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university of arizona chapter

Monday 6 February 201-2

Dear President Sander.
For three years, the University of Arizona (UA) student-run organization No Mds Muertes/No More Deaths and numerous other groups,[1] including UA.Jewish Voice for Peace and UA Students for Justice in Palestine, have urged the UA to divest from its business licensing relationships with Motorola, Inc.[2] and Caterpillar, Inc.[3] in

response to their involvement in human rights abuses along the U.S./Mexico border anci rn lsraeli-occupied Palestine.[4]As UA students, faculty, affiliates and community members, we are writing because this issue nas reached a legal fulcrum, and the time is now for the University of Arizona to take ethical action alongside other institutions of higher education[5] and human rights leaders. This campaign for our university to sever ties with Motorola, Inc. and Caterpillar, lnc. is part of a broader movernent for corporate accountability and socialjustice, and in Tucson we work in coliaboration with many campus- and community-based groups to guide the University of Arizona in ethical and responsible action. The well-documented abuses in which Motorola and Caterpiilarcontinue to be complicit have consistentlygarnered attention from media, human rights organizations, and religious groups internationally.[6] Such sustained attention signals the fact that this campaign has captured the interest of socialjustice groups worldwide and will continue ro do so. We take great pride in the University of Arizona's noble history of taking a lead role in promoting human rights. Our carnpaign draws directiy frorn the successful bovcott/divestment initiative taken by the University of Arizona in july 2009, r,vhen the university divested its licensing contract with the Russell Corporation (a subsidiary of Fruit of the Loomi over the company's role in hunnan rights abuses in Honduras.[7] Also, we take heart from the fact that in September 1985, the Arizona Board of Regents (ABOR) ordered both the University of Arizona and Arizona State University (ASU) to divest 53,400,000 in endowment funds from companies doing business with the apartheid Sotrth African government.[B] lt is absolutely necessary that the University of Arizona continue its policy of closely scrutinizing its relationships with corporations, to ensure that the university is not in any way supporting on-going human rights abuses and violations across the globe. You may know (from your own knowledge or the knowledge presumably imparted to you by your predecessor) that the University of Arizona reassured the university community of the institution's commitment to "continue to workwith" appropriate laborand human rights monitoring boards "to hold corporations accountable in supporting" internationally accepted human rights standards.[9] Indeed, the University of Arizona's "Policy on Corporate Relations"[1-0] commands that "[t]he name of the university should never be used to endorse any products or corporations whose products are instruments of destruction or known to cause harm to humans" (emphasis added). Other University of Arizona corporate conduct codes, and those of its ABOR parent, also directly apply to our current call for the university's divestment from Motorola and Caterpiilar including the University of Arizona's rnission staternent.[11] What we are asking for is nothing more than that the University comply with its already established policies.
No Mas Muetes/No More Deaths (NMM) c/o Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) The University of Arizona Buiiding 19, Suite 325W
Tucson AZ 8572I-0OI7

