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Prospects of beauty industry in India

A project on Prospects Of Beauty Industry In India

Compiled by:Ms. Afsha Ratansi T.Y.BMS Semester - V

Academic year 2011 - 2012 University of Mumbai

Royal college of Arts, Science and Commerce, Mira Road (East)

Prospects of beauty industry in India

I Ms. Afsha Ratansi, a student of Royal College of T.Y.BMS (Semester V) hereby declare that I have succesfully completed this project on Prospects of Beauty Industry in India for the academic year 2011 2012. The information submitted by me is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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Certificate I Prof. Pooja Fernandes, hereby certify that Ms. Afsha Ratansi has successfully completed the project on Prospects Of Beauty Industry In India for academic year 2011 2012. The information submitted in the project is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief.

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Prospects of beauty industry in India

Acknowledgement I would first like to thank my Institution and sincere thanks to Principal Sir Prof. A.E.Lakdawala and Deputy Principal Madam Prof. Kamala Arunachalam and also Vice Principal Madam Prof. Maleka Bootwala for providing me support and giving me an opportunity for doing BMS course and completing this project. I also take an opportunity to highlight the invaluable contribution and also would like to extend my profound and sincere gratitude to our BMS in charge Prof. Mazhar Thakur, BBI coordinator Prof. Kamal Rohra for giving me this opportunity to undertake this research project. I would also like to deliver my hearty thanks to my project guide Prof. Pooja Fernandes who has always supported and encouraged me and who had guided me in the due course of my research project with her vast fund of knowledge, advice and constant encouragement. I kindly appreciate her implicit and valuable contribution in drawing up this project. I would also thank my parents and all my colleagues without whom this project would have not been complete. Thank you all for your contribution towards the project whether big or small and I will forever be indebted to each and every one of you. I also would like to extend my thanks to all those whom I may have forgotten to mention in this space.

Prospects of beauty industry in India

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY In this project a wider understanding about the beauty industry has been projected. The need being to study the growth has been portrayed in a formatted way by using facts and figures for better understanding of the project. A complete history about the industry and its origin has been provided. Research has been doing by conducting surveys for 1st hand information. Also a brief about the new technology and new methods in this sector has been brought to light. With the help of the project a better understanding about the growth of the industry and also the awareness levels about the industry in the people has been understood. Interviews from professionals have been taken to provide true and authentic information about the new trends in the industry. This project provides a perfect insight of the beauty industry trends and its future prospects in India. The scope of this industry is too large to be put into words. Thus a small insight is available in the project. Hope this projects helps you to expand your knowledge about the industry that spreads smiles and beauty; The Beauty Industry.

Prospects of beauty industry in India


Chap Nos. 1. Beauty industry. 1.1 Introduction.


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1.2 Beauty through the ages-what you need to know. 1.3 Pledge of the beauty industry. 1.4 The Indian industry. 1.5 Evolution from shops/parlors to salons. 1.6 Trade mission to India. 1.7 Men the new target. 1.8 Cosmetic surgery and Botox. 1.9 Development and marketing. 1.10 New trends in the industry. 1.11 News and personalities. 2. 3. 4. Research Methodology. Data analysis and Interpretation. Findings.

Prospects of beauty industry in India

5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

Recommendations. Limitations. Conclusion. Bibliography. Annexure.

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Prospects of beauty industry in India

p Questionnaire Method 1. How much percentage of your income do you usually spend on beauty products or beauty treatments? 2. How frequently do you visit a beauty salon or a beauty parlor? 3. Are you aware about the new procedures like cosmetic surgery and Botox? 4. Do you trust a beauty product by its advertisements? 5. Do you prefer surgical or non surgical treatments? 6. What is your main concern while buying or availing a beauty product or service?

p Interview Method 1. What class of audience or consumer do you usually cater to? Gender wise and age wise? 2. What kind of problems does the consumer usually come up with? 3. What treatments do you usually suggest? Long term medication or short term procedures? What is the effectively level? 4. What is the frequency of the consumers? 5. Recent innovations or treatments in the industry? 6. What trends will be coming up in the industry and what challenges will this industry face?