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GRAMMAR LESSON PLAN Name: YAAM SOANCI Number: 070102018 Level: Beginner Age Level of Class: 8-9 (4th

grade) Textbook: Several Textbooks Date of Presentation: 15th December 2010 Topic: I have got a monster. Aim(s): Cognitive 1. Possession with have got Socio-Affective 2. Speaking without fear of making mistakes 3. Working collaboratively in groups 4. Enjoying the English lesson Psychomotor 5. Pronouncing the contracted form of have as ve and has as s . Outcomes: Sts Cognitive 1.1State the rule of meaning for have got 1.2State the rule of for form have got 1.3Make sentences looking at the given prompts 1.4Practice have got with a story and role-play Socio-affective 2.1 Answer the questions without hesitation 2.2 Raise their hands voluntarily 2.3 Correct themselves when guided without fear 3.3 Exchange ideas in pairs and groups without teasing one another 4.1 Participate in the lesson actively Psychomotor 5.1 Produce the ve /s contracted form while reading and speaking. Class: 3/A Group: Day ( X ) Evening ( )

Anticipated difficulties: a. Form: Sts are already familiar with English sentence structure but they will use have got/has got for the first time. Thus, they may show tendency to use both be and have/has got . b. Meaning: Since we have the same concept in Turkish, meaning will not be a problem. c. Pronunciation: The contracted form can be problematic. d. Cultural: No problems are expected. e. Other: I will use some images and a video. The electricty may go out. Solutions: a. Form: I will handle this diffficulty as I will mention the form of the structure and will focus on how it is used. c. Pronunciaiton: I will teach it immediately after I introduce the stucture using my fingers and will write the contracted forms on the board whenever I write a sentence. I will use finger elicitation during oral work if they forget to use the contracted form. And finally I will use the contracted form myself and thus be a good model for the sts. e. Other: I will have the pictures ready so if the electricity goes out I ll use the pictures. I will skip the video. Materials: Images and video. Instructional strategies (App., Methods, Techs): Inductive approach to grammar teaching, situational presentation, Q-A, demonstration, repetition, whole class reading, information gap,role-play,

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Type of Int


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30 secs

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Warm-up: -Play simon says game with students -Demonstrate the instructions -Simon says sit down (you sit) -Stand up (youre still sitting.) -Start the activity -Finish the activity -Have learners ideas about the game -Move on to the lesson. Lead-in: Revision: -Have learners revise the body parts vocabulary via listening a song. Lets sing a song all together. Its name is head shoulders knees and toes Lets dance all together. -Use body language while singing. -Distrubute the worksheets. -Have sts listen for the second time and fill in the chart in the worksheet. Now,remember your dance. Listen again and write down the words. -Show the related part in the worksheet. -Monitor sts. -Elicit the answers. -Do the board work. Write the vocabulary items. Sensitizing: -Show the video of the monster. Teach the word monster. -Ask around the class Are you afraid of monsters? -Give the Turkish equvalent. Canavarlardan korkar msnz? -Elicit the answers yes or no - Ask How many eyes/ears/toes? (on the monster?) - Elicit the answers. five eyes/ears/toes - Have students need the target structure. Tell monsters possession.how?

Relat ed aims and outco mes Sts 2.1 listen 2.2 and do 2.3 the 3.3 action. 4.1

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Related MITs/styles Strategies

Visual Auditory Kineasthetic

Visual Auditory Musical int. Linguistic Sts listen, speak and write. 2.1 2.2 2.3 3.3 4.1

Sts listen and speak.

2.1 2.2 2.3 3.3 4.1

Visual Auditory Linguistic int.

Sahip olduumuz syleriz?



