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OpenLetterto the LocalTucsonand Regional HealthCommunity Regarding University Arizona'sBusinessAssociation the of with the Caterpillar and MotorolaCorporations

DearFellow Medical Professionals, Residents, Students, and Staff, CitizensFebruary 2010


As localmedical health and advocates, believe we strongly the University n of Arizona College Medicine's of mission promote "to health.,.for people the of Arizona beyond, and through education, research patient and care." Withthis mission mind, are solicitingyour help in our effortsto exposethe in we alarmingbusinessrelationships between University Arizonaand the the of Caterpillar and Motorolacorporations their roles in perpetuating, for and profitingfrom, the global humanitarian healthcrisis in Palestine/lsrael. and In 1999, UAentered a business the into licensing agreement the Motorola with provide Corporation to equipment services the communication for needs the of University Arizona of Police (UAPD) 2004, UA licensed Department .ln the with the Caterpillar Corporation provide software package utilization the to a for of College Engineering. contracts of Both remain active.l (weaponized Caterpillar bulldozers) ln a letter dated31 December 2009,addressed the UofA, NewEngland to the Conference the United of Methodist "Foryearschurches Church, wrote: and groups humanrights havemetwithCaterpillar submitted and resolutions urging it to stopproviding bulldozers the lsraeli government whichusesthem]to [to demolish Palestinian homes. During time,Caterpillar deepened this has its involvement the occupation." United with The Nations, Amnesty International, HumanRights Watchandnumerous religious peace and organizations around the worldhavewritten Caterpillar to executives explaining theirproducts how are beingusedto destroy livesof Palestinians the under occupation. far, So Caterpillar notadequately has responded.2 Motorola(communications, bomb fuses) Recently, investigations leading by independent worldmonitoring groupHuman Rights Watchhas implicated useof crucial the Motorola technology during lsrael's military assault Gazalastyear,deemed on illegal underinternational faw."Numerous bombsitesin Gazaincluded civilian infrastructure as a such Gazapolice cadetgraduation ceremony whichkilled least40 civilans. its at In March 2009repo, HRWexplains: the siteof thisattack "At Human Rights Watch researchers foundhundreds perfectly of pieces metalshrapnel, cubic of circuit boards andotherparts(including somemarked withMotorola serialnumbers),

andfoursmallimpact craters-allconsstent drone-fired with missiles."a Through theircontracts the lsraeli with government, companies assist both also the construction maintenance the Separation bultin andaround and of Wall Palestinian communities the occupied in WestBank.ln 2OO4 UN lnternational the Couttof Justice (lCJ)declared wallto be unlawfut, the calling the world"notto on recognize illegal the situation resulting fromthe walland notto render or aid assistance maintaining situation in the created suchconstruction." by Earlier that yearthe International Cross(lRc) similarly Red condemned wall's the construction detrimentalto health as the andcollective rghts Palestinian of civilians, calling on-lsrael to plan,construct maintin barrier "not or this within occupied territory". The UA's "Policy on Corporate Relations" statesexplicitlythat "the name of the universityshould neverbe usedto endorseproduits or corporations whose productsare instruments destructionor knownto causeharmto of humans."6 In lightof the above, do not believe the UofAcan be trueto tsmission we that of promoting health withthe knowledge the veryworstaspects thisglobal that of crisis continue through UofA's the business relationships Caterpillaiand with Motorola. As an educational and public serviceinstitutionn as individuals and that compriseit, we cannot,in good conscience, embrace utilizationof the benignproductsof thesecompanies while at the sametime engagein a willful blindnessof the companies' other productscurrentlyUelngused, with comp---'!-^lwledge, to destroypeople'slives,and their live-iihood, in communitiesin Palestine/lsrael. Eachof the numerous humanitarian, health, humanrights and groups (lsraeli, Palestinian international) be allowed carryouitheiimportant and must to medical, andobseruation without entities, aid work any stateor coiporate, intedering theircrucial in effofts ensure health to the andsafety ifie palestinian of peoples.T and lsraeli We thereforeurgethe UA to severties with Caterpillar and Motorolauntil the companies complywith internationat humaniigtrtsand humanitarian law. Signed, lbrahim Alansary DSp Social Worker, Community Provider Enrichment of (CpES), Services Tucson, Arizona

Amy Amador, PatientCare Technician, University MedicalCenter Mohammed AlZoubaidi, MD ResidentPhysician, University ArizonaInternalMedicine of JordanBagnall Pre-MedStudent,Undergraduate, University Arizona of NatashaBhuyan MedicalStudent,University ArizonaCollegeof Medicine of JoyceenS. Boyle,RN, PhD, FAAN AdjunctProfessor Nursing,University ArizonaCollegeof Medicine of of Sarah Dehaybi, MedicalStudent,University ArizonaCollegeof Medicine of

Hannah Dillon, MD Anesthesia, University Medical Center Muhamed Ebaji, Pre-Med Student, Undergraduate, University Arizona of Department Medicine of Mohammad Abdul Ghani Pre-Med Student, Undergraduate, University Arizona of Department Medicine of Mary Ghory, Jo M.D., ClinicalAssistant Professor, University Arizona of Department Pedatrcs of Physician Liaison the UA Pediatric to Residents, Tucson Medical Center Samer Hafi. MD Resident Physician, University Arizona of Internal Medicine

Hannah Hafter,

GraduateStudent,Mel and Enid Zuckerman Collegeof PublicHealth,Universty of Arizona MohdJibreel, MD ResidentPhysician, University ArizonaCollegelnternalMedicine of RachelKatonak,RN UnitedStatesPublicHealthService,IndianHealthService,Sells,Arizona AngieKoriakos, MPH MedicalStudent(Visiting), University ArizonaCollegeof Medicine of

