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March 8, 2012

Mount Allisons

Believing that history is herstory too since 1872

Independent Student Newspaper

Vol. 141 Iss. 19

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MtA Environmental Audit: Find out where the university is falling short on its environmental commitments. News Page 3 SAC seeks student opinion: Get the details on the SAC referendum to determine continued membership in the NBSA. News Page 6 Bargain Shopping 101: Get all the tips and tricks for sale shopping, second hand shopping, and shopping the change of seasons. Arts&Lit Page 7 New Blood: Scientists have discovered the proteins that make two new blood types, allowing for even better screening for blood transfusions. Sci/Tech Page 23
The Mount Allison Womens Hockey team fell short to UPEI in the final, after their most successful season on record.
Mount Allison/Sue Seaborn

Mounties fall short in title game

Wray Perkin
Sports Writer
It was a tough way to finish off what was a great season, but the Mount Allison Womens Hockey Mounties just seemed to run out of steam in the end, falling 3-0 in the AUS Championship game to the UPEI Panthers on Sunday. The Mounties, who finished third in the AUS in the regular season, were matched up with the U de M Aigles Bleues and the STU Tommies in Pool B, and took to the ice for the first time in the playoff tournament Friday night against STU. A powerplay goal by Katie Brewster put the Tommies up 1-0 in the second, and all seemed doomed for the Mounties as they pulled the goaltender in the dying moments of the game for the extra attacker, looking for the equalizer. After Cassidy McTaggert missed the empty net, the play proceeded down the ice, where Courtney King slammed home the tying goal with 54 seconds left in regulation. A penalty taken by the Mounties at the final buzzer gave the Tommies another powerplay, and they capitalized 51 seconds into overtime, giving the Mounties one very important point with the overtime loss. The overtime loss meant that the Mounties would need to beat U de M in regulation to advance to the final, and Saturday nights matchup will go down as one of the most thrilling comebacks in AUS playoff history. The Mounties found themselves down 2-0

Blues show better than ever

Ian Malcolm
Argosy Correspondent
What looks like Nickleback, but sounds like the Black Keys? Moreland & Arbuckle, of course! But far from being merely the butt of my illconceived jabs, these two grizzled bluesman showed the Roadhouse who was boss with their dazzling electric blues in an engaging performance last Saturday. As their press-kit humbly states, "guitarist Aaron Moreland and harpist/vocalist Dustin Arbuckle have spent nearly a decade exploring the edges of American roots music, forging a relentless and haunting sound that merges Delta blues, folk, rock, traditional country, soul and numerous other echoes and murmurs from an infinitely layered musical narrative that spans more than a century." True words indeed. With their hard-hitting garage-rock sound, M&O brought even the bleakest blues to raging, rollicking life on the stage of perennial Sackville favourite, George's Fabulous Roadhouse. As Arbuckle, Moreland, and their more-thancapable drummer first plugged in their vintage amps around nine, it looked like the denizens of Sackville had been expecting a seated affair. Fortunately, no such luck was to be had the music spoke for itself, and less than an hour later, the floor of George's was replete with all able-bodied attendees both on their feet and grooving. The group tore through a energetic set, and despite the arguable formal limitations of the blues, nobody got tired of those same three chords. Perfectly bridging the gap between old-school hard rock, virtuosic guitar blues, and catchy original melodies, these guys hit where it hurt. Audience enthusiasm only increased as the show wore on. After a brief intermission, the band retook the stage to enthusiastic applause. Needless to say, nobody made the mistake of sitting down the second time around. At one point a particularly inebriated audience member even attempted a stage dive I don't use the



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Music Auditions
Mt. A hosts first ever audition prep session for high school students planning to pursue music. ARTS, PAGE 7

Vandana Shiva
The world renowned activist and eco-feminist spoke at Mt. A last weeksee what she had to say. FEATURES, PAGE 27

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March 8, 2012


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Top Left: Moreland and Arbuckle from Kansas played Saturday March 3 at Georges Roadhouse. Top: Bolivia entertain an eager crowd at Georges Roadhouse Friday March 2. Bottom Left: Lea Foy (centre), participating in the Sweden exchange, poses with the friends after visiting Sundsvalls Kulturmagasinet which houses a museum, art gallery, library and cafe.

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Federal student summer job centres to close, move online

CUP Ontario Bureau Chief
TORONTO (CUP) The federal government is closing job centres that help students find seasonal summer employment, shifting its services online to save $6.5 million a year. The offices, called Service Canada Centres for Youth, were open temporarily from May from August to offer job-finding advice and career-building tips to youth aged 15-24. The number of students visiting these sites has significantly decreased over the years, making them less effective and relevant for today's youth, said Alyson Queen, spokesperson for Human Resources and Skills Development Minister Diane Finley. Young Canadians have told us that they want to access more government services online, so as a result we are expanding our website with more resources to help them find employment. While Finley announced on Jan. 27 that services were moving to the governments youth employment site, there was no mention in that announcement that the centres would be closing. Diverse reaction has followed the announcement. It doesnt surprise me, because this government has shown its willingness to cut its expenses on the backs of the most vulnerable, said Liberal MP for Papineau Justin Trudeau, the party's critic for youth and post-secondary education. Young people, unfortunately, are easy targets in that sense. The centres provided career advice such as resume writing and interview techniques, and were stationed country-wide with about 100 in Ontario alone. There might be a good reason to move important aspects of these job centres online, but the other side of it is you probably need, more than ever, good forms of training, coaching and development of skills

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University releases environmental audit

Audit results show room for university improvement
Rachel Gardner
News Editor


Do or do not, there is no try, says the 2011 Environmental Audit, quoting the famous words of Yoda. The audit, which examines the environmental sustainability of Mount Allison, was released in February and focused on twelve recommended areas to improve, particularly in the lack of coordination between environmental groups, inaction on university environmental policies, and the need for a comprehensive Energy Plan to guide evolving projects. In conjunction with Director of Facilities Management Rob MacCormack, three students carried out research for the audit between May and mid-August 2011. Third-year student Naomi Martz, one of three student auditors who Internet Photo/Mount Allison University compiled the report, commented on the reports findings, stating that she The 2011 Environmental Audit was carried out this past summer by students Naomi Martz, Caitlyn Schwaer, and Kate Ritchie. had been surprised to find the lack The report detailed a need for greater collaboration of environmental groups and action on unfilfilled environmental policies. of coordination of environmental projects. For me, one of the biggest Campbells 2009 statements on the 2012. MacCormack explained that of the University Environmental three years is too soon. The data, surprises was seeing how many University website that [t]his new the 2011 audit went through an Committee] and that it was up theres nothing being changed. communication gaps exist between policy, with specific strategies and administration review process that to him and the Environmental When asked if approval was needed different people in the targets, gives delayed its release to the University. Committee to release it. to make this change to time lapsed campus community, us new heights It involved having people review Although audits up to 2002 were between audits, MacCormack said: For me, one of the comments Martz. to reach and the audit and give comments, an carried out every two years, audits Nope. Im sort of the one who does biggest surprises was There are many will no doubt editing of the document itself, said after 2002 were carried out every it, up to now. seeing how many people working hard be a critical MacCormack. I made sure the three years, in direct opposition to Martz expressed some concerns communication on environmental element in our auditors were involved every step of Mount Allisons Environmental that the University is not following gaps exist between initiatives and projects work towards the way, and didnt change anything Policy, established in May 1999. their mandated biannual audit. people in the campus but not very much becoming an without them. Under this policy, the Environmental Having some sort of environmental community. collaboration or even greener, Professor and Head of the Committee is mandated to conduct review process more often means that discussion between sustainable Geography and Environment a biannual environmental audit these subjects are, at the very least, each of these individual Naomi Martz campus, no Department Michael Fox expressed to assess the progress being made being talked about more frequently, areas of progress. Student auditor interim targets frustration with the delayed timing by the University, contradictory to states Martz. I know that there Another area have been of the report. I usually use the information published on the Mt. A has been talk at the Environmental of concern is the established or environmental audit in my courses website on Feb. 20 that states: it is Issues Committee about how to Universitys inaction on its Emissions set by the University in regards to on sustainability, said Fox. I reviewed every two to three years. make the auditing process more Reduction Policy established in April this policy to date. kept bothering [the University I found [the audits findings] werent effective in terms of accountability 2009, which required interim targets Some concerns where raised on the Environmental Committee] changing, states MacCormack, in and facilitating progress, but the fact to be set by December 31, 2010, for delayed release of the environmental throughout the fall. They finally responding to the reasoning behind that the University is not following goals and actions for 2012, 2015, audits findings, which were said to me one day that they had the change in time lapse between its own policy is problematic in and 2020. Despite initial enthusiasm compiled in August, and only submitted the audit in August. They audits. I thought every two years itself. expressed in President Robert released six months later in February said it was with Rob Inglis [Chair was too soon Im thinking every

Mt. A hosts spring open house

Argosy/Janelle Belyea

Over 200 prospective students visited Mount Allison University on Friday, March 2 for the spring open house. The day included guided tours, a review of residence life, and a lunch at Jennings Hall.


March 8, 2012


United Nations expert discusses limitations and reform

loud UN the Security Council and General Assembly in which political representatives act on the interests of their member states and the quiet UN the 55 000 civil servants who work around the globe in the UNs various agencies and departments. The latter receive less media and public attention but, according to von Sponeck, their roles are important and their motives genuine. He concluded his presentation with six main points: The UN will be as vibrant as the citizens of member states allow it to be; UN Internet Photo/CIS Mount Allison reform must involve reworking the Former UN Assistant Secretary General Dr. Hans von Sponeck financial structure of the UN and visited Mt. A during CISs UN Week from February 27 to March 2. finding political will; normative work is creditable and important; the two year career with the UN UN makes important peacekeeping began with the United Nations contributions; the UN must develop Development Programme, going on a stronger mechanism for mediation; to posts in Ghana, Turkey, Botswana, and accountability is necessary for Pakistan, India, Geneva and New building greater multilateralism. York. He is a former Assistant Von Sponecks visit was organized Secretary General, and was the by the Centre for International United Nations Humanitarian CoStudies (CIS) as part of its week on ordinator for Iraq from 1998 to 2000 the UN. The week began with a panel Rebecca Dixon during which he oversaw the Oilfeaturing three Mt. A professors, for-Food programme. von Sponeck and included a film screening and Argosy Correspondent resigned in February 2000 in protest discussion with von Sponeck, who of the international also visited five policy toward Iraq, classes during his While many have grown skeptical including punitive visit. CIS is a joint CIS wanted to take a of the role of the United Nations in sanctions whose s t u d e n t-f a c u l t y closer look and really resolving the worlds most pressing effects were felt run organization discover what role problems, Dr. Hans von Sponeck most poignantly whose mandate is the United Nations thinks that there is a case to be made felt by the general to engage students, played in the 21st for not losing faith in this institution. population. century, and how these faculty, and the Over the course of his three day The UNs failure shortcomings could be wider community visit at Mount Allison, he critically to be an effective across disciplines addressed. engaged students on the subject of force in mediating in critical learning, UN failure and reform, emphasizing decisions, such as Amanda Bergmann dialogue, and the spirit of its founding principles. the United States CIS co-student i n n o v a t i v e , [Lloyd Axworthy] came to invasion of Iraq, as coordinator c o l l a b o r a t i v e the UN Security Council and he well as to engage action on pressing reminded the Council members of member states on global issues. something that is so obvious but current situations such as those in CIS co-student coordinator its forgotten very often, and that is, Syria and Iran were examples used by Amanda Bergmann explained how The United Nations was created for von Sponeck in his keynote speech, focusing on the UN this week meets the benefit of all member countries Realities and Restrictions of United the organizations mandate: of the United Nations. All. And Nations Reform. News coverage today has been that spirit should prevail in how we The United Nations cannot be predominantly focused on the conduct our international relations in the business of regime change, shortcomings of the United Nations [] we must enable this world body stated von Sponeck. If we start in in the cases of Syria and Iran. CIS to do what Lloyd Axworthy has the Security Council to debate the wanted to take a closer look and said, and that is do something which removal of governments, thats the really discover what role the United benefits all of us. And big deal here, I end of the United Nations. We can Nations played in the 21st century, can say, because its all in here, in this talk about putting pressure, but the and how these shortcomings could UN Charter, it does say that. And call for regime change cannot be be addressed. there is no United Nations member something that is discussed. Dr. von Sponecks keynote lecture country which has not accepted Encouraging students not to will be available online. that. dismiss the UN entirely, von Sponeck With notes from Alissa Andrews Dr. Hans von Sponecks thirtymade the distinction between the and Jack Britton.

SAC reviews referendum questions

Rachel Gardner
News Editor

Centre for International Studies hosts week on the UN

VP Campus Life Michael Watkins and Environmental Affairs Coordinator Keleigh Annau presented their referendum question to the Student Administrative Council (SAC) regarding the addition of a student levy to cover costs in the creation and maintenance of the bicycle co-op. Social Sciences Senator Natalie Brunet asked that the question be revised to provide a whereas clause to the beginning of the question for greater context, with VP External Mark Kroeker asking that the question be tabled to the end of the meeting. After reading the revisions, Off-Campus Councillor Stephen Spence suggested that the whereas clause be condensed and reinserted into the question. After Spences revisions were approved, with three votes opposed to the revisions, a short discussion followed on the question, and the final question. Next, SAC President Pat Joyce motioned to approve a question on the Student Refugee Program (SRP) for the Mount Allison chapter of World University Services of Canada (WUSC). VP Finance and Operations Pat Losier inquired into previous financial difficulties of past SRP students, to which WUSC President Lydia Blois responded that a student had previously dropped out because they were unable to financially pay for school fees. After brief discussion, the SAC voted unanimously in favour of the motion to approve the referendum question. Kroeker motioned that the SAC approve a question asking students to approve membership with the NBSA Referendum, which would be subject to ratification by two-thirds of Council. Kroeker detailed a brief history of the NBSA, explaining that in a meeting held on February 26, the NBSA asked members for increased financial commitment to help improve the effectiveness of the organization, asking to increase fees by $1.50 per student. After searching through records between 2004 and present-day, Kroeker stated that there had been no indication that a referendum concerning continued membership with the NBSA had ever taken place. After some discussion on the history of the NBSA with the SAC, and minor discussion on the motion, the Council voted unanimously in favour of approving the referendum question. As the meeting neared an end, fourth-year student Alex MacDonald asked if the referendum questions met section 2.3 of the referendum act, which states that [t]he questions put forward through section 2.2 must have established wording and be neutrally phrased. Joyce responded to MacDonald, stating that: I would love to hear from any Councillors who are responsible for upholding those policies whether they think that there was any biased language there. I dont feel that there was, but if anyone else does than I would love to bring up the issue and perhaps consider if we want to remove those. With a brief period of silence falling over the room, Spence eventually responded that he had been considering whether Council had been biased in regards to the NBSA, in which the will of Council seems to be fairly straightforward that we would prefer to continue our membership, but concluded by saying that this is much less to do with a bias or a lack of neutrality but more to the fact that students at Mount A arent quite aware of the lobbying of the VP External and the lobbying that we do. Conversation subsequently ended after this comment. VP Academic Erik Fraser stated that the University Senate had approved a challenge for credit option at Mt. A. This option would allow students who feel confident in the subject matter of a course to challenge the faculty for credit for the course without enrolling in it. The student would pay half of the cost of course tuition, write an exam on the course material, and then receive a pass or fail mark. This would allow students with relevant work or real-world experience to a course to gain credit for it on their degree. Spence asked whether a fail on the exam would show up on your GPA, to which Fraser responded that it would only show as a failed challenge on your transcript.

Referendum Questions Approved:

Senate approves Challenge for Credit option

Van Katwyk named winner of Crake-Sawdon award

Mr. Sasha Van Katwyk, an International Economics and Politics Major at Mount Allison University, has been named this years winner of the Crake-W. B. Sawdon Award for Student Journalism. The Crake Foundation established this award during the 2001-2002 academic year in honour of Mr. W. B. Sawdon, a former editor of The Argosy and publisher of the Sackville Tribune Post. Each year, this award recognizes the student who has made the most outstanding contribution to student print journalism. Born in 1917, William Boyle Sawdon became Editor-inChief of The Argosy in 1939, before leaving for Europe to fight in WW II. After the war, he remained in Europe to work in reconstruction before coming back to Canada to resume a career in journalism with The Sackville Tribune. Sawdon continued to be a strong supporter of Mount Allison, serving with both the Crake and Bell Foundations and as a member of the Universitys Board of Regents. In selecting Sasha Van Katwyk for this award, the committee was impressed with the breadth of his involvement in all areas of print journalism. Mr. Van Katwyk started as a float writer and has gone on to play many roles at The Argosy, including Features Writer and Features Editor, Production Manager and Office Manager. In particular he has been instrumental in reviewing the constitution and by-laws of the student newspaper, as well as reorganising and harmonising physical work spaces at The Argosy. We congratulate him on his accomplishments and contributions and wish him every success in the future.


The Argosy



Global Brigades face security concerns

Successful time in Honduras despite increased gang violence
Carly Levy
News Writer
The Universitys chapter of Global Brigades travelled to Honduras this past reading week, despite high tension and a potentially dangerous situation in the country. Mount Allison students travelled just days after a deadly prison fire in the Honduran capital, at a time when the Central American nation is facing increased social instability and elevated insecurity. On February 15, a fire overtook Comayagua prison, just north of the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa. The fire occurred hours before the Mount Allison Global Brigades delegation was set to start their two day journey to the country. The prison, overcrowded by approximately 300 inmates, called in experts to determine the cause of the blaze which was found to be accidental. They determined the cause of the fire to be an inmate who had fallen asleep while smoking. Inmates were trapped in their cells burning and suffocating, as firemen tending the flames reported safety and security. [T]here was no concern on my part whether or not we should go, he said. When the group discovered that the Peace Corps left because drug- and gang-related violence was escalating, Vice President of the Mt. A Public Health Brigade Daniela Fernandez said that they wanted people to be aware of the situation. Fernandez said that people had a lot of concerns after coming back from the Christmas break, and the group made sure everyone was informed of the circumstances in the country. We had an open dialogue with Global Brigades [and our group], she said, and explained that the organization takes safety very seriously and has measures in place to ensure security of the group at all times. According to Fernandez, however, some students did withdraw from the trip because of safety concerns. The group is accompanied by the Honduran National Police and members of the military, travels in caravans and lives in a compound well off the beaten track while in the country. The Global Brigades volunteer trip to Honduras has never been cancelled thus far, and both Stone and Fernandez agreed that if it wasnt completely safe to go, neither the University nor the organization would have endorsed the trip. Both organizers who met with The Argosy reported that this years trip was an overall success.

