New Light On Jaimini Astrology – Part 2

advanced for the internet Jaimini astrologers, we have requested our friend Shanmukha to make extensive notes so that advanced Jaimini adepts can understand many 1st time revealed points by Sastriji even though these articles first appeared in Oct 1962. We hope Shanmukha’s efforts have addressed the complaints we received from Jaimini net forums regarding the new concepts explained by Maduraji, although they are part of the standard commentaries of Jaimini.]

One of the oldest authorities on Jaimini
Astrology, he graced the Astrological Magazine in 1960s under immense persuasion of Late Dr Raman and gave us some rare jewels in Jaimini Astrology. At the age of 80, he lives in a small town in Andhra Pradesh. Incidentally not many in India & West know that Andhra Pradesh has been the land of Jaimini Astrology after Banaras. Revered Sastriji leads a strict Brahminical life along with being very open minded & extremely humble. His humility only shows his supreme mastery over astrology. He and Iranganti Rangacharya are considered as the foremost authorities alive today in Jaimini Astrology. Mr Sastri has supported Saptarishis Astrology right from its inception stage.


n the last article that was published in May 2008 Vol.2 issue of Saptarishis Astrology, some different types of Lagnas were studied. A few more to be studied will be considered in their appropriate places. I shall now study the Raja Yoga, Yoga Bhanga (cancellation) effects of Bhavas and the Dasas in the horoscope referred to earlier. (Copy Editor: As already stated in the earlier article, Sri Madhura Krishna Murthi Sastri uses his own Ayanamsa which he came to conclusion after spending 6 months in Jantar Mantar Observatory in Rajasthan. The chart is generated with our software to the maximum extent possible to get the longitudes given by the author. For the benefit of the readers, we are giving below, the longitudes given by the author.

Sun: Mars: Jup: Sat: 25Ge22 21Li37 08Ta12 13Aq05 Moon: Merc: Ven: Rahu: 29Le50 10Cn16 09Ta57 12Le08 In the horoscope. According to the rule ना  न  िवबला. it was found that Saturn is the Yogada planet as he aspects both Lagna and its 7th house. Venus. even the Sun is not an anti‐influential planet. Therefore the native will enjoy full benefic influence in his life. But. 225 . 10 and 3 respectively to these houses. Ketu and Sun occupying trines from Mars and Lord of the Lagna. In this horoscope. Somanatha and Krishna Mishra have discussed the following evil influences in the horoscope in order to assess the final good effects: 1. The association of Ketu with the Yogada planet Saturn. Jupiter. and then discuss the Dasa effects. the Sun occupies only one house that is 3 and the other houses are free from ु occupation. I shall discuss the Argala effects and then study the Yoga and Avayoga (malefic) influences. The association of Moon and Rahu 3. As there are planets in the three Argala houses. the horoscope has full Argala Yoga for the Lagna. Rahu’s position in the 5th house 2. Saturn and Ketu are in the second. Sage Jaimini has defined Argala in five sutras. 4. fourth and eleventh houses from the Lagna and in the anti‐influential houses 12. Somanatha and Krishna Misra have explained these clearly. For this planet Saturn and the Lagna. Mercury. Saturn. Argala influences must be studied both for the Lagna and the Seventh house before studying the good and bad points of a horoscope.

born in poor family. the native has full Raja Yoga. started his life as an humble clerk and became an influential officer of the same company. Saturn is in a fixed sign. according to Somanatha and Krishna Mishra. 226 . Jupiter and Venus occupy the fourth house from Saturn. there are benefics in 2nd and 4th houses from Langa. Saturn is also subjected to some malefic influences. 9th and 8th houses from any planets cancel its benefic effects. 4 and 11 with no planets in the anti‐influential houses 12. is in its own house. In the horoscope under consideration.9) from Saturn. The rule is that malefics in 5th. Sun and Mars – malefics—are in trines (5. the native has full Raja Yoga. Dhana Yoga (Finances): According to Jaimini Sutras  पीलाभयोिदा िनराभासाग ळ  patnīlābhayordiṣṭā nirābhāsārgaḻa  ु शभाग ळे धनसमृि  śubhārgaḻe dhanasamṛddhi  ­­1­3­23 I f either the Janma Lagna and the seventh houses or Arudha Lagna and its Seventh houses have pure Argala influences without cancelling effects. Therefore Saturn causes Raja Yoga. the native must be wealthy. The native was born in a chara rasi (movable sign) with planets in the Argala houses 2. So. As regards Yogada planet Saturn. 10 and 3.These are the detracting influences. This native. In the final assessment.

