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Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Physics Preliminary Examination Higher 1


Paper 1 Multiple Choice
Additional Materials: Multiple Choice Answer Sheet READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST Write in soft pencil. Do not use staples, paper clips, highlighters, glue or correction fluid. Write your Name and Index number in the answer sheet provided.

27 Aug 2008 1 hour

There are 30 questions in this section. Answer all questions. For each question there are four possible answers A, B, C and D. Choose the one you consider correct and circle your choice in soft pencil on the separate Answer Sheet. Read the instructions on the Answer sheet very carefully. Each correct answer will score one mark. A mark will not be deducted for a wrong answer. Any rough working should be done in this Question Paper.

This paper consists of 13 printed pages


Data speed of light in free space, elementary charge, the Planck constant, unified atomic mass constant, rest mass of electron, rest mass of proton, acceleration of free fall, c e h u me mp g = = = = = = = 3.00 108 m s 1 1.60 10 19 C 6.63 10 34 J s 1.66 10 27 kg 9.11 10 31 kg 1.67 10 27 kg 9.81 m s 2

Formulae uniformly accelerated motion, s v2 work done on/by a gas, hydrostatic pressure, resistors in series, resistors in parallel, W p R 1/R = = = = = = ut +
1 2

at 2

u 2 + 2as p V

R1 + R2 + 1/R1 + 1/R2 +


Four students each made a series of measurements of the acceleration of free fall g. The table shows the results obtained. Which student obtained a set of results that could be described as precise but not accurate? student A B C D 9.81 9.81 9.45 8.45 results, g / m s-2 9.79 9.84 10.12 9.89 9.21 8.99 8.46 8.50 9.83 8.94 8.76 8.41

Which experimental technique reduces the systematic error of the quantity being investigated? adjusting an ammeter to remove its zero error before measuring a current measuring several internodal distances on a standing wave to find the mean internodal distance measuring the diameter of a wire repeatedly and calculating the average timing a large number of oscillations to find a period

Which list contains only vector quantities? pressure, velocity, momentum, acceleration temperature, energy, displacement, acceleration density, pressure, velocity, momentum force, velocity, momentum, acceleration

vx is the velocity of a particle moving along the x axis as shown in the graph below.

If the position of the particle along the x axis at t =1.0 s is at x1 =2.0 m, what is the position of the particle along the x axis at t = 6.0 s? A -2.0 m B +2.0 m C +1.0 m D -1.0 m


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A velocity-time graph of a journey is shown in the diagram.

What is the shape of the acceleration-time graph for the same journey?

A car is travelling at a speed of 15 m s -1 and can be brought to rest with a uniform deceleration in 1.2 s if the brakes are applied. The reaction time of the driver is 0.1 s. What is the closest distance that the moving car can be to a stationary object if a collision is to be avoided?

9.00 m

10.5 m

12.0 m

19.5 m



The figure below shows an approximate plot of force magnitude F against time t during the collision of a 58 g superball with a wall. The initial velocity of the ball is 34 m s-1 perpendicular to the wall; the ball rebounds directly back with approximately the same speed, also perpendicular to the wall. What is Fmax, the maximum magnitude of the force on the ball from the wall during the collision?
F/N Fmax

t / ms

99 x 104 N

490 N

0.99 N

990 N


A cart with mass 340 g moving on a frictionless linear air track at an initial speed of 1.2 m s-1 undergoes an elastic collision with an initially stationary cart of unknown mass. After the collision, the first cart continues in its original direction at 0.66 m s-1. What is the mass of the second cart? A 99 g B 170 g C 680 g D 340 g


A spring of negligible mass has a spring constant of 1600 N m-1. The spring is placed vertically on the floor. You then drop a 1.20 kg book onto it from a height of 0.80 m above the top of the spring. Find the maximum distance the spring will be compressed. A 0.59 cm B 1.2 cm C 10 cm D 12 cm


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10 A small metal sphere is released from rest at a height of a few centimeters above the surface of a viscous liquid. On entering the liquid, the sphere experiences a viscous drag proportional to its velocity. Which of the following graphs most closely represents the variation of acceleration a with time t from the sphere?

11 Diagram I shows two parallel forces F acting on a bar of length l pivoted at P. The forces give rise to a couple of torque M. In diagram II, the lines of action of forces are moved a distance of

l to the left. You may assume that the bar has negligible mass. 4
Diagram II

Diagram I

What is now the torque of the couple? A 0 C M B D

M 2



Figure on the right shows an object of mass M = 430 kg, hanging by a rope from a boom with dimensions a = 1.9 m and b = 2.5 m. The boom consists of a hinged beam and a horizontal cable. The uniform beam has a mass of 85 kg (The masses of the cable and rope are negligible). What is the tension in the cable? A. B. C. D. 6100 N 5550 N 6200 N 3900 N


Beam 1.9 m rope

M 2.5 m

13 How much work is done when a person raises a 3 kg lead ball by a vertical distance of 1 1.5 m and then throws it horizontally with an initial velocity of 10 m s . A 44 J C 150 J B D 94 J 194 J


A soccer ball with mass 0.420 kg is initially moving with speed 2 m s -1. A soccer player kicks the ball, exerting a constant force of magnitude 40.0 N in the same direction as the balls motion. Over what distance must his foot be in contact with the 1 ball to increase the balls speed to 6 m s ? A 8.4 cm B 16.8 cm C 4.2 cm D 160 cm


An electric motor is required to haul a cage of mass 400 kg up a mine shaft through a vertical height of 1000 m in 3 minutes. What will be its electrical power required if the overall efficiency is 87%? A 2.55 kW B 19.0 kW C 21.8 kW D 25.1 kW


A 100 kg block is pulled at a constant speed of 5.0 m s 1 across a horizontal floor by an applied force of 122 N directed 370 above the horizontal. What is the rate at which the force does work on the block? A 610 W B 370 W C 490 W D 1250W


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Which one of the following is a correct statement with regard to wave motion? Two waves are said to be coherent if they vibrate with the same frequency. B For interference to occur between two sound waves, it is only necessary for them to be at the same place and time. A wave traveling in a straight line will have a wave velocity that changes its magnitude sinusoidally in one period. The energy of a progressive longitudinal wave does not propagate along the wave but is trapped within the oscillation of the particles of the wave.


