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Objectives for Ph.

D in Biotechnology/Microbial Genetics/Molecular Biology

The word Gene always fascinates me and drives me toward my goals. I did my matriculation in science and then F. Sc (pre-medical) from one of the best colleges of country. After doing my B. Sc from the same college I got admission in Quaid-I-Azam University (nations top ranked university) in M. Sc Microbiology. I also did my M. Phil Biotechnology from the same university and got secured first position in department/university. During my M.Sc and M.Phil, two subjects that fascinated me were Molecular Biology and Gene Manipulation. My performance in these subjects has been extra-ordinary throughout my educational career. The same interest encouraged me to work on molecular biology/microbial genetics during my M. Phil research. My post-graduation research work deals with the Isolation of organophosphate degrading bacteria and detection of parathion hydrolase gene from the isolates. The above mentioned research work has been published in Annals of Microbiology and Minerva Biotecnologica. I have also participated in a project entitled prevalence of plasmid-mediated AmpC beta lactamses in the clinical isolates. I still feel that the knowledge I have gained is infinitesimal and fragmentary. After completing my M. Phil, I joined COMSATS Institute of Information Technology as lecturer biotechnology. There also I am teaching Molecular and Microbial Genetics to MS and Environmental Microbiology to BS program. Twenty first century is said to be the century of Biology. Pakistan, being a third world country needs highly qualified researchers and teachers in order to withstand the challenges of 21st century. A lot of work has to be done in the field of biology. Surveillance of different diseases, prevalence of pathogens and enzymes, food biotechnology/microbiology, local production of useful metabolites, detection and remediation of different carcinogenic and mutagenic chemicals and so many researchesmuch of other research work has have to be done with accuracy and reproducibility. Up till now, most of the drugs, antibiotics, enzymes preparations, and other biological preparations have to importbe imported which incurs high revenue costs. For the sustainable development of Pakistan, it is necessary to have develop highly trained personnel, equipments and technology locally so that the country does not have to spend so much of money on import of bio-related stuff. This is only possible if local people go abroad to gain knowledge and expertise from different countries and come back to serve their nation. My goal is to train myself thoroughly through my PhD program in Biotechnology/Microbial Genetics/Molecular Biology. This would help me to develop good professional skills to take up research in Pakistan which in turn will benefit the nation.