agoY ajaR ll uf sah e vitan eht .. Further According to Jyotisha Phala Ratnamala. Leo is a strong Trikona Rasi and is an odd sign. Sthira Paryaya and Gochara. According to Kalpa Latha. The native under consideration is born poor and therefore cannot have Prabhu Yoga. The natives has therefore a powerful Dhana Yoga. Dasa in which Raja Yogas wil be effective: According to Somanatha. horoscopes which do not have Prabhu Yoga. Mars. arhsiM dna dna 01 aht anamoS . Jupiter and Venus occupy 2nd. Chapter 9. Chara Paryaya.3 .stce ffe Now. eleven are for Raja Yoga horoscopes. then succeedant and finally cadent rasis (Kendra. 4th and 11th Rasis from Cancer. Nakshtraraja Dasa. is strong and Leo Dasa becomes the first Dasa. The sutra िपतृमातृधन ायािदिकोणे  pitṛmātṛdhana prāṇyādistrikoṇe (2­4­26) defines Trikona dasa. Nisarga. According to the Prakriti Chakra. for 1 Sthira rasis (fixed signs) every sixth rasis . slokas 3 and 4. ht 1 This is called Padakrama. there will be Dhana Yoga if the benefics and malefics alternatively occupy the signs from the Lagna or the Rasi occupied by the Yogada planet. (Copy Editor: There is a mention of Prabhu Yoga in Phalaratnamaala by Krishna Mishra in Lagnabheda Adhyaya (Chapter 10) Jataka Sara Sangraha states: Select the stronger of the two trines for the first dasa.oS alagrA eht ni stenal p htiw )ngis elba vom( anhsirK . 227 cifeneb sti lecn ac sten alp yna mor f sesuo h 8 dna ht 9 . eht ni stenalp on htiw 11 dna 4 . the sixth rasi in the natural zodiacal order must be chosen for successive dasa. He suffered from poverty in his youth due to the location of malefics in the Argala houses. 5 ni sci felam taht si elur ehT ht . for Dwiswabhava rasis (Dual digns) first angular. His horoscope must be studied in relation to other six ordinary Dasas. there are forty dasa types. five for rich horoscopes and the others for ordinary horoscopes.2 isaR . but have Raja Yoga are to be studied by applying the following ordinary six Dasa systems: Nakshatra Bheda. Since it is an odd sign. Of couse. Rahu. Panaphara and Apikloma) must be chosen for Trikona Dasa. Here the fifth sign. Leo. Gochara Dasa is otherwise known as Trikona Dasa. Chara. for fixed signs first starting sign and every 6th sign there from run the dasa.21 ses uoh l aitneul fni-itna ot gnidrocca ses uoh ara hc a ni nr ob s aw e vitan ehT . for Chara rasis (Movable Signs) in the natural order. For Movable signs in regular.Arudha Lagna for this chart. according to Somanatha is Cancer which has powerful Argala influences as Moon.

and Bhava karaka. No. Karakas for this example horoscope:‐ S. Nitya (Fixed) Karakas are those given by Parasara – for example‐ Sun as Atmakaraka etc. Dasa karakas are those indicated by the dasas. dasa karaka.We must fix the Dwara and Bahya Rasis and also the Arudhas. Swakaraka. Karakas: Karakas are of five kinds. 1 2 3 4 5 6 Karaka Tanu Karaka (body) Dhana karaka (Money) Sodara Karaka (Brothers) Matri Karaka (Mother) Buddi Karaka (Mind) Satru Karaka (Enemies) 228 Planet Sun Mercury Rahu Moon Mars Ketu . Atmakaraka is a planet which has travelled the largest number of degrees in a Sign. Chara (Variable) karakas are those determined by the horoscopes individually. For this horoscope.No Dasa Sign 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Leo Capricorn Gemini Scorpio Aries Virgo Aquarius Cancer Sagittarius Dwara Rasi Leo Capricorn Gemini Scorpio Aries Bahya Year Rasi Leo 11 Leo 12 Aries 2 Aquarius 2 Sagittari 7 us Virgo Libra 3 Aquarius Leo 1 Cancer Gemini 12 Sagittarius Aries 6 Work out the dasas in this manner for the whole life. No 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Karaka Atma Karaka Amatya Karaka Bhatri Karaka (Brother) Matri Karaka (Mother) Pitri Karaka (Father) Putra Karaka Jnati Karaka (enemies) Dara Karaka (Spouse) Planet Moon Sun Mars Saturn Rahu Mercury Venus Jupiter The twelve Karakas for the first Dasa – Leo Dasa Sl. They are Atmakaraka. the following are the Dasa periods: ‐‐ S.

