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Sunday, March 04, 2012 Re: WikiLeaks and Julian Assange disseminate 5.5 million leaked Stratfor emails showing the codependent duplicity between boilerplate CIA Shadow Agencies masked as corporations and networking with other industries and businesses as assets being orchestrated to conduct surveillances and take action against innocent Americans, Activists and Whistleblowers; etal.
http://www.businessinsider.com/leaked-emails-stratfor-analysts-didnt-believe-laden-was-buried-at-sea-2012-3#ixzz1nvNSWYQ9 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hgO6z67tNK4&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfZExzKGkIc&feature=share http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRA7WT66RIQ&feature=share

The time period was during the unconstitutional judicial selection of George W. Bush's executive facilitatorship. Before it was acknowledged that the U.S. military had crossed the borders of a another sovereign foreign nation as they did during Vietnam, a story surfaced that was key in the generational treason of the oligarchical Bush family. Mutual sources collaborated independently and voluntarily confirmed that a JSOC team operating on the Pakistani side of the Afghanistan mountains had located Osama bin Laden and others. The team contacted the Pentagon by satellite phone and requested confirmation on their orders to neutralize Bin Laden and what I'll label his Bush CIA assets. A relay was established that originated from the Bush/Cheney White House through the Pentagon that resulted in "The Decider" giving the order to NOT KILL Osama bin Laden. The JSCO team was ordered to withdraw for an extraction and return stateside for rest and relaxation. This story leaked because the team's combat pay was cut short and when they contacted the paymaster, they were told their mission had been classified and therefore they were never in the combat theater. The Bush family are oligarchical generational traitors reaching back historically to George Herbert Walker and Senator Prescott Bush trading with the Nazi Industrial Complex throughout WWII against the United States. CIA agent George H.W. Bush was present in Dallas, TX when JFK was assassinated. George H.W. Bush was shadowed by insider allegations under the color of incest and involvement in the death of his daughter [also ref. "The Franklin Cover-up and Larry King [African American] hosting "The Bohemian Grove" incident at his estate when two juvenile boys were sexually used in the filming of a snuff flick to entertain high ranking Reagan-Bush Republicans during the RNC. A presidential limo was parked in the driveway and secured by the U.S. Secret Service. On that occasion the two juvenile boys were forced to have homosexual relations while being raped and sodomized. One youth was shot in the head and murdered while the other boy was then forced to "chew-off" the dead child's genitals in the filming of a snuff flick [note (i) the history of snuff flicks in Chicago involving members of local law enforcement and the anal rape of a women in the alley while her throat was being cut; (ii) clandestine federal agent's rape of a female who was stopped in a remote area while culpable actor was formerly a local uniformed police officer...active mole/espionage and major index crimes duplicitously shielded by USAG Eric Holder; (iii) story from CIA MK-ULTRA survivor concerning a pedophilia ring also operating a children's' television program that serviced high-ranking republican pedophiles...female child was age six when trafficked into sexual slavery; etal.] George H.W. Bush replaced CIA Chief CIA Chief William Egan Colby when he was found floating beneath the waters surface at his riverfront southern Maryland home three days before being

ordered to testify by then President Ford. Colby's testimony was regarding the staged suicide assassination of CIA Whistleblower, Dr. Frank Olson who was killed in a SAS style neutralization of that time period in 1953. Olson worked at the same secret facilities at Fort Detrick, MD as Dr. Bruce E. Ivins (postal anthrax) did later. Olson was alleged to have also committed suicide days before reaching the courtroom with his FBI indictment. Olson blew the whistle on involuntary human testing during the CIA MK-ULTRA that later sired a boiler plated legacy with the WITSEC Program [note deaths of federal witnesses and interagency crimes and congressional perjury to secure black budgets]. On or about Saturday, April 27, 1996, Colby was found dead in the same water where years earlier another CIA agent and a second body with his face blown off by a shotgun blast [never identified] were also discovered. Add section on voluntary report by source very close to the U.S. Secret Service detail of George H.W. Bush, who stated, then president Bush ordered the clandestine testing of an aerial Electromagnetic Pulse Radiation weapon from a military A-6 over New York City that caused a massive regional blackout and the subsequent deaths of U.S. and Canadian citizens [note the film doc. "The Panama Deception" with comments by witnesses reporting the U.S. employed electronic special warfare laser weapons that cut vehicles in half like a hot knife through butter and melted Panamanians used as involuntary human test animals under the cover of combat operations]. Source stated that the regional blackout was covered-up by a senatorial hearing held by John McCain who scapegoated the responsibility onto a power company engineer in exchange for McCain's military records being permanently sealed. Under George W. Bush note the ongoing egregious political sanctions, the outings of my clandestine clearance to serve as a passive sanction for my assassination and the White House threat of an "invented criminal charge if I did not remain silent". Also detail the long list of weaponized electronic attacks against my communication equipment, "roving bug applications", warrantless wiretapping, espionage, illegal reverse targeting under FISA, the destruction of personal property by aerial [New Honda had battery exploded in driveway] and hard line EMP, and being told I'll never find employment again in America [Office wall clock stopped at time corresponding month and year of my birth when using EST]. Note FBI sneak and peek search that occurred when taking a trip to Seattle, WA to explore a university. The pre-confirmed reservation with a Marriott hotel overlooking a lake, included our being given a room with a doorjamb pried open 3/4 of an inch so an agent could look into the room and unlock the mechanism with their finger like I did. We were delayed several hours until the hotel maintenance man fix it with a heavy metal security plate. The Marriott refused to give us a different room stating the hotel was booked with a pet food manufacturing convention...I'm certain this was a lie and another shadow layer of government using businesses to spy on Americans under contracts as national security contractors and members of the FBI's InfraGard Program. When I returned home to my office the FBI let me know they had been there. After seeing my proud-to-me wall with pictures, the sneak and peek agents removed a stack of FBI 302 reports that I had securely placed between a stack of six books and set those documents squarely on the floor at my office door...a head's up. Before the government went completely south under Bush-Cheney, I was not blackballed or blacklisted by the FBI...even though I still have my sources and contacts. When the FBI's email system was hacked, in hindsight I have suspicions this was a Rovian tactic to find out what agents were looking at. Both the Portland FBI and my private office where penetrated electronically under Bush...coincidently we were all using the identical software security programs. Describe the government's use a former clandestine federal agent [JWD] whom I assisted a special prosecutor to send to prison in 2000-2001 for the theft of government funds. JWD was released as a federal felon and detailed/orchestrated by his former agency administrators to conduct ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations against my home, family and person. On or about 2004-2005 that same criminal actor physically assaulted me while I was near death from

