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This is a court of record

To: Melvin T. G Treasurer (Tax Commissioner) on duty at Village of Lockland at Cooper Avenue Lockland Ohio 45215(Municipal) Maxims of Law A. A party may not always have a right to a claim. B. A party always has a right to a counter claim C. A counter claim in Admiralty must be answered cannot be dismissed by a judge (unless you give permission). D. A party must have legal standing to bring a claim. E. A party must be damaged in order to have standing to bring a claim. F. A bank cannot risk its assets or the assets of its stockholders or depositors to bake a loan. G. If a bank cannot risk, it cannot be a damaged party and cannot have legal standing to bring a claim. H. A claim must be proven if a debtor demands proof. I. A debtor may demand the original wet ink signature note as proof of claim. The claimant must provide the original note as proof of claim if it is demanded. J. A trustee in Bankruptcy is required to bond a case for the total amount of the debt plus court costs and Attorney fees. K. If a trustee in a Bankruptcy case is not properly bonded, the clerk of the court is responsible to cover the balance of the case with their bond. L. If an officer of the court causes dishonor, their bond must be forfeited to cure their dishonor. Any officer of the court who forfeits their bond looses their job.

Please take notice of the following: FACTUAL BACKGROUND Michael Griffin and Melvin T Gertz, STATE OF OHIO, HAMILTON COUNTY, and VILLAGE OF LOCKLAND entered into an agreement, that being the Social Compact for this American Society; a Universal Imperative binding on all, and which was incorporated into the Constitution For the United States of America at Amendment 4, both incorporated as though fully stated herein. The agreement, in its simplest form merely states a fundamental rule of this Society: We agreed not to injure one another. Mr. Gertz, presented themselves as agents duly authorized to act in this matter for the owners (We The People) and/or (The People of Ohio) and holds the office of Chief of Police, . In either case the 4th Amendment, above referenced, is fully comprehended and means exactly the same thing; Governments are not authorized to unreasonably search or seize the people or their property or person, as those acts would be injurious. In that sense, governments are restrained in the same way the People have agreed to restrain themselves: to harm no one. At all times during the term of the agreement Michael Griffin has managed not to injure Chief ,. On November 24, 2011 a police officer with the identifying uniform of Lockland Police entered the business of Michael L. Griffin located at 102 West Wyoming Avenue and presumed authority over the business of Michael L. Griffin.

At which time the Peace officer gave the unlawful demand to remove the cars associated with the trade company of Michael L. Griffin. Mr. Griffin was given 2 hours to execute the orders given by the Peace officer or while under duress he was to suffer the actions of non compliance. Michael L. Griffin confronted the chief of police concerning the matter and claimed the property in question as a part of his bona fide commercial operation and identified the actions of The Village of Lockland as a mistake and explained his status of exemption to the chief of police and his duty staff at the time of discussion. The chief of police then told me that he was acting on the orders of the administration and was to enforce the orders, as a result of a disagreement about who had authority to do what, did intentionally injure Michael Griffin by trespassing upon his right to unlimited contracts with the intent to create a tort by disregarding Mr. Griffins secured claim to liberty and property under color of law in that he conspired with others to which led to the removal of Mr. Griffin contractual projects when clearly the Village of Locklands ordinance deposes that the Ordinance in question only apply to residential zoning and not commercial operations. Michael Lance Griffin is named in said action. The Ohio Revised Code 1705.48 provides protection of immunity for all members and managers of LLC companies that are registered in Ohio . Such negligence has forced Michael L. Griffin ( manager, statutory agent) to performance of a frivolous action by causation and held him ransom to an adhesive contract, void order, and extortion without consent. Michael Griffin does not wish to be injured by the tortious interference of his contracts, nor the frivolous filings, and claim to have injured no one or anything and was well within his right to freely enjoy commerce as one of the people of Ohio. BREACH OF AGREEMENT You are in breach of our agreement as follows: 1. You intentionally deprived me of my Liberty without lawful cause. 2. You have held me against my will for the City of Reading. 3. You caused injury to me by seizing and keeping my property (automobile and private business property) and converted it to your use and Earls Towing against my express denial of consent for you to do so and under color of law, and allowed Earl Towing to force me into an adhesion contract to retrieve said private properties. 4. You have accused me publicly of a crime 5. You have threatened me with jail time and fines 6. You have denied me proper service of due process 7. You have unlawfully arrested me 8. You have committed Fraud upon the courts 9. You have committed perjury before a State Justice (Notary Public)

