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Ethical and Business Issues

Ethical and Moral Issues Brittany Jackson MGT/216 Dr. Darry Dugger 26 October 2011

Ethical and Business Issues Ethical and Business Issues There are several ethical and moral issues that happen daily in ones personal life and professional life. Ethical issues are very similar to moral issues. However, there is a basic difference. Ethics goes hand- in-hand with moral, just as personal and business ethics do. Ethics and Moral Ethics are the standards and guidelines of conduct that a group or an individual must accept. Employers must set standards and provide policies for employees work-related conduct. Most employees will approve of the companys prospects. In the workforce, manager and leaders are considered vital sources for the influence and procedures of ethics. Most individuals prefer to work in an ethical environment. A real world example of ethical issues is a criminal defense lawyer personal code and legal ethics. His moral code may consider murder immoral, though his or her legal ethics demands him or her to defend the defendant as strongly as possible. Moral is the standard of behavior for a group of people or individuals. Anything right,

appropriate or fair is considered moral. It can be based on a religion or ones personal belief on the way one should behave. Moral are the codes on whether something is right or wrong. Some people may be in disagreement over an issue because one may see it as an ethical issue and, the other may see it as a moral issue. Some moral issues such as same sex marriages and abortions may persuade voters to the polls during elections to vote against or for the candidate. Many people morally believe homosexuality is wrong, whereas others believe it is unethical to discriminate against a group. Personal and Business Ethics Personal ethics must be harmonized with business ethics to endure a strong economy and personal mental health. The platform for personal and business ethics is integrity. The stability of any

Ethical and Business Issues relationship is formatted through trust. There are still factors that distinguish from one another. Personal ethics are defined as how an individual makes decisions. In a business environment, ethics is considered as how business are formed and operated. Personal ethics help one to control his or her behavior. For example, even though abortions are legal and medically ethical, many believe it is immoral. Business ethics are intended to set standards and guidelines that employees will adhere.

Examples of ethics in business are ignoring health, safety, and, environmental standards and child labor. Conclusion Once people are aware of the ethical dimension of a situation or decision, they engage in moral judgment, processes that can contribute to ethical conduct. (Trevino & Nelson, 2007). Ethical and moral issues are much alike. Both factors complement each other. The United States Air Force has established core values. Those core values are integrity first, service before self and excellence in all we do. Air Force personnel must abide by these values. It enables the successful completion of the mission.

Ethical and Business Issues

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