counting zodiacally for all signs 2. Chara and Chara Paryaya dasas for Longevity. there are 4 types of reckoning in Jaimini system. This can be understood with Chara Paryaya dasa as the same reckoning will be used for finding respective lords for each dasa. So. Prakriti Chakra. This is very important rider which is often overlooked. so Rahu shall be taken as Bhatri Karaka. Refer to Jataka Sara Sangraha by Raghava Bhatta or Jaimini Sutramritam by Sri Iranganti Rangacharya for more details of these reckoning.) The effects of the Dasas will depend on the relationship between Janma Karakas. Udaya Chakra. Raghava Bhatta specifically mentioned it in Jataka Sara Sangraha. fix the dasas in the clockwise order. Longevity (Somanatha’s Views): There are a number of Dasas for determining longevity. According to Jyotisha Kalpalatha.7 8 9 10 11 12 Jamitra Karaka (Wife) Ayush Karaka (Longevity) Bhagya Karaka (Wealth) Rajya Karaka (Profession) Labha Karaka (Profits) Vyaya Karaka (Expenditure) Saturn Venus Jupiter Sun Mercury Ketu (Copy Editor: The above table is the dasa karakas for Aquarius Dasa and similarly for other dasa Rasi can be worked out. The use of other dasas will depend on the nature of horoscopes considered. In fact. As regards Varnada Dasa. Varnada. Rahus longitude given by the author is 12°8' so he covered only (30° ‐ 12° 08)= 17° 52˝. Benefic effects are to be predicted if they are benefic and malefic if they are otherwise. The effects of Dasas will be discussed in detail later. Rahu and Moon occupy sign Leo. if there is a Brahma planet. so according to Kalpalatha preference shall be given to the planet that travels less longitude in the sign to determine the karaka. 3. Vyaya Karaka is not the 3rd planet. Varnada Rasi is to be determined as follows: 229 . but the 6th planet in Graha chakra reckoning. They are 1. Graha Chakra: Graha Chakra reckoning means counting from lord of Dasa rasi (from Atmakaraka in case of Atmakaraka Graha Dasa) in regular zodiacal (Udaya chakra) fashion. Dasa Karakas and the Arudha Rasi and on the nature of the Dwara and Bahya Rasis. the Tanu karaka will be the lord of the dasa sign and the subsequent karakas are the planets next to him by Udaya chakra (Zodiacal) fashion. Vikriti Chakra. counting anti zodiacally for odd signs and zodiacally for even signs 4. The reckoning of subsequent karakas is to be found out using Graha Chakra. For all horoscopes. where as Moon’s longitude is 29° 50́. for all horoscopes consider Brahma. counting zodiacally for odd signs and anti zodiacally or even signs. Bhatri Karaka in the above table needs explanation. it will depend on the Hora Lagna and Vilagna.

Counting 8 signs (the Varnada number for this chart) anti‐zodiacally from Scorpio gives Aries. Then count from Aries as many signs as are denoted by either of the numbers according to the conditions. This variation of Hora Lagna will be provided in our open source program. thus Scorpio is the Varnada Sign. Determination of the Rasi indicating Death: Consider the most afflicted Varnada dasa sign by malefics or the sign whose trines afflicted by malefics. Pisces 7. Scorpio. the years for 230 1. In our example. Libra 2. Since both are odd. the longevity is 69 years. Aries 8. add the two numbers. In the above example. Sagittarius 4. From Libra. Moon and Rahu are in 2nd and 12th house. The dasa periods are: 12 years 6 11 1 2 10 1 7 11 8 ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ 69 Years ‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐‐ Hence. for which the dasa period is 12 years. Scorpio). Capricorn 5. Next dasa is Scorpio. here is according to Jataka Sara Sangraha by Raghava Bhatta. Venus and Ketu. If one of them is odd and the other even. take their difference. The Hora Lagna (HL) shown by JHora shall not be used in this case. Hora Lagna calculation. [Copy Editor: Please note that as explained in the first article in the series. Jupiter. Cancer is the most afflicted. That Sign brings about death of the native. take their sum 1+7 = 8 and count 8 rasis from Aries. Taurus 9. and this version of Hora Lagna will be known by the name Savayava Hora Lagna (SHL)] In the horoscope. So. Lagna is Aries and Hora Lagna is Libra. count from Aries to Lagna and Hora Lagna. Determination of the first Dasa: Choose the stronger of the Lagna and Hora Lagna. (Copy Editor: The duration of first dasa Libra is explained above.Varnada Rasi (Jataka Sara Sangraha) For those born in odd signs. Aries and Cancer. Scorpio 3. of the three signs. counts up to Janma Lagna and Hora Lagna are 1 and 7 respectively. Libra is stronger as there is a planet in it. Aquarius 6.Cancer . Cancer is aspected by Saturn. The result will be the Varnada Rasi. count 8 signs (8 being the number of Varnada Rasi. Therefore Cancer Varnada Rasi Dasa will bring the death of the native. If both the numbers obtained are either odd or even. we get Taurus. and Sun. Gemini 10.

Its certain. (Page 58. But if Moon is in 3rd. 231 .) Jyotish Kalpadrum Prasna Related with Child Birth. child birth will happen certainly. 5th or 9th house with Sun and Venus child birth will not happen. When female nativity asks about the child birth. Libra ‐ 1) 6 and these 6 years are the dasa years for Scorpio dasa.Aries are (from Aries to Sign occupied by Mars. Jyotish Kalpadrum) 1. Similarly the other dasa signs may be worked out. 7th house in friendly sign child birth will happen. If Jupiter is situated in Lagna or Arudha or in 5th. if at that time the Rahu is situated in lagna or Arudha lagna. but if in inimical sign children will die at young age. predict the female is pregnant. 3. may be the pregnancy has happened only a day before. Chapter related with child birth Prasna. If Moon is situated in Lagna with benefic planets. 2.

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