conta ct@ua

www. uanomoredeaths.orA n om or3C eath s.org

university of arizona chapter

Tomorrow morning, the University of Arizona's honored guest, world-renowned Professor Noam Chomsky, will be testifying before media correspondents at an exclusive event at his hotel. At our invitation, Prof. Chomsky intends to address the context of human rights abuses related to US militarization of the US/Mexico border and lsrael's military occupation and illegal settlement of Palestine. We hope that you will attend this important event that will no doubt have a significant impact on social interest groups at our university and beyond.
From his office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Professor Chomsky prepared, in advance, a statement of support for this campaign to precede his remarks on Feb. 7: "For the Universitv of Arizona, as an institution, to obev US law and internationalagreements-not to speak of universitv policies-is certainlv appropriate. lt is the right, rn fact responsibilitv, of the students to publicize anv possible violations committed bvthe UAfor its corporate partnerships with CAT and Motorola in order to expose US crimes taking place in lsraeli*occupied Palestine and along the US/lVlexico border." in closing, we invite you to join a growing list of people who support the University of Arizona divestment campaign, including South African Archbishop and Nobel peace prize winner Desmond Tutu[1-2], and eminent Princeton historian and author Cornel West[13] (who preceded Chomsky last April as an honored guest of the University of Arizona). Another of the campaign supoorters is Jewish Voice for Peace (JVP), the largest JewishAnrerican peace group in the US that calls for equality between both Palestinians and lsraelis. JVP includes both Caterpillar and Motorola on their list of companies from which they are urging leading financial services orgarrization TIAA-CREF, to divest.[1a] We would like to emphasize that our objective is to work as a team with you and your staff on this issue. Therefore, we welcome you to meet with us to negotiate a timetable for complete severance (or divestment)from the University of Arizona's licensing contracts with these companies. We wish you to know that all our concerns stem from a deep love and adrniration for the University of Arizona and from our belief that the University can heip to build a better world. We also, however, rnust be absolutely clear that time is of the essence and we urge you to take action immediately, The human rights violations committed by Motorola and Caterpillar are occurring as we write this letter-negatively and irrevocably altering people's lives across the globe: a fact lending a sense of urgency to our cause. After three years of a major campaign that ha;s amassed a lengthy pubiic record documenting the companies' abuses-and university officials' responses to and acknowledgement of them[15]-we hope you'll agree with us that full and total divestment is the least of any honorable option that the university can adopt at this time to comply with numerous codes of law.
Respectf ully,
(signatories on following page)

No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths (NMM) c/o Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA)

www. uanomoredeaths.org
contact@ uanomoredeaths.org

The University of Arizona Building 19, Suite 325W Tucson AZ 85727-OOI7

university cf arizona chdper

Muertes human rights and humanitarian organization volunteer, Desert

iity of Arizona -James
afeklarvoff ice(ogmarl.com
E. Rogers


Jen Mccormack, University of Arizona PhD Candidate,



American Indian Studies; Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy, Research Analyst and Political Science f ../

, /2 , LLu-h"(/^* a\1, r{Jnrc/'



Soctotosy u m a n ;H

Rights Watch intern (sunrrfier 2009)"

Erin Cain-Hodge, University of Arizona 0rilecided sophomore (May 2014), UNIDOS member

ancj Interpretation juriior UA


Alonso Palomino, University of Arizona Mexican American Studies freshman (May 2015); Ul'jlDOS member, Sunnyside High School alumrrr.rs (May 2011)



Derilse Rebeil,

freshnran (May 2(t15);

High School a!urnnus (May 2011)

lel*Curiel, University of Arizona llistory senior (May 2012); Hispanic


ni scholar, UA

uertes ciub President


r PhD


Candidate, Gender

University of and pre-Nursing senior (May

American Studies (l\4AS)

MAS Sociai .iustice Education Proiect

ano Women'

member+ /


Di. Linda Gleen, Universitv of Arizona Associate Professor, of Anthropolo lter for Latin Anr

*Gabriel Matthew Schivone ,independent jcurnalist; lorrner Arizona Ltoily Wildcct staff reporter, columnist; Boyce endorved scholar (2009), Prescott College; Uni./ersii.y of Arizona/3inra Community Coilege Federica Hearst Prize for Lyrical Poetry awarCee (2007) q.:be{duanu:noredeath:.c1g / 52p402 : -.?_--_---__-;-


sity of Arizona - James E. Rogers 1988); former Executive Vice President, Natignai



Car6lyn Trowbridgd, Rttt (Retired), UniVelsity of Arizona Faiuliy Senate University-wide Standing Committee with Shared Governance member , University Committee for Monitoring Labor and Human Rights lssues

.r '.

)ry-t4-,t4aa- -l-4.r).\-L\,t/ *2

ur David Gibbs. Uni,/ersitv of Arizona of

Professor, Department

Universitv of Arizona Ctllege of Medicine, faculty member (i987-199a); Physicians for Social Responsibilitv. Ari76p3 Chaoter Board.of Directors member Pastor Emeritus;

rt/, ) 4 Yft ..{h l,'L'< a*, ."t"+> Dr. Barbara H. Warren, MD (Retired), ,S<A &*.+

(1992):iA-founder of the Sanctuary Movemenq co-founder of No Mo!'e Deaths/No Mds Muertes human rights and humanitarian organization


B. James,

Yasmine A. Moreno, Jniversity of Arizona, Media Arts junior (May 2013); UA Students for Justice in Palestine club President