Argosy/Rosanna Hempel

The Mount Allison chapter of Global Brigades travelled to Honduras from February 16- 24, facing questionable safety concerns with a prison outbreak days before and the extraction of US Peace Corps.
difficulty in finding guards with keys to free the prisoners. Upwards of 360 prisoners were killed in what has been called the deadliest prison fire in a century. According to the UN, escalating violence in South America is related to drug trafficking and has reached alarming and unprecedented levels. Located in one of the most violent areas in the world, Honduras, among other countries in the region, has one of the highest homicide rates globally, now five times higher than Mexico. The increased crime is the result of drug-related activities, says a UN news report, and has resulted in the extraction of US Peace Corps workers from the country for security reasons. Over eighty students from Mt. A went to Honduras in spite of reports stating the country was unstable and plagued with gang violence. I never felt it wasnt safe to go, said Mt. A Global Brigades President Chris Stone, who said that the group closely monitored the news and kept in frequent contact with Global Brigades on the ground in Honduras for updates on the situation. Stone explained that the violence is mainly localized in the capital city of Tegucigalpa,while the group works in more remote and rural villages reviewed by Global Brigades for

SAC seeks student opinion

Referendum will determine continued NBSA membership
Carly Levy
News Writer
The Student Administrative Council (SAC) recently approved the submission of a referendum question to students, asking whether or not Mount Allison should remain a member of the New Brunswick Students Alliance (NBSA). The motion, presented at last weeks SAC meeting by VP External Mark Kroeker, asks students to weigh in on the continued membership of the Mt. A Students Union in the NBSA. Kroeker elaborated on the proposed referendum, stating that the Board of the NBSA is looking for a fee increase, and as such, the SAC investigated into the process of asking students to approve the increase. We could not find a record of a referendum clearly outlining that students had approved [the current fee of] $3.50/person, Kroeker reported. According to the VP, there are no records of a referendum approving membership with the NBSA when it changed from the Canadian Federation of Students-New Brunswick to the NBSA in 1994. Kroeker stated that despite looking through SAC records back to 2004, he could not find a previous referendum regarding membership in the NBSA. For this reason, the SAC has decided to seek approval from students to continue membership with the NBSA, rather than seeking out approval for a fee increase. The NBSA is a lobby group which, according to their website, represents over 16 000 students from six campuses and one community college in the province. The mandate of the NBSA is that the organization will advocate for New Brunswick students on post-secondary education issues. Formerly known as the New Brunswick Coalition of Students, the organization was formed in 1982 when the provincial branch of the Canadian Federation of Students was seen as ineffectively representing the needs of NB students. After a slight decline in participation led to a brief hiatus in the early nineties, the NBSA was rejuvenated and by the mid 2000s, a full time executive director position was created, marking the beginning of major accomplishments in the form of changes in government due to lobbying efforts of the NBSA. In recent years, the organization has succeeded in its efforts to the issues, asserting that the board raise awareness of student issues. was divided, little progress on any In the 2008 budget, the Graham idea was being made and said, Government announced the NB some members felt that having an Student Loan debt cap of $26 executive director was not a good 000, introduced a new repayment resource to spend the student fees program, and the Timely Completion on. Benefit program. Cormier completed her term Melissa Cormier as director in was hired as the December 2010. executive director With the NBSA, it Despite the of the NBSA in operates at maximum circumstances June 2009 and says potential as soon of Cormiers [her] time with as students on the departure, she the organization board have a united still considers was an overall voice and combine the organization very positive their efforts towards to be absolutely e x p e r i e n c e . a common goal of vital. She advises Working with the accessible education students to executive at the for all. consider that their time, Cormier met universitys student with ministers and Melissa Cormier councils policy key stakeholders in Former NBSA priorities may not the post-secondary Executive Director necessarily reflect education sphere those of another lobbying for institution, saying a tuition freeze, and proposing that with the NBSA, it operates changes to the Timely Completion at maximum potential as soon as Benefit. students on the board have a united In November 2010, Cormier voice, and combine their efforts resigned, feeling that the towards a common goal of accessible organization was at an impasse. education for all. She continued to I regret to say that in my opinion explain that opposing positions that the organization was not headed occur on the board level impede the in a positive direction upon my progress that could be made on postdeparture, Cormier commented. secondary issues. She explained that the board Ahead of the proposed referendum, members had little consensus on current President of the NBSA Joey OKane gave The Argosy a rundown of current challenges facing the organization. He cites the current economic state of the province as a major barrier to bringing postsecondary issues to the forefront of government priorities, but he says that the NBSA is arguing that it is PSE that will ultimately be able to resolve the provinces deficit. Another problem OKane reports is difficulty maximizing the NBSAs potential without a [full time] staff member. The president explains that the executive is currently exploring the possibility of hiring an executive director, which OKane says will provide, growth and direction for the organization. This year, the NBSA is continually working on projects that would improve post-secondary education in the province. The Alliance has developed a three-pronged plan, which they hope will be able to put PSE at the top of the priority list for NB. The plan includes the creation of lobby documents and meetings with the government, encouraging candidates in the student association elections of member schools to include lobbying for improved postsecondary access in their platforms, and the group is also working on a video to be released to the general public of NB on March 15, outlining the importance of investment in PSE.


March 8, 2012


McGillLeaks publishes confidential internal documents

Anonymous group launches online platform for leaks
Erin Hudson
The McGill Daily (McGill University)
MONTREAL (CUP) - Documents from McGills Development and Alumni Relations (DAR), many of which are marked confidential or highly confidential, were posted online on March 3 by the anonymous group McGillLeaks. In a statement on its website, McGillLeaks announced its intention to release hundreds of documents over the next three weeks, starting with the release of DAR documents pertaining to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and defence industries. The documents were available to download from three different hosting web sites linked to on the McGillLeaks website until March 6. The links are no longer functional. The first release of documents contains donor and corporation profiles, correspondence pertaining to corporate funding, histories of corporate donations and relations, and industrial partnerships notably, a Memorandum of Understanding between McGill and Canadian pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline Inc. On its website, DAR states that its many programs and activities help the university establish and maintain strong relationships with alumni, donors, and potential donors. DAR employees report to vice-principal (development and alumni relations) Marc Weinstein. In its statement, McGillLeaks verified the authenticity of the documents on its website and stated that the contents of the documents have not been altered. McGillLeaks outlines three goals for its public release of the documents: to provide an account of a corporate universitys inner workings, to supply accurate information regarding McGills relations with the private sector and to create transparency. While not exhaustive in any sense, the documents are primary source material on the universitys role within the competitive market, and how it conceives of that role, the statement reads. We are cognizant of the fact that the methods used by McGill are similar to those of many other public research universities, and thus are relevant not only to those with an interest in McGill, it continues. The university has a policy regarding safe disclosure in recognition of the necessary and valuable service of the good faith reporting of improper activities (whistleblowing). The policy, approved in 2007, applies to all members of the McGill community, and such reports will not be considered cause for reprisal. Under the policy, an improper activity is an act or omission committed by a [member of the university community] that constitutes Academic Misconduct, Research Misconduct, or Financial Misconduct. The policy also states that, in all McGill activities, the university seeks to promote a culture based on honest, transparent, and accountable behaviour. It is unknown whether the safe disclosure policy would apply to McGillLeaks. In its statement, McGillLeaks discusses its leak of documents. We do not see the leak and the new level of transparency it produces as ends in themselves. These documents are only as important as your pursuant critical analysis and initiative, the statement reads. McGillLeaks states it will publish submissions of documents related to McGill that are classified, confidential, and/or not yet public. The group advises any contributions to be made anonymously and advises against contacting the group from the McGill network. On the morning of March 6, viceprincipal (external relations) Olivier Marcil released a statement to the Daily. This breach of confidentiality is an attempt to hurt the well-being of the university, and hurts individuals whose only intent is to support our students and professors. We deeply regret this invasion of their privacy, the statement read. According to the statement, the university has initiated a forensic analysis to determine the source of [the] violation of our confidential files, and we will take immediate legal action against those who are responsible. This information is gathered under the standard professional practices of philanthropy, the statement continued. The same statement was sent by DAR to alumni on March 5 and attributed to Weinstein. The release of confidential files has raised concerns over the protection of private information and general security in the campus community. In a March 6 email to all staff and students, Marcil indicated that McGill has called the police. Both the Daily and Canadian University Press received letters from the universitys lawyers, demanding that the sites take immediate necessary measures to remove any link that redirects users to the McGillLeaks site. The Daily and Canadian University Press have removed the links pending consultation with their lawyers.

This Week in the World

A weekly miscellany compiled by Scott Green
Tornadoes strike United States

At least thirty-nine people are dead after tornadoes wreaked havoc on ten US states. At least seventy-four tornadoes touched down in ten states between Thursday and Sunday. The storms destroyed homes, businesses, and farms, knocking out power lines along with Internet and cellphone services. Typically, the US sees the greatest amount of tornadoes in March. However, this first weekend proved to be the most deadly since March 1994, when forty people were killed.

Vladamir Putin wins Russian election

Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin declared victory in Russias presidential election on Monday. The fifty-five year old Putin, a former KGB officer, previously served two terms as the President of Russia consecutively from May 2000 to May 2008, after succeeding Boris Yeltsin. He was obligated to step down in 2008 after serving Russias limit of three consecutive terms. In the interim period, the now President-elect Putin served as Prime Minister to Dmitry Medvedev. Early reports indicate that Putin received more than sixty per cent of votes cast.

Taking action on student mental health

Surveys indicate high rates of depression amongst students
Rachel Gardner
News Editor
Amongst rising concerns about student mental health, the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada (AUCC) has formed a working group on mental health, chaired by Mount Allison President Robert Campbell, to make recommendations to the AUCC board and membership in April. The seven-member working group formed after a December 2011 AUCC workshop on mental health at universities, held in Toronto, and will review various universities policies, practices, and responses to student mental health. Campbell emphasizes the need for open discussion about mental health issues at universities. We have to de-stigmatize the issue and make it something that we talk about in the normal course of doing our business, said Campbell to University Affairs. Its only in that way that we are going to develop good policy. According to the Spring 2011 survey conducted by the National College Health Assessment, thirtyone per cent of North American year and provide about 800-900 counselling appointments per year. Change Your Mind Mt. A is a student group on campus that began this past September to raise awareness of and de-stigmatize issues surrounding student mental health. Change Your Mind Mount Allison started last fall when the student development counsellors applied for a government grant to hire an intern to spearhead a project they called the Mental Health Outreach Pilot Project (MHOPP), said intern Laura Gibbon. Once I was hired, we proceeded to recruit a team of peer educators who are student volunteers that help me carry out all the events that I am charged with planning. The group has put on a variety of student events to assist with student mental issues, including putting on a stress-free zone in Jennings, hosting a Blue Monday discussion on depression and seasonal affective disorder, and Self-Love week. Gibbon comments that the group hopes to raise awareness of the importance of mental health, rather than seeing it as a taboo topic. The biggest thing we can ask for from the Mt. A community and beyond is to be open to learning and discussing topics related to mental health, to educate themselves before making any snap judgments about someone living with a mental health issue, she states. I havent been disappointed yet the participation and interest have been great thus far.

Explosions in Brazzaville

A series of large explosions rocked the Congolese capital of Brazzaville on Sunday morning after a fire that began in a nearby building spread to an arms depot for decommissioned military weapons. As of Monday morning, 146 people were confirmed dead from these blasts. Along with the destruction of the munitions dump, several buildings around the site were destroyed, either by fires or the force of explosive blasts. Windows were blown out of buildings in the surrounding area, and blasts were heard and felt several miles away in both Congo and the neighbouring state of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

A 2011 survey by the National College Health Assessment indicates that 6.4 per cent of students have seriously considered suicide.
student respondents had felt so depressed that it was difficult to function and 6.4 per cent had seriously considered suicide in the past year. This issue has gained prominence as reports of suicides by Canadian university students have garnered attention over the past few years, particularly Michel Gariepy of the University of Ottawa in 2009 and Jack Windeler of Queens University in 2010. At Mt. A, students dealing with mental heath problems have access to individual counselling services, the Beautiful Minds peer forum, and the Mental Health Peer Educator program through the Wellness Centre. This fall semester, our counselling staff saw approximately 200 Mt. A students for counselling and provided approximately 450 counselling appointments in the fall term, said Mt. A Student Development Counsellor Jannah Tudiver, commenting that highest demand is generally around exam and mid-term seasons when students are under high academic pressure. In the last several years, we have seen an average of approximately 400-500 students per academic

Internet Photo/MacLeans

Couple sentenced in British witchcraft case

A couple has been sentenced in Britain for the 2010 murder of Kristy Bamu. Eric Bikubi, 28, and Magalie Bamu, 29, were sentenced to thirty years and twenty-five years respectively for the ritualistic killing of Kristy Bamu, a fifteenyear-old male, who the couple thought was a witch. During the trial, evidence was presented to Judge David Paget that Kristy was attacked with knives, sticks, metal bars, ceramic floor tiles, bottles, pliers, and a hammer and chisel by Bikubi and Bamu before being drowned in a bathtub as a form of ritualistic cleansing.

The Argosy



to meet individually with Dr. Wells to discuss how music admissions work in Canada. This is the first workshop of its kind in the Maritime Provinces. Although audition preparation courses are common in the United States and the United Kingdom, Canadian universities have been slower to catch on to the trend. However, Dr. Wells believes this initiative is important not just for students, but also for the University. It is important for the Music Department to give back to the community. Through this workshop, we reach students directly, helping them on the front lines, states Dr. Wells. She adds that the Department has sophisticated resources to help prepare students for auditions and life as a music student. We are particularly suited to doing this because we already have a very successful and inviting audition and interview process - auditioners always comment on the good experience they have. We have experts on performance, breathing and relaxation techniques, and performance anxiety. So we are uniquely equipped to provide exactly this kind of service. The first ever Music Audition Preparation Workshop was met with an overwhelmingly positive response from visiting students, and Wells states that the Department will continue to host similar workshops in the future.

Music Department hosts Music Preparation Workshop

Students get tips from faculty, music students on how to have a successful audition
Julia McMillan
Arts and Literature Editor

Choosing a university, a program, and a degree can be an overwhelming experience for high school students. For potential music students, the added task of preparing for life changing auditions can make the process even more stressful. This year, Mount Allison Universitys Music Department has implemented a program to ease the stress of the auditioning process, and give music students an edge on the competition. The department hosted their first ever Music Audition Preparation Workshop on March 2 and 3. Music Department Head, Dr. Elizabeth Wells, designed the program in an effort to give students more insight into how to prepare for an audition, what music schools look for in a prospective student, how to handle performance anxiety and how a music department functions in

Fifteen high school students interested in pursuing music at the post-secondary level participated in the first-ever Music Participation Workshop in the Maritimes at Mount Allison University.
general. [Students] are mystified and often terrified of getting up and performing for strangers, and they really don't know what to expect and what schools are looking for, explained Dr. Wells. Often, they don't know what kind of courses are involved in a university music program. So, we were able to cover all these bases in our workshop and allay people's fears. The two-day event was open to grade eleven and twelve students interested in pursuing music anywhere in Canada or the United

Argosy/ Roanna Hempel

States. Fifteen students gathered at their experiences studying music, and Mt. A to partake in how they prepared for the workshop. The [Students] are their own auditions. event offered lessons mystified and often The students also with the Music had the opportunity terrified of getting Departments awardto learn first hand winning faculty, a up and performing about what its like master class on the for strangers. to be a music student students instrument, through presentations and sessions on Dr. Elizabeth Wells likeStudying Music at sight-reading, theory University and Life Mount Allison as a Music Student. and aural skills. Music Department Parents were invited Participants also had the experience to speak to attend a session with current music students about entitled Careers in Music, as well as

Bargain Shopping 101: How to look stylish on a budget

Dont let student budgets cramp your personal style
Rosanna Leitner
Argosy Fashion Correspondent
Becoming a conscious consumer is a grand idea if you would like to save money. Living the student dream takes a significant sum out of the pockets; however, our inner fashionista still longs for the new sneakers or dress that we just cant seem to stop dreaming of. If you shop second hand (which is cheaper already), make sure to go when you have ample time. This will allow you to go through every rack and see what is offered. Rushing through the bins or hangers could result in missing out on a great find. As well, second hand clothing stores might be organized by size, but my suggestion is to grab whatever catches your eye. If you see something that might fit you, take it to try on before someone else snatches it. You might even be able to alter the piece and make it into something new and unique to you! When shopping for brand new clothes, check out the clearance racks in your favourite stores first. Items are often reduced by at least twenty per cent, and sometimes clothes, shoes, or accessories can experience a price drop of up to eighty per cent. If the trendy items are catching your eye, and you opt for something off the mannequin, analyze the piece in the changing room. Does it have some loose stitching or maybe a missing button? These little quirks, if asked politely at the register will result in a small price reduction. A handful of stores do not offer season specials or clearance sales, but look up your favourite stores and mark those dates on your calendar. Major savings can result from planning ahead and waiting to buy the new boots if one can wait until after Christmas or Easter. New stock arrives at the beginning of each season; therefore shopping towards the end of summer for example will also gain some savings. Aside from large sales, most stores have half-off days, or special deals. Check out the websites to see the dates, and before paying always ask if they offer a student discount! Before beginning your shopping adventure, set yourself a maximum spending amount. This makes you

Internet Photo/ hotdealcoupons buy the items that are necessary, and it will (hopefully at least!) keep you away from the new designer coat. Another thought is to review the pieces you have chosen, and give yourself three occasions where the piece can be worn too. For example, this new t-shirt can be dressed up with a blazer and be worn to a formal function, or the shirt can be paired with a cute skirt and sling-backs for a night out, and lastly the t-shirt can make you look classy while exploring the great outdoors. If shopping with friends, split deals such as three sweaters for $60, or buy one get one free. This method gives everyone a new piece to add to their collection but saves you enough change for a coffee. Going with friends can be beneficial, but it can also lead to overspending if one has a larger budget, or even pressures you into a buy. Only purchase pieces that make you feel wonderful and that you will actually wear. Going with the style can be fun, but do not buy an item simply because you want to look flashy by wearing a specific brand or new graphic. Spend your hardearned money on useful, practical and comfortable things that define you. Next weeks issue? Hollywood style!

Internet Photo/ Rookiemag


March 8, 2012


Politically Motivated Parody of a Polemical Satire A Modest Proposal: For preventing the savage children of Northumberland County from Being a Burden to Their Parents or to the Tax Payers, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public Part I of IV

Tyler Turcott
Argosy Correspondent
It is a melancholy object to those who walk through the savage grounds of this great county, where they see the pothole ridden streets, roads through waste; syringes to Sir Hortons cups, and shacks crowded

with inbreeds and alcoholics. A race importuning Canadians for alms, its hardly an honest livelihood. The sustenance between each shack is of little difference, all are from the same wretched squaw womb, thus the state of each shack is the same. A majority of these shacks shelter single mothers with a prodigious amount of children at their heels, and fathers, if present, are in a deplorable state of depression. I think it is agreed by all parties that these single mothers could have pursued academia or trade-school had they not been forced to employ all their time with a fetal alcohol child suckling at their breast; a very great additional grievance is that the circumstance of the mother is expected to be inherited by the suckling child and its siblings. It should come as no surprise then that the male is likely to fall into a bottle the moment he

discovers it will mitigate the contents of his spleen. It is a fair, cheap, and easy labour glaring at the colourful wheels on the video-terminal, but we know this is an acceptable means of giving back welfare to the tax payers of this great nation. The noble Savages who summon the courage to find refuge in urban areas of the county often fail from self inflicted wounds caused by substances of the new world. If there are any noble savages who defy the odds set against them before birth it will have been a success of their own merit, for our Conservative nation has always looked away from these wastelands. If there is any case of a savage who obtains a university degree, he should deserve so well as to have his statue set up for the preserver of his tribe. But my intention in this proposal is very far from being confined to the

savage reservations like that of Burnt Church in Northumberland County, but may be applied to reservations further west, such as the wasteland of Attawapiskat. This proposal will take in the whole number of savage children who attend public schools and do poorly; those who take the bus for an hour to and from the facility, who do not bring a lunch, who demand our charity, and who go home to their dysfunctional shacks day after day. As for my part, having witnessed countless times the circumstances here described, I have weighed several schemes to resolve this burden on the loyal tax payers. Tis true that a single child can be supported on the proceeds of welfare, but add three, even four siblings, plus the value of habitual substance, and the care for each child is destined to be diminished. Children

are a tumour on the addiction of their savage guardians; with pens and pads, clothes, lunches, endless supplies that add up to be a real parasite on their escape from an unintelligible world. I propose that instead of being a charge upon their parents, tax payers, and school boards, they shall on the contrary contribute to the feeding, and partly to the clothing of our noble Canadian soldiers. Let me employ the rationality behind this scheme: that it will prevent those abortions, and that horrid practice of savage women drowning their bastard children in the womb with sprits, or inadvertently causing trauma effecting higher learning; higher learning that will prove useless in a decades time when they will be refused for employment, as they say once a savage always a savage.

Student playwright and actors re-imagine traditional story

Original play Abel to premier later this month
Julia McMillan
Arts and Literature Editor
One of the many joys of theatre is that it has the power to transform the past, and bring new issues to light in a creative forum. Student playwright Spencer Yarnell and his cast of actors do just that in the original play, Abel. The show will be performed in the Convocation Hall foyer later this month. Abel is a unique adaptation of the traditional story from the biblical book of Genesis. Originally, the tale tells of two brothers: Cain, a crop farmer and his younger sibling, Abel, a shepherd. Cain kills Abel out of jealousy when God refuses his offering of produce, but accepts Abels offering to sacrifice his first-born sheep. Yarnell, along with actors Heather Baglole, Alisa Haugen-Strand, Justin Thomas and Francis Dowlatabadi put a new spin on the ancient story. The play deviates from the biblical tale by changing both Cain and Abels sex from male to female, drawing out themes of violence and identity, and giving voice to a formerly silenced character. I came across the Cain and Abel story and was fascinated. Then as I did research I realized there was nothing on Abel. I realized that this is true amongst a lot of culture. We always ask questions about those who commit violence, [but] never about those who have it committed against actors should be separated from them. It was then that I knew the play the audience because the things we had to be called Abel and it would be have that TV and movies can never about Abel. replicate are immediacy, reality, The play is about more than the and a full 360 degrees of audience original biblical story might suggest. awareness, states Yarnell. Abel delves into the complexities of He goes on to describe how human identity, and how examines exhilarating it can be to watch actors how experiences can shape who perform right in front of you, and we are, and more importantly, how how their performance can draw you people see us. into their lives and their experiences Yarnell explains that thematically onstage. the play is about how we as human I want the audience to be beings tend to erase e n v e l o p e d , or remember people surrounded and I always knew this based on what essentially devoured process was going happens to them, not by this experience to be risky, so I based on who they that is also devouring figured I might as are. You know how if Abel. well go for it. someone is attacked As a first time or heaven forbid a playwright, Yarnell girl gets raped, we Spencer Yarnell admits that the suddenly think of idea of writing Playwright of Abel and mounting his that girl as "the girl who got raped" we own play seemed stop thinking about daunting, but that them as full-fledged complex human overall the experience has helped him beings. to grow as an artist. He also credits The play also prompts the audience the collaborative effort of the plays to question the nature of violent, or actors with the creation of the play difficult situations, like the ones that and its story line. Abel encounters. Yarnell says he This process has been about wants people to question what power taking risks the entire way. I always we, as human beings, have to avoid knew this play this project was going these situations. to be risky so I figured I might as well The script isnt the only part of the go for it. show that breaks tradition. Instead Abel will be premiered alongside of adhering to conventional staging the production Palace of the End on methods, with the actors performing Friday March 23 at 8:00 pm, March on a stage in front of the audience, 24 at 2:00 pm and Saturday March 24 Abel is more of an interactive at 8:00 pm at Windsor Theatre Out of experience. The actors perform in and the Box, located in Convocation Hall. amongst the audience, making it feel Tickets are only 3.00$ for students, more like a real life experience than and are pay what you can during the a play. Saturday matinee. I don't believe that theatre and

Internet Photo/ siliconera

Visual novels, unlike comic books, share the text-heavy focus of novels with the technical and visual elements of video games.

Visual Novel Review: Katawa Shoujo By Konami Code

James Wilson
Argosy Correspondent
What would you do if your life took an unexpected turn? Would you adapt? Could you? Today I will be reviewing the visual novel Katawa Shoujo created by Four Leaf Studios. For those unfamiliar with visual novels they share the heavy text focus of a novel with technical aspects of a video game (save and load features, visual aids, non-linearness). The player is essentially reading a novel but at certain key points a series of choices are offered that can greatly effect the outcome of the story. The prologue opens with Hisao Nakai collapsing from a heart attack after receiving a confession from a girl he likes. Diagnosed with a serious case arrhythmia, Hisao is informed his condition needs constant monitoring and he cannot return to his old life. He is given the option to

attend Yamaku High School for the disabled. How he approaches his own condition and those of the people around him is an ongoing theme throughout the story. The story itself is organized into five main paths corresponding to each of the five heroines whom Hisao can befriend and perhaps romance. Each path was written by a different person, effectively giving them their own feel that matches the characters personalities well in my opinion. I was pleasantly surprised how this visual novel turned out. It would have been far too easy for the issue of disabilities to have been used as a gimmick. Instead everything seems to fit just so. As one character aptly sums up, "These things are only an issue if you let them be". The art style consists of fairly standard anime art for the characters on backgrounds that appear to be photographs photoshopped to have a painted look. Several themes of music are used to set the mood ranging from soothing to quirky to ominous. The game is freely available online from the Four Leaf Studios webpage and is licensed under the Creative Commons CC-BY-NC-ND.

The Argosy



The art of popular music

The Argosy looks at how, when and why to judge an album by its cover
Joel Young
Arts and Literature Writer
No, the Argosys Arts and Lit section has not gone crazy, and no, this article was not put in the wrong section by accident. Usually, popular music and its underground affiliates are filed under the Entertainment section of this great publication, but this week we take a different look (literally) at pop music. Im talking about album art, and all of the other visual components that are often bundled with the music we listen to every day. In the 21st century, the options for how you listen to your favourite music seem endless. At least, in terms of the amount of music you can listen to and the way that music reaches your ears. It almost seems strange to imagine a world where all the music you listen to either came from an AM radio or a grandiose twelve-inch vinyl disc, now that practically everyone owns some sort of portable ghetto-blaster that can play all the digital music you could dream of. Nevertheless, I think that the compulsion to look at what you are listening to is as strong as ever. In spite of the epic digitization of music that we are witnessing, the album art that I see at record shops and, more often, at concerts is as inventive and rich as it ever has been. I spoke with fine arts student Joe Chamandy about his philosophy of the art that accompanies music. Chamandy designs posters for local shows, and has done a handful of album designs for punk bands. If I have creative control, I generally prefer cryptic stuff, where its not plainly obvious who's in the band, what style they play and how to contact them some mystery, Said Chamandy. I like to try and stretch what you can get away with. I think that theres something more to a really great album cover than just a package to encourage you to listen to whats inside. The best album art both compliments and interprets the music that goes along with it. Take for instance Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims (Blue Note, 1956). All that you

Internet Photo/sweetmelissarecord see on the cover is the basic album information and a series of (mostly) yellow and (some) blue rectangles atop a green background. Why does this work? Its cool, its minimalist and it doesnt make the music seem like a consumer product. It does, however, subtly point towards the blue notes notes contained in the modal jazz heard on the recording. Sometimes really bad album art can be inspirational, like Queens The Miracle (Capitol, 1989). The heads of Queens four members are photoshopped together to form a single head with eight eyes and four noses. Its a ridiculous concept, but it makes me want to listen to the record to see if it is as strange as the design concept. But perhaps a simple critique of different record sleeves is beside the point: you can find both good and bad examples of just about everything. What I think is most interesting about album art is the immense effect that what we see has on what we listen to. As soon as I see the packaging on a record, I immediately make a number of assumptions about the music it contains. This is concerning because, like many, I consider myself to be vehemently opposed to the commoditization of music. Music is a commercial art, and I think that it is the task of both musicians and artists who work for musicians to produce material that differentiates a work of musical art from a bag of Doritos or the newest Katy Perry CD. If were going to be forced to live in a world where we judge things based on the packaging, maybe the best thing to do is turn advertising on its head, and make quality art to wrap our music in. Art that makes us think about what we are doing: listening to music that we paid for, music that we love. What that in mind, here are seven of my favourite album covers of all time. 1. Big Black Songs About Fucking (Touch and Go 1987): Minimalist, strange, confrontational lime-green background, subversive. Nothing I wouldnt expect from Steve Ablinis first band. 2. Daniel Johnston The What of Whom (Self-released, 1982): Again, minimalist. Probably says more about Daniel Johnston than the actual music, but nevertheless intriguing and effective. 3. Jutta Hipp with Zoot Sims (Blue Note, 1956) Blue notes say it all. 4. Sonic Youth Goo (DGC, 1990): Art by Raymond Pettibone. Strange text that has nothing directly to do with the album; characters look like beat-poets transplanted into the nineties. 5. Captain Beefheart Doc at the Radar Station (Virgin, 1980): Good use of sketch-drawn characters. Neither character is looking directly at you a metaphor for Don van Vliets unwillingness to show you his true identity in his music? 6. Pavement Slanted and Enchanted (Matador, 1992): Cluttered; black, white and red; twisted piano. Wonderful compliment to the fuzzed out album that started indy-rock. 7. Queen The Miracle (Capitol, 1989): One mutant head is better than four average man-faces.

Internet Photo/ Soundstation

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Accusations, denials and misdirection
Stephen Spence
Argosy Submission
Eleven. Thats Stephen Harpers majority in the House of Commons. Eleven seats is the margin by which he has been able to force undemocratic and poorly thought-out bills, such as the omnibus crime bill and the abolition of the gun registry, through parliament. But more importantly, eleven seats is the margin he has over all opposition parties, no more than eleven. As a Liberal, I have to accept defeat. If we lose, we lose. The problem is: Im not perfectly clear on who won. In every election, there are complaints, but since the last federal election, more than 31,000 contacts have been made with Elections Canada about voters in key swing

March 8, 2012


I am not a crook
ridings being contacted and told their polling station had changed, being called in the middle of the night on behalf of Liberal and NDP candidates. These ridings were won by the narrowest of victories, such as Etobicoke Centre, where Conservative Ted Opitz defeated Borys Wrzesnewskyj by twentysix votes on a recount, or Nipissing Timiskaming, where another Conservative, Jay Aspin, defeated Liberal Anthony Rota by twelve votes on a recount. This is compared to only 1,000 complaints in 2008 and around 300 in 2006. Obviously, at thirty-four seats in the House of Commons, it would be a stretch to be able to credibly say that the Liberal Partys loss wasnt legitimate. However, the case could potentially be made to say the Conservatives currently sit illegitimately in the government. It is even all but obvious that the strong, stable majority government that they currently enjoying was won at the hands of illegal and unscrupulous electoral tactics. All week, however, the The total number of ridings targeted is currently at thirty-four and rising. Fake calls suppressing voter turnouts have been reported from across the country, originating from a Telemarketing firm called Racknine, an Edmonton-based company commonly used by Conservatives, including Stephen Harper himself. The facts are that these people had to have capital. They had to be organized. They had to support the Conservatives. Today, the phrase I am not a crook is famous worldwide as the assertion of then President Richard Nixon during the Watergate scandal. Nixon maintained his innocence, but it became very clear as the investigation proceeded and painfully obvious after the release of the smoking gun tape that Nixon was indeed a crook. So now Canadians find ourselves in a similar position. It seems implausible that the Conservatives have had no part in this. The smoking gun may not yet be public, but Stephen Harper is a crook.

InternetPhoto/Vancouver Sun Conservatives have flippantly rejected these claims, instead choosing to (what else?) blame the Liberals. Why we would be responsible for the voter suppression tactics that elected a prime minister that receives criticism comparable in tone to R.B. Bennett time in office is baffling, but more importantly, it calls into question the credibility of a party that chooses to blame someone else rather than face the facts.

In pursuit of peace

Odds & Ends & Pirate Stuff

James Wilson
Arrr-gosy Submission
A bit of a mixed bag for you today. The Pirate Party just finished their leadership election and Shawn Vulliez won second full-time leader along with the rest of the party officers. Shawn ran on a platform of streamlining party bureaucracy, reaching out to groups not currently represented on the political landscape, and being more bold in advocating pirate issues. I wish him the best of luck in his new role within the party and look forward to seeing where his leadership takes the party in the coming years. About a month ago I wrote an article about how the Pirate Party had discovered illegal torrenting was occurring on Parliament Hill. By tracking Wikipedia edits it was found two of the IP addresses edit primarily NDP articles while a third edits primarily Conservative articles. Upon closer investigation using a process detailed on the Pirate Party Forum topic Pirates in Parliament it has tentatively identified MarcOlivier Girard, Clerk of the Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates as one of the culprits. In other news the party has launched Operation Electronic


The international blame-game

John Trafford
Argosy Columnist
Why is it that we humans can never seem to be at peace? Not only peace in the traditional understanding of the world but also in existing in a less confrontational world. According to the esteemed Dr. Hans von Sponeck, former assistant secretary general of the United Nations, we are living in a world that is becoming more and more confrontational rather than in a world of increased multilateralism that the UN was designed to facilitate. Sponeck was speaking to the introductory international relations class this past Friday when he made these claims. Now, I am by no means an expert on this issue but I am inclined to agree with him on this issue.

The UN historically operated in a world dominated by the United States and the Soviet Union, this power distribution left the UN often in an awkward position as it attempted to mitigate conflict in this sharply divided world. The UN is an institution that works best in a world with multiple great and small powers; not the two leviathans of the Soviet Union and the United States dominating world affairs. As the Cold War progressed it became obvious that the UN was more effective than its predecessor, but like the League of Nations it was also not able to alleviate conflicts like the Vietnam War. Why did this failure happen? Dr. Sponeck places partial blame on organizations like NATO that do not concern themselves with broad multilateralism. To paraphrase Dr. Sponecks words, NATO looks after its twenty-eight members, and not the other 165 countries that belong to the UN. I take issue with this assertion. If one looks at organizations like the UN

that attempt to be truly multilateral, they are almost never actually so. The Security Council cannot come to an effective argument on the crisis in Syria, not because NATO or any other institution is interfering with it but because the multilateralism that the UN supposedly embodies is in reality, non-existent. If the worlds only superpower could not force the UN into accepting the war in Iraq then perhaps other states and institutions cannot actually affect the nature of UN multilateral diplomacy as Dr. Sponecks presentation to my class suggested. The truth about the UN is that it is fundamentally ineffective. Now, this not to say that the institution should be abolished, it certainly has its benefits, but to suggest that it is responsible for intrusive organizations like NATO is false. The UN does provide a forum for nations to discuss issues peacefully, but it is failings are all its own, and not NATOs.

Pirate Party leader ShawnVulliez

Internet Photo/PiratePartyofCanada

Leviathan in the hopes of educating Canadians on how to maintain their online privacy in the light of Bill C-30s introduction and promoting the use of open-source software. The party is also in the process of writing a brief to present to the committee examining Bill C-11. Finally, with the partys eyes on the next federal election we want your opinion (yes, you reading the article) on what policies the party should pursue. Signing up to use the party forum is an option, or if its more convenient, check out the Pirate Party of Canadas Reddit page.


The Argosy




Where do all the batteries go?

hazardous products. Often, this kind of waste is not recycled because people simply do not know where to put it. As students in residence, we have specially designated hazardous waste bins where we can dispose of these items safely, however, placing old cell phones and dead batteries in these bins does not mean that they will be recycled it simply guarantees that they will be disposed of safely. Several organizations, such as the Canadian Household Battery Association and Call2Recycle voluntarily work to recycle batteries in New Brunswick. Both have programs in nearby cities, including many drop-off stations in Moncton and Amherst, and Call2Recycle continues to provide retailers and institutions with the materials to collect old household batteries and broken or outdated cellphones. So what happens to the materials once they are out of our hands? First, they are sorted into the different battery types, some of the most common ones being alkaline and nickel cadmium or nickel metal hydride, found in many household items/devices and cell phones respectively. They are then sent off to different recycling facilities, depending on the battery type, and are made into new batteries or stainless steel products. So where can you take your old batteries and cell phones to ensure that they will be recycled? The closest place is Sackvilles SaveEasy, which has a bin on the way out where you can drop off your old products. Just by recycling old batteries and cell phones, we are living a more sustainable lifestyle and showing respect to our planet. Gabrielle Starr

Tantramar Transportation
easily access work, goods, and services werent far from his mind. When you get to the point in your life where getting places is no longer trivial, living in the country could pose serious problems, Evans commented. Although Evans is still able to operate a vehicle, the main mode of transportation in rural Tantramar, he was thinking ahead. He also wanted to reduce his current reliance on a personal vehicle. Living in Sackville allows him to walk to work, saving money, improving his health, reducing pollution, and establishing a new connection to the community. His main interest in a transportation system for Tantramar is in the social benefits it would provide. My main concern is for people, especially seniors, who dont have a lot of money or family support, Evans said, a transportation system would lessen their difficulties in getting to medical appointments, shopping, and other necessary services. It would be great if there was a system for those who need it. According to Evans, figuring out transportation needs before proposing solutions is the key to providing an effective service. Evans also emphasized the need to address the current culture of private vehicle ownership. Being able to afford and operate a vehicle does not mean that it is the best or most efficient mode of transportation. Using a public transportation system connects community members and reduces pollution, creating a healthier environment and better quality of life for everyone. Evans notes that changing peoples thinking will be key to changing transportation habits and boosting alternative means of transportation. First, however, the needs of those who have no transportation alternatives need to be addressed, and then we can begin to change the larger picture.. Kristin Peebles

As technology continues to increase in importance in our everyday lives, I cant help but wonder what happens to our high-tech products when they no longer work or when we have moved on to the next hot commodity. Most of them are battery operated, so what happens to the millions of outdated or dead batteries? Coming from a province out west where battery recycling is mandatory and the improper disposal of batteries is illegal, I was curious to find out how New Brunswick deals with this hazardous waste. Though the recycling of hazardous products is not as mandatory or absolute as it is in Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba or British Columbia, some research showed me that there are still ways of recycling old batteries in order to reduce the amount of waste. A major mistake people make is to throw their dead batteries or hazardous waste in the garbage. Regular nonreusable alkaline batteries may look harmless on the outside, but, according to the Government of New Brunswick, they may contain mercury, silver, cadmium, lithium and other heavy metals, as well as highly corrosive acids. This depends on their type, but any household batteries can still be dangerous and should never be grouped with regular garbage. It is not the job of those who work in waste disposal to put their health at risk working with unanticipated

Many residents in the Tantramar region are seeking transportation to meet their daily needs, to get to medical appointments, to participate in community events, and to lessen their environmental impact. In the coming weeks, there will be a series of transportation stories shared by local residents as part of the Transportation for Tantramar initiative through EOS Eco-Energy, a local non-profit community-based organization. Bill Evans is a Sackville resident with a keen interest in seeing a transportation system in the Tantramar region. Evans moved into Sackville from Aulac back in 1999 to take possession of his familys historic home. His main motivations were family ties, but the ability to

Spring Elections
The potential for this position to do incredible things is tremendous. But in order for us to do that, we have to buy into the idea that we can influence the decision-making process at this institution. We have a vested interest in the advancement of this university. We should, therefore, care about the direction in which we are going. Our regent is the perfect position to articulate the will of the union to the board. Our regent should be our principal ambassador to the University. Mt. A students by default should involve ourselves in the management of the university and its affairs. If our faculty and administration have done their jobs to make us the number one undergraduate educational facility in the country, then we must use our voices to cement that position as the definition of excellence in education. By putting someone else in the board room alongside Pat Joyce who is capable of articulating student concerns, augmenting the political mandate of the SAC, we can achieve this. Then we can start dreaming bigger and exploring how we can impact our Sackville community. They say that this institution is the training ground for this generations leaders the valedictory class of valedictorians That should be reason enough to continue nurturing democracy in education. That should be the role of our regent, our ambassador, our chief representative to the university. Challenge your candidates to prove that they can do that. Ask your candidates how they can influence the decision-making process. Make sure they give you an election worth paying attention to and voting in. Rob Burroughs

Do you have an opinion? Write to The Argosy before the end of the year! argosy@mta.ca

I find it amusing that for a position that sits on the highest nonacademic governing body of this school, the board of regents student representative does not even sit on our unions executive. There are reasons for this, I am sure, and I know that there were discussions earlier in the year to try and bump the board position up to the winter elections. Those plans did not materialize but it is important to continue the discussion on expanding our regents portfolio and enhancing its role within our union.

From The Argosy Editorial Board:

Election time at Mount Allison is upon us once again. It is an opportunity to flex our democratic muscles and dictate the priorities of students at Mt. A. This SAC election features three referendum questions. Their subject matter deals with a new fee to fund a bike co-op; continued membership in the New Brunswick Students Alliance (NBSA); and an increase in the student contribution to World University Service Canada (WUSC). But what if the SAC was trying to make these decisions for you? The problem with this referendum is that the questions have not been worded neutrally. The authors of the questions failed to heed the instructions in the SAC Referendum Act. Specifically Clause 2.3, which requires that all questions have established wording and be neutrally phrased. The reason the phrasing needs to be neutral is that the question itself should not sway the voter. That is the purpose of the Yes and No campaigns. To ensure the Yes and No campaigns are robust and capable of informing voters, the SAC contributes $50 to each campaign. The issue of wording is glaringly obvious in the NBSA and WUSC questions. The WUSC referendum questions asks the voter if they support a $4 increase in fees after inundating them with the following information: Whereas [the] World University Service Canada (WUSC) Mount Allison currently operates a Student Refugee Program (SRP) which, every two years, sponsors a refugee student to attend Mount Allison; whereas the SRP currently covers the said students costs 100% in their first year, 50% in their second year, and 25% in their third year; whereas these levels of coverage have proven insufficient in the past to support SRP-sponsored students; whereas the current levy for WUSCs SRP is $4 per full-time student per year and has not increased since [year], nor has it increased to account for inflation. This is the same information WUSC has used to convince students of the need to increase the fee prior to the opening of campaigning. In the NBSA question, the rererendum takes a wild turn from not just lacking neutrality, to misrepresenting the truth. The question states, whereas the provincial government made cuts to post-secondary education in its last budget and is predicted to make further cuts in its next. This phrasing is not only highly speculative about future government decisions, it is also false. The Government of New Brunswick did not cut post-secondary education in the last budget. In 2010-11 the government budgeted $260 million to higher education, and in 2011-12 budgeted $274 million. Placing biased, normative statements before questions of this gravity sends a clear message to students from the SAC: that the SAC does not trust students enough to become informed through the Yes and No campaigns, that the SAC knows best and we should just trust their judgement. For elections and referenda, due process, fairness, and neutrality are just as important as the issues themselves. If the SAC wishes to be our Students Union, then we should act as members of the union and demand the questions be rewritten. Express your discontent. Demand fair referendum questions.

The Ships L g
An Argosy run down of coming events in Sackville

The Argosy Meeting
March 8, 5:30 pm, Third Floor of the WMSC

Mt. A Performing Arts Series
Saturday, March 10, 2012, 8:00 pm Brunton Auditorium, Simone Osborne and Tyler Duncan, vocal duo.

Sackville Film Society Presents

Thursday, March 8, 2012, 7:30 pm Vogue Theatre The Mill and the Cross. Admission $6.00 with membership, $9.00 without

Super 8 Hotel Film Festival
Sunday, March 11-18, 2012, All Day Visiting artist John Porter (Toronto, ON) at Struts Gallery & Faucet Media Arts Centre, 7 Lorne Street.

7 Stories by Morris Panych

Thursday, March 8 -10 2012, 8:00 pm Convocation Hall Windsor Theatre Out Of The Box Directed by Hilary Avery and Kayla LeBlanc Tickets $5 and $3; Thursday, Pay What You Can.

Family Sunday at the Owens

Concert Showcase at Pickles

Sunday, March 11, 2012, 1:00 pm2:00 pm Visit the Owens for a free program designed for children. Free event.

Thursday, March 8, 2012, 10:00 pm A showcase of the areas up and coming bands and music acts.

Mt. A Faculty & Guest Brass Recital

The Plagiarism Quiz

One Strategy for Dealing with a Perennial Problem Dr. Leslie Shumka, Classics March 8, 2012. 3:00 pm Dunn 104 Problems of plagiarism in the university community and strategies for coping with this challenge will be discussed. Everyone is welcome!

Sunday, March 11, 2012, 3:00 pm Brunton Auditorium, MYB Conservatory of Music Richard Simoneau and Curtis Dietz. trumpets; Eric Mathis, Francois Godere and Linda Pearse, trombones.


Presidents Speakers Series Lecture

Exhibition: Tattoo
Friday, March 9-April 22, 2012, All Day Owens Art Gallery Tattoo explores the way various artists document or archive tattoos, and how they experiment with tattoo imagery and processes using archival materials and approaches.

The Bonobo Handshake: What We Can Learn from Our Peaceful Cousins in the Congo Dr. Vanessa Woods Crabtree Auditorium March 12, 2012. 7:00 pm A world-leading expert on bonobos, Dr. Vanessa Woods is a journalist, research scientist and evolutionary anthropologist at Duke University and Lola ya Bonobo in the Congo.


Handmade Study Break at the Owens

Handmade Happy Hour

Friday, March 9, 2012, noon Owens Art Gallery Come work in a social and creative setting, bring friends, a lunch and your handmade, crafty projects.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 7:00 pm9:00 pm Owens Art Gallery Workshop on making Artist Trading Cards. Create your own miniature artworks to give away or trade with friends. This event is free and everyone is welcome.

Lenten Organ Reflections
Wednesday, March 14, 2012,12pm University Chapel Gayle h. Martin, organ.

Mt. A Student Recital

Friday, March 9, 2012, 8:00 pm Brunton Auditorium, MYB Conservatory of Music Scott Cuzner, percussion, and Maris Hughes, saxophone with Lynn Johnson, piano.

Mt. A Collegium Musicum

Wanted: Individuals to pose for photography project. Email calawrence@mta.ca for info

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012, 4:00 pm Brunton Auditorium, MYB Conservatory of Music, Performances by students of the Department of Music. All are welcome! This is a free event.

The Argosy

Because theyre, like, you know, smart and stuff

Sean Baker and Taylor Losier
Argosy Correspondents

Ask The Experts! Top Ten:


ways to make some extra cash around campus
Geoff Hutchinson
Humour Editor Its March. The wallet is feeling a little thin, the purse strings are drawn rather tight, and youre wondering where your next meal is coming from. That is, unless youre in residence, in which case youre wondering where your next case of beer or bottle of wine is coming from. In the interest of the majority of students, then, who are all currently striving to stretch each penny as far as it can go, here are some tips on how one might scrounge up some extra spending money, to carry you into the summer, and your first big paycheque. 10. Host a house party, and then have your own personal bottle drive. 9. Busk outside of the student centre. Chase down the people who dont give you their change, claiming theyve stolen your intellectual property. 8. Create your own currency. If someone refuses to accept your money, accuse them of being a fascist. 7. Sell your books. 6. Sell your roommate. 5. Be a rickshaw operatorwithout a rickshaw. Basically, youre going to charge people money for piggybacks. 4. Insurance fraud. 3. Get a few buddies, and go into business together. You know, the kind of business that requires a cheap suit, an Italian accent, and Marlon Brando. 2. Begin a black-market organ trade. Im sure theres a huge demand for new livers in Sackville. 1. Get a JOB, you dirty hippie.

Its almost the end of the school year, and I dont have a job, or a career, or ANYTHING planned for next year. HELP!
Taylor: The first step is to take a deep breath, sit down and relax. Yes, the future is a big and scary thing, but you dont have to worry about it. Yes, you may be an arts student, which means you will graduate and be unable to find a job and will end up living on the streets (I have been reminded multiple times that this is my own fate), but its not as bad as it seems. You can couch surf for a bit and catch up on all the Days of Our Lives episodes, before you will be forcibly evicted by your parents/ friends/ neighbours/ campus life. I repeat though: itll be okay. But how do I know this, you ask? Simple: were in the year 2012. You realize what that means dont you? After being evicted by the ones you love, you wont even have to live on the street for a full year before the world ends! And since theyve evicted you, you dont have to feel guilty about destroying them if everything ends in a zombie apocalypse. Also, not having to work just means you have more time to prepare your secret underground bunker! So you see, there is no need to panic; no one will be worrying about jobs during Armageddon. And afterwards, if you survive, there will be so many job openings that youll have your first choice of the bunch. So relax and enjoy your soap operas until then!

Sean: Seeing as how I need a job for next year as well, I think were in direct competition. Dont worry though: while I could sabotage you, I would never do such a thing. After all, when have I ever given any advice that could have negative repercussions? (My lawyers have advised me to inform you that the preceding rhetorical question may be misleading.) My advice for you, if you have no job by early March? Stop trying. Its too late: youll never find a job now. Theyre all gone. Youll have to pay next years tuition with whatever money, alcohol, or mailbox pamphlets youve saved up over the years. This means that youll have to cut back on luxuries like leisure and fun, and live in a burrow under the football field that you dig out with your own hands. Eventually, the mole-people will discover your burrow, and take deep offence at your intrusion upon their subterranean realm. Oh, you will try to convince them that its all a misunderstanding, and that youre between jobs, but the mole people are incompetent telepaths, and they wont believe you. After painfully testing you to discover human weaknesses, the mole-people will conquer the surface world, making humanity their slaves. Every day will be Labour Day! You will ascend to a throne of infamy in this new dystopia, hated by man and mole alike. This is the consequence of not finding a job. Isnt the butterfly effect awesome?


March 8, 2012


And Now, For SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT: A MAN, WITH THREE NOSES. (Or maybe just some puzzles...)
(CUP) Puzzles provided by BestCrosswords.com. Used with permission.

Across 1- Deadly black snake; 6- Westernmost of the Aleutians; 10- School orgs.; 14- __ the hole; 15- Asian sea; 16- Wash; 17- Hospital; 19- Banned apple spray; 20- Curse; 21- Beethovens birthplace; 22- Bracelet site; 23- Sun Devils sch.; 24- Mental acuteness; 26- Seldom; 28- Ancient Palestinian; 29- 1836 siege site; 30- Gulf War missile; 33- Relaxed; 38- _ kleine Nachtmusik; 39- State not to mess with; 42- Beast; 47- Get stuck in the mud; 48- Asexual reproduction; 52- Mohawk-sporting actor; 53- Sam, e.g.; 54- Farm team; 55- Decree; 56- Aforementioned; 57- Self-contained; 59- Art Deco designer; 60- Parentheses, essentially; 61- Red cosmetic; 62- Textile worker; 63- Sneaky guy?; 64- Church areas;

Down 1- Eyelash cosmetic; 2- Random; 3- Pertaining to measure; In this quote, each letter has been switched with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. For example, ABC could become XNE. 4- Prejudice; TIGER could become MAGIC. The pairings are completely random. Isnt language wonderful? Got it? Good! Get ready, because 5- Aardvark morsel; here we GOOOOO! 6- Brother of Moses; JKHCQUHCJ U QXUEN QXDQ QXC MVCDQCJQ JUME QXDQ QXCVC UJ 7- Triple; 8- Mock; UEQCZZUMCEQ ZUWC JKHCYXCVC UE QXC GEUPCVJC UJ QXDQ UQ XDJEQ 9- Einsteins birthplace; 10- Flora; QVUCT QK SKEQDSQ GJ FCQ. - LUZZ YDQQCVJKE 11- Innovation of the late 20s; 12- Celtic paradise; 13- Tranquil; Last Issues Quote: 18- Comply; Forgive your enemies, but never, never forget their names. - John F. Kennedy 22- Small batteries; 24- Agricultural implement; 25- Cincinnati club; 27- Comedian Philips; 30- Hindu honorific; 31- 100 yrs.; Here we go again, ladies and gents: The most inane comments to have reached our ears this week. 32- Application; Remember, if youve heard someone say something 34- Soccer legend; utterly ridiculous, send it to argosy@mta.ca, with 35- Salt Lake City hoopsters; 36- Everybody Hurts band; the heading Overheard! 37- Eminent; (A guy at a potluck): My balls got approved by a 40- Place in order; Swedish man once. 41- Lounges; 42- Entertained; (A girl at the pub): Its like someone is playing 43- Consisting of nine; hungry hippos in my ass. 44- Stir up; 45- Crumble; (A guy at trivia): If the prize is getting a lap-dance, 46- Bio bit; then yea, go ahead and use your phone. 47- Bandage; 49- _ Dame; (A girl, eating a chocolate bar): No, you dont understand! My vagina needs the whole thing! 50- Strictly accurate; 51- Have a feeling; (Philosophy Professor): Its not my fault, I dont 55- Failure; exist. 57- Dupe; 58- Altar in the sky;



The Argosy




TriviAL Trivia
1. What was the name of the steamboat that Mickey Mouse first appeared on? 2. Which album was the 5th best-selling album of all time? 3. Which actor portrayed the owner of Jurassic Park? 4. Which musician was born Declan Patrick MacManus on 25th August 1954? 5. Which famous American attacked Quebec City? 6. Which Disney characters actual name is Taka? 7. What was Ottawas original name? 8. In Star Wars Episode IV, who shot first? 9. Which was the last province to join Canadian Confederation? 10. Which animal holds the record for the largest eyes in the world?

1. Willie. 2. Bat Out of Hell, by Meatloaf 3. Richard Attenborough 4. Elvis Costello 5. Benedict Arnold 6. Scar 7. Bytown 8. Han Solo 9. Newfoundland 10. The Giant Squid
Trivia Buff? Got Questions? Send em in to argosy@mta.ca !


March 8, 2012


2011: The world celebrates the 100th
anniversary of International Womens Day

men e wo ve th ha ate lebr ourage lead e c to c t o day ice and of us t me tha is a acrif y long man mind IWD s me, h their ties for es to re have a ll need i For oug serv ld we we a rtun hr ho t ed oppo . It also the wor nd that wledge ed w id a o es in liz prov eged liv where equality to ackn argina e m il priv and els achieve r round facing YCE e ea sues N JO her o go to er all y t is , RO t s SOR FE S way rk hard t again PRO u o IATE to w speak o SO C Y ASDIES D and ps. R AN T U rou GINA G SINESS S g DR. FOR BU

In honour of IWD, The Argosy asked some of our esteemed female educators to comment on what IWD means to them. 1. What does IWD mean to you? 2. Where is the general womens movement headed, i.e. what are its goals as of March 8, 2012)? 3. What is left to accomplish insofar as womens rights and equality are concerned?


Security Council resolution 1820 for the first time recognized sexual violence in conflict as a matter of international peace and security.

ade ins m re ga l ct th ll socia t counte ote s. A r n to p ist reve eeks ist activ nce to p behalf is s a ent t on in vem of fem ant vigil made vemen quality mo ons o s en's ti 's m the e e onst gain wom genera exert c ck" the women it from n a cor f The ious be e d to g ba ve , the ene prev nts nee "rollin ddition n can b always of us ha inist by me a all In me fem has e from ors mov ments quality. t all wo won. It at until nadian the do a h e a e mov men's sure th ve been ement t Black C st open s can r n o u v of w ing to e that ha n's mo e it. As " We m at othe ENT h s d e R TM work rtunitie e wom ave ma n said en, so t EPA w h o h GY D opp iple of t of us ary Bro main op IOLO e c SO C m ey re , prin it, non , Rose t th E AD R /H S SO ade litician ee to i FE m po PRO ts TER and we mus ." TEU h and throug . ERIN S -DR pass

e of th nition tion in g l reco uca f ficia orical ed n o hist sa f Day i my ms o ens shaped m in ter tations, l Wo which es na itiativ rien sm natio ist in sexual o rrent Inter ve femini in 1. em rious u a ave f l to c nd-w ird-w en of va s centra seco 70s. chal e th atriar etic e 19 rceive th men, wom g world, a p th e o g the cosm 2. I p inority w developin ormin spite of ect, m ns f e h e ra n in ef f visibl omen in t ties i s of t term universi 0s. What, e the in and w sions. and 97 our larly mak cus h, particu ill govern ince the 1 done to cademics dis in a c s st lly 3. Mu s which rm them ts actua or female oncerns, l to inis ef ture lth c nsfo tica struc pts to tra -wave fem etter plac ntal hea cerns cri e n b NT attem e second nment a cal and m r vital co R TME w e o si DEPA vir ve hy oth ren? en ha fp TORY many rsity hild ms o , HI S unive ts, in ter e, and so en, and c ROFESSOR r P n stude of childca women, m ASSISTANT f D s term llbeing o EEN LOR we K ATHL the DR. -

1993: Vienna

Dec Action. It states that v of women in situations o murder, systematic rape pregnancy are vio principles of human righ response. It reaffirmed th and of the girl-child ar indivisible part of univer


The UN G Nations Day for Wom day of the year by Me traditions.

2. I they think th v e are t e ever b goals h av reate een: go w d as to en e to be p i o th this in equals, sure th retty m an at uc ur ow m n co any cou d all are all wome h the sa 3.As done I said untry, Ca ntries, in free. T n (just me as in he lik . cludi East Women my ans nada. ng re is a l e all me , and wer ong n) in m in so to not h a m me a way to ave any are ny coun #2, the spec nor t the s tries re is as o ts h , in ou e same ame free f south-e includin a lot sti ll g d f r ineq own so reedom oms as ast Asia Africa, to be ualit ciety the m (to n as th wom ie not c a e e o omp s that do f ten don ir male n in wes me a few iddle fello leted te t ) s DR. HELE yet. till exist see this w citize rn cultur do in ou , and es, ns. N PR P r ow IDMO n cu dont se eople RE A lture e the S SO s. T CIAT E PR he w O FE ork i S SO s R


1. IWD is a chance to re-invigo rate our commitments to feminist activism across borde rs. 2. The feminist movement is you nger, more diverse, and extremely active in any social, political or environmental cause you can think of. Its go al is the same: to end sexist oppression and all other forms of oppression, but its tactics and approaches are wide-ran ging and constantly evolving. 3. What ISNT lef t to accomplis h? Gendered violence, gendered economic inequalit y, reproductive rights and sex ist media representations are jus t a few areas where there are still enormous amounts of work to be done. DR. LESLIE KERN ASSISTANT PRO FESSOR, GEOGRA

e Ther m the for r no fe

The Argosy




Struggle for womens rights far from over, 101 years after founding of International Womens Day
Anissa Stambouli & John A. W. Brannen
Features Editor and Editor-in-Chief
March 8, 2012 marks over 100 years of International Womens Day (IWD) and events are happening right here on campus and all over the world. Theme of this years IWD, as indicated by the United Nations (UN), is Empower Rural Women End Hunger and Poverty. Michelle Bachelet, Executive Director of UN Women, noted, During the past century, we have witnessed a transformation in womens legal rights, educational achievements and participation in public life. On this years theme, Bachelet stressed that Nowhere are disparities and barriers greater than in rural areas for women and girls and this deprives them and the world of the realization of their full potential. The UN officially began celebrating IWD in 1975 during International Womens year. Within two years, the UN General Assembly called for an annual day for womens rights and international peace to be celebrated on March 8. In Canada, the federal governments theme for IWD is similarly named Strong Women, Strong Canada Women in Rural, Remote and Northern Communities: Key to

Canada's Economic Prosperity. Rona Ambrose, Minister for Status of Women announced several initiatives for IWD, including over $12 million for community-based organizations dedicated to womens rights. In every region of Canada, particularly in rural and remote regions, Ambrose stated, women play important roles in their families and communities, and are key to our country's prosperity. Here at Mount Allison, the University is celebrating Womens Week by featuring its female Rhodes Scholars on the front page of the Mt. A website. There will also be a series of lectures, including Fat Phobia, Resistance, and the Politics Sexual Empowerment with Dr. Marianne Parsons, New Works by Paula Cowan and Women and the Media - A Critical Workshop with Marie Hammond Callaghan and Toni Roberts. In the field of womens endeavors, Mt. A holds a number of notable firsts. In 1872, it granted women the

right to a college degree, becoming the first in Canada. Several years later, in 1875, Grace Annie Lockhart became the first woman in the British Empire to be conferred a Bachelors Degree. The universitys first female chancellor and graduate of the university, The Honorable Margaret McCain later became the first female lieutenant governor of New Brunswick. Dr. Marie Hammond Callaghan is an assistant professor in the womens and gender studies (WGST) program and has been active in IWD planning at Mt. A. Ive been at Mt. A since 2003 and to my knowledge the university has celebrated IWD regularly for a number of years prior to my arrival. Hammond Callaghan, through the WGST department, has been instrumental in attracting speakers of national and international stature to the campus. Mt. As WGST department was established in 1999 and combines discipline specific courses and

gender perspective courses. The drive to establish the program came from numerous faculty and students who believed it was essential [to] the university, Hammond Callaghan noted. Mt. As WGST program was renamed to include gender in 2001. [The program] was given a new title, reflective of the programs changing place in academia and this university, she noted. Catalyst, a student organization for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, questioning and straight individuals has also played a role of growing importance in IWD activities. Many issues around gender, sexuality and the body overlap and concern us all, Hammond Callaghan noted. We are re-thinking what it means to be a women and men this poses nothing short of a social revolution. More information on events occurring at Mt. A, check out www.mta.ca and events occurring all over the world can be found at www.internationalwomensday.com


International Womens Year celebrated by the United Nations. On 8 March of that year, the United Nations held its first observance of International Womens Day.


claration and Programme of iolations of the human rights of armed conflict including e, sexual slavery, and forced olations of the fundamental hts and require an effective State hat the human rights of women re an inalienable, integral and rsal human rights.

First World Conference on Women in Mexico City. Three objectives were identified: full gender equality and the elimination of gender discrimination, the integration and full participation of women in development, and an increased contribution by women towards strengthening world peace.


The Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations includes Article 21: The will of the people shall be the basis of the authority of government; this will shall be expressed in periodic and genuine elections which shall be by universal and equal suffrage and shall be held by secret vote or by equivalent free voting procedures.

General Assembly adopted a resolution proclaiming a United mens Rights and International Peace to be observed on any ember States, in accordance with their historical and national

1917: Against the backdrop of the war, women in Russia again chose to protest

and strike for Bread and Peace on the last Sunday in February (which fell on 8 March on the Gregorian calendar). Four days later, the Czar abdicated and the provisional Government granted women the right to vote.

n ed i plish ent ccom m be a e move , to , th hts ore e m . Firstly an rig just b s lway uality r hum not will a t for eq fight fo anism, d race, , have e n be a ... hum ex an nces gs eme mov should rights said: S e dif fere an bein g l s ts m righ women Steinem nd visib zing hu re talkin er a oth st ya ria ani ot ju sm. Glo are eas of org ps ... We o roles lly a i s n u emin se they ary way rior gro will be e are re u e W m e beca the pri and inf ich ther arned. Y R SI T e h en erior NI V E n w those be up i NT U s r ety SI D E into t a soci osen o sm. PRE i h u CEabo those c human ORE VI t M than g abou JOLLY IA in talk . GLORT MS CEMEN


International Womens Day also became a catalyst for protesting World War I. As part of the peace movement, Russian women observed their first International Womens Day. Elsewhere in Europe, women held rallies either to protest the war or to express solidarity with other activists.


International Womens Day was marked for the first time on March 19 in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland, where more than one million women and men attended rallies. In addition to the right to vote and to hold public office, they demanded womens rights to work, to vocational training and to an end to discrimination on the job.

1910: The Socialist International established a

Womens Day, international in character, to honour the movement for womens rights and to build support for achieving universal suffrage for women.

The Socialist Party of America designated February 28 National Womans Day, the first observed in the United States. Garment workers were striking in New York, where women protested against working conditions.




March 8, 2012


The bombshells behind Bomb Girls

Angela Espinoza
The Other Press (Douglas College)
NEW WESTMINSTER, B.C. (CUP) Only days after the explosive fireworks display that was New Years 2012, Global TV premiered their latest series, Bomb Girls. Bomb Girls focuses on the Canadian women who worked in munitions factories during World War II, while the countrys men were on the battlefront. Although Bomb Girls began as a sixpart miniseries, it found enough of an audience to be renewed for a second, 12-episode season which was announced to the public one day prior to the season finale on February 8. Following the overwhelming popularity of AMCs Mad Men and HBOs Boardwalk Empire, ABC and Global managed to jump on the period-piece bandwagon just in time. But while ABCs Pan Am and Globals Bomb Girls entered the ring as shows focusing on the then-modern woman, only Bomb Girls seems to have survived, as Pan Am is doomed for cancellation. What made the significantly smaller production come out on top? A better story? Interesting characters? Canadian pride? Co-creator/director/executive producer of Bomb Girls, Adrienne Mitchell, opened up about some of these inquiries. We didn't even know the extent to which Canadian women played such a pivotal role in turning things around for the Allies and all this was happening even before the Americans joined the war. So it was a slam-dunk for us that this story had to be told and had a populist appeal. That settles the question of Canadian pride, but is that pride based on favouring an original Canadian series, or on our actual history? What astounds me is how many people didn't know about this part of our Canadian history, ourselves included, Mitchell said. The Canadian women munitions workers were on full alert no one knew if the world would be the same. So they lived in the moment, pushed boundaries and experienced a kind of independence they had never experienced. There were stories of women crying over their first pay cheque because they had never in their life earned one. Bomb Girls popularity isnt based on history alone. While its important to keep our countrys past at the heart of it all, awareness cant be raised without a compelling story to push things forward. Part of what made Bomb Girls season one viewers return week after week were the characters own battles. One character in particular, Betty McRae (portrayed by rising B.C.-based starlet Ali Liebert), attempted to shed light on the topic of homosexuality during that period. While in Los Angeles on the day of

Internet Photo/Letters From Home Front

Bomb Girls season finale, Liebert offered a few words via phone. Initially, I liked her survival skills her tough exterior, her tactics, [and] her breathiness," Liebert said of being drawn to Bettys character. "I found the way she functioned in the world to be pretty interesting. To paint a clearer picture, Betty is a highranking worker at the munitions factory where Bomb Girls takes place. Over the course of the first season, Bettys tough-girl attitude is gradually revealed to be an aspect of her closeted lesbianism, something that grows to be more difficult to hide as she falls for a fellow munitions worker named Kate Andrews (Charlotte Hegele.) Liebert, who has portrayed lesbian characters before in works such as The L Word and Sook-Yin Lees Year of the Carnivore (2009), said her experience working on Bomb Girls has been "creatively fulfilling."

A call to arms
A plea to save our cinematic experience
Ian Moffatt
Argosy Correspondent
Last Thursday, Sackville Film Society screened Roman Polanskis latest, the very brilliant and hysterical Carnage; and for eighty minutes or so, one hundred strangers crammed themselves elbow to elbow in a darkly lit room where we laughed together and uncontrollably. It was, in every way, a communal experience -- the kind that it is, increasingly, coming to be seen more as a novelty than an inherent and vital aspect of the cinema. Now more than ever, students are retreating to their dorm rooms and basking in the warm glow of their laptop computers in order to satisfy their cinematic desires. Instead of going out and into the community where people can participate in the shared experience of viewing, we are now more likely to withdraw from others in watching, say, Lech onto forty-foot walls. Sinking ships; Majewskis new film The Mill and The pirates; gladiators; exploding stars; Cross (tonight at The Vogue 7:30 pm). bombs; guns; volcanoes; earthquakes; The whole act of watching a movie Dinosaurs, and; aliens. This is what is has become much more a solitary at stake! Cinemas intergenerational experience -- nasty, brutish, and short durability, and its popularity across -- than it ever has been. The obvious so many different groups of people is, consequence is a less fulfilling eighty at least in part, due to the fact that minutes of ones life. the moving image is a fun one to So, what do watch. It appeals we lose when to us on a very we let go of students are retreating basic level. And the communal the magnifying to their dorm rooms capacities of the c i n e m a t i c moment? Not only in order to satisfy their big screen play an do we lose that important role in cinematic desires. shared experience: the creation of this laughing or crying spectacular blend with another hundred people, arguing of sound and color and movement with friends afterwards, expressing that we all find so enthralling. To ones delight with Jason C. Reilly shrink the George Lucass Death Star in Carnage or inborn gag-reflex to from an imposing thirty-five foot Emilio Estevez in The Way -- these fortress in space down into a four inch are important and affirming aspects zit on a computer screen is to lose of cinema that seem to be slipping this overwhelming and exhilarating away as the communal experience hugeness that is so central to cinema. becomes increasingly devalued by Here in Sackville, we are fortunate movie watchers today. to have the Vogue Cinema. There The other, perhaps more obvious tonight, Sackville Film Society will loss is the sheer spectacle of the thing. be screening The Mill and The Cross at Eight by twelve inch Laptop screens 7:30 pm. Tickets are nine dollars for just do not give justice to movies non-members. Hope to see you there! that were created to be projected

Electrifying show at George's

Argosy Photo/Fiona Cai

Continued from cover

word rock lightly, but these bearded blues-troubadours certainly did. And the duo dont just cover standards. Oh no, theyve got an overstuffed back-catalogue of dusty, distorted tunes, originally penned by the namesakes themselves. Aaron Morelands considerable vocal skills blend and overlap with his deafening harmonica wails, all of which sit

comfortably atop Arbuckles blocky riffs. The duo played an upbeat version of their youtube hit Purgatory using a home-made cigar-box guitar. The audience went nuts. So once again, as I always end up admitting, the Blues Society has put on a show to remember, and those who came out to the Roadhouse that night expecting a quiet evening will certainly be back the next time, dancing shoes in tow.

The Argosy



Georges Fabulous Roadhouse does it again

Bolivia, Paper Beat Scissors, and Ingrid Gatin
Taylor Mooney
Entertainment Writer
The crowd at Georges was eased into the evening by Ingrid Gatins eclectic and soulful brand of roots. Equipped with a keyboard and an accordion, Gatin gave an enchanting solo performance, successfully captivating the crowd throughout her set. Employing primarily dissonant, minor keys, her performance was saturated with feeling. Gatin combined haunting accordion and piano melodies with passionate vocals to create a sound filled with melancholic longing and mystery. Each song had a strong emotional core, intriguing the audience and demanding an intensely focused listenership. Gatin was followed by Paper Beat Scissors, the project of Britain-native Tim Crabtree. Crabtree, usually a solo act, was joined onstage for this performance by Ryan Brown (of Glory Glory) on drums, Mike Feuerstack (of Snailhouse) on electric guitar and lap steel, Kyle Cunjak (of The Olympic Symphonium) on electric bass, and Tanya Davis on violin. The additional musicians added an extra layer of sound and complexity to Crabtrees usual solo performance. As it turned out, the extra musicians were greatly needed. Unfortunately, as the alcohol began to flow more freely and as Georges progressively filled up, the subtleties of Crabtrees compositions were lost. As often happens at Georges on a Friday night, the valuable details needed to truly appreciate a performance were lost to the louder sound of socialization. Saying, the crowd went wild when Bolivia took the stage would be an understatement. Dressed in eclectic thrift-store finds (including a scuba mask, a red leather jacket, bright yellow gym shorts, and a Twilight t-shirt), Jake Bastedo explained that they had drawn names and dressed each other in articles found at the Salvation Army. The band has rejuvenated its setlist, having added several new instruments and songs. The new tunes were Gun Shows, The Giants, and Tico Brahe, and new instruments included ukulele, flute, trombone, fugal horn, electric bass, and synthesizer. Bastedo explained the addition of more upbeat tunes by recalling a performance in which there was a couple making out in the back and a bunch of girls crying up front. The band was successful in this endeavour the new, more danceable tunes received a hugely positive response. It didnt feel like a performance, commented Luke Trainor after the show. It just felt like we were singing and dancing with everyone else. One of the most fascinating aspects of Bolivias performance is the flexibility of all five musicians. They display unparalleled musicianship as they flit around the stage from instrument to instrument. Fridays show involved thirteen instruments and five microphones; its rumoured that it was the biggest show ever put on by Georges, in terms of the amount of instruments being used at once. The quality of their work even prompted a fellow audience-member to state, Bolivia is the most talented band to come through Sackville in my four years at Mount Allison. The band topped off the night by returning to the stage for an encore. After a show infused with energy, amazing music, and giant personalities, its not hard to see why Bolivia has inspired the cultlike following in Sackville that it has.

On the bandwagon



From left to right, Graham Ereaux, Liz Kent, Jake Bastedo, Zoe Caddell and Luke Trainor are all members of the Sackville-based band Bolivia.

Photo Credit/ Graham Ereaux

Taylor Mooney
Entertainment Writer
Bolivia is comprised of Liz Kent, Jake Bastedo, Luke Trainor, Zoe Caddell, and Graham Ereaux, and has captured the hearts of Sackvillians with their vastly multi-instrumental performance and charming personalities. Bastedo is accredited with instigating the formation of the band: Jake had written Roots, and wanted all of us to get together, says Caddell. We met up in a practice room at Brunton and jammed until it got dark out. Trainor mentions that he and Ereaux had been part of a band in high school called Saxby Gale, and Kent and Caddell had originally known each other from living together in Windsor Hall. Coming from diverse musical backgrounds, each member brings something different to the band. Trainors dad taught him how to play guitar and he also took some lessons in high school, and is influenced by his Irish roots. Ive been to a lot of ceilidhs, he laughs. Caddell and Kent share classical backgrounds.Grahams been doing the folk thing for a while, says Kent. Jake was the classic Led Zeppelin nerd in high school. The bands song-writing process is essentially very collaborative. Our best songs are usually written when were all jamming and working on them together. Sometimes one of us will come to the rest of the band with a song that weve written already, but usually we work on them as a group, says Caddell. Everyone contributes different things, adds Trainor. One person may add more lyrics, or someone else may add some different melodies or instrumental parts. The bands current plans for the future include a full-length CD and a possible low-scale tour of the Maritimes early next year. Kent notes that the band has about twenty songs at the moment, more than enough

The essentials
Luke Trainor: Second-year History Graham Ereaux Third-year Fine Arts Zoe Caddell Second-year Music Liz Kent Undeclared arts major; General ologist Jake Bastedo Third-year Biochemistry The group collectively plays: guitar, bass guitar, cello, various percussion, banjo, ukulele, flute, synthesizers, piano, and more Online: http://bolivia.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bolivia-theband/243617965686500 https://twitter.com/#!/BOLIVIAtheband http://radio3.cbc.ca/#/artists/Bolivia Upcoming in Sackville: Friday night (March 9) at 15 Allison
for a full-length album. Everyone in the band is in his or her secondyear except for Ereaux and Bastedo, who are in their third-year; no one is sure how the band will proceed when they graduate. We sometimes compare Bolivia to a high school relationship, says Caddell. At first, when we were just starting to figure things out, we kept asking what are we? What can I tell my parents? And now that weve been together for a while and have spent a lot of time together, were all wondering do we have a future? Where is this going? Bolivias mass appeal has been somewhat overwhelming for its members. There was one point [at the show at Georges] last Friday where I couldnt hear myself singing at all because everyone was singing along, says Caddell. I can see why the Beatles stopped touring, laughs Kent. We were only playing for about fifty people and it was crazy enough. Bolivia can be seen this Friday night alongside Sedna Way, Keith McFadden, These Hands and the Bedroom Session at 15 Allison. The show starts at eight and costs three dollars; all proceeds will support CHAT orphanages in Uganda.

Argosy /Graham Ereaux


March 8, 2012


B.A. Johnstons eighth full-length album Hi Dudes gives you a little bit more than you get during a live show. The sweaty, shirtless tunes are still there, like the hilarious gem Douchestorm,but are mixed in with lyrics about fauxhawks and not wearing pants while watching The Price is Rightsnippets of nostalgia and love gone to shit. Without the stripping of hideous sweaters and a girls bathroom encore, songs like RPG and Arcades are cast in a new light, one that might cause you to reflect on what ol B.A. has to say rather than laugh about it. Catchy, clever, brutally honest; Hi Dudes! is something to play whether youre looking for a laugh or some company for your misery. Worth the purchase if only to satisfy your B.A fix until the next time he comes to town. -Anna Robertson

B.A Johnston Hi Dudes!

Baby Eagle and The Proud Mothers Bone Soldiers

Steven Lambkes fourth record as Baby Eagle, Bone Soldiers, combines powerful imagery, foreign yet alluring lyrics and loud folk-rock melodies with punk tendencies. Joining Lambke as the Proud Mothers are Will Kidman (The Constantines), Ian Kehoe (Attack in Black), Specer Burton (Attack in Black) and Nick Ferrio (of his Feelings). Recording live off of the floor, Lambkes voice wheezes, cracks, soars and falls over the senses, giving the same raw elation of the live concert experience. Strange Bodies exhibits the tenebrous and biting style of Baby Eagle, while songs like Old Punks and Brave Women are suppler in nature, with melodies you can relax into. Bone Soldiers stands as another intriguing and complex contribution to Canadian music by Baby Eagle, one that will seep into your skin and stay with you after your first listen. -Anna Robertson

Sackvilles own Bolivia released their first, five tracked, self-titled CD at Stereophonic, and it shows some amazing promise. Bolivia is comprised of five Mount Allison students, who came together last year to take part in Mt As Conduct Becoming initiative and continued from there. Playing folk music that blends together piano, accordion, mandolin, cello and many other instruments besides, (not to mention several harmonious voices), all of their songs, written by the band members themselves, are performed to perfection. The lyrics tell a story, complemented by the music that is indescribable; sometimes smooth and relaxing, sometimes cheerful and sway-inducing, everything meshes together to create a unique and undeniably refreshing listening experience. Theres nothing artificial or synthesized or even remotely fake about the album; just honest musicians who manage to communicate their love for their art through their music. -Taylor Losier Paper Beat Scissors self-titled full-length debut album is chock full of fantastic collaborators, including Rose Cousins, Rich Aucoin, Tanya Davis, and Andrew Sisk, among many others. The songs sound best when you back away to appreciate each piece as the sum of its parts. Each song is intricately composed, with most building around an intimate beginning featuring Crabtrees lamenting vocals and finger-picked guitar melodies. Around this base, Crabtree layers instruments like the French horn or violin alongside traditionally non-musical sounds, manipulating them into being melodically valuable. Keening builds around vocals and guitar with increasing percussion and more aggressive guitar into a huge crescendo, only to drop back down again, returning to the guitar and vocals base but adding a female accompanying voice, strings and abstract noise. The song then builds again into a vastly layered masterpiece, only to jolt to a stop. Recommended tracks are Rest Your Bones and Keening. -Taylor Mooney As you can tell upon first listen, Toronto duo Trusts full length-debut didnt come out of the blue. A growing number of artists north of the border are taking up the laptop and sampler in the wake of successful home-grown acts like Woodhands, Chromeo, & Junior Boysmany choosing once-pass genres as an outlet for their knob-twiddling. Trust may share a member of the Polaris-nominated synthpop duo Austra, but their music is of a decidedly darker, more gothic bent. Crystal Castles is an obvious signpost, considering the duos penchant for primitive keyboard tones and bleak instrumental soundscapes. TRST, however, favours an aesthetic thats hard to pin down. Thumping 1990s club beats swirl and intersect with Robert Altons affecting yet noncommittal delivery. Closing track Sulk is a clear standout in this vein, its wobbly keyboard tones and sickly-sweet melody serving as a mini-manifesto for the duos appeal. While their music is nothing quote-unquote new, Trust find innovative ways to combine bygone sounds into their own distinct aesthetic. Definitely worth a listen. -Ian Malcolm

Bolivia Bolivia

Paper Beat Scissors Paper Beat Scissors

Trust TRST

Elite Squad: The Enemy Within

Not just your everyday violence
Allison Grogan
Argosy Correspondent
Packed with gratuitous violence, Elite Squad: The Enemy Within (or in its Portuguese title, Tropa de Elite 2 O Inimigo Agora Outro), serves as a fast paced police-action thriller as well as a unique portrayal of the Brazilian drug cartel scene. The film highlights the dangers within the slums that surround Rio De Janeiro from the perspective of Roberto Nascimento, the head of the BOPE, Brazils Public Safety Police Force. The Enemy Within weaves elements of Nascimentos family life between harsh depictions of prison raids and violence in the slums. What makes The Enemy Within unique is that it takes an informative look inside the Brazilian drug cartels, and brings the distant violence of the streets into the family home. By framing the story with Nascimentos narration, the audience can empathize with his point of to convey the structured appearance of political discussions. When he meets with his ex-wife for coffee camera work is much rougher, describing their relationship as separated parents. The cameras become shaky and agitated during the violent chase scenes, as if someone was running with a camera, to increase the tension and thrill. The factor that tied the whole film together was Wagner Mouras performance as Lieutenant Roberto Nascimento. The character himself is very drawn back from others, but with very few spoken lines other than his narration, Moura conveys the image of a man aged by years of conflict. This conflict, though brought about by the drug cartels, is furthered by the politics that surround the issues. The Enemy Within does a superb job at depicting the corrupt politics that so greatly effect the nation as a whole. It takes an inside look on how slums essentially acted as a block that was to be swayed either one way or another politically, acting as pawns in what Nascimento referred to as the system. Though it is only semi-fictional, this graphic portrayal of corruption and conflict makes the reality that much more frightening.

view. Nascimentos life at work and life at home overlap in many ways. While his son, Rafael, is growing up with his mother and step-father, their relationship is growing apart. As Rafael grows older he begins to grapple with the fact that his father kills people in his line of work, and what that means for him. As the film progresses, Nascimento tries to reconnect with

his son while political tensions rise at work. By exemplifying the father-son relationship, The Enemy Within shows how political issues can affect people on a very personal level. Due to the drastic changes in content from scene to scene, the camera style changed to accommodate the feeling being conveyed. While Nascimento is in a meeting the camera is rigid

Internet Photo/Mubi

MARCH 8, 2012



RANK ARTIST TITLE (LABEL) 01 BOLIVIA* Bolivia (Self-Released) 02 JOHN K. SAMSON* Provincial (Anti-)


A Look Back to a 70s Gem by Shirley and Dolly Collins
Betty Liang
As part of the English folk revival in the 1960s and 1970s, Shirley and Dolly Collins recorded a number of albums dedicated to the English folk tradition. While some of these albums showcase songs that describe the English countrysides merry days in May and sumptuous medieval banquets, Shirley and Dolly Collinss 1970 album Love, Death and the Lady focuses on the darker side of folk tradition. Much of the album consists of murder ballads, tales of lost love and supernatural menace, warning listeners of their folly. Call me morbid, but I cant help loving a good murder ballad. There is something of the mythic in these haunting songs of jealous lovers and other-worldly spirits that transcends time and place. It shows us that our fascination with the themes of love and death has always been with us and the continued interest in and recycling of these folk tales suggests that it always will. Shirley Collins unpolished and accented voice gives the songs an unearthly quality; like a ghost risen from its grave to remind us of a place that has been forgotten and the people who once lived there. Songs like The Oxford Girl display the powerful ability Collins has of creating strong atmospheres with the simplicity of her voice alone while Plains of Waterloo and The Outlandish Knight re ect an eras attempt to recapture the storytelling aspects of English folk music.


Paper Beat Scissors (Forward Music Group)

04 SAID THE WHALE* Hidden Mountain (Little Pony) 05 COUSINS* The Palm At The End Of The Mind (Saved by Vinyl) 06 INGRID GATIN* Time Will Change Us, Vol. 1 (Pipe and Hat) 07 JON MCKIEL* Tonka War Cloud (Saved By Vinyl/Youth Club) 08 PENNY BLACKS* Harbour (Self-Released)

Voyageur (Rounder)

10 BAHAMAS* Barchords (Brush re) 11 DR. DOG Be The Void (Anti-) 12 LIGHTS* Siberia (Last Gang) 13 BRY WEBB* Provider (Ide Fixe) 14 ADAM MOWERY* St. Josephs Mechanical Penthouse (Self-Released) 15 THE BARMITZVAH BROTHERS* Growing Branches (Label Fantastic!) 16 THE JUST BARELYS* Mad Bits (Dead Bum)


Love yourself some East Coast Music? Well youre in luck, the East Coast Music Week will be hosted in Moncton for 2012. The festival will be held April 11 to 15th. To make things even better, some of CHMAs favourite artists will be showcased! Artists that have played in the Sackville community over the past few years (and have topped our charts) include: Coyote, Meaghan Blanchard, Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers, Old Man Luedecke, Banded Stilts, David Myles, Racoon Bandit, The Olympic Symphonium and Tim Chaisson and Morning Fold.

Wild Lines (Zunior)

18 SLEIGH BELLS Reign of Terror (Mom + Pop) 19 MARINE DREAMS* Marine Dreams (Youve Changed) 20 THE WOODEN SKY* Every Child A Daughter, Every Moon A Sun (Black Box) 21 AL TUCK* Under Your Shadow (MapleMusic)

Want to know more? Perhaps volunteer or support some of these artists by attending a show? Visit the ECMA website at: http://www.ecma.ca

A Sleep & A Forgetting (Anti-)

Baby Eagle, aka Steve Lambke, is joined here by the Proud Mothers for his fourth album under this name. The record, which was released on the 6th of March, is full of military imagery and brilliant instrumentation and rides the line between folk and rock. The lyrics are undeniably personal, expressive, and introspective, and the music matches that perfectly, whether quiet or loud. Recorded at the infamous 6 Nassau studio and released on Youve Changed Records, this is an album that merits multiple spins and would make anyone proud.

