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Choose the best answer! 1. Lanny : Please be quiet! Rhein : Whats up? Lanny : . a.

The certificates were being given b. The people are very busy right now c. The children were sleeping soundly d. The students are having an examination 2. Dinda : Whats Susan doing? Budi : a. She is doing fine. b. She is doing her homework. c. She enjoys doing chores. d. She has finished doing her work. 3. Uncle : I didnt see your mother. Where is she? Nephew : She is in the kitchen. a. She is preparing our meal. b. She should have cooked lunch. c. She was busy helping father in the office. d. She used to order some fruits from that place. 4. Teacher : What are you doing here? Students : a. We waited for you, Maam. b. We talk about our holidays. c. We will be studying after this d. We are discussing English exercises. 5. Mr. Hubert Mrs. Kelly : Is Mrs. Kate explaining about our new project to the other staff right now? : I dont think so. The meeting room is empty and I saw Mrs. Kate out of her room an hour ago. Mr. Hubert : What is she doing now out there? She must explain it soon. Mrs. Kelly : a. She is going to explain the project now. b. She is having lunch with her boyfriend. c. She typed all the documents herself there. d. She has explained it to me.

6. Mother : Dont be noisy. . Robin : Is she continuing to finish her project? a. Your sister is slept b. Your sister is doing her final task c. Your sister does her home work all day d. Your sister will rewriting the task 7. Awan : Please, dont disturb me. . Atik : I wont let you do it your self. Ill help you. a. I should try to use your computer b. I am trying to fix the computer c. I had install the new program d. I will let you do it 8. Mr. Crab : I am looking for Teresa and Fernando. Do you know where they are now? Azula : Yes. . a. I know them very much b. They are playing at Mr. Muhammads backyard c. I know what they are d. You should find them soon

9. Maria : What is Fahri doing right now? Aesha : . a. He delivers luggage c. He is talking to Seich Utsman b. He mends the computer d. He prepared lunch 10. Secretary : You cant meet Mr. Frost now. Can you wait for a moment? Ahmad : Why? Secretary : a. He had some jobs to finish b. He was on vacation to Bali c. He will come soon after you leave this office d. He is having a meeting with all staffs 11. Leon : Why cant Kevin attend my party? What is he doing right now? Raiz : . a. He was having dinner with his family b. He will attend the meeting tomorrow c. He is celebrating his mothers birthday at the plaza d. He finish his homework 12. Mother : Shhh. Be silent please! Son : Why ma? Mother : . She sleeps for ten hours every night. a. Andi is learning an English lesson now b. Your little sister is sleeping right now c. Amir is playing football right now d. Your father is reading a newspaper at the moment 13. Mother : Look out the window. . You should take an umbrella with you. Andi : Yes, mam. a. It is raining heavily b. I was very hot c. It is very windy d. The weather seems very nice

14. Andi : Where is Jane now? She will join us, wont she? Fatimah : No. . a. She is taking care of his mother at the hospital right now b. She was coming late c. They are studying English with Jane d. She will come at the moment 15. Jane : Lets play pool, Anita? Anita : No, Im busy right now. . a. I am trying to finish my work b. I will finish it later c. I cant answer your phone d. I had to finish my homework