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Marina M. Agustin Deputy Chief, Office for Public Affairs

Feb 6,


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Office for Public Affairs, Department of National Defense, Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City 982-5679 Local 5679 www.dnd.gov.ph

Gazmin signs agreement with Italian Defense Minister

Defense Secretary Voltaire Gazmin has signed a five-year agreement with Italian Defense Minister Giampaolo Di Paola that will expedite the procurement from the Italian defense industry suppliers. "This arrangement will help expedite the procurement from Italian defense industry suppliers with the help of our counterparts at the Italian Defense Ministry of Defense," Gazmin said. The signing of the arrangement highlighted the Defense Chiefs travel to Italy last January 30, 2012. The agreement is valid for five (5) years from signing and will be automatically extended for another five years unless there is a written notice of intention to terminate. The Defense Chief noted that this move will help in the implementation of the AFP Modernization, a primary thrust in the Aquino administration. Gazmin however clarified that the said arrangement does not necessarily equate to actual procurement, but rather a system put into place for future transactions. Secretary Gazmin was accompanied by Defense Acquisition System (DAS) Teams to inspect the proposed combat ready defense materiel, which include the Maestrale and Soldati class deep patrol water vessel, the Piaggio 180, a single platform defense materiel with capabilities to perform as special mission aircraft, light lift aircraft and long range patrol aircraft. Also inspected were the medium lift tactical aircraft C27J, Italian Navy Coast Watch and Air Defense 3d Radar Systems, AMX ground attack aircraft, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Falco and Armored personnel carrier. "This arrangement is a result of our efforts to explore any and all avenues for a more efficient procurement process for our Modernization Program," Gazmin said. Included in the discussion was a presentation on an Information Technology System or data fusion system that will allow data inflow/outflow and integration from any defense material platform available to mission personnel level up to the level of the Commander-in-Chief. The system can also provide for enhanced defense awareness for the AFP that can be shared with its civilian counterparts when needed. The Government to Government arrangement includes a service agreement and training of AFP personnel to ensure the medium and long term effectiveness of the defense materiel that might be procured by the Department from Italy.
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We would like to assure the Filipino people that all possible negotiations are premised within the national governments established ideals of transparency, accountability and good governance, Gazmin said. The Philippines already acquired eighteen basic trainer aircraft from Alenia Aermacchi, an Italian company known for its design, production and support of military training aircraft. All eighteen units were delivered as of 2011. Opportunities for cooperation under the Public-Private Partners will be discussed for aircraft maintenance, shipbuilding or repair, and other defense materiel. "We constantly seek ways for the improvement of our capability to address the threats we face, including disasters and other non-conventional threats to national security, Gazmin said. We will carefully evaluate the procurement of defense materiel, taking in consideration the benefits to the country and the resources at hand.