10. You have trespassed upon the case 11. You have committed an act of treason 12. With full knowledge of your duty to me you have lied about the authority of your office, as a duly authorized agent of the people because the people have no authority to authorize you to act against me as you did without probable cause my actions were not injurious to anyone or any thing. 13. You have taken unjust enrichment by fraudulent means by ingratiating yourself with your superiors, and your peers who have convinced you that these acts are somehow responsible acts, at my expense including the fact of viewing my tax file, then charging me for not filing taxes on a business that was cited and charged with frivolous meritless code and ordinance violations, to which later was dismissed after the success of two forced evictions co conspired by City of Reading agents which forced the Trade company MID CITY COLLISION out of business after illegal orders to get rid of all cars on business property with no tags in 2007, and then signing your name under penalties of perjury which violates any oath taken and displays distrust and breach of fiduciary duty as a Public Servant. INJURIES Because of your breaches, Michael L. Griffin has suffered the following injuries: 1. Loss of my Property you received to unjustly enrich yourselves, 2. Loss of my Liberty, which you received to unjustly enrich yourselves, 3. Loss of reserved rights , 4. Anguish over being accosted by irate gun toting zealots. DUTY You have a moral, legal, and lawful duty to not cause injury. In accordance with the Universal Imperatives, you must not, engage in any activity such as extortion, lying, or breach of contract, which would cause an unwanted injury to another. Those Universal Imperatives are codified in the Codes of the State of Ohio, i.e. Penal Code, Civil Code, etc . BREACH OF DUTY You are breaching that duty by 1. Trespassing on my Liberty using simulated process under color of law 2. Trespassing upon my body by detaining, seizing and or incarcerating same for ransom, 3. Trespassing upon my possession property, seizing all contract properties associated with 108 West Wyoming Avenue without my consent () for contract ransom and profit(Earls Towing, and Village of Lockland Mayors Court),

4. Searching my possession property without probable cause or proper warrant, 5. Enlisting others to assist you in all the above acts under color of law,

RESTITUTION AND PENANCE Because you were and are prohibited by your agreement with Mr. Griffin from injuring Mr. Griffin and your office is also barred by law from injuring Michael Griffin; and because you have extorted Michael Griffin using simulated process and color of law to effect the breach of Duty, now therefore your immediate visible property aforementioned shall be the restitution and penance by which Michael Griffin shall be restored to his rightful status and you justly punished for your moral and legal offenses, (Michael Griffin) will seek; The fees that are attached to the Original Notice and Demand Contract that is recorded, verified, internationally registered and in receipt of the Ohio Secretary of State. DEMAND NOW THEREFORE, Michael Lance Griffin demands that you dismiss any and all charges against Mr. Griffin, because of the seriousness of the injuries herein related, within (10) calendar days of service of this notice and demand, and pay Michael Griffin one thousand dollars per injury listed. DEFAULT If you fail to satisfy the demand within the allotted time after having been duly served with this notice and demand, then by tacit procuration Michael Griffin or his nominee or his assigns will determine for you the following: 1. That the aforesaid demand is just, and the Original Registered Notice and Demand fees shall become the damage claims as they appear. 2. That a court of record in Ohio may enforce the demand either ex parte or con parte, 3. That you, and each of you, concur and are satisfied with the justness of the demand, and the process by which the demand shall be enforced. Further, if you fail to satisfy the demand within the allotted time after having been duly served with this notice and demand, then Michael Griffin will take lawful action in a court of record (in personam and in rem), to defend against any of you or persons acting in concert with you who have caused any injuries to Michael L.

Griffin to secure his substantive rights, and to redeem the aforementioned restitution and penance owed to him. In order to avoid any misunderstanding, all communications shall henceforth be on the record, by the use of affidavits with sworn statements under penalties of perjury where source, destination timing and content can be verified, and certified by an independent source. Please serve all communications and process directly to:

___________________________________ Michael L. Griffin c/o 102 W Wyoming Avenue Cincinnati, Ohio 45215 513-364-3772 mikebg1693@yahoo.com