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Paper Title: Advanced Integrated Project Management

Paper Code: 709400


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STUDENT LEARNING HOURS: The learning hours are a guide to the total time needed for a student to complete the paper: Lectures 50 Student directed learning 250 Total learning hours 300 PRESCRIPTOR: Critical issues faced by project managers of complex engineering projects: including integrating the conflicting needs of scheduling, evolving scope, risk management, law, society, cost controls, project teams and the environment. Key skills for project engineers are addressed from theory and case study analysis in order to develop an advanced understanding of how to form, lead, organise, manage, monitor and report upon project teams. LEARNING OUTCOMES: On successful completion of this paper students will be able to: 1. Apply advanced knowledge and skills in project planning, sequencing, scope and integration management. 2. Critically analyse and evaluate scenarios in project risk management, stakeholder management and performance and be able to recommend strategies for improvement. 3. Critically analyse leadership styles and synthesise appropriate organisational structures to ensure project delivery. 4. Develop stakeholder engagement strategies for the project leader. 5. Model engineering scenarios using software to develop critically informed decisions. CONTENT

Project Management and PM tools project plan development Project plan execution and integrated change control Activity definition and sequencing; estimating activity duration and schedule development and control. Scheduling Teams and communications Leadership, organisational and motivational theory for the project manager; Sociology of teams and team building Scope Management; project initiation and scope planning (case study: US defence contracts such as F22 and Humvee upgrades) Procurement systems Contract law for engineers (law of tort, liability, responsibilities etc) Advanced Stakeholder management (case study: oil exploration in the Niger Delta)
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Project cost management Design management Managing the impact of project cultures Risk assessment, risk registers and risk management Managing risk at design boundaries (case study: Airbus A380 development) Contract and change management Performance management / earned value analysis Project closeout / commissioning (case study: Heathrow T5 baggage handling) Learning from projects, managing project knowledge and post-project review (post-mortem)


Lectures, Workshops and Seminars based on block course teaching. Extensive use of case studies and case study analysis. Extensive employment of practicing project managers from various engineering companies as visiting lecturers to contextualise teaching. All presentations and learning supported with web-based readings and other materials.
ASSESSMENT PLAN Assessment Event Assignment 1: Project scheduling, sequencing and integration assessment Assignment 2: Reflective literature analysis and problem solving Assignment 3: Case study analysis and decision making. Grade Map Grade Map 1: A+ A B+ B C+ C D

Weighting % 40% 40% 20%

Learning Outcomes 1,2 3,4 5


Pass with Distinction Pass with Merit Pass Fail

Overall requirement/s to pass the paper: To pass the paper, the student needs at least a c- overall grade.

READINGS Prescribed Text No prescribed text.

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