vietnam veteran beat his 13-year-old son to deter him from hanging out with a neighborhood gang. When officials at the boys school noticed bruises, they notified authorities and Jonas was charged by police. The father was forced to leave the family home and is barred from seeing his children, said Arjune. They live like strangers, he said of the once-cohesive family. In this case, you have a father who is estranged from his family because of one instance, said Arjune, citing a lack of cultural sensitivity for the ever-present problem. Youve got them sitting there in judgment and not knowing whats going on in our communities, but they have an opportunity to learn. If youre going to view this problem, youre going to have to know why it occurs. Its really affecting our communities. Its tearing families apart, said Arjune, adding that this cultural divide is an important issue and needs to be discussed. Stressing that the book is pro-family and not anticriminal justice system or anti-Administration for Childrens Services, Arjune says education and a more informed, communitybased approach may help the situation. Among his solutions are utilizing more culturally connected community resources to deal with accusations of child abuse and better screening of foster parents to protect children who are placed in the system.

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Churches are getting into the technology craze as a new and broader means of garnering younger parishioners.


Churches into I.T.

Beckles said it was the modern trend for people to go to church with various forms of technology as opposed to the hard copy of a hymn book or Bible. He added that was something the church will have to work with. Young people like technology, Beckles said. They like to work with [social media] and keep their [gadgets] and cellphones. So I dont think it is something that the church will ever want to get away from. I think it is even being underutilized by us. And I think we are at the point where we need to get on board. It is our aim here to do just that. Monsignor Vincent Blackett of the Roman Catholic Church, said modern technology was the language of the younger generation. On the other hand, we also have to be very careful that we dont become a slave to technology. But it is here and it is here to stay. I suppose [this year] I might find myself more and more using technology, said the priest, who admitted to

Some leaders said they believed as the world became more technologically advanced the church would have to embrace it even more. We believe technology has a major part to play in the work we do when it comes to reaching the world with the good news of salvation, said president of the East Caribbean Conference of Seventh Day Adventists, Pastor David Beckles. Certainly, there is a lot of room for the use of technology here at our conference. He said Adventists were already ensuring that they have special tools to reach a wider audience. We are in the process of completing a recording studio, he revealed. It is our desire to be able to be online 24/7 streaming [and] doing live broadcasts. I believe it is the way to reach hundreds of people. Our young people in the youth department have also been using the social media to communicate and reach other young people.

Dazzling local and international charts with their musical masterpieces, these internationally-acclaimed artistes elevated their statuses while creating new avenues for the genre overseas. Ten songs in particular encompassed said sentiment while blazing the airwaves with the results of their creativity. 10. Mavado - Delilah: The first single off Mavados newly founded Mansion Records showcased a sound not familiarly associated with the Gully Gaad. Delilah, released in May 2011, presented a crossover effect with its R&B sounding instrumentals but resonated with his fan base locally and overseas. The singjays vocals were on full display as the single topped several Dancehall charts, including in the United Kingdom while earning constant airplay across clubs and concerts locally and internationally.

January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Club marked Beenies first number one hit of 2011; It began a strong stretch of hit singles from Beenie including Lets Go on the Overproof Riddim and Young Bud on the Notnice-produced, Takeover Riddim amongst others.

Top Ten Dancehall Singles of 2011

Generally underrated within the Dancehall ranks, Konshens proved his worth as a Dancehall superstar with this effort; placing well on several Dancehall singles charts locally and internationally. 4. Mavado - Pepper: Marking his second number one hit of 2011, the Stephen Di Genius McGregor produced Pepper proved a spicy single for Dancehall fans worldwide to enjoy. Released in February 2011, Pepper topped the Jamaican singles charts as well as several other local and international charts while showing an unprecedented swagger from the Gully Gaad. Honestly, there are several choices worthy of honorable mention from Mavado as Tump, Star Bwoy, Settle

Page 19

to his mentor after landing his first number one, Ravin. The club anthem instilled confidence in his fans that the young Gaza deejay could carry the Portmore Empire for years to come. Showing off his lyrical dexterity, Ravin topped local charts while earning him a spot on the BBC 1XTRA rotation in the United Kingdom. To date, it remains an evergreen sampling of the many talents that the deejay has on offer.

Down and Final Destination also charted strongly last year.

9. I-Octane - Badmind Fi Di Year: I-Octane followed up an ex t ra o rd i n a r y 2010 with a resolute showing in 2011; primarily with the release of his single, Badmind Fi Di Year. The Cashflow Records produced single, released in March 2011, proved IOctane could continue to produce thought-provoking songs with substance. The single topped several charts across the Caribbean as well as Europe; statistically making this one of his most successful singles.

7. Tiana - Pum Pum Phat: The only female on this top 10 list, Tiana shot up the Dancehall ranks; gaining popularity with the released of her raunchy single, Pum Pum Phat. Previously a lowly-heralded deejay with a few notable hits, Tiana grabbed the attention shed long been seeking for with the release of Pum Pum Phat Though the songs raw nature never copped airplay, it certainly captured many accolades for her as radio stations and charts locally, across the Caribbean and Europe made the song a fixture while, in turn, helping her emerge as an in-demand superstar. 6. Popcaan - Only Man She Want: Theres now more than one superstar within the Portmore Empire as Popcaan won the respect of Gaza fans and long-time detractors through several number one efforts, including Only Man She Want. The girl-friendly single off the Lost Angel Riddim showed Popcaans range as he copped his second number one success of the year; topping Dancehall charts locally and internationally while unleashing his potential as an elite act Additionally, the songs earned well over 2 million YouTube views to its credit, making one of the most viewed Dancehall songs in 2011 after its release in late August.

3. Khago - Tun Up Mi Ting: Arguably the fastest rising star in 2011, breakthrough singjay, Khago perhaps took Dancehalls most acclaimed Overproof Riddim with the release of Tun Up Mi Ting. Known as a primarily conscious artiste, Tun Up Mi Ting offered a different side of Khago; scoring the artiste his third ever number one success as he topped several local and overseas charts while scoring MOBO Award nominations and the top spot on MTV Africa and BBC Radio charts. 2. Popcaan Ravin: Vybz Kartels main protg, Popcaan drew several comparisons

Linkage ChartsJanuary 2nd 2012 January 15nd 2012

TOP TEN DANCEHALL SINGLES TW LW WOC 1 1 18 Blood A Boil Khago TJ Records 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 2 4 5 2 3 6 8 7 1 10 9 6 5 6 6 14 19 16 Wife A Wife Lady saw - TJ Records Mi Property Lady G G String Productions

1. Vybz Kartel - Summer Time: However, the master class of Dancehall and Portmore Empire leader, Vybz Kartel showed his recruits how to stamp their authority on the genre with the release of the summer anthem, Summer Time in June 2011.

TW: This Week, LW: Last Week, WOC: Weeks on Chart

Delilah Mavado Mansion Records Talk Kiprich DJ Frass Production Iyahana Hot Slims Bounce


Wedding Crashers Sean Paul &Future Fambo Western Ent BBM Broadcast Tony Matterhorn - Darkside Good Good DAngel Good Good Production Woman Iyahblazze House of Leeds Records

8. Beenie Man - Go Go Club: 2011 witnessed somewhat of a renaissance year for the self-proclaimed King of the Dancehall, Beenie Man. Go Go Club, released in March 2011, became an instant sensation within parties on the local scene while featuring in several promotions and advertisements. More importantly, Go Go

TOP TEN REGGAE SINGLES TW LW WOC 1 1 14 A House Is Not A Home Freddie McGregor Steely & Clevie Pro 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 New New 2 4 3 6 5 7 8 9 10 13 5 9 5 6 4 16 17 When Im With You DaVille Tads Records Seal The Link Chino Di Genius Collide Singing Melody I Love Ya Ed Robinson E2 Recording Inc California Romain Virgo VP Records One By One Laza Morgan feat. Mavado Electra Records Chalice Guinney Pepper Love Injection Production Nah Complain KyenieBorn Free label He stopped Loving Her Toady Beres Hammond-VP Records

5. Konshens - Do Sumn: Not normally known for an aggressive delivery or tone in his music, Konshens defied all critics with the release of his sharpshooting single, Do Sumn.


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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Jamaica (TG) The football team will participate in the final round of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) qualifiers, which will be held from January 6-10. The Vin Blaine-coached Jamaicans are drawn in Group E and will play alongside Haiti, The Cayman Islands and the host nation. Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Cuba and Guyana are drawn in Group F, which will be played in Cuba. The winners of each group, as well as the best second-place team from the two groups, will qualify for the eight-team CONCACAF stage of the qualifiers, which will be held in Panama from March 1-11, 2012. Panama, USA, Mexico, Canada and

Under-20 female football delegation British MP Wants Blatter Heads To Dominican Republic Investigated
Guatemala have already qualified for the CONCACAF stage. The Jamaicans will oppose Haiti on January 6. They will then tackle the Cayman Islands two days later, before closing out their schedule against Dominican Republic on the 10th. The junior Reggae Girlz team will be boosted with the inclusion of seven overseas-based players and Blaine said that he would be banking on their experience. This will be major for us, because the girls are upbeat and everybody is ready and raring to go, he stated. The preparations have been going well, because we have been working on our fitness and tactical work.


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World 200m champion, Usain Bolt, was named by highly regarded international track and field website www.all-athetics.com as the top male athlete for the justconcluded year. American 100m world champion, Carmelita Jeter, claimed the female top prize. The awards were based on the athletics database websites overall ranking system as at December 27, 2011. Despite failing in his bid to successfully defend his 100m world title at the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) World Championships in Daegu, South Korea, Bolt returned to power his way to his second consecutive

Jamaican Sprinter Usain Bolt Named Top Male Athlete For 2011
200m world title with a strong 19.40-second run. The 100m and 200m world record holder had gone 14 races unbeaten in 2011 and ended last season as the fastest over 100m, with his 9.76-second run in the IAAF/Samsung Diamond League curtain-closer in Brussels. Bolt, who was also named IAAF Male Athlete of the Year, tallied 1,458 points. Bolts training partner, Yohan Blake, who won gold in the 100m in Daegu before posting the fastest 200m (19.26) and second fastest in history - also in Brussels, finished second in the ranking, a mere seven points behind Bolt. Double World

LONDON (AP): Steve Sidwell tied the score in the 85th minute and Bobby Zamora got the go-ahead goal in the second minute of stoppage time, giving Fulham a 2-1 victory over Arsenal that knocked the Gunners from the English Premier Leagues top four. Laurent Koscielnys 21st-minute goal on a header put Arsenal ahead, but the Gunners played a man short after Johan Djourou was ejected for his second yellow card, following a

Fulham Rally Late To Beat Arsenal

rough tackle in the 78th. Chelsea moved into fourth with a 2-1 victory at Wolverhampton, easing the pressure on manager Andr Villa-Boas. Frank Lampard scored the tie-breaking goal in the 89th minute, ending the Blues four-game winless streak. Ramires put Chelsea ahead in the 54th minute, but Stephen Ward tied it in the 84th. Chelsea (11-5-4) has 37 points, one more than Arsenal (11-6-3). Manchester City lead Manchester United (both 14-2-3 and 45 points) on goal difference, with Tottenham (12-3-3) third on 39. City host Liverpool today and Tottenham are home against West Bromwich Albion. Aston Villa and Blackburn lost at home after upset victories last weekend. Stoke won 2-1 over Blackburn, who were coming off Saturdays 3-2 triumph at defending champions Manchester United. Villa followed their win at Chelsea with a 2-0 loss

Championships silver medallist, Walter Dix of the United States, was third in the ranking, with 800m world champion and world record holder David Rudisha and steeplechase standout Brimin Kipruto rounding off the top five. Asafa Powell, who registered the second fastest time in the 100m last season, with 9.78 in addition to winning the event in the IAAF/ Samsung Diamond League, finished in 12th position on 1,397 points. Veronica CampbellBrown, in third place (1,415 points), is the highest placed Jamaican on the womens overall list, which is topped by Jeter, who tallied 1,438 points.

LONDON (CMC): British Conservative MP Damian Collins said Sepp Blatters conduct as president of FIFA should be independently investigated. Collins made the statement following a stunning claim from former FIFA vice-president Austin Jack Warner that he was awarded lucrative FIFA World Cup broadcast rights for as low as US$1 after assisting Blatter in elections to become president of the sports World governing body. Is he serious about sorting the mess out, or is he only interested in protecting his own? asked Collins, who sits on the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee of the British Parliament. These are serious allegations that must surely go to the very top of FIFA and need to be fully and independently investigated. The statement by Warner, a former president of the Caribbean Football Union (CFU) and CONCACAF, was the latest in a string of revelations about alleged wrong doing by Blatter since he was forced to walk away from the game in disgrace.

It comes in the wake of the cash-for-votes scandal that rocked the CFU, leading to several suspensions, fines and reprimands and also led to the downfall of the former Asian football chief Mohamed bin Hammam, banned from all football activities pending appeal. Warner alleged he was awarded the broadcast rights for the 1998 to 2014 World Cup at nominal rates after assisting Blatter in brutal elections for the top post in the game. He also said that he refused to back Blatter for last years election despite being offered the 2018 and 2022 World Cup rights for the Caribbean, again for a nominal fee. Collins said: In the last year, 11 of the 24 members of FIFAs ruling executive committee have faced allegations of corruption; no real progress towards reform has been made within FIFA and there has never been an independent investigation into all of the bribery allegations made against them.

to Swansea. Norwich won a battle of promoted teams, rallying past Queens Park Rangers 2-1. Captain Joey Barton put QPR in front in the 11th minute, but received a red card in the 36th after an apparent headbutt on Bradley Johnson. Anthony Pilkington tied it with a long-range shot in the 42nd and Steve Morison scored in the 83rd to extend QPRs winless streak to eight league matches.


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


10 Facts You Might Not Have Heard Of

3. A group of ravens is called a murder. 4. A group of owls is called a parliament.

Fun and Facts

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Things A Jamaican Would Never Do

1. Being unmarried can shorten a mans life by ten years 2. A group of officers is called a mess 6. Peanuts are one of the ingredients of dynamite.

You ever see a Jamaican that love talk over people food, put them face in it and say that looks and smell good. No sah! That would cause a fight.

5. Your stomach has to produce a new layer of mucus every two weeks, otherwise it will digest itself. 7. There are 293 ways to make change for a dollar. 9. No word in the English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple. 10. Dreamt is the only English word that ends in the letters mt.

You ever see a Jamaican go in the company fridge, and take away the next person sandwich and nyam it off?

8. The longest one-syllable word in the English language is screeched.

You ever hear Jamaican pickney tell his mother to shut up, and the mother go take seat in the kitchen, take out cigarette start smoke and say she doesnt know what to do with the pickney? NO! One box crass his face for sure, and if he lives in New York she send the pickney to Jamaica for the summer to fix him and when he comes back he has all the manners in the world. You ever see Jamaican take meat out of the fridge and stick it in the oven without a little seasoning? You ever hear Jamaican in the workplace talk about how much time his wife makes him sleep on the couch? Crazy thing dat, cause even if she shut di door she expect him to kick it open.


USA: Josh is suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder. TnT: That child too dam harden. USA: Its been a long time since Ive seen you girl. TnT: You still alive gyul? USA: Oh my goodness, we have lost electricity. TnT: Current gawn again.

A Caribbean Love Story

Donovan was on his death bed. His wife Leila was maintaining bedside. She held his fragile hand, tears ran down her face. Her praying roused him from his slumber. Me have somehting me have to confess to you. He looked up and his pale lips began to move slightly. My darling Leila, he whispered. Hush my love, she said. Me sleep with you sister, you best friend and you mudda. Me know, answered Leila, thats why me poison you. Rest. Shhh...dont talk. He was insistent. Leila he said, in his tired voice. You have nuttin to confess No, no, me have die in peace love.

USA: I need a bottle of Pepto-Bismol... my stomach hurts. TnT: Ah need ah purge bad... ah cork up.

A Bajan at the Gates of Heaven

Bajan: No problem, skippah!! Bajan: Today and tomorrow Bajan: Twelve

St Peter: You have to answer three questions before I can let you in.


St Peter: Which two days of the week begin with the letter t?

St Peter: Well, that wasnt quite the answer I was looking for, but I will give you the second question. How many seconds are there in a year? St Peter: How did you arrive at that number? Bajan: Easy man 2nd of January, 2nd of February, 2nd of March, 2nd of By now St Peter is getting exasperated with this foolish Bajan. St Peter: Final question now. What is the name of our Lord and Saviour? Bajan: Andy St Peter: Andy? Andy?!! Where did you learn that? Bajan: In church man. Every time me go fi church, me hear dem sing: Andy walk with me, Andy talk with me, Andy tell me he love me


