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Single Station Home Gym

Actual Unit may slightly vary from the stated specifications and depicted picture. Actual Units are available for viewing.

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P 17,500.oo

Key Features: Used For 21 Different Weight Exercises: Dual Function, Independent Motion Press Arm/Vertical, 1. Lat Pull-Front (Latissimus Dorsi-Posterior DeltoidBiceps-Brachialis) Butterfly 2. Lat Pull-Rear (Latissimus Dorsi-Posterior Deltoid High and Low Pulley Stations. Biceps-Brachialis) Lat Station 3. Straight Arm Pullover (Latissimus Dorsi-Serratus Dual Function Leg Developer with Pivot Point that Pectorals) properly aligns with Knee Joints 4. Upright Row (Trapezius-Deltoids-Biceps) Long-life Contoured Foam Roller Pads 5. Shoulder Shrugs (Trapezius-Forearms) Compact Heavy-Duty Frame Construction 6. Tricep Extensions (Triceps-Inner and Medial Durable Exterior Design Heads) Convenient Assembly Method 7. Preacher Curls (Biceps-Forearms-Flexors) Exercise All Major Muscle Group 8. Preacher Curls, Reverse Grip (Biceps w/ very Product Highlights: strong emphasis forearm muscles) Rigid, High-Quality, Heavy-Duty Steel Frame 9. Wrist Curls (Forearm Flexors) Elegant Smooth Action & Silent Pulley Bearings 10. Biceps Curls (Biceps-Forearm flexors) Weight Stack (included): 100lbs 11. Butterfly (Pec-Dec Flyes) 12. Tricep Pushdowns-Reverse Grip (Triceps w/ Upgradable Weight Stack to 250lbs. strong emphasis on forearm muscles) Tough Steel Cables Covered in Highly Flexible Plastic 13. Front Kicks (Hip Flexor-Quadriceps) Cover for Extra Protection 14. Back Kick (Gluteus Maximus) Easy Change to Butterfly Function from Chest Press 15. Leg Extensions (Quadriceps) Thick Comfortable Padding (complete w/ foam pads) 16. Leg Curl (Hamstring Group) Passed the ISO9001 Quality Assurance Check 17. Side Kick (Abductor) Technical Specifications: 18. Adductor Kicks (Adductors) Steel Tubing: 1.5" & 1.75" 14 Gauge Tubing 19. Bench Press (Pectoral-Deltoids-Triceps) Upholstery: Boxed Construction w/ High-Density Foam 20. Low Pulley Row (Trapezius-Latissimus Dorsi Cables: Aircraft Rated at 2,000-lb Tensile Strength Erector Spine) Pulleys: 3.75" Nylon Rated Reinforced w/ Sealed 21. Bent over Row (Latissimus Dorsi-Biceps Brachialis) Bearings Box Dimension: Weights: 100lb. Selectorized Vinyl Weight Stack Box 1: 75.5" x 19" x 6" (103 lbs) Guide Rods: 1" Chromed Plated Box 2: 13.5" x 11.5" x 7.5" (54lbs) Finish: Durable Powder Coated Finish Black or Gray Box 3: 13.25" x 9.75" x 7.5" (44 lbs) Assembled Dimension: 53" x 38" x 82" (D x W x H) Standard Accessories: Total Packages: 3 Boxes Link Chain Total Package Weight: 201lbs Long Handle Bar / Lat Bar Warranty: 2 Years Limited on Parts only Short Handle Bar / Shiver Bar
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