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VIMAL Fire & Emergency Services Ltd was established in 1960 and since then we have been a pioneer and have retained our top position in the field of Fire Protection and Fire Services to Hazardous Industries especially Petroleum Industries, Power Sector, Fertilizers & Petrochemicals, Port Trusts, Airports etc. We being in the field of fire protection & safety services since last 50 years with multiple skills such as manufacturing of all types of fire protection equipments and systems , fighting huge fires , induction of dare devil fire protection force; we become integral part of several successful business houses in India to protect / safeguard their Plants/ Premises. We are well positioned to provide our customers with technology-driven, value-added solutions, a broad range of product portfolio and value added quality, delivery and services. Our products and services provide effective solutions to all fire and safety related issues of our customers and thereby boosting industrial productivity with sustainability.

With our continuous Research and Development Activities, the company successfully developed and introduced many revolutionary fire safety equipments and systems for the First Time in India as Import Substitute which are widely appreciated and accepted by many Industries. The Company was bestowed with the National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship in the year 1999 by the Vice President of India, a befitting gesture to our humble contribution to the nation in the field of Fire Protection & Safety Services.

VISION More than five decades of a strong, customer-focused approach and the continuous quest for world-class quality have enabled us to attain and sustain leadership in all our major lines of business. The company's businesses are supported by a wide marketing and distribution set up and have established a reputation for strong customer support. Vimal believes that progress must be achieved in harmony with the environment. A commitment to social cause and environmental protection are an integral part of our corporate vision.


Manufacturing & Supplying: Vimal started with the manufacturing of small packs of fire extinguishers refills and chemicals 50 years before and today are in a field of manufacturing and supplying world class all types of hi tech fire protection , safety equipments and systems , fire brigade vehicles and supplying to Indias most top class high hazardous industries, mainly items like:
Fire Tenders Hydrant System Sprinkler System Heat & Smoke Detection System Fire Extinguishers Monitors Breathing Equipments Fire and chemical suits

Our products are certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) as well as other world renowned agencies.

Fire & Emergency Response Force: The real Scenario of Industries: Considering major fire accidents, today our statutory norms for fire & other hazards have been upgraded for installation of hi tech fire protection & safety equipments and systems but other sides major of Industries are facing the tremendous problem for its operation in case of fire & for their efficient quality maintenance, up grading them as per the requirement which is matter of fact. Man Power suppliers simply supplies basic fire crew who are not trained for fighting fires with Hi tech equipments , maintenance , upgrading them in case they are not meeting with the requirement after the installation and this is how most of the industries are suffering even though they have very high fire hazards and have spent corers of rupees on fire protection & safety. To overcome from this problem & with our hard core experience in the field of manufacturing , supplying and installation of all kinds of fire protection equipments and fixed systems at various hazardous industries since last 50 years , and with experience of 20 years for fighting various huge fire & handling such accidents and being risk analysis expert and trainer , we started Inducting Vimal Fire & Emergency Response Force since last 20 years at various high hazard industries at different part of India & abroad for protection of their plants/ premises & most valuables lives from Fire & other Hazards. Our Fire & Emergency Response Force can be Inducted at clients premises on long / short term contract basis . During the contract we support our clients by providing all services such as time to time guidelines of Fire safety measures, Fire Prevention guidance at various stages to the plant personnel, conducting fire fighting operation if any small or big fire broke out at any time etc . Being our vast manufacturing experience since last 50 years as mentioned , we are the best , economical & efficient to operate and maintain & are capable of up grading all types of Fire Station Equipments and Systems , Fire Brigade Vehicles , Fixed Fire Protection Equipments & Systems such as Ream Seal system , fire Pump House , Fire Hydrant Systems , remote controlled tower monitors , stand post water & foam monitors of any makes , fire hydrant valves, hoses , fixed systems such as Sprinkler Systems , Smoke Detection Systems , fire call point , fire alarm system , Co2 / FM 200 , Foam Flooding etc types of system , all types of Portable Fire Protection Equipments such as Fire Extinguishers , B.A. Set , Fire Suits , Chemical handling suits , various safety meters & detection devices , testing of Foam & dry powder chemicals etc. Thus by handing over Fire Protection and other services to us , the client can focus on their main business peacefully.