University of Arizona Anthropology :enior {May 2012)

*lndicotes designoted contocts on behaif of divestment compaign. **Unless otherwise indicoteci in the letter's text, the obove signatorie"'

affiliotions are listed for identification purposes cniit ond do not necessorily reflect the official positions of their orgonizotions anci

No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths (NMM) c/o Associated Students of the University of Arizona ( \SiJ,r1 The University of Arizona Btrilding 1"9, Suite 325W Tucson AZ 8572t-O077




s.o rg

conta ct@ ua nomored eaths.org

university of aflzond chaper

[1] Some sample letters can be viewed here: http:1/www.scribd.com/_doc/79181145/Compilation-ef-Divestn1_en!-Lettels; and here: http ://www.scribd.com/doc/79181067/Various-Correspondences [2] The UA-Motorola contract can be viewed here: http://www,scribd.comldoc/79181082/Motorola-Contract [3] The UA-CAT contract can be viewed here: http://www.scribd.comldoc/44211685/UA-CAT-Contract [4] For our official divestment statement (updated March 2011), see: http://nomoredeaths.orq/Universitv-of. Alizona-NMD/ua-

m-divestnrent-statemel!:Aplnst:eaterpillar-and-motorola.html [5] ln Febrrrary 2009, Hampshire College divested from six companies (including CATand Motorola) involved in the lsraeli occupation. Though the institution maintains its divestment was not on account of lsraeli abuses alone, Trustee meeting minutes and official college statements demonstrate lsraeli human rights abuses was a critical factor in the decision. In June 20tA, a campuswide student referendum at The Evergreen State College resulted in more than 80% of the student body voting to divest from companies supporting the lsraeli occupation. In the spring of 20!0, student governments at the University of Michigan - Dearborn and Berkeley University voted to divest from companies similarly involved in the lsraeli occupation. [6] See Arizonct Doily Wildcot, 21 April 2009; t5 January 2010;1.5 February 20!0;28 January 2O7O;2 May 201-0; Amnesty International Dec.2010 olog post: http://bioq.amnestvusa.orglbusiness/caterpillar-incs-role-in-human-rights-violations-in-the. occupied-palestinian-territories/; also see note 1.

[7] See Wildcot,1,5, !6,21,28 April,25 July; L)A News,13 July, 2009. [8] ABOR Sept. 1985 Meeting Minutes: http://www.scribd.com/doc/78828328/ABOR-Sept-6-8-1985-Mte-Miri l9l Wildcat,20 October 2009.

[10] lnstituted on 29 January 1999; hltp:llweb.arizona.edul'policylcorp-rel.shtml [11] UA mission, see: http://www.arizona.edu/about; licensing code: httBl/lvr nv.licensing.arizona.edu,/laborcode.php [12] For Tutu's public ietter to the UA, see: http://nomoredeaths.orslUniversitv-of-Arizona-NMD/tutu-support-letter.html [13] For West's public letter to the t-;A, see: http://nomoredeaths.orglUniversitv-of-Arizona-NMDlcornel-wesi-ua-btter html J a) hft p / / jew s h vo i ce f o r 0 e a ce. o r g/t a a -c re f [15] See note l for copies of official University memoranda sent in December,2009, by the UA Faculty Senate-based Universitv Comnlittee for Monitoring Labor and Human Rights issues (UCMLHRI)addressed to the UAPD and Engineering College expressing their "gr"ave concerns" with the contracts, based on "compelling international evidence" of the companies'"wrongdoing". Morecver, in February, 2010, the Dean of the College of Engineering (CoE), Jeffrey Goldberg, conceded publicly that "...nobody here [in the Engineering College] had any idea of what Caterpillar is accused of doing. Something tells me that we would not be where we are right now if [CoE officials] had known." For sources, see Wildcot,28 January 2010; http://www.scribd.com/do c/4a35ta$/Goldberg-CAT-Correspondence-jan-2010.

No Mas Muertes/No More Deaths (NMM) c/o Associated Students of the University of Arizona (ASUA) The Unlversity of Arizona Building 19, Suite 325W Tucson AZ 85721-0077

www. ua nom orgdeath s.orF cont?ct@ uanomoredeaths. o rg