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MICROCONTROLLER INTERFACING CO M P E TI TI ON (In collaboration with NUCES Circuit So cie ty)


This competition is open only to Pakistani participants.

1. Only three participants per team (belonging to the same institute) are allowed. 2. A maximum of two teams are allowed from each institute te but o nly one may be accepted on the first come first serve basis due to limited seats.

3. Every participant must be an undergraduate student on 1st Jan, 2012.

3. The complete registra tion requires the follo wing doc uments to be submitted before the deadline. i. ONLINE REGISTRATION F O R M ii. STUDENT C E RT IF IC A T IO N FOR M iii. R EG IS TR A T IO N FEE 4. The registration form is available on the SOFTEC website (http://www.softecnu.org), at the registration link of the Microcontroller Interfacing Competition. The form must be filled and submitted online. 5. The last date for the submission of registration form along with the registration fee & student certification form from the institute is February 20, 2012. 6. All participants must submit the Student Certification Form (h tt p ://s o ft e c nu. or g /d o w n l o a ds /St u de n t _ C erti fi ca ti o n _ F or m. pdf) sig ned by the academic officer of their institute to iden tify them as currently enrolled undergraduate student of the insti tu te. An option would be given to download this Student Certification Form right after you submit the online registration form. Student Certification Form can be submitted by hand, by post or by fax. 7. Registration fee for the Programming Competition is P KR 1800/Payment Method: Payment can be submitted in any of the following two forms: Bank Draft: Registration f e e may be in the form of a bank draft (excluding bank charges) in favor of BCCI-FAST, which should be payable in any Lahore-based bank. (This Bank Draft can be submitted either by post or by hand). Cash: Payment can be submitted in cash by hand in SOFTEC Office at FAST -NU Lahore. 8. The accepted wi ll be informed by February 24, 2012 via e-mail. 9. Accepted applicants must t confirms their participation in the competition b y emailing their te am name and RRN by February 25, 2012 via an e-mail by mic@softecnu.org.

FAST-National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences, Lahore Campus B lock-B , Faisal Town, Lahore . UAN: +92-42-111-128-128 (Ext: 290)

Copyright SOFTEC 2012


10. Accommodation arrangements for the outstation SOFT EC Society for 500 per Participant. participants would be made by the

11. SOFT EC Society wont bear any traveling expenses of the participants.

12. On the day of the competi tion all selected parti cipants are required to bring with them some proof of their identity e.g. National I.D. Card, Driving License, Passport, or College I.D. Card. Failing to do so will result in disqualifica tion. 13. You are allowed to bring any book with you in the competi tion BUT use of electronic material assistance (USB, PDA, laptops etc) is strictly prohibi ted. 14. You can program using any of the lang uages, (C or assembly) BUT the com piler available will only be Keil uVision 15. 8051/8052 M i c r o c o n t r o l l e r w i l l be available for implementation. Extra interfacing c i r c u i t s like LC D displays keyboards etc will be provided as required. 16. Participants must be familiar with following electrical engineering lab equipment Oscilloscope Function Generators Digital Multimeters Power Supplies 17. Required data sheets and reference material will be provided to all the teams. 18. Participants will be introduced to the lab equipment before the start of the competition. 19. Teams will be held responsible if they cause any damage to the equipment issued to them. 20. In all matters c once rning t h e and binding on all concerned. competition, t h e decision o f the SOFTEC Society will be final

21. The SOFT EC Society reserves the right to modify the rules without p rior notice.

For further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact: Najam Zaidi : 0324-4453692 Faisal Fayyaz : 0300-4419842 Microcontroller Interfacing C o m p e t i t i o n Te a m SOFTEC 2012 Secretariat FAST-National University of Computer & Emerging Sciences Block-B, F aisal Town, Lahore 54700, Pakis ta n UAN: +9 2 - 4 2- 1 11 - 12 8 - 12 8 (Ext: 290) Fax: +9 2-42-516 52 3 2 Email: mic@softecnu.org URL: www.softecnu.org

FAST-National University of Compute r & Emerging Sciences, Lahore Campus B lock-B , Faisal Town, Lahore . UAN: +92-42-111-128-128 (Ext: 290)

Copyright SOFTEC 2012