30 secs


T-ss s-s ss-T

Introduce the topic: - State the purpose Today we will talk about possession -Isolate possession -Give Turkish equvalent sahiplik -Repeat the topic and have lrns repeat - Check understanding What will we learn? Ne reneceiz? - Put it on the board Clarification and Focus: (GD-situational presentation) - Set the scene and introduce the characters through Q-A. What is it? Who is he/she? He is my brother. She is your sister. It is a monster. -Have students see the characters clearly. -Tell the sentences about the pictures. I have got a brother. You have got a sister. We have got a monster. They have got monsters. -Have students pay attention to the new structure. how do we say our possessions? Sahip olduklarmz nasl sylyoruz? -Elicit the answers have got -Draw a substutition table on the examples written on the board. -Have students realize the contracted form of have. Ive... -Use finger elicitation to make much more understandable for students. -Have learners pronounce the new form and its contracted form. -Write contracted form on the board. -Have learners summarize -Meaning of have got Possession I/you/we/they + have got

Sts listen and speak


Sts listen and speak

1.1 1.2 2.1 2.2 4.1 5.1

Visual Auditory Linguistic Intrapersonal

Sts listen and answer the questio ns

T-ss ss-T

Practice Whole-class oral activity -Use drills to have students repeat. -Use the terms Everbody/girls/boys/back row/front row/single person to keep all students active Ive got two ears. (three arms) Ive got three arms. (six legs) Ive got six legs. (you) Youve got six legs.(head) Youve got a head. (she) -Have students make a wrong sentence Sheve got a head. -Give the necessary info about has got Look at this. He/she/t has got arms -Continue with drill to have students practice more. She has got a head.(fingers) She has got fingers....(he).... Activity 1 -Hand out the worksheets -Have students work in pairs. -Have them read the given text. -Have students answer the true false questions. -Give a few seconds to work them out. -Elicit the answers. -Give feedback to the answers Activity 2 -Have students make groups of three of four. -Give each group the prompt cards that they should use while making sentences. -Have them not show their cards to the other groups. -Have them write a small paragraph. We have got a monster. It has got two eyes/two ears... -Set the time. -Monitor the students -Finish the activity. -Put the all cards on the board. -Ask one of the groups to read the writing. -Have students predict which monster it is.

Sts speak and listen

1.4 2.1 4.1 5.1

Visual Auditory Linguistic Interpersonal

30 secs

T-ss s-s s-T

Sts read and speak

1.3 2.1 2.2 3.3 4.1

Visual Auditory Linguistic Logical Interpersonal


T-ss s-s ss-T

Sts listen and read and write and speak

1.3 2.2 3.3 4.1

Visual Auditory Linguistic Logical Interpersonal


T-ss s-s ss-ss

Activity 3: -Introduce the characters little red riding hood and the big bad wolf -Show them the pictures -Firstly, have students work in pair. -Have them do role-play according to written material under the pictures. -Oh, grandma! Youve got big eyes! -Oh,grandma! Youve got big ears! -Oh, grandma! Youve got big teeth! -To see you better, my dear. -To hear you better, my dear. -To eat you better, my dear.

Sts listen, speak and do roleplay

2.2 2.3 3.3 4.1 1.4 5.1

Visual Auditory Linguistic Interpersonal

30 secs

T-ss ss-T

-Have them be careful of intonation. Angry/surprised/afraid... -Do the whole class role-play -Divide the class in two groups. this part of the class reads little red riding hood and the other part of the class reads the big bad wolf Wrap-Up and Homework: -Have learners summarize the lesson -Say Todays topic was possessions. Bugnk konumuz sahiplikti. How do we express possession? Nasl ifade ediyoruz sahip olduklarmz? -Elicit the ideas. -Take students attention to written part on the board and show the form one more time. -Recap on new vocabulary. we learnt monster.What is a monster? -Canavar. -Give homework Draw your own monster and write a short paragraph under it. Kendi canavarnz izin ve kk bir paragraf yazn. -Check the understanding Kim syleyecek ne yapacamz? -Give them the photocopies. -Say goodbye.

Sts listen and speaks

1.1 1.2

Linguistic Auditory