23 BONN SMITH* Secret Lives (Self-Released) 24 LIBRARY VOICES* Summer of Lust (Nevado) 25 THE ROOTS* Undun (Def Jam) 26 D-SISIVE* Run With the Creeps (Urbnet) 27 THE JEZABELS Prisoner (Die Alone) 28 THE BLACK KEYS El Camino (Nonesuch) 29 BAND OF SKULLS Sweet Sour (Vagrant) 30 DOG DAY* Deformer (Fun Dog)


Bone Soldiers (Youve Changed)







Hyperactivity in the brain linked to depression
Depressed brains have more brain activity, connections
John Fraser
Argosy Staff Writer
Depression is a disorder that affects a large portion of the population. Depression has reliably been linked to an imbalance in brain chemistry resulting from abnormal neurotransmitter levels. However, new research is suggesting that there may be a new connection that sheds some light on the source of the depressed mind. Although those suffering from depression claim to be drained of energy and motivation, new evidence is showing that their brains are anything but inactive. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) studied the brains of 121 adults diagnosed with major depressive disorder. They hoped to look at the inner connections of the brain to see what could be determined. After studying the adults with a technique called weighted network analysis it was found that there was a significant increase in the amount of working connections in the depressed brain than in a normal, non-depressed brain. In neural imaging maps, the depressed brain was flared yellow and red nearly completely (with yellow corresponding to quite active and red corresponding to hyperactive) while the normal brain image was mostly green (corresponding to mildly active) and flecked with some yellow and smaller regions of red. The heaviest level of hyperactivity was found in the prefrontal cortex, an area of the brain responsible for regulating mood

March 8, 2012


Zhaoyang David Shi
Argosy Correspondent

Fact or Fiction?
Flying Cars
What do The Jetsons, Harry Potter and Back to the Future have in common? Flying cars, of course! Wheres my flying car, you ask? The good news is that I can gladly announce that for $279,000 and a bit of patience (as there is a substantial production line), you can be the proud owner of a Terrafugia Transition flying car. The catch? The Terrafugia Transition is more of a road-worthy airplane than a flying car. After all, cars are not in any way inherently compatible with flying, but planes manage to roll on the ground fairly well already. The Transition is rather like a traditional car in some ways, given that it is equipped with a conventional automobile engine as well as car wheels. That said, the Transition also has a pusher propeller, and all the aerodynamic control surfaces required for controlled flight. It flies on the same principles of lift that apply to traditional aircraft: a combination of Bernoullis principle and Newtons third law of motion. The Transition runs on premium automobile gasoline, takes off in only five hundred meters, and meets all of the US Aviation Administrations and the Motor Vehicles standards. Better yet, as it is classified as a light sport aircraft (the equivalent of a golf cart in the aviation world), you do not even need a full private pilots license to fly it. You, your kid, and your grandparents can all be driving down the freeway one moment, and then buzzing cattle in the next, all with only a mere twenty hours of instruction. When the weather gets bad, you can land just about anywhere, fold up the wings, and drive on home, pulling directly into your garage. For the safety conscious: you can rest assured, as airbags and a full vehicle parachute are standard safety features.


Researchers have found evidence indicating that depressed brains are both more highly connected and active than healthy brains.
and solving problems. Effectively, while your math skills may find an increase, your emotional state could well be compromised. With a study this large, the results demanded to be explored to further an explanation of this strange evidence. It appears that the brains of depressed individuals have more active neural connections than those who are not diagnosed with depression. These continuously active pathways cause the brain of the depressed individual to become hyperactive. While increased brain activity may sound like a good thing at face value, it is not. The inability to control its own activity can reset the brains normal electrical rhythm through its neural system. So while the brain can maintain functional connections throughout, it cannot turn these connections off when need be. In addition to this problem is the fact that the inability for the brain to flexibly adjust its connections makes it more resistant to change, whereas a healthy brain maintains a plasticity that accommodates for environmental and physiological changes. This poses a problem because evidence suggests that the brains electric rhythm correspondingly plays a role in controlling its neurochemistry as well. For example, an offbeat electric rhythm in the brain could be responsible for the fluctuation in the neurotransmitter serotonin that is often linked to depression. In fact, it is quite possible that antidepressants have been working to repair the brains neural connections this entire time, instead of simply readjusting the serotonin output. The researchers are attempting to take this study a step further, with the hope of finding a way to ascertain just how much this electrical rhythm plays into helping people afflicted with depression. They remain hopeful that a better understanding of neuronal connectivity and activity within the brain will become a key factor in the growing body of research aimed towards alleviating depression.


The Transition is Terrafugias answer to the flying car.

Renewable Energy in Our Community

A Presentation & Discussion
Come and learn about renewable energy projects for your home and communities. Presented by Dr. Wayne Groszko (Community Energy Cooperative) and EOS Eco-Energy. Local speakers include Roland Chiasson (RenewNB) & Eric Tusz-King (EnerGreen Builder's Coop). The event is free.

Please contact Jocelyn for more information: jocelyn.pringle@gmail.com (506) 536-4768; communityenergynb.ca Tantramar Veteran's Memorial Civic Centre, Sackville, NB March 13, 2012, 7:00pm

The Argosy




Mammals capable of producing eggs into adulthood

Oocyte-producing stem cells discovered
Shawn Seeley
Science and Technology Editor

New blood types discovered

Shawn Seeley
Science and Technology Editor
Countless people donate blood every year to provide resources for those that require blood transfusions. Many of us even know our blood types: A, B, AB or O, and whether we are Rhesus positive or negative. As a huge surprise to everyone, Bryan Ballif and his colleagues at the University of Vermont have discovered and announced the proteins responsible for two previously unknown blood types. The Langereis and Junior types have been known for some time, but no one has previously been able to ascertain the proteins on the surface of the blood cells that resulted in these rare blood types. Though not dangerous in and of themselves, Langereis and Junior types become an issue in some specific populations where their occurrence is more common. More than 50,000 Japanese are thought to be Junior negative and may encounter blood transfusion problems or mother-fetus incompatibility, says Ballif. The last discovery of new blood type proteins was more than a decade ago. These new findings from Ballif s research add two new proteins to the list of those that create the known human blood types. Only thirty proteins have previously been identified as responsible for a basic blood type, Ballif notes, but the count now reaches thirty-two. The International Blood Transfusion Society (IBTS) recognizes thirty-eight blood types in addition to the commonly known ABO and Rhesus positive and negative types. Although the Langereis and Junior types have been known for several decades, the genetic basis for their occurrence was not understood, and thus, they have not been included on the IBTSs official list. The two new blood types have been a problem in the past for mothers carrying a baby whose blood type was incompatible with their own. Additionally, the Langereis and Junior types have been associated with an increased resistance to various cancer treatments. The biggest problem, however, involves the logistics of blood donation and transfusion. Transfusion support for individuals with an anti-Lan antibody is highly challenging, the researchers suggest in their report, Partly because of the scarcity of compatible blood donors but mainly because of the lack of reliable reagents for blood screening. With Ballif s exciting findings, screening and testing methods to identify the two new blood types can be developed. This will leave [medical professionals] better prepared to have blood ready when blood transfusions or other tissue donations are required, Ballif suggests. Now that we know these proteins, it will become a routine test. Ballif s research team doesnt want to cut their research short at just two new discoveries. Were following up on more unknown blood types, Ballif says. There are probably on the order of ten to fifteen more of these unknown blood type systems, where we know there is a problem but we dont know what the protein is that is causing the problem.

It has long been held that female mammals (humans included) are born with all the eggs they will ever have in their adult, reproductively capable lives. This convention is being turned on its head in the wake of recent contradictory findings by Jonathan Tilly, director of the Vincent Center for Reproductive Biology at the Massachusetts General Hospital. For the first time in the history of modern medical science, evidence has been found to suggest that female ovaries are capable of producing oocytes (or eggs) well into adulthood. The primary objective of the current study was to prove that oocyte-producing stem cells do in fact exist in the ovaries of women during reproductive life, which we feel this study demonstrates very clearly, said Tilly. The discovery of oocyte precursor cells in adult human ovaries, coupled with the fact that these cells share the same characteristic features of their mouse counterparts that produce fully functional eggs, opens the door for development of unprecedented technologies to overcome infertility in women and perhaps even delay the timing of ovarian failure. Previous work from the MGH Vincent team found that female mice were able to have successful pregnancies following chemotherapy that destroyed their oocyte producing cells when they had received bone marrow transplants from healthy mice, producing offspring that were genetically their own, and not related to the marrow donor. Additionally, findings from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China showed that isolated and cultured oocyte-producing stem cells (OSCs) that were transplanted into chemotherapy-damaged mice allowed them to become impregnated and deliver healthy pups. Taken together, these supportive findings encouraged Tillys team to examine the


The long-held belief that womens ovaries contain all of their eggs at birth has been contradicted, suggesting that new egg production into adulthood is possible.

plausibility of continual egg production in female humans. To do so, the MGH Vincent researchers used new cell-sorting technologies to isolate OSCs from adult human ovaries. Just like the results obtained from mouse OSCs, the humans OSCs were able to form cells with characteristic features of oocytes. Additionally, some of the newly formed cells had only half of the chromosomes normally found in all other body cells. That observation provides evidence that the newly produced oocytes had progressed through meiosis, a cell-division process that only occurs in the production of mature eggs and sperm. As a final measure to prove their case, the researchers inserted human OSCs into chemotherapy-damaged human ovarian tissue, which was then placed under the skin of immune-compromised rats. The human OSCs were tagged with a fluorescent protein so the researchers could identify any oocytes produced by them. True to their hypothesis, the implanted OSCs successfully produced new oocytes seven

to fourteen days later. We developed and extensively validated a cell-sorting protocol to reliably purify OSCs from adult mammalian ovaries, proving once again that these very special cells exist. We tested the function of mouse oocytes produced by these OSCs and showed that they can be fertilized to produce healthy embryos, said Tilly, quick to point out the successes of his groundbreaking research. And we identified and characterized an equivalent population of oocyte-producing stem cells isolated from adult human ovaries. More than just providing a paradigm shift in terms of our understanding of reproductive biology, this research also opens up new medical possibilities. Tillys team is optimistic about the creation of human OSC banks in the future, as well as the identification of hormones and other factors that may accelerate the production of oocytes from human OSCs, and the possibility of using oocytes from OSCs for in-vitro fertilization as an infertility treatment.

Hepatitis C vaccine signals landmark University of Alberta discovery

Andrew Jeffrey
The Gateway (University of Alberta)
EDMONTON (CUP) A University of Alberta team has made a breakthrough in hepatitis C research, creating a vaccine that could potentially combat all forms of the liverdestroying virus. The vaccine was developed by Michael Houghton, a U of A researcher who first discovered the hepatitis C virus (HCV) in 1989. The vaccine exposes the human body to a noninfectious sub-unit of the HCV so that it can begin developing antibodies to protect against the virus. These antibodies are able to crossneutralize against the seven genotypes of the virus. Previously, many people believed that the virus was impossible to neutralize with just one type of vaccine because there are so many different genotypes, explained John Law, a member of the U of A research team. This is a proof of principle finding showing that we can make a vaccine that can allow cross protections of many different varieties of the hepatitis C virus. Houghton began developing a vaccine more than a decade ago, and was recruited by the U of As Li Ka Shing Institute of Virology three years ago to continue his research. Law attributes much of the success of their team to Houghtons dedication. We didnt really make anything special. Mostly its been the efforts of Dr. Houghton. Weve persisted and been able to go through the hurdles of finally getting the samples, getting the trial, and eventually testing the results and being able to find out the answer, Law said. He stayed with his idea and eventually carried it out to a point where now we can see there is a very good potential for things that are going to happen. Law said an obstacle in creating the vaccine is the HCVs ability to mutate quickly and exists in a variety of genotypes, similar to AIDS. Law predicts that it will still take another five to seven years before the vaccine is ready to be released. The research has only completed the first of three phases needed for the FDA to approve the vaccine. Although its safety has already been tested, the vaccine will require further testing in a clinical setting. The vaccine has already been presented by the research team to various other members of the virology community. Last weekend, the team travelled to Montreal to present their findings at a Canadian symposium for hepatitis C. Law is hopeful that the team can improve upon their vaccine further before releasing it to the public. Were basically trying to understand those antibody responses, and trying to find out which part of the sub-unit the antibody recognizes. There might be some common area between the genotypes that the antibody can see that is therefore blocking infections of HCV, Law explained. We can maybe learn the mechanism to increase the efficacy of the vaccine and be able to design a better vaccine and move forward.

Will 2012 see the construction of Canadas greenest home?
Sustainable New Construction program makes attempt
Anissa Stambouli
Features Editor
Get your hands dirty and your mind engaged. While organizations and environmental activists are building towards a greener future, Endeavour Centre has taken the eco-friendly movement to a literal level. Endeavour is a non-profit organization that offers programs and workshops that teach sustainable building and design. This year Endeavours five-month, Sustainable New Construction certificate program will be working on building Canadas Greenest Home, a residential project in Peterborough, Ontario. The Canadas Greenest Home project is our attempt to cut through all the green washing in the housing industry, and show that real, sustainable building is achievable and affordable, Endeavour Director Chris Magwood said in an email to The Argosy. While many other construction companies in Canada are building with an environmental conscience, Endeavour found that there was no one house which achieved all the elements that they feel comprise Canadas greenest home: We found and studied remarkable, thoughtful and wellcrafted homes that met net zero energy requirements; that lowered energy consumption by as much as ninety per cent from current norms; that used locally sourced and healthy materials; that helped densify urban neighbourhoods; that collected their own water and treated their own

March 8, 2012


The social gospel for a better world

elected officials seeking to further the cause of profit at the expense of the working poor, Rauschenbusch University Chaplain began formulating ideas that would find expression in 1912 in For some, 2012 may be the year his significant work, Christianizing the Mayan calendar ends and the the Social Order. apocalypse begins; for others, its He issued a call for political just another year. reform, ecumenical unity and 2012 also marks one hundred social justice including an end to years since the publication of Walter poverty and the establishment of Rauschenbuschs seminal work, global peace. The social gospel was, Christianizing the Social Order. Far in his view, a response to the evils from being a fundamentalist work of industrialization, the politics of seeking the ordering of political affluence and corruption, capitalism and civil life along the lines of without responsibility and the great conservative Christian morality, it disparity in the distribution of was a work that called for a change wealth. in the way the world was seen, and What was wanted, further called for change in the way Rauschenbusch argued, was a the world should be organized. society with fair, just and healthy The ideal working Kingdom of conditions, God dominated in which For Rauschenbusch, Rauschenbuschs all people the Kingdom was not t h e o l o g y ; would have an ideal or a concept, for him, the meaningful Kingdom on a n d but a social force . earth was an productive . . He issued a call achievable ideal, employment for political reform, led by those in good ecumenical unity and who focused measure; a social justice. on the ethics of world where Chr istianit y unjust or as a response to unearned the plight of the urban poorin wealth would be regulated and attempts to alleviate injustice and harshly taxed; a world where work towards a time when people medical care would be provided for and their work were valued more all people regardless of their ability than profits and growth. to pay; a world where governments A German Baptist born to would be run by just people with a immigrant parents, Rauschenbusch vision of a better world and an eye wrote Christianizing the Social Order to a better world. out of a combination of liberal The social gospel was a particular theological teachings and his own Christian vision of a new world, experiences as a pastor in Hells a better world, achievable by Kitchen, New York. reforming society. While the The living and working conditions particular Christian theology of the of those in and around his social gospel was a relatively shortcongregation had a transformative lived phenomenon, its impact has effect in Rauschenbuschs theology, been significant, particularly in and would continue to influence Canada, as legislation aimed at his thought and writing through improving the social good through his relatively short career as an caring for the marginalized and academic. His later writings reveal powerless became common the impact of living and working practice. The Kingdom, in real, with the urban poor: socio-political terms, was begun, I saw how men toiled all their and the origins of this practical long, hard toilsome lives, and at Kingdom are found in the ideas of the end had nothing to show for it; Rauschenbusch, released in print how strong men begged for work, one hundred years ago. and could not get it in hard times. For Rauschenbusch, the And oh, the childrens funeral! Kingdom was not an ideal or They gripped my heart. That was a concept, but a social force. A one of the things I always went great believer in progress, he was away thinking aboutwhy did the not so unrealistic as to think that children have to die? this would be accomplished all at In the midst of rising immigration, once. As he noted in this work, the the shift in the economic base to kingdom is always but coming.... We industrial cities, the rise of industrial can but hope, even one hundred monopolies, and the social problems years later. of industrialization compounded by

Rev. John C. Perkin

Endeavour strives to build Canadas most eco-friendly home, not for profits sake, but for the bettering of communities.

Internet Photo/Endeavor Centre

waste; that provided accessibility. What we didnt find was a home that attempted to do all of these things. A home that does of this, we figured, really would be Canadas Greenest Home, Magwood wrote in a blog for the project this passed January. Yet the goal is not to out-run competitors, break records or win fame. Endeavour is, first and foremost, an educational centre. We want to learn how to reach the highest standards for sustainable home building and to share those standards with our students and anybody else who is interested, Magwood wrote. Some ideas that Endeavour has brought to the table include heating water and the domestic space through the use of high degree solar thermal contributions. In addition, Canadas greenest home will have an onsite composting toilet system. To create an environmentally-friendly storage space to accommodate these ambitious facilities, the basement will be built with Durisol Insulated Concrete forms (ICFs), as Duricol is produced at a local factory, is produced there mostly with recycled

material, and more. In order to meet their goal of constructing an energy efficient, environment-friendly home, the project will be adhering to the Living Building Challenge (LBC)under the International Living Building Institutestandards of design. In order to obtain certification under the LBC, the Endeavour project must satisfy the seven performance areas that the LBC evaluates: site, water, energy, health, materials, equity and beauty. It takes more than claims and computer models to be certified . . . Extensive documentation is required to prove the building has met the rigorous standards, and certification is not awarded until performance has been proven over a full year of occupation, explained Magwood in the blog. To find more about registering for programs and workshops at Endeavour, or to follow the blog on their Canadas Greenest Home project, visit http://endeavourcentre. com/.

Dale Brownson and Endeavour Director Chris Magwood designed this Ontario home with mostly local and sustainable materials.

Internet Photo, Endeavour Centre

25 Feminist porn is changing a male-dominated industry

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Alexandra Downing & Veronika Khvorostukhina

The Ubyssey (University of British Columbia)

VANCOUVER (CUP) - Porn and feminism make odd bedfellows. Mention pornography to feminists of previous generations, and theyll likely shudder. Porn at its worst is demeaning and sometimes even violent, which is in opposition to a movement that makes empowerment its goal. But a new generation of feminists has transformed these anti-porn sentiments. Having grown up in an increasingly sex-positive culture, third-wave feminists began reexamining pornography in an effort to reform the industry. Thus, a feminist porn movement was born. The legacy of commercial, straight porn is one of racism, heterosexism and phallocentrismnone of which carries a positive, enriching sexual charge for female viewers, said Becki Ross, the Department Chair of Womens and Gender Studies at the University of British Columbia, Men have controlled pornscapes forever because theyve owned the means of production, as Karl Marx would say. Feminist porn tries to get more women involved in the production process. This in itself is empowering. By upsetting the gender divide within

the industry, feminist porn can create better conditions for sex industry workers, and depict women as enjoying sex. For five years, To r o n t o - b a s e d sex shop Good for Her has organized the Feminist Porn Awards. The awards have celebrated works of feminist pornographers such as Erika Lust, Tristan Taormino and Anna Span. Men have been honoured as well; male pornographers Carlos Batts and James Avalon won in 2010 and 2011, respectively. Sex and porn are not inherently bad, wrote Alison Lee, the organizer of the Feminist Porn Awards, in a 2009 article for This Magazine. Its exploitation, unsafe working conditions, coercion and advocating violence that are never okay. The artificiality of mainstream porn body types are a big focus of feminist porn. John Ince is a Vancouver-based author, lawyer and politician. In his 2005 book The Politics of Lust, he worried that the only porn available to a young person [depicts] a narrow range of body types, such as only slim women with big breasts and no

stretch marks, pimples, or cellulite . . . constant exposure to such a narrow range of porn could produce a sexual appetite only for few body types. Feminist porn rebels against this narrow range, to the point of having a Most Deliciously Diverse Cast at the Feminist Porn Awards. Their films show straight, queer, transgender and transsexual men and women of

various races and body types. We need new kinds of porn that will allow everyone to have a healthy experience instead of restricting fantasies to a few stereotypes, said Lust, a pioneering writer, director and producer in feminist porn. Traditional, male-dominated porn . . . says that the role of women in society is sexual and tied to men, said Lust, It denies womens pleasure in

sex and shows an artificial vision of sex based only on old stereotyped and sexist fantasies . . . Many men dont feel they can identify to this porn either, since it has nothing to do with the women they know, the situations theyre in every day. Whats been missing in maledominated porn is the evidence of arousal of women, and theyre not particularly aroused often, said Ince. So much of the female response is not real and we can detect that. Really concrete stuff like an engorged vulva, an engorged clitoris, a flush on the chest. When women are really turned on theyre more likely to turn men on, and the failure of traditional male-dominated porn to give a lot of attention to female pleasure undermines its effectiveness. For those involved in the feminist porn industry, this adds up to a simple conclusion: traditional mainstream porn can be unhealthy. Most of us saw our first porn film when we were teenagers, said Lust. The lack of quality sex-ed and the easy access to mainstream porn results in us having to learn about sex from adult entertainment. Its completely normal to watch porn, but if traditional porn is the only kind of porn, there is nothing that shows another vision of sex, a healthier, modern vision. Graphic The Ubyssey/Indiana Joel

Green Team: Measuring up

Italian Wedding Soup
Haruho Kubota
Argosy Correspondent
Food is not only satisfying to taste, smell and see, but it also brings people together. This past week was a time for readjustment from the relaxing reading week back into the university routine. Although I dreaded having to be bombarded with assignments, readings and my second set of midterms, I was nonetheless excited to see my friends again. As usual I was looking at my favourite website, foodgawker.com, in search for something easy, not too costly and something that could be made in large amounts to serve my guests. Luckily this time, one of my friends had an Italian soup recipe that she had received from her father. It turns out that this was one of the best soups Ive ever tried, and it was easy and affordable. When its hard to gather people on the busy and hectic weekdays, why not give this recipe a shot? Directions: 1. Bring a pot of water to a boil and

500 g Italian (or any) sausage 1 bushel of broccoli 200 g pasta 100 g sliced mushrooms (canned or fresh) 1 litre of chicken stock Parmesan or shredded cheese 1-1 1/2 cups of water Buon appetito!
cook the pasta until soft. 2. Cut the sausages and broccoli into bite size pieces. 3. Cook sausages in another fairly large pot. 4. Once the sausages have been cooked thoroughly, add the water and chicken stock; bring to a boil. 5. Add the broccoli and mushrooms. 6. Cook for about 15-20 minutes until the broccoli starts to break apart. 7. Add in the pasta and simmer for another 10 minutes. 8. Serve into a bowl and top with parmesan or shredded cheese.

