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California State University, Long Beach Womens, Gender and Sexuality Studies Department WGSS 101 - Women and

Their Bodies Spring 2012 Professor: Office: E-mail: Office Hours: Office Phone: Dr. Baralt MHB-802 Lori.Baralt@csulb.edu (Best way to contact me) Monday/Wednesday 11-12:15PM, and by appointment (562) 985-1398

Course Information: WGSS 101-03 Number 6856 Location: LA5-250 TuTh 11AM-12:15PM Course Description: This course is designed to serve as an introduction to feminist perspectives on womens health and sexuality. The overall objective of this course is to provide students with an intellectual framework through which to consider fundamental questions about body image, gender and sexual identity, sexuality and sexual health concerns, reproductive health issues and choices, major diseases affecting women and health care. As part of the General Education Program in the self-integration category, this course is designed to facilitate students understanding of women as integrated physiological, social, and psychological beings. Focusing on womens health and sexuality from a feminist perspective provides a foundation for upper division work in Womens, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Class work and assignments are designed to encourage students to advance critical thinking and written communication skills. Course Objectives: After taking this course, students will be able to 1. Demonstrate knowledge of womens reproductive anatomy, menstruation, and reproduction 2. Exhibit an understanding of historical medical views of womens bodies, health and sexuality 3. Exhibit an understanding of womens options with regard to STI and pregnancy prevention, unplanned pregnancy, childbirth, and infertility, with an emphasis on informed and healthy sexual decision-making 4. Recognize, in themselves and others, potential health/body image problems, and have knowledge of potential resources for help 5. Be able to evaluate sources of information regarding womens health 6. Exhibit an understanding of the wide variety of gender expressions and sexual orientations 7. Identify and critique unhealthy media images of womens bodies and sexualized violence

8. Demonstrate a general understanding of the U.S. healthcare system and preventative health measures for women

Required Text: Our Bodies, Ourselves (Paperback) (2011) by the Boston Womens Health Book Collective. Touchstone, 2005.

Selections from the following books will be posted on Beachboard: The Politics of Womens Bodies: Sexuality, Appearance, and Behavior edited by Rose Weitz, 3rd edition. New York: Oxford University Press. 2010. Our Bodies, Ourselves: A New Edition for a New Century. Boston Womens Health Collective. 2005. Adios, Barbie: Young Women Write about Body Image and Identity edited by Ophira Edut. Seal Press. 1998. Course Methods: This course is both lecture- and discussion-based. Class meetings will consist of lectures on the readings and other relevant material, films, guest lectures, small group and class activities. Beyond that, beginning in the 4th week of class, the course will consist of a peer facilitation component on Thursdays. You will be assigned to a facilitation group that will remain your group throughout the semester. Peer facilitation involves WGSS students who are being trained in peer facilitation and have already taken this course or other relevant courses facilitating small group discussions regarding the course material to give you an opportunity to discuss this very personal material among your peers without the professor present. The facilitators will not report the content of what you said in these group discussions, but they will take attendance, record your level of participation and your attitude for each session, which will be reflected in your attendance & participation grade. The purpose of the peer facilitation component of this course is as follows: Consciousness-raising to increase awareness of and sensitivity to womens issues Cognitive and emotional development Personal sharing of experiences, beliefs and ideas 2

Application of course concepts to ones own life Expression of feelings, thoughts and reactions to course material Learning to value diverse views and opinions Course Requirements: There are a variety of assignments for this course. These are intended to accommodate different learning styles and to address different aspects of the course material while placing a strong emphasis on developing your critical thinking and written communication skills. Assessments: Attendance & Participation Quizzes Midterm Exam Journaling Final Exam Reflection Essay Total Grade Breakdown 144 160 = A 128 143 = B 112 127 = C 96 111 = D

15 points 20 points 50 points 15 points 50 points 10 points 160 points

<95 = F

Attendance and Participation: Attendance and participation are crucial components of this course. You are expected to come to class and peer facilitation sessions prepared to talk about and reflect upon the readings. Reflection involves being prepared to discuss what you found interesting, innovative, confusing, exciting, or problematic about the readings. It also involves coming to class and peer facilitation with questions to pose about the readings. This, obviously, requires reading the assigned texts before coming to class. Attendance will be assessed periodically through in-class assignments. It is expected that you will attend all classes, arrive on time and stay for the entire class. Attendance/participation will be recorded at every peer facilitation session. Quizzes: Throughout the semester there will be five pop quizzes worth five points each. There will be no make-up quizzes available. However, your lowest quiz score will be dropped at the end of the semester, so if you missed a quiz due to any reason, that quiz will be dropped. If you were present for all quizzes, then your lowest score will be dropped. Quizzes will consist of five short answer and/or multiple choice questions intended to assess whether you completed the assigned readings for that day. Quizzes allow me to check in to make sure that people are coming to class prepared. Quizzes will be given within the first five to ten minutes of class time and if you come to class late, you will not be able to take the quiz. Journaling: Journaling is meant to provide an opportunity for you to reflect upon your body, health, and sexuality in light of the course material. Journal entries will be submitted via Turnitin.com on Beachboard. You will be expected to make connections between your personal experiences and course readings in your journal entries. For each journal assignment, I have included the reading 3