Equipment Rental: To meet with the stop gap arrangement or on a long term basis Vimal Services Ltd provides all types of Fire Protection equipments, system and installation on rental basis along with the full team of operation and maintenance to mitigate the fire hazards at any sites during the plant construction , operation & shut down etc . We have ready stock of all type of Fire safety equipments , mobile skids units of high & small capacity of fire pumps, hydrant pipe lines , water cum foam monitors , hydrant valves , hoses , hose boxes , foam and other extinguishing chemicals etc. for immediate deployment/ installations. Our Rental services fulfill all requirements promptly & economically as well with best quality of equipments and systems which are as follows:
Hi-Tech Multi-Purpose Fire Tenders Monitors Fire Pumps B.A.Set Fire Extinguishers Heat & Smoke Detection Systems

Fire Brigade Rental: Vimal Services Ltd offers large fleet of high tech Fire Brigade Vehicles of all types on Rental to mitigate with any types of fire hazards . Our Brigades are ready to be deployed with dare devil dedicated operating crew with short notice to take care of your emergent requirement.

Professional Fire Fighter: By charter Aircrafts since last 20 years we undertakes the fire fighting operation for fighting Huge size of fire by providing our dare devil fire fighters and Hi-tech Fire Fighting Equipments and Systems, extinguishing chemicals . These all gets mobilized by Charter Aircrafts which are being provided to us by our Clients / Indian Air Force during the fire accidents / emergencies.

Training on Live Fire & Live Accidents Scenario : We have world class training institute for cultivating military discipline Fire Crew and to make them dare devil against fire and to bring awareness about the gravity of fire accidents , we train them on various types of Live Fire & Live Accidents Simulators of various types . This institute is first & only kind of it in our Country and proven to be the blessings for the hazardous industries. Our Mission is to develop and provide quality training to improve productive efficiency, Provide value added training in the field of fire safety and related field, Evaluate, develop and impart cost effective on site / offsite training in the field of safety related field, To manifest the safety training requirement of the client to full-fill statutory requirement, To provide training, consultancy and advisory services

Courses on:

Target Groups:  Individuals who want to make fire safety as a carrier  Industrial workers, supervisors, executives  Factory workers, supervisors, executives  Multistory /high rise Buildings  Corporate / Business houses  Health care  Educational institutions  Shopping malls  Engineering Students  Industrial Operators  Crafts man  workers  Any organization in Government/ private of any size




General Fire safety course First Responders Course First Aid Course Fire safety in Hydrocarbon & petrochemical industries Fire safety in chemical and Fertilizer plant Fire safety course for security personnel Health Safety & Environment Electrical Safety Training Breathing apparatus course LPG & Other gases Hazards / Protection course Checking Testing & Maintenance of First Aid Fire Fighting Equipments Checking Testing & Maintenance of Fixed Fire Fighting Installations Confined Space Operations Fire safety in Thermal Power Plants Hot/Cold Work Safety Working at Height Safety Personal Protective Equipments

Driver Cum Pump Operators Course Other Customized Course Fire prevention course Port & ship fire safety Metro train and tunnel accident course Life saving techniques Operation and maintenance of DCP tender Operation and maintenance of Emergency Rescue tender Rope rescue course Fire drill instructors course Any other Customized Course

We train the personnel to handle following Hazards:

        Fire & Explosion Chemical Hazards Electrical Hazards Mechanical Hazards Occupational Hazards Environmental Hazards Radiological Hazards Miscellaneous Hazards

The faculty is the principal driver of change through their direct involvement in every aspect of the Institute: academics, governance, research, and consultancy. They combine the very highest standards of teaching and mentoring with diverse backgrounds as eminent entrepreneurs, policy makers, researchers, theoreticians and consultants. The rich diversity of their backgrounds install in the students a continuous desire to achieve excellence in their respective fields. We have Regular, Guest & Visiting Expert Faculties from various Industries as follows: y CISF Fire Department y Reputed Research Institutions y Hydrocarbon Industries y Chemical Industries y Fire & Safety Consultant Firms

LIST OF HOT /LIVE FIRE MODULES AT IFSDM Hydrocarbon Process Column and plat form Hydro Carbon Pipe Line Flange Fire Module Motor fire Module Hydro Carbon Tray LPG Bullet Truck filling station Railway wagon filling station Smoke Chamber Floating Roof Tank Conveyer Belt Cable Trench Transformer Electrical panel/ switch gear Fixed Fire Fighting Installation Static ground level water tank for firefighting facility Fire Water Pump House Fire Hydrant net work Sprinkler System Manual Call Point Fire Detection and Alarm System Foam Flooding System Fixed/ mobile water/ foam, Fire Monitor Remote Operated long range high capacity Fire Monitor Tower High capacity water/foam monitor testing facility Rim seal fire protection system