Atlantic universities go eco-friendly

Naomi Martz
Argosy Correspondent
When theres so much on the go in daily life, its easy to simply focus on what is happening within campus and in Sackville rather than looking further afield. While every campus certainly has its own rhythm, looking at what several other universities in the region are doing in terms of environmental initiatives can certainly be a worthwhile learning experience, offering insight as to what more Mount Allison could be striving for. Acadia University has had a student-driven community farm as well as an eco-residence in the running since 2008. The following year, a tray-less dining and antiidling--not leaving the car running when its parked--initiative were both implemented. Mt. As farm has just completed its first season and there have recently been efforts to reducing on-campus idling. Saint Marys University has recently supported a community garden initiative where individuals can rent plots and share knowledge

about growing food. SMU also there has not been a specific completed the building of what is Sustainability Week as is seen at known as The Atrium, a Leadership many of the other schools. Thanks in Energy and Environmental Design to work by Mt. As EcoAction (LEED) certified, multi-use building group and support from Facilities that features a bio-wall. Like Mt. A, Management, an inter-university SMU has made the transition from energy challenge has spring boarded oil to natural gas in the past few years. from Mt. As original Campus According to the SMU Sustainability Climate Challenge (C3), which website, there will soon be stations recently took place throughout on campus with a graphic interface Atlantic Canada. recording real-time It is worth noting use of resources such that many of these More universities as water, electricity universities have a and heat in several . . . are deciding specific office or staff main buildings, as an to put resources member to address awareness tool. sustainability on into having [a] Dalhousie University campus and bring position dedicated has also been making together groups to greening the strides towards working on diverse sustainability, including campuses. projects. It seems that a recently passed policy Acadia, Dalhousie that states all new and SMU have seen buildings should be LEED gold great success in recent years with certified. The Dalhousie Office of this approachnot just through Sustainability is particularly active in individual initiatives, but ensuring the campus community for outreach that these initiatives are effectively and awareness, including maintaining communicated to a wider audience an active blog, publishing a Campus than simply those who are already Green Guide, and hiring students to environmentally-minded. work on environmental initiatives. More universities across Canada At this point it appears that are deciding to put resources into Acadia, SMU, St. Francis Xavier having an office or a position and Dalhousie all have an organized dedicated to greening the Sustainability Week to promote campuses. Mt. A can only stand to such themes throughout the campus better itself by learning from the community. While different clubs strengths and challenges of other and entities at Mt. A have specific universities when planning the path awareness events and campaigns, forward.

Larry, Curly, & Moe

March 8, 2012


A firsthand account of breaking the boundary

Internet Photo/Poster Website

Arno Karlens 1988 research revealed that most threesome participants are white, middle-class, and conservative to moderate in their political views.
came easily, enabling an open, safe atmosphere. Sarah*, a third-year Mt. A student, also had a threesome with friends, one of whom was another female. Each one of us had our Theres a reason an entire song turn, meaning all attention was in Cabaret was dedicated to placed on one particular person at the idealized triad household. a given moment, and that person Threesomes are a common fantasy was pleasured until turns switched, for men and women alike. Lauren described. Her threesome Be it two men and a woman, was all about having a new two women and a man, or three experience: it was all about the fun individuals of the same sex, the of it and it being the first time for experience can be thoroughly all of us, she told The Argosy. enjoyable when handled carefully Both Lauren and Sarah stressed and properly. the importance of communication Threesomes arent for everyone, and feeling comfortable enough to nor are they exclusive to the voice your boundaries during the super-experimental, risqu types, activity. but they are a packaged deal, so if Why its worth a try: you plan to explore an erotic lovetriangle for the night, make sure Double stimulus on the clit and youre physically and emotionally also in the vagina was basically a equipped. realized sexual fantasy, said Lauren, If youre in a relationship: having two people pleasure a girl Dont ask really is just double your partner if the enjoyment. theyre down for a Being the only Not only do threesome. Raising girl can be a lot threesomes take the question bluntly of pressure. Why? physical ecstasy will only get you a to a new level, Because there is whatis our sex but they also offer not good enough? only one mouth but insight into your response. Bring two dicks. own boundaries the idea up by and comfort zones. asking if theyve Lauren* [I] understood my ever fantasized Second-year student sexual orientation a about having sex little better. I know with more than what I like, and one person at one what I dont like, time. If the thought has crossed Sarah added. their mind as well, the next step is Keep your expectations realistic: deciding if thats something that Finding a steady beat between youre strong enough as a couple to two people in the midst of the handle. Discussing the boundaries sheets can be hard; getting three of a threesome beforehand is crucial. bodies in sync can be just plain Talk about whether or not the third awkward. One guy might not participant should be someone you have the same rhythm, as the other, both know or not, how the postand that can be strange and even coital exit should go, what activities uncomfortable. Lauren stressed are and are not okayyou get the the importance of communication gist. in order to coordinate rhythm. If youre single: Beware of the old clich If youre single, a threesome threes a crowd, warned Lauren. can seem like a really exciting, Because her male partners were sexy, and different thing to try. not interacting sexually with each For Lauren*, a second-year Mt. A other, it caused a break in the student, her threesome experience triangle sex session, leaving Lauren happened quite naturallythough as the double-pleaser, or recipient randomlywith two close male of double-pleasure: I had to keep friends. Choosing the people youre busy pleasing both of them. It going to be with is critical, she told definitely created a few awkward The Argosy, Being the only girl can lulls, and then the realization that be a lot of pressure. Why? Because really I would have rather just been there is only one mouth but two with one of them. dicks. But because the trio were *Names have been changed. friends, respect and communication

Good things come in threes

Internety Photo/Witness Gaza

Heap, third from the top-left, aboard the Tahrir with fellow delegates shortly before being boarded by the Israeli Navy.

Breaking the Gaza blockade

Elise Dolinsky
Features Writer
Though our government has not addressed the issue as much as some would like, the Canadian public is starting to stand up against the blockade of the Gaza Strip by the Israeli military, which has been declared illegal by the UN. Dr. David Heap, a professor in French Studies at the University of Western Ontario who took part in two campaigns to break the current Israeli blockade of Gaza, gave a talk about his experience earlier this month. Heap declared that as with the [1960s] civil rights movement, where states fail people have to leap. Eventually, leaders, we hope, will catch on and follow. The blockade is a controversial issue, and there has been resistance to Heap and other activists speeches regarding it. Even the [Mount Allison Politics and International Relations] departments that invited me to speak got a message from an organization, asking, do you really know who you are inviting? said Heap, There is a high political cost to anybody thats involved. The blockade is the culmination of a process of closures, which began more than twenty years ago and has significantly damaged the Palestinian economy and quality of life. The blockade means that if you are a Palestinian, you cant travel freely in your own country or even at all in the extreme case, said Heap. The Canadian involvement in the campaign began in May 2010, when a Turkish ship, the Mavi Mamara,

attempted to reach Gaza to deliver cameras never stopped rolling, A aid. The ship was boarded by the state which knows that what they are Israeli military who killed nine doing is defensible in international activists and injured dozens more, law does not have any need to block claiming that they were all involved communications and the media. in fighting. The Tahrir and Saoirse were Canadians responded strongly boarded with overwhelming military to this with demonstrations and force by the Israeli forces, who then demands for a Canadian boat to took control of the ships and took Gaza, though this feeling did not them to Ashdod. Heap was tasered transfer to the official level. Relying in the process, and an electrical fire entirely on donations to raise funds, broke out on the Saorise caused by Heap and his companions assembled the Israelis water guns. Both crews a crew and purchased a Greek ship, were held in Israeli prisons for six which they named the Tahrir. days, where they were repeatedly On the first of July 2011, just as questioned and strip-searched. the Tahrir and its crew were ready Heap and his partners are to head towards currently trying to Gaza, the Greek lobby the Canadian Minister of Civil government to Protection issued a Our Palestinian civil force the Israelis to decree stating that society partners return the Tahrir, no ship would leave in Gaza were still which was a gift Greek harbours with from Canadian calling for people the destination of civil society to civil of conscience Gaza. Despite this, society in Gaza. So the Tahrir made worldwide to far the Middle East an attempt, only challenge the Desk in Ottawa to be stopped by blockade; they know has not been very Greek authorities supportive, and the that they cannot before entering Canadian statements depend on state international waters. released seem to echo It took a year actors. those released by the before Greek Israeli government. authorities let the I think Dr. David Heap Tahrir leave the the Canadian Activist for Palestine country, but the government hopes group was still we would just go determined to away, said Heap, but continue their challenge against the he stressed that they will continue blockade. In November the Tahrir to fight for the Palestinians of Gaza joined an Irish boat, the Saoirse, despite the taboo around the issue. and together they made an attempt Our Palestinian civil society partners to reach Gaza and deliver medical in Gaza were still calling for people supplies. of conscience worldwide to challenge The two ships managed to the blockade; they know that they make it past Israels 100-mile limit cannot depend on state actors. before they started to lose satellite Its like an electrical charge in communication: that was the first your arm, Heap concluded, If sign that something bad was going you are linking arms . . . it spreads to happen, said Heap, contrasting the campaign across all of us and it with the Greek incident where the eventually the fear gets diluted.

The Argosy



A conversation with Vandana Shiva

Portrait of a Prof: Dr. Nauman Farooqi

three years in industry, three years in teaching, he said. This has been very beneficial for him, as he Features Writer believes this opportunity of being in the business and walking the walk, and then entering academia As head of the Commerce and making the connection Department at Mount Allison, Dr. in teaching between theory Nauman Farooqi has come a long and practicethat was way from his home in Karachi, really exciting for me and Pakistan, and is now one of the most also made me realize that distinguished academics in his field. things in theory are not as When Farooqi was first working clean cut as in practice. towards his MBA in Pakistan, he had So far, the ten years Farooqi no idea he would end up teaching has spent at Mt. A have been commerce. Im an accidental the longest amount of time he has academic, he said, I had no even spend in academia, but he has intention of becoming a teacher. His no real intention of changing plans to work for City Bank in his that. He was the home country were thwarted when director of he received a full scholarship to study Leadership in the United States. Mt. A from There he received his second 2005-2006, Masters degree and a PhD, before and still returning to Pakistan to take over his does some fathers business. That was my first consulting, venture into the business side, though primarily with I never really thought that I would be other Mt. A. involved in the family business, he faculty. said. Im quite happy in the sense After returning to the US and that Ive been able to balance both, teaching briefly, Farooqi was Farooqi said, especially with his persuaded to re-enter the business Venture Capitalism world. He served as course, where CEO and President students get handsof Asian Capital Being in the business on experience with Management and walking the walk, bringing ideas Limited, an and products to investment advisory and then entering and money academia and making market. According to Dr. Farooqi this m a n a g e m e n t the connection in interdisciplinarity firm. I joined the teaching between is very important company as the theory and practice . . for commerce CEO, and literally programs, and from scratch it . was really exciting. allows different was built up, he said. His work led Dr. Nauman Farooqi fields to change to the creation of Prof. of Commerce their perceptions of one another. the Asian Stocks Business is one Fund Limited, of the subject areas and he managed that can cut across boundaries and to get corporate membership of disciplines, said Farooqi, thats one the Islamabad Stock Exchange of the advantages we need to use more Guarantee Limited. I had a fantastic at Mt. A because of our liberal arts time, he said, and I managed to leave tradition. We have the opportunity with my reputation intact because to bring these whole different areas probably six months after I left the together. market tanked. So I really got out at For students interested in the world the right time. of finance and entrepreneurship, Dr. Farooqi continued this trend of Farooqi feels it is essential to not alternating between business and create self-imposed limits. The most academia: My track record has been


Elise Dolinsky

Shiva, a prominent philosopher, environmental activist and ecofeminist, is warmly welcomed by Mt. A and Sackville.
A consequence of this was that farmers began to grow large fields of monoculturesonly one type of produce. Shiva believes that the Green Julie Adler Brooks Revolution has been a failure, stating that it has reduced genetic diversity, Argosy Contributor soil fertility and the availability of nutritious food crops for the local population. Though some farmers People packed into Brunton have become wealthier, others have Auditorium on February 26, sitting gone into debt when their crops failed, on the stage and lining the walls for having taken loans to afford seeds and the lecture A Conversation with pesticides. Referring to the province Vadanna Shiva, part of Shivas of Punjab as an example, Shiva Atlantic Canada tour. I really explained that the farmer suicide rate enjoyed the setting, said second-year has grown since the Green Revolution International Relations student Filip began. Shiva is particularly concerned Jaworski, Its rare to see someone so with the environmental consequences prestigious in that intimate a setting. of the Green Revolution. While Mt. A professor Dr. Ian However, many Indians disagree Mauro led the talk in an interview with her view, feeling that the style, Shiva, Revolution increased a prominent prosperity. Angad Its rare to see philosopher, Singh Dhillon, e n v i r o n m e n t a l someone so a second-year activist and eco- prestigious in that international feminist, responded intimate a setting. student from Punjab, with antidotes from challenged Shiva. her personal and He claimed that Filip Jaworski it was his parents professional life. I Second-year student participation in the think [the lecture] worked well in an Green Revolution interview format. that allowed him It allowed [Shiva] to give a good to come to Mt. A. He asked Shiva representation of her life and why she how she would go about convincing became who she is, said first-year farmer families like his to switch from student Mariah Stein. using pesticides and other Green But Stein wasnt the only audience Revolution practices to organic and member who appreciated Mauros sustainable farming, meanwhile role: He did a great job of asking maintaining the benefits they had questions on a pretty big breadth of received through previous methods. topics within an hour, Filip Jaworski, Shiva answered, as she did all her a second-year International Relations questions, by first giving an upfront student observed. response and then supporting In the interview Shiva addressed her point: Mono-cultures are three themes in particular: Indias unsustainable, Shiva bluntly stated, Green Revolution, bottomYou can become as rich with varied up development and the role of and non-[genetically modified patentsmonopolizing an invention, organism] GMO agriculture. or in this case, plant varieties and Dhillon was not convinced. crops. Shiva is firmly against the use Shiva also discussed development, of agricultural patents, and the fact explaining that women and nature that some companies are patenting are intertwined. She addressed rural certain strains of plants, like seedless Indian womens experience of the grapes. She called it the privatization destruction of the natural world, of knowledge and a form of rent. stating that women are not victims, According to Shiva, life cannot be but a source of crucial knowledge and patented: one cannot own life, nor insight on the topic of the ecological charge rent for when life forms world. Shiva stressed the fact that reproduce. development should take place at a Shiva also spoke of the Green community level. Revolution, an agricultural movement Shiva is a trained physicist, with a in India during which farmers began Ph.D from the University of Western to use high yielding variety seeds, Ontario. Shiva has also written many pesticides and irrigation in order to books on bio-politics, bio-piracy and produce more food for more profit. globalization, to name a few.

Argosy/Rosanna Hempel

Audience crowds to hear speaker

important thing is not to be intimidated by the fact that you are studying in Sackville, which is a small liberal arts university in New Brunswick, he said. Every year Dr. Farooqi takes one of his classes to Bay Street in Toronto to meet all the movers and shakers in the finance industry, including many successful Mt. A grads. Those people have a Mt. A education and are really running with the big dogs, doing the best and the most difficult work, and one of the things that students really bring back is this realization that you know what, we are as good as anybody else. When hes not behind a desk, Farooqi enjoys tinkering with autos, woodworking, struggling to be a good golfer. Since coming to Mt. A, Farooqi has been awarded the Paul Pare Excellence Award, and is featured regularly in the Globe and Mail. He teaches upper-level finance and entrepreneurship classes, and also works as President and CEO of ChemGreen Innovations Inc. Argosy/Mount Allison University

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Men defeat Hurricanes with buzzer-beating three pointer
Robert Murray
Sports Editor
The Men saved their best for (near) last this past weekend at the ACAA Basketball Championships at Holland College. The last month of the regular season was a nightmare for Mount Allisons Mens basketball team. They only won two games after February 5, and even then those victories were against the two basement dwellers from UNBSJ and NSAC. This was accompanied by plummeting from third place to hanging onto sixth in the league. With their seasons seemingly done, the men set out to overcome not only their critics but the five other teams ahead of them in the standings. Friday, the men took on a Holland College squad who were not only hosting the tournament but had dominated the Mt. A men throughout the whole season, winning all three matches. Just as in previous games, the Hurricanes bolted out of the gate, leading by five at halftime. With their season on the line, the men took control of the game, holding themselves equal with their opponents from the Island in the third quarter. The fourth quarter proved to be the most entertaining all year for Mt. A. With time running down and the Mounties down by two, third-year forward Brandon Malally sank arguably the biggest bucket of his university career, draining his only three-pointer in the game to shock the hometown crowd. Fifth-year guard Kevin Monaghan led all scorers with twenty-three points while Malally finished with twenty. Fourth-year guard Akil Smith added thirteen for the Mounties who advanced to the semi-final the following day against the powerhouse Mystics from Halifax. Monaghan reminisced on the game Friday saying, The win Friday is one that will always be remembered to win the game the way we did shows that as long as you believe you can win

March 8, 2012


Men upset Hurricanes in quarterfinals

Jenn MacKenzie
Health Intern
Drinking and partying with your friends can be fun but it should be done in moderation. Drinking too much or combining it with drugs can be very dangerous and your body may react violently. Excess use of alcohol and combining it with drugs can be lethal. Alcohol is addictive and can have serious physical effects on the body, so it is beneficial to be aware of the effects of drinking. Canadians spend about $12.4 billion a year on alcohol. Most Canadians drink alcohol and many do so responsibly; however, there are some that do not. This is when alcohol can become dangerous and being uneducated about alcohol and its effects is not acceptable. About 6,700 Canadian die each year in car accidents, other accidents, suicides and murders, and other health problems related to alcohol use. Many people combine alcohol with caffeine. Although many do not see this as dangerous it can have negative effects because caffeine is a stimulate drug. Stimulant drugs trick your body so that you are more aware of your surroundings, which makes you feel more awake and sober. Feeling sober will induce more drinking and sometimes reckless decisions such as drinking and driving. Just because you feel sober doesnt mean you are. You are still impaired until the alcohol leaves your system. Some people think that it is acceptable to drink alcohol while taking prescription drugs or overthe-counter medications. Mixing alcohol with your medication can cause intense physical symptoms. Alcohol and drug mixing have caused many deaths so it is important to be aware of the medications youre taking when deciding to drink. Only time can make you sober again. The body eliminates alcohol mostly through urine. It takes approximately 3 hours for a person to eliminate 2 standard drinks from their system. Drinking coffee, water, or taking a cold shower does not sober you up quicker. Not only can excessive drinking be dangerous, it can cause hangovers that will make keeping up with your studying difficult. If you have important deadlines or exams you should moderate your drinking and learn to say no. Youre an adult now and are responsible for making smart and informed decisions for yourself. If you or somebody you know has a drinking problem and think help is required you can visit the Alcohol Anonymous website to find the meetings closest to you at www.aa.org . You can also visit the Wellness Centre on the ground floor of the Wallace McCain Student Centre to obtain information about alcohol related issues, visit a counsellor, or see the nurse.

