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12-20-2011 Had a late breakfast at 8:30 (Jam and croissants ) not in the mood for cereals , fruits or even

ham and cheese sandwich . Walk down town and then started shopping. Then went back to the hotel, got the room for the afternoon (no afternoon delight) Had rented a parka and ski pants for $80. Asked hotelier about cheap bag, he gave me the name of Imcofue. Stopped at my caf Caf Bar ordered a hamburger with cheese not the complete that comes with egg and ham, ordered a pisco sour and water. The pisco sour is powerful. I am still under the influence as I am writing this. Imcofue is closed will be opened back at 3 p.m. I need to walk off the alcohol, but first must stop at the bank. Went back to Hotel and then later went back to Imcofue to get the bag this is the best place ever, should have come here earlier for everything else. The hotel provides concierge service and I was dropped at the pier. Went through security. Was assigned room number 418 with a porthole. Briefly had a roommate (Verena) from Italy who currently lives in Spain. She had to move because she had limited movement. Met Andrea (schoolteacher from Brazil) she has visited over a 110 countries. Also met Heidi and Mike from Gainesville, Florida. Heidi use to compete in triathlons, met a family from Austrialia (Sarah, Jenny, Penny (mom) and Dad) and a few others who names I cant remember. At 10:00 saw a documentary of an Antarctica expedition from 1903 to 1905 (Swedes and Argentines). Went to bed around eleven. 12-21-2011 Breakfast of bacon, eggs, toast and a croissant (they do love their croissants in argentina). Drake passage was calm (Drake Lake).

Slept between the lectures. Meal with fruit with whip cream. Dinner finally meat - steak At 8:47pm we crossed ther polar circle Antarctic confluence water temperature 3 degree celcius. March of the penguins in 10 minutes.


1 degree celcius outside at 7:41 a.m. we will be approaching Shetland islands this afternoon. Suited up in all my glory, got on the zodiac (about 3 mintues by boat) Landed at aictho at 3;15 this afternoon. It was worth it. If this is all I see this was definetly worth it. Started to take pictures and noticed the battery light. I had not charged it from yesterday, so this restricted the photos and the video shots was so disappointed. With the Nixon cool pics camera, the screen did not show anything so I dont even know if the pictures will comeout. But it was abosolutely beautiful, the penguins (chinstrap and the orange beak one Gentoo penguin) the elephant seals the land structure the lichens and the moss growing the ice in the distance, even the penguin poo everywhere. They would be walking then stop and poo would shoot out from behind pink poo. It was cute but smelly. Then Sebastian and the other guides took us on a hike to the other side of the island where elephant seals were molting. Amazing view. It was a little treacherous because we had to walk in a little snow that had turned to ice, we could not walk on the lichens or the moss or disturb the rookie areas of the penguins. It was exhiliaring. I asked the weather was 4 degrees C but due to the wind chill factor it was below zero. My face was freezing but everywhere else was warm. We headed back and had to wash our boots in the water before getting on the zodiac. Then when we got to the ship we had to step in disinfected water and walk on a scrubber and then more disinfect water and then hose off everything. We got back aground 5:45 pm. I changed, typed this up and now Im going for some snacks. Barrantos in the south Shetland islands. Watched movie Winged Migration documentary from 9: to 10:30. Went to bed.

12-23-2011 Woke to the captian announcing that it was zero degrees outside with winds of 20 knots. Lovely. I wish. Had breakfast bacon and eggs over easy, cereal and toast with butter and jam. Then went out to shoot a little video and take some pictures were are going through the strait of Cuverville and will be landing at paradise bay today as well as actually landing on the continent. I a little sad because I dont have my little flag to wave. Here I am backing some of my pictures, just in case some accident happens with my camera and camcorder. I am heading back upstairs for more shots. I signed up to be a seal ( two teams going out today penguins or seals). The landing at Cuverville was magnificient. I did the climb to the top which took me just over an hour. It was hard. But the view was unbelievable. God made this. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Getting down was another story that took about half an hour, then we took a zodiac cruise around the icebergs. Beautiful. By the time I got back to the boat and took of my layers I was soaked. The sun was shinning on the ice , which made the use of shades mandatory. I think I will only put on the thermal with a tshirt and then the parker and not the fleece, I probrably will not take snow mitt gloves only the soft

ones. I made sure charge my camcorder in between this top and the next stop in paradise bay. Hot soup was waiting for us but I think I will forgo in favour of lunch soon to be served.

