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CURRICULUM VITAE Muni Kumar. P Mobile: +91-9493359253 Email: munikumar32@gmail.


Career Objective: My Career Objective is to work in a reputed organization, where I can render my professional skills for the growth of the Organization. Personal Skills: Comprehensive problem solving abilities, ability to deal with people diplomatically, willingness to learn. Skills:

Good Knowledge on .NET Framework, NET Framework Specifications, .NET Framework Architecture, COM, Console Application, Windows Application, ADO.NET, LINQ Concept, Assemblies Concept and Remoting Concept. Good in Data Binding, Data Binding Controls, ASP.NET Configurations, Client side and Server side State Management and Windows Mobile Applications. Knowledge on Web Services and basic knowledge in Cloud Computing using Windows Azure and Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Good in Sub-Languages in SQL, Integrity Constraints, Joins Concept, TSQL Programming and Normalization Concept.

Academic Profile:
Post Graduation Graduation Higher Secondary Secondary School : MCA from JNTU University in the year of 2007-2010. : BSC (M.P.C) from A. N University in the year of 2004-2007. : Board of Intermediate Education in the year of 2002-2004. : SSC from Secondary Board of Education in the year of 2001-2002.

Technical Skills:

Languages Web Technologies Data Accesses Technologies Scripting Languages Operating Systems Web servers IDEs Database Academic project: Project Title Database Duration Role

: : : : : : : :

C#.net, Ado.net Asp.net 3.5 and 4.0, Ajax, Html, Xml, Css. Ado.net. Java Script. Windows Xp IIS Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and 2010. Sql Server 2005 and 2008.

: Continuous Delivery Message Dissemination : Sql Server : 5 months : Design, coding and testing.

Environment : .NET

In the Continuous Delivery Message Dissemination (CDMD) problem, each message has a length and is partitioned into packets, however, the packets of every message must arrive at its destination in its original order, and all packets for each message must arrive during consecutive time units. To cope with intractability, efficient Message dissemination approximation algorithms for classes of networks under different communication assumption

have been developed. These algorithms may be used for a different version of the CDMD problem where the packets may arrive to their destinations at any time and in any order.

Strengths: Quick learner Good team player Problem resolving skills Personal Profile: Father Name Date of Birth Languages Known Nationality Permanent Address : : : : P.Guravaiah 16th Mar1987 Telugu, English : Indian Marripudi, Marripudi Mandal, Prakasam District. Pin: 523242.

Declaration: I here by solemnly declare that all the statements made in the above application are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed, suppressed or fabricated. (P. Muni Kumar)