4 arguments against God = 1 argument for God Please examine the document here. It's quite straightforward ..

Embodied in the diagram is four arguments against God: 1. atheists declare there is no God; no scientific evidence 2. existentialists declare neutrality is the preferred perspective; assuming a God exists is outdated and based on superstition; WE are God; God is dead or at best – God never was 3. all religions contain mutually exclusive assumptions: Mohammed is THE prophet of Allah, Jesus is THE savior of humankind, Jews are THE chosen people, reality is illusion,.. there is not one religion without a superior 'we know the truth' perspective 4. zealots from any religion take their religion to the extreme: violence is the only solution So.. What is the solution? The only feasible solution is THEY'RE ALL WRONG .. If atheists were right, 99% of the rest of us would be delusional/insane. If existentialists were right, neutrality would have no drawbacks/shortcomings – but it DOES (just look at Sweden or Switzerland after WWII) .. If any one particular religion was correct, all the rest would be incorrect. The ONLY religion that has a chance at being correct is Christianity but even that has shortcomings: Paul's insistence on the divinity of Jesus forcing us to accept Jesus as our personal savior or else BURN IN HELL smacks of cultism. ^^ Zealots insisting violence is the only viable solution to any problem sounds more like 'messengers from Hell' than religious zealots.. ^~ So again, what's the solution? THEY'RE ALL WRONG. They're all wrong means: 1. there is a God but we totally misunderstand It 2. neutrality is a weak and counterproductive perspective 3. all religions have a 'fatal flaw' invalidating them 4. zealots are INSANE essentially working for Satan What are the implications of above? ..You can call it 'spiritual minimalism' or whatever you want.. On the diagram, I call it 'pure spiritualism'. It's the minimal set of assumptions required for 'some kind of spirituality': God is Love; Satan is your enemy; live in the Holy Spirit. God is Love; Satan is your enemy; live in the Holy Spirit. How do we put this into practice? Look within. Find the Holy Spirit. Live in It. ..Or you can 'spin your wheels' 'riding out' the rest of your life on inertia.. Is that living? Or something else? Living in fear is clearly NOT an option.. That's not really living anyways.. ^^ We all have a CHOICE: use it. Do it. Live a full and meaningful life.. Don't just accept a morality scheme because your preacher/minister/rabbi says so.. Explore the values for yourself: live on principles .. That's one of the things I admire most about atheists: they typically live on principles NOT values taken from some 'holy book'.. ^^ But I most certainly DON'T admire ANYthing about religious dogmatists who regurgitate 'gospel' without an INKLING of true understanding.. Frak 'scripture'.. Most of that was likely Satanically inspired anyways.. ;) Seriously, most organized religions are based on Satanic deceptions. Think about the Bible: the 'most popular book in Earth history'. The Bible has spurred more wars and violence than any other books combined. People claim it was 'divinely inspired' but.. Think about 'cause and effect': what has the Bible caused? War, violence, bloodshed, divided populations,.. The list of violence and bloodshed seems endless.. That is clearly SATANIC not Godly. Period.

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