Best day ever Friday 23rd of December 2011. I stepped on to Antarctica, climbed a hill and slid down on my butt down the hill. We left the boat shortly after 3 p.m. They were taking some on zodiac cruises around the peninsular and the surrounding icebergs and another set were being taken on to the continent. The zodiac I was in took the cruise first, we saw seals, cormons, penguins and beautiful absolutely beautiful icebergs, glaciers. We even saw a glacier break off but we did not have our cameras out and ready. We then landed by the Argentenian base ( it was empty but we could not go by their research buildings, we climbed a hill but could not go on the other side because it was sheer drop/cliff. We had the optioned of sliding down and I took it. I was a little scared because there were a few little angled drops but it was fun and exhilarating and one of the best thing I have ever done. I slid down Antarctica. I am happy. If I dont do anything else, this trip was worth it, all the hassles and all. God created this beautiful wonderful earth and I appreciated and I thank him for this. We headed back to the boat shortly after 6:00 pm my pants bottom was completely wet. I changed and then went back on deck. The big barbecue grill was out. I m gonna be eating tonight. Had sausage with bread and some kind chimi sauce and for dinner had grille lamb, sausage and ribs and very good strawberry ice cream (it was covered my meringue which I did not eat). We then had a briefing for the next day and movie at 9:30 National Geographic Extreme Ice. There was a humpback whale siting but I had to run upstairs and then downstairs to my room for the camera and then back upstairs and missed it. Headed to bed at 10:30 to read. There is still light at out there. The weather was really good today, it probably was at 6 degrees and the sun was shining. It was a very good day.

12-24-2011 - Saturday -1 degee celcius at 7:10 a.m. Plan A did not work - channel was blocked with ice. We had to go to plan B. I Had pancakes, bacon and eggs and toast with butter and jam. At 9:30 a.m. there was snow flurries outside. Plan B was another channel and a stop at a Port lockroy where there is a museum. It was cold and windy and there were snow flurries. They had to separate the group; one group went to the island just opposite port lockroy (my group) and saw whale bones and little baby penguin chicks. The other group went to port lockroy. I was freezing. Then we transferred, we took the zodiac to Port Lockroy which is run by the United Kingdom National Heritage Trust which is a non-profit organization that restores the buildings and sites in the antarctic and around the world. I just wanted to be warm. I bought a book Cold Places, bought a post card and sent to the office, bought a tshirt for Gabby and dish towel for myself

and some magnets. We then went back to the boat. Lunch was great, there was a potato omelet, which I ate, soup, lamb and rice pilaf and black forest cake. It was good. Had lunch with Anita/annet from South Africa, Don from Australia (originally from Philippines) and Angie from Scotland current citizen of Australia. Later we went to danco Island and saw more penguins, I climbed the hill, we could not slide down because the snow was to soft. I declined the zodiac ride to look for seals, and went back to the ship for afternoon tea I had two slices of fruit cake, two slices of some other cake, m&m, biscuits, nogurt and something else. We had a briefing on the day and itinerary for tomorrow. The flurries were coming down more. Went to dinner and had salmon and cracker (did not eat); duck with apples and something else. Which I did eat. Did not eat desert it was panacotta ( with raspberry jam) yuck. Then went to the lounge and read. Everyone was hanging out . Some guys took of their shirt and were outside in the snow. I took a picture, then the dutch guy made a snowman. It was fun, everyone was drinking, laughing and having a good time. Its still light and we brought in Christmas. I then wished everyone Merry Christmas and retired to my room to wash underwear and then go to bed. It is 12:35 a.m. on 25th December 2011. Merry Christmas.

12-25-2011 Christmas Morning 7:10 a.m. hotel manager announce breakfast open at 7:30; I had breakfast at 8:00am with Calvin (from Australia originally from Philippines traveling with Don went to university together). At 9:00 am went on our second landfall on the continent on Neko Bay. Climb up and got good vies of the glaciers and surrounding areas. Always missed the glaciers sheering off. Also caught two Adelie penguins on camcorder. Returned to the boat at 11:15 a.m. A very Good Christmas beginning. Met Nesha from Cranberra Australia (originally from Kenya is a lawyer for employment, human rights and also teaches commercial law). Christmas turned out to be very interesting, I did not go on the afternoon zodiac ride and it was a good thing, because the weather changed again and it was snowing and windy. I stayed on the ship and read a Nora Roberts book. There was a briefing later. WE saw minky whales and I think I got some good shots. Lunch was French onion soup, beef stragonoff with mash potatoes and desert was a cheese cake type thing. Dinner was fish fillet on salad and dessert was ice cream strawberry and chocolate. At dinner there was announcement that hump back whales were outside. Everyone made a dash for the deck. I went and filmed but the sun was in my eyes. Not sure if everything was captured. I then went back and had my dessert. The ship turned around and will be anchored in the area, so we chan view the hump back to our leisure. there were about four of them. There were two minky whales earlier. I went to my room around 10:30pm took a shower and read. If you stay on deck you will be confused because the sun is still shining and its 10:30 pm. Someone mentioned that the Weddell Sea was still iced and impassible.