Infrastructure Facilities: Class Rooms Reception/front office Office accommodation Directors Chamber Principals chamber Conference/meeting Rooms Library Internet facility Fax/Photo state machine Training support staff office Executives/ senior faculties chambers Toilets/ wash room(separately for staff & Trainees) Pantry: for tea & snacks Tea/ Coffee vending machine Water Filter Cooling water facility

Down Loads Application form STUDENT HELPLINE Please contact for any query (Land line) (Mobile)

We have received several Awards / Approvals / Recognitions from various Government as well as Non-Government Bodies during the course of our journey for the past 5 decades details of which are given below:

Awards The Company was bestowed with the National Award for Outstanding Entrepreneurship in the year 1999 by the Vice President of India, a befitting gesture to our humble contribution to the nation in the field of Fire Protection & Safety Services. (photo) Approvals DISH - Our Institute is approved by DISH (Directorate of Industrial Safety Hazards), Government of

(photo) GCVT - Our Institute is approved by Gujarat Council of Vocational Training, Government of Gujarat (photo) Recognitions We have received several recognitions from various Government, Semi-Government, Public Sector Units and Private Sector Bodies as rewards of our continuous contributions in the field of Fire Protection & Safety for the past 5 Decades. Ministry (photo) PSU (photo)

Pvt. Co. (photo)

We have enough in-house strength/resources to take any challenges in Fire Protection & Safety Services

y y

Professionally qualified and well trained team of Dare Devil Fire Fighters A fleet of fire fighting vehicles like Hi-Tech Multipurpose Fire tenders, Trolley

mounted remote controlled Monitors, Rescue Van, Mobile Clinic, Ambulance, Mobile Training Unit etc. y y y y Various Fire Fighting Equipments & Systems Dedicated workshops with fully equipped facilities Pump house equipped with Detroit and Ashok Leyland.Engines etc High-class fully air-conditioned Lecture Halls, Audio-Visual Room, Conference Hall, Library, Laboratories, Hostel and Canteen for IN-House Training

Inventory equipped with fire suits, chemical suits and various kinds of fire fighting equipments, PPE, etc. suitable for Oil & Gas Industries, Petroleum and Petro-chemical Industries, Power Industries and other such Hazardous Industries

We have our own: y Training institute with live fire and live accidents simulators . y Large numbers of well experienced , well trained & disciplined fire engineers / crew. y Fleet of Hi-Tech Fire Tenders of various types y Fleet of our own skid mounted pump house up to 10000GPM y Fleet of portable water storage tanks up to 125 KL each capacity y Large numbers of portable foam storage tanks up to 50KL each capacity y Fleet of trolley mounted water cum foam UL listed/Non UL listed Monitors up to 10000GPM discharge. y Huge quantities of fire hydrant pipelines upto 36dia y Large numbers of fire hydrant valves, branches , fire hoses of various sizes y Huge quantities of AFFF, ATC Foam, Sodium & potassium based DCP y Large numbers of portable and trolley mounted fire extinguishers of different types


In today's dynamic business environment, innovation through a sustained process of Research & Development (R&D) is the only cutting edge tool for organisations to thrive. More and more emphasis to be given to development and speedy commercialisation of globally competitive products and services. We have undertaken research and development for customized products & services for their specific needs and came up with technology driven and cost effective solutions which are proved as blessings to them.