area that you should focus on along with a few questions to stimulate your thinking about the readings as they relate to you personal experiences. The description for each journal assignment can be found on Beachboard a week before the assignment is due. Each entry is worth 2 points. Journal entries cannot be made up. Journal Due Dates: 2/16, 3/8, 4/19 Midterm Exam: There will be an in-class midterm exam on Thursday, 3/22. The exam will be worth 50 points and will include fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice, and/or short answer questions. It will cover course material including readings, lectures, films, and/or guest lectures from 1/26-3/15. Makeup exam policy is listed below. Reflection Essay: For this reflection essay, you are to describe three things you have learned about yourself as a result of taking this course. Integrate material from this class into your discussion. There are no right or wrong answers. You will be graded on the demonstration of your ability to self reflect based on course material. This assignment must be submitted in the dropbox on Beachboard by midnight on Thursday, May 10th, the last day of class. Final Exam: The final exam will be held on Thursday, May 17 from 10:15AM - 12:15PM. The exam will be worth 50 points and will include fill-in-the-blank, multiple choice and/or short answer questions. It will cover course material including readings, lectures, films, and/or guest lectures from 3/20-5/10.

Course Policies:
Withdrawing/Dropping Course and Incompletes For official University policy see the CSULB Catalog. Cheating and Plagiarism This should go without saying: Cheating and plagiarism will not be tolerated. This is a matter of personal integrity and academic excellence. Plagiarism means using someone elses words or ideas as if they were your own, and without giving due credit. This includes online sources and classmates work. For definitions of plagiarism see the CSULB Catalog. The consequences for cheating or plagiarism range from failing the assignment to failing the class to being expelled from school. All cases of plagiarism will be reported to the University. Extra Credit Policy Extra credit is a privilege, not a right. I like to give extra credit when events relevant to the class are happening on campus to give you a little extra incentive to attend. If I offer any extra credit, I will announce the opportunities in class and on beachboard. However, if nothing comes up, there may be no extra credit. Therefore, do not count on extra credit. I never give extra credit upon request, so please do not ask.

Late Assignments and Make-Up Exams Late journal entries and reflection essays will lose 1 point for each day that they are late. Arrangements for make-up exams can be made for documented excuses only. If something occurs that causes you to miss an exam, it is up to you to contact me within two days to schedule a make-up. I will not contact you, it is your responsibility. Excused absences, as defined by the University, include: 1. Illness or injury to the student 2. Death, injury, or serious illness of an immediate family member or the like 3. Religious reasons 4. Jury duty or government obligation 5. University sanctioned or approved activities (including performances, athletic events, etc). If you are late for an in-class exam, you risk losing points or even missing the entire exam. For official University policy regarding excused absences please see the CSULB Catalog. Office Hours Please feel free to come and see me with any questions, concerns or general curiosities regarding the course. If you cant meet with me during my scheduled office hours, let me know and we will set up a time that is mutually convenient. If you are having trouble in the course, I encourage you to come see me as soon as you realize that you are struggling, rather than waiting until your grade has suffered. I enjoy meeting my students, so please dont feel hesitant about coming to talk to me. Classroom Etiquette It is expected that you will attend all classes, arrive on time and stay for the entire class. Consider the entire class as a community of learners and treat the class as a whole, including individual members in it, with respect at all times. Out of respect for everyone, I expect you to silence cells phones, listen attentively to all speakers in the room, not use laptop computers during class, and not read any outside material (e.g., newspapers, books, text messages) while we are in class. We have to work together to create an engaged and collaborative learning environment that is conducive to learning for everyone. The more that you are engaged during class, the more you, and your classmates, will get out of the class. E-mail Etiquette E-mail is the best way to contact me outside of class time. You will usually get a pretty quick reply. However, I can only guarantee that I will check email during my office hours. E-mail is best used for quick questions and clarifications; if you have something bigger to talk about, please come see me during office hours. If you send e-mail, write WGSS 101 and the section number in the subject line so I know that it is regarding the course and do not accidentally overlook it. Due to the potential for complications, the following is a list of topics I will not address by e-mail: requests for lecture/discussion information missed due to absence requests for grades (Your grades are always available for you to view on Beachboard and if you have questions or concerns about them, you need to come see me during office hours or set up an appointment) 5

assignments that are supposed to be turned in on Beachboard Please make sure that all e-mails are professional in tone and content.