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


Glen Washington Observing, Wondering and Planning

Slated for an Award at the upcoming 3rd Annual Linkage Awards Show, on March 11, 2012 at the Macedonia Community Center, in Mount Vernon , N.Y., Glen Washington is gearing, not only to receive but also is ready to entertain and edify the massive. Hailing from the south central part of Jamaica, May Pen Clarendon, the international reggae super star, has been in the music industry for over three decades, with big hits like Kindness for Weakness, Jah Glory, One of These Days, Number One Girl, Vipers just to name a few.. Of course his musical journey has had its ups and downs. Some people dont like peace, but they want a piece of everything that you have. Everything you worked so hard for, they want to come and take, Washington states. Some people are just greedy and have no conscience, said Washington, alluding to a prominent recording and distributing company. Glen Washington who was raised by his grandmother recalls, going to church all the time. God is the Almighty and He is worthy to be praised. I was taught to show respect to everyone. Show respect to women, my elders- everyone. Washingtons statement can be confirmed by the quality music this prolific songwriter sings. His style is smooth love songs with a roots sensibility. How can you talk about beating your woman and all those things and call that love, Glen questions. Love is gentle and kind, he re-affirms. Washington went on to give his views about todays music in the industry. Glen believes most today are big hustlers, which he dubs the I.M.F. Illiterate Music Fraternity, talking off key. The key for Washington is integrity. It should be mentioned that this raspy unique baritone singer is also a talented drummer. Washington recalls his early days on stage when he used to be in the background playing the drums and singing lead. Nobody could see who he was. With the encouragements from friends and family he soon came to the forefront and hasnt looked back since. When asked where he gets his inspiration from, Glen jokingly replies, from the voices in my head. Seriously, Washington divulged that he has a daily contact with the Almighty, read a couple Psalms every day and he starts his morning off with a cup of coffee. As for 2012, Glen is observing, wondering and planning. As far as the eye can see and ear can hear, he is way ahead in his planning. Coming this March, Washington will be dropping his newest album Glen Washington Masterpiece, produced by Zion Heights Production. Yes, like Glen says, nice tings a gwaan. Yes, let us raise our glasses to more health, strength and life to Mr. Washington . See you all at Macedonia Community Center, March 11, 2012. Michelle MichyB Bailey mlbcmj@aol.com

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Miramichi native helps restore Haiti coffee industry

Robert Lehnert and two of his schoolmates have started Caf Xaragua, selling Haitian coffee beans online and at a few locations across Canada, including Lehnerts hometown coffee shop, Books Inn. The beans, imported at fair trade from a coffee co-operative in southeastern Haiti, have already been such a hit locally that Books Inn ran out of its first shipment in just a week-and-a-half. We need more, owner Krishna Prince said with a laugh. So were waiting for him to bring us more. The combination of supporting both Haiti and a Miramichi-bred entrepreneur has helped grow the coffees popularity, according to customers. I saw Robbys picture, Robbys name, so I thought Robbys a neighbour, I should support Haiti and support the store and buy some good coffee, said Peter Gadd. Im not a connoisseur of coffee, but I enjoyed them, he said. In addition, Lehnerts company plans to be socially responsible and will begin planting a coffee tree in Haiti for each bag of beans it sells. Only two per cent of the countrys forests currently remain, Lehnert said. To reforest with a crop such as coffee makes a lot of sense because not only are you reforesting the countryside, youre also providing an economic opportunity for the people there. Whoever buys a bag of coffee will be able to track the growth of their tree online, Lehnert said. Once that tree reaches maturity, customers will be able to buy their coffee from it, giving each customer a connection to the rebuilding of Haitis coffee industry, he said. In 1949, Haiti was about the third largest producer of coffee in the world, he said. But low prices and political instability eventually eroded the once thriving industry. Lehnert also expects to plant other vegetation, such as banana trees and plantains, to provide shade for the coffee trees. Lehnert went to Haiti in search of business opportunities last May with schoolmates Jordan Peckham and Scott Schneider, after he graduated with a business degree from the University of Western Ontario. Its one of the poorest countries in the worldSo business is clearly a way for them to move forward, said Lehnert, who had previously visited the Caribbean nation to work in a health clinic run by the charitable organization Haiti Village Health. The trio decided to invest in rebuilding the countrys coffee industry, with Lehnert and Peckham as co-founders and Schneider as an investor. Coffee is the second most traded commodity, next to oil, Lehnert explained. Theres a lot of money in coffee and its an agricultural product that really creates something for the environment down in Haiti. They rented a pick-up truck, found a guide, and went in search of Haitis best coffee beans, armed with old maps of where coffee used to be produced. Eventually we ended up in southeast Haiti, where we found a very good quality coffee and thats where we based our operations since then, in Belle Anse, said Lehnert. The company Xaragua, whose name comes from one of the traditional tribal regions before Haiti was colonized, purchases the green, bean-like coffee seeds from COOPCAB, a farmers co-operative that

represents about 4,000 farmers in the rural areas. COOPCAB helps the farmers, most of whom have small plantations, with the processing taking the beans out of the cherries in the fields and sorting them by size and grade as well as the business dealings. The coffee is then roasted and packaged by a company in London, Ont., where Lehnert is now based.Its been a pretty interesting journey, to say the least, said Lehnert. After you visit a country like that and you come back to Canada and you see the things we have here in Canada and you really see like how lucky we are here in Canada. You know you hear people complaining and you just, its ridiculous really if you ask me. Ive had great parents, Ive had great opportunities and I really think that, you know, youre in this life once, you might as well take advantage of those opportunities that you have and I think there is an opportunity to do something great down in Haiti, which is kind of my long-term vision for the company.


January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


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January 2, 2012 - January 15, 2012


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