Mount Allisons Kevin Monaghan of Moncton, NB drives past Holland Colleges Matthew Morrison of Charlottetown.
anything can happen. Saturdays tilt against the five time defending champion Mystics did not follow the same script as Fridays matchup, as the Mystics dominated from start to finish, advancing to the final with a 74-50 victory. Monaghan led the way again with nineteen points while Ben Chisholm chipped in eleven, picking up the doubledouble as well, adding ten rebounds. The Mounties fell behind early, trailing by twelve at halftime before the Mystics busted the game wide open, scoring twenty-four in the third quarter, ensuring victory before the fourth quarter even began. Despite the defeat, the men will carry much of the same roster into the next season where they will look to gain more consistency in their play while focusing on improving a defence

Mount Allison/Sue Seaborn

Stat Attack

.470 6 +37

Field Goal percentage for Brandon Malally, the best out of the starters Seeding of Tommies for the CCAA Mens Basketball tournament that starts March 15 in Truro Scoring differential overall in the fourth quarter for the Mounties
heading to Truro on the weekend of March 15 to face off against the best in the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association.

that allowed seventy of more points thirteen times this season. In the ACAA Final the second ranked Tommies from STU upset the previously undefeated Mystics by a score of 70-63. The Tommies wont have to travel far however,

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Mounties shine at badminton nationals

Mt. A representatives face stiff competition at nationals
Robert Murray
Sports Editor
Mount Allisons badminton team, which sent seven team members to the CCAA Badminton nationals at Thompson Rivers University, faced a tough field from the competition but did mange to score some personal victories. Heather Murray, representing the ACAA at Womens Singles faced stiff competition against representatives from the PACWEST, the ACAA equivalent on the West Coast, but managed to finish in fifth place. Heather Murrays only victories came against Alisa Young, representing the host Thompson Rivers. The first victory in round robin play was decided in straight sets by a final score of 21-14, 21-17. The final match, deciding the fifth and sixth place finishers of the tournament, also happened to be Murrays last as a Mountie. In the Mens Doubles section, Justin Barkhouse and Bryan Downey finished their round robin in fifth Charmagne Yeung from PACWEST struck gold over their rivals from the province over competing in the wildcard position. In Womens Doubles, Sinead Cheah and Jessica Yu got some revenge against the PACWEST with a three set victory over Rosalynn Chong and Veronica Yeung who were awarded the silver medal. The lone category without a Mt. A representative was the Mens Singles category, which was represented by Ryan Labelle of the Universiti Sainte-Anne. He had an equally rough time against stronger competition, placing fifth out of sixth participants, finishing ahead of the ACAC Wildcard representative. In the final for the Mens tournament, Dan Kai of the ACAC took victory over the representative from Thompson Rivers University in straight sets (21-13, 21-11.) The Mounties were able to snag several awards for their play however, as Heather Murray was named as a co-recipient of the Eileen Harle Fair Play Award along with Dayvon Reid of the OCAA. Heather Murray and Bryan Downey also picked up All-Canadian Awards for the performance and overall contribution to the sport. With four graduating players on the team, the team will look vastly different next year and give this years rookies and next years recruits a chance to assert their skills early within the field of play in the ACAA.

presented by:


Mount Allison/Sue Seaborn After ending on a seven-game winning streak, the women's Hockey Mounties finished the season with a third-place ranking and a 14-6-4 record. From there the team headed to the Atlantic University Sport (AUS) hockey championships from March 1-4 in Halifax. At the final awards banquet, four Mounties were recognized as best in the league: Meghan Corley-Byrne (1st-team all-star), Lauren Oickle (2nd-team all-star), Emily van Diepen (Allrookie team), and Ashlyn Somers (Sportsmanship). The awards banquet was just the beginning of a great weekend as the Mounties played STU first (a team that had just lost 5-0 to Moncton). While they lost to STU, it was by a 2-1 score, and in overtime. Morrell, PEI resident Emily van Diepen was the Player of the Game in this match-up. In their next game, the Mounties were paired up against Universit de Moncton, who were previously ranked sixth in Canada. The arena was packed with enthusiastic fans as the Mounties found themselves down 4-2 at the beginning of the third period. But, determinedly, the Sackville squad returned to score three unanswered goals in the final 20 minutes to edge Les Aigles Bleues 5-4, and clinch a spot in the final game on Sunday. Berwick, NS player Katelyn Morton was honoured as the Player of the Game as she scored a hat trick to help with the win. It was her second hat trick in three games. Emotionally and physically spent from Saturday's 5-4 victory over Moncton, the Mounties worked hard in the final game but never seemed to generate any offence against the Island team, which won 3-0. In this final, van Diepen again was selected as a Player of the Game. She and Morton were also chosen as members of the tournament allstar squad. Though the final game was lost, the Mounties had a great season. One that will be remembered by all who were involved with it.

place out of six teams before losing in the fifth-sixth place game to finish the tournament. The team of Barkhouse and Downey were able to capture one victory over the course of the round robin, a three set battle a week ago today against the Alberta Colleges Athletic Conference Wildcard entry into the tournament (21-11, 14-21, 21-9.) This success would not carry over to the teams final game as the team of Coady Duncan and Jie Sim got revenge and took fifth place. The Mixed Doubles and Womens Doubles team had a much rougher time at nationals, as neither the team of Carrie Drake and Erin Stewart or mixed doubles partners, Greg McGuire and Lori McKnight, left BC with a single win under their belts. In the finals of Mixed Doubles the team of Logan Cambell and

Internet Photo/CCAA

NHL stretch run in full swing

Wray Perkin
Sports Writer
With all teams in the NHL having less than twenty games remaining in their regular season, the push is on for the lower-tier playoff spots in each conference. In the Eastern Conference, the New York Rangers are leading the conference by a comfortable margin, and should be considered the favourites in the East to make a run to the Final round. The Southeast division features an interesting dilemma, in that Florida, Winnipeg, Washington and Tampa Bay are only separated by six points. Unless the Northeast divisions Buffalo Sabres can put together a big push, its likely that only two of the Southeast teams will make the playoffs, the highest one grabbing likely the third seed in the East as division champions. Washington has struggled all season offensively, while Winnipeg has become inconsistent after starting out the season as the feelgood story of the NHL. Floridas goal differential of -21 is a big concern to the Panthers, and they could see themselves drop out of the race entirely should Winnipeg and Tampa Bay put together a good month in March. Tampa Bay, led by sharpshooter Steven Stamkos, is one of the NHLs hottest teams over the past few weeks, coming on strong with a great home record. Boston, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are mainstays in the Easts playoff picture, but not many people could have predicted New Jersey or Ottawa would be in the playoff race; they both currently occupy playoff positions. From the East, its got to be believed that the New York Rangers are the only team prepared for a Cup run; they have depth at forward and defence, and the best goaltender in the NHL in Henrik Lundqvist. Every other Eastern team has holes in certain spots on their roster, but not these Rangers. The Western Conference is much deeper in terms of teams able of making a Cup run. The division which stands out here is the Central, which alone features three teams capable of playing until June. St Louis, Detroit and Nashville are all set on paper to be the Western representative in the Cup final. The Blues have not one but two very capable goaltenders, while Detroit has a veteran and experienced group which has countless Stanley Cup rings between them. And then theres Nashville. Ive always been a closet Predators fan, and with a balanced scoring attack, and the second best goaltender in the league in Pekka Rinne, now is their time to make it past the second round for the first time in franchise history. The only other team from the West with a shot is Vancouver. Everyone knows about Roberto Luongos annual playoff slump, so they are hoping it doesnt happen this year and will be once again playing in the final round. The bottom of the playoff positions are intriguing, with five teams currently out of playoff spots still in play. Incredibly, Anaheim is one of them, after an abysmal start to the season. Minnesota has dropped all the way down to thirteenth in the West after leading the NHL standings at one point in December, and are all but out of it. Phoenix, Dallas and San Jose are duking it out for the Pacific division lead, and not to be forgotten are the LA Kings, despite their offensive woes. Only three points separate the four teams, meaning that an exciting race is shaping up for the division title. The regular season concludes April seventh, and there is a lot of hockey to be played before then, with many seeding possibilities in hand, and many playoff spots still at stake.


Canada, and lost 21-19, 26-24 to the eventual silver medalists. They beat the Alberta ACAC team in the round robin, and at the end of the competition, Barkhouse won the Black Knight Skills Competition, which was a skillsfootwork test against a male and female from every conference at the nationals. Barkhouse finished eight points above his next closest competitor. A member of the 2011 Nova Scotia Canada Games badminton team as well, Barkhouse has been a four-time national qualifier and ACAA all-star. In 2009, he was the league and the Mounties Rookie of the Year, and last year was the MVP of the ACAA conference (2010-11). A resident of Hantsport, NS, Barkhouse is a former three-time singles provincial high school champion from Horton High School. A former North East Kings Badminton Club member he is enrolled in fourth-year Science and majors in biology at Mount Allison. Other nominees for Joeys Athletes of the Week were: Heather Murray (badminton), Sara MacKellar (basketball), and Kevin Monaghan (basketball).

Badminton Mounties Justin Barkhouse has won University Athlete of the Week honours for his gritty performance at the Canadian Collegiate Athletic Association (CCAA) national badminton championships that were hosted at Thompson Rivers University, in Kamloops, BC, March 1-3, 2012. Barkhouse qualified for the national championships for a fourth time this year and put up a feisty battle in the mens doubles category. With partner Bryan Downey, they played against five other conferences from across

Mount Allison/Sue Seaborn


March 8, 2012


Women Mounties end season in ACAA semi-final

In the Paint

Women top Blue Devils in quarters, fall to Mystics in semis

Robert Murray
Sports Editor
It wasnt quite the ending Coach Al Hart and the Mount Allison Womens basketball team had hoped for, but despite a semi-final exit in the ACAA playoffs at Holland College in Prince Edward Island against the Mystics from Mount Saint Vincent University, the Mounties closed out their 2011-2012 season with renewed confidence heading into the off season. On Friday, the Mounties opened the tournament, defeating the sixth seeded Blue Devils from the University of Kings College with a 62-45 victory. Rookie Sara MacKellar led all Mt. A scorers with fifteen points, shooting perfectly from the foul line while picking up four rebounds in the victory. Marlon Smith posted eleven points to go along with eight rebounds in over twenty-seven minutes of action. Bhreagh Moore from the Blue Devils was the leading scorer, notching twenty-two points, going twofor-four from the three-point range. Though she was the leading scorer on both sides, only one other Blue Devil finished in double digits for scoring. Other notable performers for Mt. A included Third-year starter Mackenzie Gray who finished a rebound short of a double-double added ten points for the Mounties. Saturday wasnt as kind to the Mounties

14.67 .372

Year end points-pergame average for leader Marlon Smith Three-point percentage for Jennifer Robinson, the highest of all players on the team

Mount Allisons Mackenzie Gray of Woodstock, NB, gets by the Blue Devils Caroline McKenna of Hamilton, ON.
as they were forced to face the second place Mystics from MSVU. The Mounties achieved their closest margin of defeat against a Mystics team that had beat them three times throughout the season with the final score ending 65-52 in the Mystics favour. The Mystics had swept the season series by a combined margin of eightyseven points but the Mounties managed to press

Mount Allison/Sue Seaborn

the attack, eventually almost wining the fourth quarter against them, but ultimately ending the quarter tied at sixteen apiece. In her final game as a Mountie, Marlon Smith drained fifteen points and added five rebounds. Other graduating players, Megan Plummer scored five points off the bench in ten minutes of action while three-point specialist Jennifer

Robinson equaled Plummers total, adding five points of her own. After the tournament, graduating starter Marlon Smith commented on the teams result, saying, I felt like our team came together at the right point in the season, we played as a team and although the outcome wasnt what we had wanted I couldnt of been prouder of my teammates! Though the Mounties were not present on Sunday in the championship to see St. Thomas continue their perfect season by defeating the Mystics 63-49, the Mounties made their mark on the tournament. Chelsea Putnam led all players in the tournament in average steals with eleven over two games. Smith also picked up an award, being named to the ACAA AllConference second-team. With their perfect season intact, the Tommies from St. Thomas will represent the ACAA at the CCAA Nationals in Lethbridge College from March 15 to March 17. The Tommies enter the tournament as the fifth seed, facing the silver medalists from Quebec, the Dynamiques Sainte Foy.

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Meghan Corley-Byrne
Wray Perkin
Sports Writer
Before Meghan Corley-Byrnes first year as goaltender for Mount Allison was over, fans and teammates knew there was someone very talented ready to emerge. Near the end of a somewhat disappointing first year, at home against Saint Thomas, the Stittsville native put together one of the finest goaltending performances in Mountie history, stopping all 55 shots in regulation and overtime, and winning the game in a shootout by a shutout score of 1-0. Corley-Byrne was in net for all four of the Mountie victories in her rookie season. Since then, Corley-Byrne has become regarded as one of the best goaltenders in the AUS, and for the past two seasons was recognized as the best, earning first-team AUS AllStar honours. This raises the question, how did such a talented netminder end up at a place like Mount Allison? Its a great university academically, and I was recruited by (then-head coach and athletic director) Jack Drover, says Corley-Byrne, adding that she has family close by as well. Last season, Corley-Byrne helped propel the Mounties into the playoffs for the first time in five seasons, and in 2011-12 she spearheaded the greatest season the Mounties have had, making it all the way to the AUS Championship game before losing 3-0 to the UPEI Panthers. This season was highlighted by a seven-game winning streak to close out the regular season, for which Corley-Byrne was in net for five wins. That seven-game winning streak is definitely one of my favourite

Malally redefining himself on and off the court

A first-hand description of an athletes academic struggles
Robert Murray
Sports Editor
When the final buzzer went Saturday in the ACAA semi-final between Mount Saint Vincent University and Mount Allison, the players were understandably frustrated and disappointed. However in the case of team leader and third year forward Brandon Malally, things couldnt have been better for him. What many outside the Mt. A athletic community may know is that at the end of Brandons first year he was placed on academic probation and forced to sit out the start of the 2010-2011 ACAA basketball season. It didnt sink in until first semester, when I couldnt play, noted Malally, who also noted that he wasnt even able to practice with the team until his grades improved. With help from former head coach Bruce McMillan and current Athletic Director Pierre Arsenault, Brandon has put his academic difficulties in the past and has been able to play a larger role within the structure of the mens team that knocked off the third seed Holland College Hurricanes with a game winning three-pointer from none other than Malally himself. When Brandon got into his situation, what we did with him was to just sit down and say what are we going to differently, what is our plan academically to have success, mentioned Arsenault who referenced the Academic


Mount Allison's first-team all-star Meghan Corley-Byrne from Stittsville, ON stops a shot by Panthers' Jessica Rosenbaum.
memories of playing hockey at Mt. A, says Corley-Byrne, who will graduate with an English major and a Geography minor. Also, making it to the AUS final this year was something Ill never forget. Corley-Byrne and the Mounties have come a long way in her time at Mt. A. In her second year, she was shelled constantly, averaging over 40 shots a game while still maintaining the third highest save percentage in the AUS. She also led the country in saves that year with 803. After seeing her team go 2-211 that season, it has been quite the turnaround for Corley-Byrne, or CB as she is called by her teammates, and the Mounties as a team. Corley-Byrne posted her best season this season, with a record of 9-5-3, and boasting the fourth best save percentage in the CIS at .937. Off the ice, I think making new friends and just the university experience in general are great

Mount Allison/ Tom Reid

memories. A North side alumnus, Corley-Byrne has participated in the teams skate with the Sackville Mites, an experience she says was so much fun. While first glance at her career record (20-38-8) might not impress many, it is worth noting that over her four-year career, Corley-Byrne posted a save percentage of .920, and faced 2557 shots, an average of 639 shots a season and 39 shots a game. With one of the greatest, if not the greatest, Mountie hockey career now in the books, Corley-Byrne remains unsure where she will be next year, but along with the other five graduating Mounties, it is certain that she will be missed at the Tantramar Civic Centre come October.

Mounties fight to the last second

Continued from cover
after goals by Marie-Michelle Poirier, but Katelyn Morton replied for the Mounties before the first period ended. Morton tied the game up at 2-2 halfway through the second with an absolute beauty, embarrassing the Moncton defenders and goaltender to finish off an end-to-end rush. Poirier wasted no time answering, scoring her third of the game only 22 seconds later, and in the final minute of the second period Amelie Dion gave Moncton a 4-2 lead. The third period saw the Mounties come out firing. Morton narrowed the lead to 4-3 with her hat-trick goal from the corner of the crease just 2:36 into the period. Two minutes later, Meg Davies point shot deflected high into the air, and landed between the legs of Moncton netminder Kathy Desjardins before rolling into the net, tying the game 4-4. Not long after, Katelyn Morton was penalized for a four-minute double minor, and during that penalty kill Lauren Oickle was called for holding, giving Moncton a golden opportunity with a 5-on-3 advantage for a full two minutes. The Mounties penalty kill stood tall, led by forwards Courtney King and Ashlyn Somers, only allowing two shots during the entire four minutes they were shorthanded. With under seven minutes remaining, Somers pounced on a rebound opportunity in front, finding the top corner for the most important goal in Mounties hockey history. The Aigles Bleues only mustered two shots on Meghan Corley-Byrne after the goal, and the Mounties were propelled into the championship game. With the puck dropping at 2:00 pm on Sunday, the Mounties had only a few hours to rest after their emotional comeback victory, and were unable to mount much offensively, as Christina Kelly and Kelsey ODonnell scored early on in the first and second periods, respectively, while Kelly sealed things with an empty-netter with 22 seconds left. Morton and defender Emily van Diepen were named to the tournament all-star team, along with Kelly, PEI goaltender Kristy Dobson, Molly MacDonald (F, St FX), and Genevieve David (D, U de M). Dobson was also awarded tournament MVP, for her vital role in bringing the AUS title to the island, shutting down St FX with 33 saves on Saturday before earning a 22-save shutout in the final. At Fridays awards ceremony, four Mounties were honoured with AUS honours, as Lauren Oickle (Secondteam defence) and Meghan CorleyByrne (First-team goalie) received all-star nods for the second year in a row. Also receiving awards were Emily van Diepen (All-rookie team defence) and Ashlyn Somers (Most Sportsmanlike Player). In what was an incredible season for the Mounties, which saw them close out the regular season on a team record seven-game winning streak, the result of the championship game was a tough pill to swallow, but looking back two seasons ago when the Mounties won only two games, its truly remarkable where they found themselves this season. This weekend marked the final games for graduating players Katelyn Morton, Lisa Riley, Jenica Bastarache, Meg Davies, Sara Diamond, and Meghan Corley-Byrne. We at the Argosy salute your contribution to Mount Allison, and wish you all the best in the future.

Achievement Program as being an integral role in not only Brandons success but critical to the success of other Student-Athletes as well, so that they are able to focus on the playing field and in the class room. Instead of simply giving up on his passion for the sport of basketball, Malally broke through the adversity like he broke through defences this past season. The whole process has a whole opportunity for maturity to it and for personal development said Arsenault. Malally has seized this opportunity by the drivers wheel and is making up for lost time with his dominance. In nineteen games this year, as opposed to a shortened 2010-2011 season when he only played ten games, his point-pergame average has increased to 16.2 ppg, almost double his average from first year. In his first two seasons, Brandon only attempted 165 field goals. However, this season, he has managed to attempt a career best of 251 field goals, making 118 of them (more than the 110 he attempted in all of his second year.) Like so much of anything it comes back to the student-athlete and whether or not they are willing to do the work its how do you respond to it and were just so proud of Brandon for responding so positively to the academic challenges and really showing the accountability. Malally has embodied the change he wished to see. He still varies in performance from game to game. Sometimes hell score four points against the UNBSJ Seawolves, the next game hell be leading the team with thirty-three points and fifteen rebounds against some of the top teams in the ACAA. Regardless of what numbers appear next to his name after each game, one can be certain that hell give 110% on the court each and every time he steps on it.

Mount Allison/Sue Seaborn

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The office manager shall be responsible for: Organizing and coordinating office operations and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness and efficiency Keeping the office in generally clean state ii) Keeping the office in a functional state iii) Maintaining office equipment Sitting on the Argosy Publications Board as the Secretary of the Board and a nonvoting member Maintaining the archives, including binding the previous years editions Maintaining an average of 15 office hours per week

Production Manager

The production manager shall be responsible for: Having a thorough knowledge of layout and design using Adobe Software Coordinating and supervising the layout of the paper Design of advertisements for each issue Ensuring that materials, including photos and graphics, are in proper format for publication in the Argosy Ensuring in conjunction with the editor-in-chief that layout is of a standard satisfactory to the Argosy Training new staff and volunteers in design and layout techniques; Maintaining an average of 15 to 20 office hours per week, including production night when the production manager must be present for the majority of time

Assistant Production Manager

The assistant production manager shall be responsible for: Assisting the Production Manager with his/her duties Be responsible for layout of various sections of The Argosy Having a thorough knowledge of layout and design using Adobe Software Maintaining an average of 15 to 20 office hours per week, including production night when the assistant production manager must be present for the majority of time.

Circulations Manager

The circulations manager shall be responsible for: Distributing the paper on campus and throughout the community on the publication date in a timely manner Ensuring old issues are recycled Tracking pick-up and distributing future papers as necessary in consultation with the business manager

IT Manager

The IT Manager shall be responsible for: Maintaining and upgrading computer hardware, software and networking systems of the Argosy Recommending computer-related purchases to the business manager and approving such purchases Ensuring Argosy data is backed up at least once per semester during the fall and winter semesters