12-26-2011 Boxing day. Heard the 7:10 announcement breakfast room open at 7:30; got up at 7:45 , showered and had breakfast at 8:00. We will making a few landings today. But right now Im just relaxing about to play some hearts, freecell and spider solitaire. Went on the first landing this morning around 9:00 to H. Rocks returned to the boat at 10:30; there were weddell seals (lazy buggers) and chinstrap penguins. Lunch was salad (potatoes with string beans, egg and tomato I ate the potatoes), corn soup ( which I ate) and beef with French fries I ate the fries and half of the beef. I then went downstairs ande ate my wise cheese doodle crunchy so good. I then went and laid down. The next landing was at 3:00 p.m. I skipped it and just napped some more. I came up to the lounge area around 5:00 for afternoon tea and played some more hearts, freecell and soliatare and read a bit of The Prince by Machivelli. The briefing for tomorrow and recap of the day was at 7:30 p.m. Dinner tonight will include a curry on humus we shall see how it turns out. Dinner with Lorraine& Michael (Canberra) John the journalist parent; Diana (England) Anita and her husband (South Africa)

12-27-2011 We were supposed to make a landing at Deception Island, however the wind and tide were up and the weather was not conducive for a landing. So we were not able to dip in the hot springs from the volcano. We are moving on to Half Moon Bay where there is a base, penguins and more mountains. More freecell, hearts and solitaire, intersped with brief readings of Machiavellis The Prince. I took one bite of the turkey, left the table and threw up. They had a competition going the Drake Passage Challenge about 15 persons entered To be the last one not to throw up.

12-28-2011 I had breakfast (only cereal) and went back to bed. At 10:30 I ate a piece of chocolate. At 11:30 I threw up. At 12:30 I ate the bread, skipped the salad, took two bites of the pork tenderloin, left lunch and then threw up. Went back to bed to lie down. Got up at 6:00, went to dining room asked for two bananas. Ate one then lied down. Only got up to go to the bathroom. Bam, thats me slamming against the wall, bam, thats be slamming against the bed. Praying for tomorrow.


I prayed for another day. But went through the routine. Bam, thats me hitting the wall trying to get into the bathroom, bam thats me hitting the inside bathroom wall before steadying myself. Bath done, bam thats me laying down to catch myself before putting on some clothes. Im lying down pulling on my clothes. Bam thats be hitting the room door as I struggle to get out. I make it to the dining room. Bam, into that chair, bam into the waitress. Hold on, take up some cereal, look to the waitress and say leche. Okay, eat cereal, struggle backdownstairs and lie down. Pray again. And try to find some sleep. At about 11:00 eat the other banana. 12:00 p.m. Listen as the Hotel Manager announces that there will only be sandwiches for lunch because the galley could not cook due to movement of the ship. 1:00 p.m. shouldnt it be over. 2:00 p.m., less waves, a gentle rocking, I might can get up. Okay 4:00 p.m. presentation in the conference room, yes I can do that, the sea is calm, were now in the Beagle Channel. Thank you. 8:00 dinner, I can do that. Beef, yes, chocolate cake yes. 10:00 p.m. went and loosed my hair. 11:00 went back upstairs; where is everybody, Everybody is below stairs with the crew, partying and dancing. Okay, I can watch that. 12:00 party still going strong, I have to go to bed. Hola everyone.

12-30-2011 Docked. Eat Breakfast, say goodbye and disembark. Its been great and I never want to do it again (at least the Drake Passage part). Take taxi to Hosteria Valle Frio, my bag had arrived one day after I left. Leave bags, take rented gear , drop that off, then catch mini van to the National Parque, but first the train at the end of the world (fin el mundo). After the train ride, they instructed us to catch a bus the national park center. I decided to walk (never again) Two and half hours later I arrived at the vistors center. I ordered a hamburger complete ( which includes cheese and ham, lettuce and tomatos) and fries with Fanta soda and cheese cake and of course a bottle of water ( sin gas). I think Ive seen enough of everything. Im just going to head back and go to a bed that does not move.

Over and out.Tanya