chemotherapy and radiation treatments; 36 security notices were filed and went unanswered by blackops administrators. Still later after crossing paths with JWD while driving an identified company vehicle, this federal felon cost me the only job I could find since leaving the FBI...where I promoted to a department supervisor in three months after being hired on 9.11 and randomly drug tested at 9:11 am that same date. Note SSA Sensitive Operations Division complicit criminal conspiracy and their own federal judge [former JAG, Honolulu investigated U.S. sub sinks Japanese fishing ship] virtually charging same in letters while stating I'll never receive a fare hearing for Social Security Disability Benefits...also 911 anti-Semitic telephone harassment by two SOD agents, the loss of my classified file and PsyOps dates, warrantless wiretapping of my communications with my attorney, other SSA PC tampering, and Google, Inc.'s accidental release of over 300 emails harvested by them as a NSA shadow contractor that violated HIPAA, national security laws, and my stated and federal constitutional rights [letters between myself and attorneys, doctors, USDOJ, judges, U.S attorneys involving classified matters, personal communications with state governors; etal.] Notate the commonalities and the repeated frequency of occurrences used as PsyOps under the four principles of the CIA Torture Paradigm and explain "no touch" invisible physical torture as coined by one of my mentors, Professor Alfred W. McCoy. Note the micro and macro concentrations employed against specific and randomly targeted individuals as whistleblowers, truth tellers and activists...and how these erosive formulas for systematic systemic genocide and negative eugenics have been expanded and blankets over the rank and file populations within the world of human beings. Remark if a 3rd and hopefully a 4th, 5th and 6th political party system does not emerge after the reelection of Obama, how the constitutionally ruling majority of the 99%, which is the America people, will rapidly die within the continuing compression of a nonrepresentative political gulag and virtual death camp environment...the human beings are being psychologically herded on the PsyOps chessboard where their actual enemies are waiting several squares ahead. Obama who unlike Bush at least can string a coherent sentence, in many ways is worse than his executive facilitator predecessor. Obama enjoys summary executions without legal due process, an unusual behavior for a former constitutional law professor. Obama orders the SEALS to allegedly assassinate Osama bin Laden, the Bush Bin Laden families' complicit CIA asset and Carlyle oil trading partner who was necessary for the igniting of the fuse leading towards the economic collapse and overthrow of the U.S. via the false flag operation on 911. Obama and those orchestrating him then neutralize the SEAL team out of Virginia Beach, VA. In other words the way we do anything is the way we do everything. Meaning if a CIA sniper assassinates a world leader, they simultaneously have their jackal assets blow up the building to cause the distracting appearance of a crude and violent rebel insurgent attack to destroy the body of evidence along with the bullet hole. Likewise on 911, CIA assets were psychologically manipulated through counterintelligence reverse PsyOps tactics to hijack commercial jetliners into building and the ground to conceal the controlled demolitions of same. Rudy Giuliani affected a crime scene cleanup to further contaminate and destroy evidence while failing to trying and work his mobbed up connections into the Bush cabinet. Meanwhile the 911 hijacked jetliner that crashed in PA, also served to perpetuate the villain verses hero scenario necessary to perpetuate endless wars for profit by the false prophets supporting the corporatist agenda of processing the total aggregate of the world into a commodity. All of the hijacked 911 jetliners had the same experimental avionics to remotely control cabin pressure as did golfer Payne Stewart's Learjet32. Stewart's jet took off from next to an adjacent CIA airstrip and after losing cabin pressure at altitude, all onboard died in ten seconds. A clandestine federal agent communicated that based on SOP, an F-16 was instantly scrambled [unlike on 911] and once the pilot visually confirmed that the plane was on autopilot and all were dead onboard, he/she shot-down the LearJet over an uninhabited area. Possibly a dry run for 911.