Thinking about a Major or Minor in Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies? Our department offers exciting courses that reflect a commitment to gender issues and social justice, and address many of your interests and concerns. Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies is also not an impacted major! For more information, contact the Undergraduate Advisor: Dr. Jennifer Reed at jreed4@csulb.edu or 985-4418. Her office is MHB-817. Course Topics and Reading Schedule *I reserve the right to make changes to the reading schedule. If I do so, you will be notified in advance and provided with any additional readings. Week 1: Tu 1/24 Th 1/26 Introduction to the Course: Applying a feminist perspective to womens health and sexuality Introduction to the course and to each other Have read: hooks Introduction: Come Closer to Feminism, hooks Feminist Politics: Where We Stand and hooks Consciousness-Raising: An Constant Change of Heart (On Beachboard) History and Politics of Womens Bodies Have read: Weitzs A History of Womens Bodies (On Beachboard) No Class Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 26 Body Image: Reflecting on How We See Ourselves and Other Women Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 3; Forward and Introduction to Adios, Barbie: Young Women Write about Body Image and Identity (On Beachboard) Possible Guest Speaker Have read: Any two of the readings on beachboard for today. You can choose the two that you think sound most interesting/relevant to you (must write about 2 in your journal, but feel free to read more than 2) Journal 1 assignment posted on beachboard Taking Care of Our Bodies Have read: Eating Well (On Beachboard) Have read: Our Bodies in Motion (On Beachboard) Peer Facilitation 1Body Image/Taking Care of Our Bodies Journal 1 due on beachboard by midnight 6

Week 2: Tu 1/31 Th 2/2

Week 3: Tu 2/7

Th 2/9

Week 4: Tu 2/14 Thu 2/16

Week 5: Tu 2/21 Th 2/23

Understanding our Anatomy, Reproduction and Menstruation Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 1 Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 2 Peer Facilitation 2Female Anatomy and Menstruation Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and Sexuality Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 4 (Ch. 5 is optionalstories about relationships) Possible Guest Speaker(s) Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 6 Peer Facilitation 3Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Challenges Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 7 Possible Film Have read: Our Bodies, Oursleves, Ch. 8 Peer Facilitation 4Sexual Pleasure and Sexual Challenges Journal 2 assignment posted on beachboard Contraception and Healthy Sexual Decision-Making Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 9 Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 10 Peer Facilitation 5Making Healthy Decisions about Sex Journal 2 due on beachboard by midnight Sexually Transmitted Infections Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 11 In-Class Midterm Exam (Covers material from 1/26-3/15) No Peer Facilitation

Week 6: Tu 2/28

Th 3/1

Week 7: Tu 3/6

Th 3/8

Week 8: Tu 3/13 Th 3/15

Week 9: Tu 3/20 Th 3/22

Tu 3/27 and Th 3/29 Spring Break-Enjoy! Week 10: Tu 4/3 Unplanned Pregnancy and Reproductive Choices Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 12, Ch. 13 (pgs. 316-324up to Abortion Methods) Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 13 (pgs. 324-346) Peer Facilitation 6Reproductive Choices Pregnancy, Childbirth and Assisted Reproduction 7

Th 4/5

Week 11:

Tu 4/10

Have read: Our Bodies Ourselves, Ch. 15 Possible Film Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Chs. 16, 19 Peer Facilitation 7: Pregnancy and Childbirth Journal 3 assignment posted on beachboard Violence against Women: Rape, Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 24 (pgs. 691-709-up to section on Intimate Partner Violence) Possible Guest Speaker Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 24 (pgs. 709-726); Ch. 5 (pgs. 132-135 on How Has Sexual Abuse and/or Physical Violence Affected Your Relationships?) Peer Facilitation 8Violence against Women Journal 3 due on beachboard by midnight Growing Older and Menopause Have read: Our Bodies Ourselves, Ch. 20 (pgs. 505-528up to section on Preventing Bone Loss and Osteoporosis) Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves: Ch. 20 (pgs. 528-546) Peer Facilitation 9: Growing Older and Menopause Understanding and Preventing Disease Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 22 (pgs. 587-607up to the section on the Uterus and Cervix) Possible Film Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 22 (pgs. 607-650) Peer Facilitation 10Preventing Disease Reflection Essay assignment posted on beachboard Navigating the Healthcare System and Womens Health Activism Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 23 Have read: Our Bodies, Ourselves, Ch. 27 In-Class Final Exam Review Reflection Essay due on beachboard by midnight

Th 4/12

Week 12: Tu 4/17

Th 4/19

Week 13: Tu 4/24

Th 4/26

Week 14: Tu 5/1

Th 5/3

Week 15: Tu 5/8 Th 5/10

Th 5/17

Final Exam 10:15AM-12:15PM (Covers material from 3/20-5/10)