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1. How did you get to know about our products and services?

a) Newspapers advertisements

b) Magazines advertisements

c) Television commercials

d) Internet

e) From a friend or relative

2. What is your monthly budget for this particular product?

a) $100 to $200

b) $200 to $300

c) $300 to $400

d) $400 to $500

e) $500 and above

3. How often do you feel the need to use this product?

a) Everyday

b) Once in a week

c) Once in a month

d) Once in three months

e) Once in six months

f) Once in a year

4. How would you rate your experience of using our product?

a) Excellent

b) Good

c) Average

d) Bad

e) Terrible

5. Where do you usually shop for our products?

a) On the internet

b) Exclusive showroom

c) Factory outlets

d) Any particular shop

e) Shopping mall

6. What is the best thing that you like about our products?

a) Price

b) Packaging

c) Quality

d) Easy Availability

e) All of the Above

f) If anything else please specify?

1. In the past week, how many times have you seen an advertisement for this product? 0

5 or more

2. Which of the following ads have you seen? Billboard Newspaper Magazine Online Banner Ad TV Commercial

Other 3. How well do you remember these advertisements? Very well


A few details

Not at all

4. Please choose how much you agree or disagree for each of the following statements: Strongly Disagree 1 The claims made in the ads were believable I understood the product being advertised The ads were original I will buy this product in the next month Neutral 3 Strongly Agree 5

5. What did you most like about the ads? What would you say is the main message of this ad? Just trying to sell the product Entice people to try the product Big discounts, cheaper than the competition Product is of high quality

Brand awareness, company is trying to expose itself.

Other If you were to describe this ad to a friend, would you say the ad is: (Select all that apply) Funny Emotional Creative Informative Irritating Sincere Pleasant Unique Memorable Enticing Immature Boring

Other Please check the one box that best indicates how descriptive the statement is of you. Just like me I go window shopping often. I often buy things on impulse. I shop online. I have conservative tastes. I rely on my own judgment when buying. I like stores with very low prices. I never seem to have enough money. Please view the product/description of the following advertisement. (ENTER AD IMAGE, DESCRIPTION OR VIDEO HERE) A lot like me Somewhat like me Not much like me Not at all like me

Please answer yes or no to the following questions regarding the ad. Yes No

Was the ad appealing to your eye?

Was the ad fun to watch? Would you talk to someone else about this ad? Did you have a positive reaction to the ad? Would you like to see similar ads like this in the future? Are more likely now to purchase the product offered? Please check the frequency in which you engaged in the following activities in the past two months. 7 days a week 5-6 days a week 3-5 days a week 1-2 days a week less than once a week


Watching television Exercising (gym or leisure sports) Going to a restaurant Bicycling

Going to the movies Visiting art galleries and museums Swimming Attending sports events Take public transportation Cook at home

Use the internet

Indicate activities/interests which you and/or household members enjoy on a regular basis:

Bicycling/running Camping Dieting Crafts Foreign travel Gourmet/fine food Coin/stamp collecting Fashion clothing Bible/devotional reading Physical fitness/exercise Stereo/records and tapes Sweepstakes Sewing Needlework/knitting Art/antiques Outdoor gardening Wildlife/environment issues Do-it-Yourself/workshop Recreational vehicles Health foods/vitamins Money making opportunities Book reading Self improvement Watching sports on TV Charities/volunteer work


Please read each statement carefully and respond to it by expressing the extent to which you believe the statement describes your personality, your beliefs and your preferences. Most survey items in this questions are from: Burger, Jerry M. and Harris M. Cooper (1979), Motivation and Emotion, 3, 381-393. Levenson, Hanna (1974), Journal of Personality Assessment, 38, 377-383. Strongly Agree I find it very hard to talk in front of a group. I feel like what happens in my life is mostly determined by powerful people. I try to avoid situations where someone else tells me what to do. I enjoy political participation because I want to have as much say in running government as possible. I would rather not try something I'm not good at. When I get what I want, it's usually because I'm lucky. I enjoy making my own decisions. I would rather someone else took over the leadership role when I'm involved in a group project. I consider myself to be generally more capable of handling situations than others are. Below is a list of statements. Please indicate how you feel about each statement by indicating your degree of agreement or disagreement with each statement. Strongly Agree Financial security is very important to me. In general, it's more important to understand my inner self than to be famous, powerful, or wealthy. Overall, I'd say I'm very happy. I'm a "spender" rather than a "saver". Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

My family is the single most important thing to me. I think I have more self-confidence than most people. My social status is an important part of my life. I do not mind living in debt. I am a risk taker. I am worry having enough money for retirement. In general, do you feel that food prices are:

way too high

somewhat high

about right

a great value

Thinking about the last year, how often do you purchase food from your local grocery store?

Every day

3-6 days a week

Once a week

1-3 times a month

Less than once a month

What is the most important reason for purchasing food from your local grocery store?

Food is fresh



They have the products I need

Other When you need to purchase groceries, do you most often purchase it: On weekdays On weekends Whenever I need something On your way home from work While doing other errands and add others Think about the grocery store you go to most often. Is it closer to:



Favorite shopping mall

About how many minutes does it take to get to the grocery store you go to most often?

under 5 minutes

5-10 minutes

11-15 minutes

16-20 minutes

more than 20 minutes

Which of the following grocery stores do you visit at least once a month? Jewel-Osco Dominick's Whole Foods Market

Trader Joe's Kroger Wegmans Albertsons Aldi Sams Club Costco Publix H-E-B Safeway Save-a-Lot Walmart Giant Eagle Coles Supermarkets Morrisons Somerfield

Other What type of grocery store do you purchase most of your food items?


Discount retailer (e.g. Walmart, Costco)

Higher-end grocery (Trader Joe's, Whole Foods)

Specialty grocery (Vegetable market, butcher)

Other Again think about the grocery store you go to most often. What are some reasons this grocery store is your favorite? (Check all that apply)

convenient location convenient hours of operation close to work close to home close to favorite shopping area lowest prices fast payment fast in and out happy with brands never had trouble with their gas have credit card for that brand of gas like the deli friendly service

Other, please specify: On average, about how much does your total household spend on groceries per month?

less than $100

$100 - $299

$300 - $499

$500 - $699

$700 - $999

over $1000

1. Please rate the described product for the following attributes: Poor 1 Quality 2 Average 3 4 Excellent 5

Good value


Trusting Brand 2. Overall, what is your reaction to the described product? Poor Fair Good Very Good Excellent

6. Which of the following best describes your need for this product? I really need this product.

This is a minor improvement over what I currently use.

It looks okay but is about the same as what I'm doing now.

My current product would serve me better. 7. Based on the description, what price would you expect to pay for the product? 0 $ 100

8. Other than the product itself, which of the following would most influence you when deciding to buy a [Product]? Commentary on the Internet/Web site


Sales/service representative

Industry publications


Trade shows/events

Other Below are a list of features that are part of the product. How important is each feature to you? Not important at all Unimportant Neither important or unimportant Important Very important






How favorable is your overall reaction? Poor, fair, good, very good, excellent.

Based on the product description, how interested would you be in buying this new [Product] if it were within your budget? Please check one. Not at all interested

Not very interested

Not sure

Somewhat interested

Extremely interested How often do you use this product category?