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Teradata 5300 Server

Large-Scale, MPP Teradata Platform

Data Warehousing > Hardware

Teradata 5300 and Teradata Database: an integrated solution with optimized system performance

In todays fast-paced, ever-changing, competitive environment, your data warehouse must support higher performance, availability to guarantee response, and scalability to accommodate business growth. Only the Teradata 5300 meets these needs to become the most dependable, highest performing, massively parallel processing (MPP) server ever to be released in a Teradata solution. Designed for large-scale data warehousing, these servers offer a new baseline in speed and performance that surpasses all previous standards for applications scaling from 400 GB to an excess of 100 TB. The Teradata 5300 features industry-leading Intel technology with Teradata valueadded components, such as Teradatas proven BYNET interconnect technology that enables the worlds fastest complex queries and offers true, linear performance scalability. This combination ensures the consistent dependability required to collect, store, and analyze critical business data. The Teradata 5300 systems can adapt and change along with your business.

Designed specically for large-scale data warehousing

> Optimum utilization of Teradata architecture and proven BYNET technology in a decision support environment > MPP BYNET Interconnect enables true linear performance scalability > Centralized and simplied administration via the specialized Server Management subsystem and Administration WorkStation (AWS) > Teradata 5300 systems expand incrementally as business demand increases > Choice of operating systems: UNIX or Microsoft Windows > Expand on initial investment without replacing the system > Coexists with Teradata 5300 systems and next generation Teradata MPP platforms

Unparalleled in its scalability, the system accommodates future growth of your business by expanding incrementally from two to 512 nodes. Backed by awardwinning professional services, support, and the strength of Teradatas demonstrated data warehousing expertise, the Teradata 5300 offers the solid foundation you need to protect your data and your investment, securing the growth needed for leadership in todays business environments.

Best value for your investment

Investment protection

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Teradata 5300 Server

Large-Scale, MPP Teradata Platform

Processors > Two Intel Pentium III 1.4GHz processors per node > 512KB cache per processor > 133MHz Front Side Bus Memory > Expandable to 6 GB ECC PC133 SDRAM for Windows 2000 application nodes: 4GB for Teradata and MP-RAS > Dual memory channel > Two-way interleaving, 2.1GB/sec max throughput I/O > Six full-length PCI slots per node > Four 64-bit/66 MHz slots > Two 32-bit/33 MHz slots > Integrated dual redundant 10/100 network controllers > Quad Fiber Channel at 1GB per second, per port > Quad Ultra SCSI channels at 80MB and 40MB per second, per port MPP Interconnect BYNET V2 and V2.1 > Fault Tolerant Interconnect via Dual Redundancy > BYNET v2 enabling linear scalability up to 512 MPP nodes > Self conguring, full diagnostic capability > 120MB per second per node bandwidth on dual redundant networks > BYNET v2.1 64-bit PCI adapters for optimal MPP node speed Internal Backup Devices > Four 18GB hard drives standard > 5th 18GB or 36GB hard drive optional > 4mm or 8mm tape 20/40GB available

Connectivity > Up to 5 LAN connections > Supported connectivity via PCI:Ethernet 10/100/1000, FDDI, Token Ring > Optional IBM Channel (ESCON) for Teradata RDBMS Mixed OS > Ability to mix operating systems, UNIX SVR4 MP-RAS UNIX and Microsoft Windows 2000, within one MPP system Administration WorkStation (AWS) > Customer choice of Microsoft Windows or UNIX AWS consoles > Single point of system administration and management for the entire MPP system with local or remote system monitoring > The Windows AWS provides single operational view and management of Mixed OS MPP system > Connected via Ethernet LAN to AWS console > Multiple paths to processing nodes > Enables management of external disk subsystems External Data Storage > Teradata Enterprise Storage > Teradata 6290 Disk Array Subsystems (EMC) > Teradata External Tape Storage Cabinet Specications > Height: 77 in. (195.6 cm) > Width: 24.5 in. (62.6 cm) > Depth: 40 in. (101.6 cm) > Weight: 1245 lbs. (564.9 kg) > Operating Temperature: 50 F to 104 F (10 C to 40 C) > Voltage Range: 208/220/230/240 > Frequency: 50-60Hz > Current: 30 Amps > Power: 2700 Watts > Dual AC: Congurable > Compliant with U.S. and International Safety and Emissions Standards

Operating Environment
> Teradata Database System for UNIX and Windows 2000 > UNIX SVR4 MP-RAS > Microsoft Windows 2000 High Availability > Internal uninterruptible power (via hot pluggable battery backup) > Dual A/C (enables power from two different grids for maximum uptime) > Hot Pluggable Components fault resilient fan modules, redundant power supplies, fault tolerant interconnect

Support Services
Global Support > 20,000 service personnel, 1,200 service locations, 120 countries > 24x365 availability Warranty Support > 1-year remote and on-site hardware support, operating system problem resolution > Software patches and maintenance releases > 24-hour incident reporting > Basic system installation Enterprise System Support > ESS Enhanced Support > ESS Business Critical Support Implementation Services (all optional) > Staging Services > Power Protection & Cabling Services > Supplemental Installation Services Network & Management Services > Full suite available

MP-RAS 5300 MPP 2-512 Microsoft Windows 2-512

BYNET and UNIX SVR4 MP-RAS are trademarks of Teradata Corporation. Intel and Pentium are registered trademarks of Intel Corporation. Microsoft, Windows NT, and Windows 2000 are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Teradata continually improves products as new technologies and components become available. Teradata, therefore, reserves the right to change specifications without prior notice. All features, functions, and operations described herein may not be marketed in all parts of the world. Consult your Teradata representative or Teradata.com for more information. Copyright 2004-2007 by Teradata Corporation All Rights Reserved. Produced in U.S.A.

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