FrankLoOascio, Medical Student, University Arizona of College Medicine of Allison Lowe, Medical Student, University Arizona of College Medicine of EsaMekhaeel, Pre-Med Student, Undergraduate, University Arizona of Department Medicine of Nancy Murphy, C. RN Volunteer, Tucson Samaritans SarahRoberts, RN,BSN, Volunteer MedicalTeam, MoreDeaths/No Muertes on No Mas Humanitarian Aid Organization; Volunteer Medical on Team, Tucson Samaritans LaythSaleh, MD Resident Physician, unversity Arizona of Internal Medicine BethSanders Graduate student, and EnidZuckerman Mel College Public of Health, University of Arizona

Lauren Schroeder, Graduate Student, and EnidZuckerman Mel College Public of Health, University of Arizona Clair Secomb Medical Student, University Arizona of College Medicne of MonaSelej, MD Resident Physician, university Arizona of Internal Medicine Jamilah Shubeilat, MD Resident Physician, unversity Arizona of rnternal Medicine RaedSukerji, MD Resident Physician, university Arizona of Internal Medicine Annie Swanson, EMT Volunteer MedicalTeam, MoreDeaths/No Muertes on No Mas Humanitarian Aid Organizaton Enas Tamimi, undergraduate, Nutritional sciences, unversity Arizona of Carolyn Trowbridge, BSN RN, unitedstatesPublic Health seruice, Tucson, Arizona, Retired Maryada Vallet, EMT Vo|unteeronMedica]Team,NoMoreDeaths/NoMasMuertesHumanitarianAid Organization, Tucson, Graduate AZ; Student Publc in Health, University of California Angeles Los JimWalsh, WFR Voluntee MoreDeaths/No Mueftes No Mas Humanitarian Organization, Aid Tucson/Nogales, AZ TomWallace, Nutritionist, Tucson, Arizona, Retired

Barbara Warren, MPH,FACP H. MD, University Physicians Faculty and membetU of A College Medicine, of 1987994,Retired Marisa Werner, MD Pediatrician, Tucson, AZ LuaEvangeline Zawacki, M.P.H. Research Specialist, Senior, College Education, of university Arizona of NAMEITLE NAMEITLE NAMEITLE NAME/TITLE NAME/TITLE NAMEITLE NAMEITLE NAMEITLE NAMEITLE NAME/TITLE NAMEITLE


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Public records available upon requesrby the UA Media Office.

For specific and comprehensivehuman rights reports, spanning 2002-present,regarding locaVinternationalorganizations documenting the activities tied to Cat's complicity in human rights abusesand/or lobbying directly the Caterpillar Corporation to respect intemational law, see:B'Tselem Report, "Policy of Destruction: House Demolition and Destruction of Agricultural lnd in the Gaza Strip," February 2002. Online. Accessible: htto://www.btselem.orgy'Download/200202Polic] of Destruction Eng.pdf; Human Rights Watch Report, "Razing Rafah," 17 October 2004. Online. Accessible: htto://wwwhrw.org/en/node/l1963/sectior,/17;Human Rights Watch Report, "Israel: Catepillar Should SuspendBulldozer Sales," 21 November 2004. Online. Accessible:

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ICJReports Judgments, of Advisory "Legal Opinions Orders, and Consequencesthe of Construction a Wallin the Occupied of Palestinian Territory" July2004.Online. 9 Accessible: http://www.ici-cii.org/docket/files/131/1671.odf TheCourtruled that"Constructionthewallwithin of the Occupied Territories severely people's to self-determination is therefore impedes the Palestinian on right and a breach lsrael's of obligation respect right." ICJtherefore proclaimed theentire to that The that international community at a minimum, is, under legalandmoral obligation to recognize illegal "not the situation resulting fromthewallandnotto render or assistance maintaining situation aid in the created suchconstruction," by as wellas "toensure compliance lsrael by withinternational humanitarian as embodied [theFourth law in Geneval Convention," relative the Protection Civilian to of Persons Tme of War.Seealso,"RedCross in condemns lsraeli wall,"lndependent, February 19 2004.Online. Accessible: htto://www.independent.co.ul</news/world/middle-easVred-cross-condemns-israeli-wall570485.htm1 -uepocy on Corporate Relations, instituted January 29 1999. online.Accessible: http://policv. web. arizona.edr/corp-rel. shtml ' Formoreinformation locallsraeli Palestinian on and health human groups, and rights among others, see:Al-Haq, Addameer Prisoners' Support Human & Rights Association; Ad-Dameer Association for Human Rights; Al-Mezan Genter Human for Rights; Association CivilRights lsrael (ACRI); for in B'Tselem The lsraeli Center Human for Rights theOccupied in Territories; Defence Children for International; Ensan Center Democracy Human for & Rights; GazaCommunity (GCMHP); Mental Health Program Independent Commission Human for (ICHR); Rights Jerusalem LegalAid Human (JLAC); & Rights Center Palestinian Centre Human for (PCHR); Rights Palestinian Centre the IndependencetheJudiciary the Legal for of and Profession, Musawa; Palestinian Human Rights (PHRMG); Monitoring Group Physicians Human for Rights (PHR-lsrael), in lsrael Public Committee Against Torture; Ramallah Center Human for Rights Studies (RCHRS); Union Health of WorkCommittees; Women's Center LegalAid Counceling (WCLAC); for and Women's (Jerusalem); Palestinian Studies Center The Non-Governmental (PNGO). Organizations' Network Forthe majorinternational groups, Amnesty see International, Human Rights Watch, the United and Nations.