During a fireworks display, a firework explodes high in the air as shown in Fig. 18. Assume the sound spreads out uniformly in all directions and reflections from the ground as well as energy losses in the air could be ignored.

Fig. 18

160 m

640 m

The sound that reaches listener X who is 640 m away from the explosion has an intensity of 0.10 W m 2 and an amplitude a. Which of the following best represents the characteristics of the sound detected by listener Y who is 160 m away from the explosion? Intensity of the sound / W m 2 1.6 0.4 1.6 0.4

Amplitude of the sound 4a 4a 2a 2a



Fig. 19 is a graphical representation of a longitudinal wave where the vertical axis (Y axis) denotes the displacement of particle/s of the progressive wave from equilibrium position where positive and negatives represents displacement respectively to the right or left of equilibrium position. The horizontal axis (positive X axis) is distance travelled by the wave in the direction of propagation of the wave.

Fig. 19


Which one of the following set of statements is the most appropriate description of the wave in Fig. 19? Location P of the longitudinal wave at this instant is at maximum pressure. Location Q at this instant is at the longitudinal wave's antinode. Locations P and R of the longitudinal wave are the nodes of the wave. Location R of the longitudinal wave at this instant is at maximum pressure.


A sound source, a plane reflecting surface and a microphone which is connected to a cathode ray oscilloscope (CRO) are placed in a large chamber containing a gas as shown in Fig. 20.
Emitted sound 2.00 m P x Microphone Reflected sound

Sound source

Q x

Fig. 20
To cathode ray oscilloscope Reflecting surface

From position P to Q (a distance of 2.00 m) as shown in Fig. 20, the microphone moves from an antinode through 5 nodes to another antinode. When the microphone is at a position which is not a node, the distance between 5 adjacent maximum peaks on the time-base of the CRO screen is 8.4 cm. (1 cm is equivalent to 1 ms on the CRO screen) Which one of the following gives the most accurate set of values of the wavelength, frequency and the speed of sound in the chamber? Wavelength / m Frequency / Hz Speed / m s 1 476 381 238 191

0.80 0.80 0.40 0.40

595 476 595 476

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A plane water wave reaches an obstacle and passes through the gap of the obstacle. Which one of the following diagrams shows the most probable resultant wave after passing through the gap? (The lines denotes the crest of the water wave.) A B


Coherent light is incident on a fine slit, s0 as shown in Fig. 22. Alternate bright and dark fringes are observed on the screen for the incident light of frequency equal to f Hz when distance between slits s1 and s2 is x in cm, distance between the single-slit and the double-slits is d in cm and distance between the double-slits and the screen is D in m. single-slit parallel beam of light s0 s1 x s2 d D double-slits


Fig. 22

Which set of changes will cause the separation between the dark fringes to decrease? Distance between s1 & s2 1.05x x 0.95x x

Distance between slit s0 & the double-slits 1.05d 0.95d d d

Distance between the double-slits & the screen 1.05D D 1.05D 0.95D

Frequency of incident light 1.05f 0.95f f 0.95f



The resistance of a certain circuit element is directly proportional to the current passing through it. When the current is 1.0 A, the power dissipated in the element is 6.0 W. What is the power dissipated when the current is raised to 2.0 A 6.0 W 12 W 24 W 48 W


A certain wire has resistance R. Another wire, of the same material, has half the length and half the diameter of the first wire. The resistance of the second wire is A R 4 B R 2 C 2R D 4R


Which of the following graphs best represents the current-voltage relationship of a metal filament lamp?

A 26

In the circuit shown, each of the resistors X and Y has resistance 6.0 . The cell C has an e.m.f. of 12 V and an internal resistance 3.0 .

What is the current through Y? A 4.0 A B 2.0 A C 1.0 A D 0.5 A


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27. A 1.5 m by 0.5 m light and rigid rectangular conducting frame is pivoted along its longer sides with a 10 g mass hung on one of its shorter sides as shown. A uniform magnetic field B of flux density 0.05 T is directed along the plane of the frame in the region around section XY. X B Y 1m 0.5 m 10 g

What must be the magnitude and direction of the current flowing in section XY of the frame to maintain it in a horizontal position? Magnitude A B C D 1.96 A 1.96 A 3.92 A 3.92 A Direction XY YX XY YX


In a photoelectric experiment, a stopping potential Vs must be applied between the irradiated surface and the collector to prevent any electrons from reaching the collector. The stopping potential is plotted for various frequencies of the incident radiation and the graph of which is shown below.

Vs / V


Deduce an expression for the Planck constant from the graph. eV1 eV1(f1 f0 ) eV1 f1 f0 0


f1 f / H


01 v


An electron that is accelerated from rest through an electric potential difference of V has a de Broglie wavelength of . Which of the following graphs correctly represents the relationship between and V?

0 A

1 V

0 B

1 V




0 D

1 V


The energy levels of an electron in a hydrogen atom is given by En = 13.6 n2 where n = 1, 2, 3,

What is the frequency of the photon emitted when an atom de-excites from the second excited state (n = 3) to the ground state (n = 1)? 3.08 1015 Hz 3.15 1015 Hz 2.46 1015 Hz 2.92 1015 Hz


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