Vimal group undertakes the studies of major / minor fire accidents and work hard to find out the reason of fire accidents and what are the shortfalls has taken place for conducting efficient fire fighting operation and thereby loss took place . Over and above we remains in constant touch with operation / production team of the high hazardous industries to understand their more and more hazards for which they dont have a solution . Vimal always is in touch with world technology by attending all exhibitions , seminars , world expert sessions etc . In order to meet with the requirement of hazardous industries , Vimal group has set up a world class R & D & testing facility for developing most innovative fire protection , safety equipments & systems to mitigate any of the fire hazards especially for Oil & Gas , Power , Fertilizers & petro chemicals , ports , railway etc . Vimal group is being called with a nick name of First Time in India fire protection company since we have launched and are being launch large number of high tech fire protection , safety equipments and systems in the last 50 years for the First Time in India such as (1) Emergency Response Vehicle to handle PLG tank truck accidents (2) LPG handling world best low temperature suits . (3) Portable fire fighting skid to fight oil well blow out . (4) Long Range 3 D water cum Foam cum DCP monitors (5) Long range UL listed water cum foam stand post as well as Remote Controlled Monitors (6) Ream Seal system for fuel oil storage floating roof tanks . (7) Leak seal pad for transferring product in case of sudden leak took place in storage tanks / vessels / pipe lines etc.. (8) Foam Master which is a portable foam tripod long range foam throwing equipments which can be installed at any place within dyke wall . (9) Medium expansion foam flooding generators (10) ATC foam chemicals (11) Stainless steel made various types of fire extinguishers And many more ..

To see the compatibility of the fire protection, safety equipments and system on live accidents scenarios Vimal has live fire and live accident scenarios test field which no one has in India till now . We have our own monitor testing , foam chemicals , dry powder test , ream seal test etc facilities which helps us to deliver the tested products to our valued clients . Our test facilities are also used by various fire protection equipments and system manufacturer for testing of their equipments , as well as by third party classification world class testing & inspection agencies for evaluating the quality of others equipments .


On basis of our 50 years experience with different types of hazardous Industries in the field of Fire Protection & Safety , Vimal Services Ltd. is committed to provide quality Consultancy Services for survey for assessment of require man power & fire protection equipments , systems etc, services for Fire & Safety Training &Fire Protection & Safety Services through its team of professional and qualified personnel. We conduct Fire & Safety Audit, Hazop Study, and recommend cost effective solution and Advisory Services to your entire requirement as per risk and statutory law.

During last several major fire accidents, our comprehensive services as professional fire fighters were utilized some of which are listed below: MAJOR FIRE ACCIDENTS:  Ceylon Petroleum Corporation, Colombo, Sri Lanka  ONGC, Rajamundry (A.P.)  Indian Oil Corporation Ltd., Gujarat Refinery, Baroda  Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Ltd., Vishakhapatnam Refinery Till now we have inducted our Fire & Emergency Response Force to the following Organisations: Sr.No Name of Client Description of Service Provided 1 M/s.Ceylon Petroleum Corpn.,Sri Lanka Fire fighting operation at their main oil storage facility 2 M/s.Oil and Natural Gas During Oil well blow out Corpn.,Rajamundry,AP 3 M/s.Hindustan Petroleum Corpn.,Visakh,AP M/s.IOCL,Gujarat Refinery, Vadodara M/s.Bharat Petroleum, Delhi M/s.Gujarat Pipavav Port Ltd., Bhavnagar M/s.Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, Navi Mumbai M/s.Reliance Industries Ltd., Jamnagar M/s.Essar Oil Ltd., Jamnagar Refinery M/s.Technimont, Site Shell LNG Hazira, Surat M/s.Larsen & Toubro Ltd.- Gujarat Gas Site, Surat M/s.Adani Petronet (Dahej) Port, Bharuch M/s.Gujarat Gas Co. Ltd., Ankleshwar M/s.Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation, Gandhinagar M/s.Gujarat Industries Power Corporation Ltd, Mangrol,Surat M/s.Saipem Aban Ltd., Rajmundry M/s.Saipem Aban Ltd., Rajasthan During major explosion and fire

4 5 6

During tank fire took-place at their tank farm To escort the LPG Tankers convey Protection of their LPG Jetty, LPG Pipeline & Storage, Sulphur & Coal Stack Yards etc Protection of their complete port activities and cargo storage warehouse. Protection of their plant, process and storage areas. Protection of their plant, process and storage areas. Protection of their construction and testing and commissioning of the plant Service provided while testing and commissioning of gas compressor and pipelines. Protection of their coal stack yard, conveyor belt and coal handling system Protection of their process area Protection of their process area Protection of their power generation plant & high hazards vital installations Oil Rig protection while drilling at offshore. Oil Rig protection while drilling at onshore

