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12502 Exchange Dr., Ste 440, Stafford, TX. 77477 T:281.494.4505, F:281.494.5310 www.spectrumdigital.com
Printer Cable

System Requirements

500MB of free hard disk space
Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
128MB of RAM
16-bit color display
CD-ROM Drive

Service and Support

Web http://support.spectrumdigital.com
E-Mail supportspectrumdigital.com


The F240x/F2812 eZdsp is an all-in-one evaluation
platform for the F240x/F2812 Digital Signal Processor
from Texas nstruments. An on-board JTAG emulator
allows debug from Code Composer Studio through your
PC's printer port.

This kit contains everything you need to get started with T
DSPs. t can also be used with the full version of Code
Composer Studio and an external JTAG emulator.

for the TMS320F240x/TMS320F2812
Quick Start Installation Guide
Kit Contents
AC Power
+5V Universal
Power Supply
EZdsp Board
eZdsp Code Composer
Studio CD ROM
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12502 Exchange Dr., Ste 440, Stafford, TX. 77477 T:281.494.4505, F:281.494.5310 www.spectrumdigital.com
InstaII eZdsp Content from the CD-ROM

Before you install the eZdsp software, please make sure
you are using Administrator priviIeges and any virus
checking software is turned off. The eZdsp board should
not be plugged in at this point.

1. nsert the Code Composer Studio installation CD into
the CD-ROM Drive. An install menu (see below)
should appear. f it does not, manually run
Launch.exe from the CD-ROM. Select the InstaII
Products option from the menu.

2. nstall any components you need. To debug with the
eZdsp you must have 1) a copy of Code Composer
Studio, 2) the target content package for your board
and 3) a copy of the FIashBurn plug-in.

Users of the full Code Composer Studio package can
skip the Code Composer installation and simply install
the target content packages.

3. The installation procedure will create icons on your
desktop for F204x and F2812 CCStudio and SdConfig

Connect the eZdsp to Your PC

1. Connect the supplied printer cable to your PC or

2. Connect the included 5V power adapter brick to your
AC power source using the AC power cord.

3. Apply power to the eZdsp by connecting the power
brick to the 5V input on the eZdsp.

Testing Your Connection

1. f you want to test your eZdsp and printer
connection you can launch SdConfig utility from
the icon on your desktop.

2. Double click on the emulator D (port address)
that matches the port address from step 1. Valid
options for the eZdsp are 3BC, 278, 378. f you
did not get printer port information from step 1
above then do the following:
a. Remove power from the eZdsp
b. Select Configuration->Ports Available-
c. This will provide a list of printer ports
available on your PC and the default printer
port mode.
d. Now select the appropriate emulator D and
verify/set your configuration as required.
e. Reconnect power to your eZdsp.
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12502 Exchange Dr., Ste 440, Stafford, TX. 77477 T:281.494.4505, F:281.494.5310 www.spectrumdigital.com

3. f changes are made in the configuration, select
"FiIe->Save before continuing. Following is an
example screen for port 0x378, and the default
settings. The eZdsp setup is compatible with the
XDS510PP PLUS emulator settings.

4. You can reset your eZdsp by selecting the large
red "R icon in the tool bar. Once your eZdsp is
reset you can proceed with configuring Code

Starting Code Composer

To start Code Composer Studio, double click the
appropriate icon for your eZdsp .

Once CCS has started select Debug->Connect from the
menu bar. Target Connect/Disconnect is a new feature
in CCS 3.1.

Code Composer Registration

Remember to register your product within 30 days of
purchase. Texas nstruments may make available eZdsp
specific patches, utilities or promotions to registered
eZdsp users. You must register your eZdsp through the
online web registration form to enable access through the
new nternet enabled Update Advisor. You can register
online during installation if you are connected to the
nternet. To register online after installation or to register
via fax or by e-mail you can access the registration forms
from within Code Composer Studio TM DE. From the
menu bar select Help Register, select the appropriate
registration link for your product and follow the instructions
on the form.

You will need your Service Code to register the product.
The Service Code is a 16 digit number starting with the
letters CCS attached to the CD case.

Note: paid annuaI software subscription service is not
avaiIabIe for eZdsp products.

F240x/F2812 ezdsp Hardware Registration

The F240x/F2812 eZdsp hardware can be registered
using the on-line registration process at
Spectrum Digital, nc. warrants the products it produces
for one (1) year after the date of purchase. For a product
to be considered "in warranty", Spectrum Digital must be
notified of the defect within one (1) year after being
purchased from Spectrum Digital or one of its authorized
resellers. Spectrum Digital is not responsible for accidents,
improper installation of connections, misuse, neglect or
unauthorized modifications. f the product qualifies for
warranty repair Spectrum Digital may repair or replace the
product at its discretion.

ReIated Documentation
A complete list of related documentation is available in the
on-line help. The path to this documentation is (assuming
you choose c:\CCStudio_v3.1 as the default path)


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12502 Exchange Dr., Ste 440, Stafford, TX. 77477 T:281.494.4505, F:281.494.5310 www.spectrumdigital.com
Debug Hints and TroubIe Shooting

f you have problems try the following
1. The most common problem at this point is the mode
parameter selected in SdConfig. t may not match
the hardware setup of the parallel port on your
computer. Go back to SdConfig and adjust your
settings until your setup will perform and emulator
reset and emulator test.
2. Reset the computer and enter the BOS setup.
Configure the parallel port for ECP, EPP, EPP 1.9 or
bi-directional. ECP or EPP will provided the best
performance. Let the computer boot and return to
SdConfig to test your settings.
3. This install supports a connection to the eZdsp via the
printer port. You cannot use the eZdsp version of
CCS with an emulator. Emulator support is only
available with full tools CCS Studio nstall.

The best place to look for eZdsp
troubleshooting and software
updates is: