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Siemens AG 2011

DC Isolators for Photovoltaic Systems up to 1,000 V DC, 63 A

Safe disconnection of PV strings/generators

For photovoltaic systems, DIN VDE 0100-712 specifies the safe disconnection of individual PV strings or generators from the inverter in case of errors and during maintenance work or inspections. DC isolators with sufficient switching capacity for direct currents enable the safe disconnection of all poles under load. If the DC isolator is integrated in the inverter, its actuation will result in the entire system being switched off so that no electricity is produced. However, the DC line between the PV modules and the inverter remains under the full generator voltage (up to 1,000 V DC). This represents a high risk for rescue teams during fire-fighting activities. It is recommended therefore to install a witch-off device as close as possible to the PV modules. As a standard mounting rail device, the 5TE2 515-1 DC isolator can be integrated in existing string boxes or generator junction boxes. It enables the selective disconnection of individual PV strings/generators. The rest of the system continues to produce electricity.

Selective distributed isolation of PV strings/generators Increased safety in a fire thanks to isolation of the DC line between the PV modules and the inverter Compact standard mounting rail device for applications up to 1,000 V DC Remote switching also possible with additional components

Answers for infrastructure.

Siemens AG 2011

Highest safety also in a case of fire

Configuration of a PV system with a remote-controlled DC isolator for the safe disconnection of individual PV strings
Photovoltaic generators


DC isolator

Inverter U<

Miniature circuit breakers

RCCB AC overvoltage protection

kWh Consumption meter

kWh Infeed meter



In hazardous situations the DC installation between the inverter and the PV modules can be optionally isolated by remote switching with the undervoltage release. It can also be switched on again with a remote operating mechanism.

DC isolator

Number of poles

Rated operational current [A]


Rated operational voltage DC [V]


Utilization category

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5TE2 515-1

Siemens AG 2011


Product/Order no.
Undervoltage release

Functional description
The undervoltage release actuates the DC isolator when the voltage is interrupted. A voltage interruption can be caused by an emergency pushbutton (NC contact) or by the fire brigade disconnecting the power infeed in a fire.

Additional components for DC isolators

Order no. 5ST3 043 Remote operating mechanism The remote-controlled mechanism is used for remote reactivation of the DC-isolator. Manual on-site switching is also possible. It has a mechanical lock and interlock in order to protect service personnel during maintenance work.

Order no. 5ST3 050 Auxiliary switch The auxiliary switch is used to switch the small currents and voltages needed for operating programmable logic controllers (PLCs) or the binary inputs of bus systems. It can be used to query the switching state of the DC isolator or other components.

Order no. 5ST3 010 Handle locking device The handle locking device prevents undesired mechanical on and off switching of the DC isolator. It can be sealed and pad-locked.

Order no. 5ST3 801

More accessories for string boxes

Enclosures Can be used as a string box or a generator junction box for connecting and accommodating the protective components on the DC side.

Molded-plastic distribution system Order no. 8HP DC surge protection Type 2 surge arresters protect the photovoltaic generator and the input side of the inverter against overvoltages. Failure of a device can be reported via remote signaling. Configuration available for systems with increased requirements in terms of leakage current.

Order no. 5SD7 483 Terminal blocks 8WH1 screw type terminals are characterized by a compact design, optimum handling and a rated insulation voltage of up to 1,000 V.

Order no. 8WH1 PV-Fuses

Size 10 mm x 38 mm

The PV fuse (string fuse) also protects the PV modules and connecting cables. It has a DC rated voltage and the operating class gPV. It is characterized by a very compact design (1 MW) and an attractive price.

Cylindrical fuse holders Order no. 3NW7 0..Cylindrical fuse links Order no. 3NW6 0..-4

Siemens AG 2011

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