7 8 9 10 11

12 13 14 15 16 17

Grow with us Have a look at what Vimal as an employer has to offer you: In Vimal you will get an opportunity to work in a multi-phase business environment, where you can show your talents, learn and grow while facing challenges and developing your skills. While we assist you at every step with top-of-the-market compensation, retention bonuses and relevant training inputs, we also give you the freedom to plot your own career graph on the basis of your aspirations and expectations, diverse business environment to show your talents and learn from the various exposures and challenges that are given to you. The Group is a large conglomerate with a number of diverse businesses, for which we require people with skill sets and experience to match. Specifics such as educational qualification and experience will be linked to the job youre applying for and the business under which it falls. The Groups philosophy is simple; we link your performance to your pay, which will match the best as per prevailing market scene. As an organisation with a firm belief in the concept of human capital, we have always worked towards creating an atmosphere where performance and merit are recognised and rewarded. Join us At Vimal we believe that our people are our competitive edge. If you have the passion for excellence and seek a fulfilling career, explore this section to learn more about our job opportunities Are you looking for the best fit for your experience and skills? A career with us provides you with a host of opportunities to choose from. We are a business conglomerate and every business and location presents itself with a unique value proposition. The strong linkages and synergies within our businesses create a platform where every employee has the opportunity to experience and contribute to the growth of the Group. Come and explore the various opportunities available to you. Privacy Policy Welcome to Vimal's online recruitment tool. At Vimal we are committed to protecting the privacy of individuals submitting their personal information. The Candidate Data will be processed and utilized for the purposes of recruitment for employment or potential employment with Vimal as well as maintaining appropriate records related to hiring practices, complying with applicable legal requirements, analyzing the hiring process and outcomes. Your Candidate Data will be accessed, utilized and processed by individuals who are involved in the hiring process for Vimal and such other persons who, in the opinion of Vimal, have a legitimate need to access and process your Candidate Data for the Purpose of Processing.

The Group makes a considerable contribution to improve healthcare infrastructure, supports primary education, rehabilitates abandoned women and children and rural development. We partner with Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) / Local Bodies to make a difference among local communities. We receive requests for funding of various social activities through the calendar year. Our official experts evaluates proposals in the areas of education, destitute care, healthcare and rural development. We prioritize activities by assessing their impact, and match funding requirement with availability of funds in our corpus. HEALTHCARE A majority of Indians in rural areas cannot afford quality healthcare. The Group is making highquality healthcare accessible to the underprivileged. We donate medicines and advanced medical equipments to hospitals and organize health camps in slum/remote areas. The Group is involved in several healthcare programs like that.

EDUCATION Education is a fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution of India. However, a dynamic publicprivate partnership is required to help children from underprivileged sections of society gain access to primary education and more. The Group do understand the importance of education through which only we can bring changes in the society. The Group has been sponsoring the educational expenses of many children from underprivileged or even weaker sections of the society from primary level even upto professional courses. The Foundation partners with schools in rural India to enhance education and library facilities.
y y y y y

Provided scholarships to meritorious students Supplied books to Door Step School, a mobile school that provides free education to underprivileged children Provided financial assistance to schools in rural Renovated the library Publish rare books, and short stories

DESTITUTE CARE Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) in India are at the forefront of improving the welfare of destitute women and children. We are also making our own contribution in the areas as follows:

y y y

Under the self-employment scheme, donating sewing machines, etc to destitute women in rural areas Rehabilitated street children and imparting training and education Rehabilitated earthquake victims

Financial assistance to orphanages and schools for the physically handicapped, blind and deaf

RURAL DEVELOPMENT The primary challenge of development in rural India is the skills deficit of the local population. Education and vocational training help villagers earn a sustainable livelihood. The Group has organized training camps for destitute women and built orphanages where education is earmarked as a priority area. The Group implements programs to improve the welfare of people in rural area:
y y y y

Constructed homes for earthquake victims Trained tribal communities in agriculture, horticulture, sericulture, floriculture, bee-keeping, fishing, dairy, poultry, welding, and carpentry Donated sewing machines to women in rural areas Provided training in hygiene and sanitation, health and nutrition, and skills and livelihood.


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y Headquarter of our FIRE & EMERGENCY RESPONSE FORCE at Vadodara, Gujarat (Name & Address) y Manufacturing Unit at Vadodara, Gujarat (Name & Address)

Main Training Centre at Vadodara and having branches in different parts of the country (Name & Address)

Marketing Office set up at Mumbai, Delhi & Abu Dhabi (Name & Address)