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Table of Contents I Our Creed II. About us III. Our Structure IV Our By Laws V.

Requirments to be part of the coven Vi Colors, Symbols VII First 2 Assignments for New sisters

I.Our Creed

Sisters of the Black Rose Daughters of Hecate Essence of the Void Living to the fullest Living without fear

Sisters of the Black Roses Daughters of Hecate Strong and true We are many yet we are one. Our respect we will give to those to whom it is due Yet we are Witches who bow to none

Sisters of the Black Rose .Daughters of Hecate Witches of many We do not play We are wise in our ways

Knowledgeable in our path Our Magick is powerful For we are our Magick

Sisters of the Black Rose Daughters of Hecate Our Oath we hold true Our circle is bound in perfect trust In Perfect love Enter in truth Enter with ill will And Hecate you will answer Daughters of Hecate Witches of many We walk in honor of one another Our Sisterhood we will be true We will protect. As we will So mote it be! .

IIAbout US The Coven of the Black Rose is the inner Circle of Hecates Sanctum It is a path of Hecate, and eclectic Gray way. Purpose of the Coven of the Black Rose To bring together as one Sister Witches of various ways who are also been drawn and dedicated to Hecate To honor Hecate in magick, and in our lives To provide a safe place for women to self-empower themselves, heal. To provide a safe place where Sister Witches can be themselves, share, and learn from one another. To provide a Sacred place for us to practice our Magick and rituals together. We are Maidens, Mothers, Crones. We practice various forms of magick Not all are Wiccan, yet we are all Pagan Age to enter must be 20 yrs old and older

III.Our Structure 1 Founder- Elder High Priestess Lady HekateShadowMoonfire 2) Council Keepers of the Cauldron ( There will be 13 ) Presently Council Lady HekateHPS/ Founder Head Administrator 2) SunKat Administrator 3) ValarieAdministrator

KeepersSite Moderators

4) IsadoraPenelope

5) Sophie Starfeather

6) Darkpurplefairy

7) Aine Moonwillow

8) Ah Shinnahs



Bylaws will be simple, but must be made so there is no misunderstanding


All Paths,All Sisters are to be respected.-

You will not always agree , this is fine, but respect anothers way and belief. You may speak your truth, but lets be adults, also allow others to speak theirs to. 2) No harassing,trolling,dramas,intimidation, flaming of another sister will be tolerated

3) NO SPAM of any kind.This is your warning 4) No Nudity,No porn, Not a happening here

5) All members shall participate- I will not tell you when and how In a live coven you are expected to be active. If you need to be away for more then two weeks Please let me know 6) We are Sisters and will act like it

7) No copywritted material is allowed- Unless you have permission and credit is given 8) Photos- each member may have two albums= 8 in each or 16 photos. You may switch them around as you wish. 9) Comments, and inbox needs to be cleared out Once a Month 10) Groups videos will need to be approved but feel free to add and begin a group any time. 11.) Council and Admin, Shall be respected at all times To be updated

V. Requirements to be part of the Coven of the Black Rose. As of March 2012 All members shall first been an active member in Hecates Sanctum for no less then 3 Months. Then they can be invited, or ask for invitation. All coven Sisters Shall Vote and all must agree

VI. Colors and Symbols Black, deep or dark red, Roses, black dark red Key, Pentacle, Cauldron,Libryth. Animals- Raven- Wolf

VII. First three Assignments of all New members I Assignments Create your own Coven of the Black Rose Book of Shadows Collect 3 black roses or dark red roses- 2 for the altar, 1 you will place within your BOS II. Assignment Sign, and acknowledge the Oath III. Assignment Perform the Rite of Her Sacred Fires. Information in our coven group.