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Activities reflecting the goals and objectives of the Institution Goals (learning and research)Activity No. (Cross reference)Knowledge based but s tudent orientedResearch driven but learning focusedTechnologically sophisticated but community dependentQuality obsessed but procedurally efficientProfessionall y attuned but humanely informed i. COLLEGE ACTIVITIES: Special Lecture / Symposia / Workshop / Personality Development Programme / Club Activities:S.No.Name of the programmeGuest/Speaker & OrganizationOrganized byDa te1. ii. STUDENTS ACTIVITIES: Association Activities of the Department, Special/Guest Lectures /CEO of the wee k :S. No.DateProgrammeName of the Speaker & OrganizationTopic1. 24.07.2009Mechan ical Engineering Students Association (Inaugural Function)Mr. G .Raju, AGM R&D, Janatics India Private Limited, Coimbatore.Advanced Automation 2. 17.07.2009CEO /Leader of the WeekMr. Prabahar Annamalai, CEO, Vectra Form, CoimbatoreAdvances in Rapid Prototyping Technology3. 22.07.2009Mr. A. R. Suresh, Marketing Executive, Robotics and Training, Papyrus Clubs, Chennai. Recent Trends in Robotics 4. 12.08.2009Mr. J. Sundarajan, Managing Director, Kan dhasamy & Co, Coimbatore.How To Be A Successful Entrepreneur5. 21.08.2009Mechanical Engineerin g Students Association Mr A. M. Palanisamy, Chairman, Aerospace Materials Pvt. Ltd., Pollachi, Coimbatore.Road To Success6. 18.09.09Mr A Bala Krishnan, Managin g Director, Sri Krishna Techno Components, Coimabtore.Advances in Machine Tool Design7. 14.11.2009Col S Kumanan, HQ Integrated Defence Staff Ministry of Defence, South Block, New Delhi. Opport unities In Defence Services for Fresh Engineering Graduates 8. 23.12.2009Mr Venk at Prasad Bakthavachaala, Faculty of Management Studies, City College Plymouth, UK.Higher Studies Abroad9. 29.12.2009CEO/Leader of the WeekMr.M.Sureshkumar, Manager, CFD, Pricol Technology Ltd, 702/12, Avinasi Road, Coimbatore Industrial Application of CFD10. 13.01.2010Mechanical Engineering Stu dents Association Dr K Krishnan, Professor, Southern Illinois University, USA.Technology and Super Power 11. 21.01.2010Mecha nical Engineering Students Association Mr K Birla Sekar, Ankit Equipment Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.How to be a Successful Entrepreneur12. 17.02.2010Mechanical Engineerin g Students Association Mr S Sudhakar, Chief Executive Officer(CEO), Learners Foundation, BEML (Under Ministry of Defence), Research and Development (R&D), Mysore. Material Technology Fundamentals 13. 20.02.2010Research and Development ClubMr K Sivakumar, Scientist D Asst. Director, CVRDE, DRDO, Chennai. Innovation Techniques14. 19.02.2010 & 20.02.2010ISTE Student s Chapter & Mechanical Engineering Students AssociationMr. M.Karunakaran, MD

Prime Engineering Services, Tiruchirapalli Two Day Workshop on CNC Programming & practice15. 02.03.2010Mecha nical Engineering Students AssociationMr. M Kanagarajan, Senior Engineer, Pricol Ltd., Unit1, Periyanaickenpalayam.Surface Coating for Automotive Applications 16. 11.0 3.2010Mechanical Engineering Students AssociationMr K Karthikeyan, Ph.D in Micro satellite, National University of Singapore, Singapore. Higher Studies Singapore 17. 08.01.2010CEO/Leader of the WeekMr C V Lakshmi Narayanan, Autozone Automobiles Pvt.Ltd., Krishnaswamy Muthaliar Road, R.S.Puram, Coimbatore Entrepreneurship Development 18. 12.01.2010 CEO/Leader of the WeekMr P Muruganandham, Maintenance Engineer, SPB Ltd., ErodeExpectation of Industries From Fresh Engineering Graduates 19. 8.02.2010CEO/Leader of the WeekY Sai Leel a Prasad, Assistant General Manager, Plant& Machinery SOMA Enterprise Ltd., Chennai. Technical Competence

Industrial Visits Arranged:S. No.SemesterDateIndustry VisitedStaff NameNo. of St udents1. III Semester to VII Semester4.07.09, 5.07.09 and 06.07.09INTECH, CODISS A CoimbatoreMr. V.C. Uvaraja Mr. M. Kalil Rahiman Mr. S. Boopathi Mr. P.Suresh Kumar Mr. R. Rajiev Mr. M. Ashok Kumar / 272 students 2. VII Semester06.07.09Lakshmi Metal Works, CoimbatoreProf. K.L. Senthilkumar Mr. R. Rajiev 66 students3. V Semester20.08.09Sree Saradhambal Automobiles (P) Limited, Ramanathapuram, Coimbatore - 641 045 Mr. V.C. Uvaraja Mr. S. Boopathi Mr. M. Kalil Rahiman

7 61 students4. V Semester10.09.09Nataraj Pencil Factory, Pollachi.Mr. P. Suresh Kumar Mr. A. Anandha Moorthy Mr. E.Prakash 61 Students5. B.E. - III Semester M.E. I Semester 19.09.09Sakthi Auto Components, Pallagounden Palayam. Perundurai.Mr. V. C. Uvaraja Mr. S. Ramakrishnan 73 Students6IV Semester10.10.09Sakthi Auto Component Limited, Pallagoudampalayam, Erode1.Mr.A.Anandha Moorthy, L 2.Mr.P.Velmurugan, L / Second year A section students74 students

In plant Training Arranged:S. NoName of the StudentIndustryNature of TrainingSem esterFrom - To1R.Gowtham DaasIndian AirlinesMaintenance Engineering Hangar Secti on- AirBus320 and Basic Working of Aeroplane including Engines, CockPit section, entire body etc,. IV Semester 29 .05.09 -06.06.09India Piston Rings LtdManufac turing of Piston Rings and Gears08.06.09-12.06.092P. Manikandan & A N SivaramanYes Jay Engineering Works, CoimbatoreGas Recharging of in centrifugal pump based chillerV Semester5.12.09 & 6.12.09

Students Conference / Symposia/Workshop / Open-house organized:S. No.DateEventOr ganized byPeriod1.

Value Added Courses Organized:S. No.SemesterName of CourseCoordinatorNo. of Stu dentsExpenses (Rs.)DurationFrom - To1. IV Sem.AUTOCADM. Sivakumar6101.06.0906.0 6.092. IV Semester (A Section)AUTOCADMr.M. Sivakumar (SL) Mr S.Ramesh (L) Mr.R.Rajiev (L)7408.03.2010Ongoing 3. IV Semester (B Section)Mr.A.Amarkarthik(SL) Mr.M.Ashokkumar(L) Mr.P.Sureshkumar(L)734. VI Semester I-Batch Solid Works Mr.E.Prakash(L) Mr.S.Boopathi (SL)315. VI Semester II-BatchCATIAMr V C Uvaraja (L) Mr.P.Sangaravadivel(L)30 Students Projects Sanctioned by External Agencies:S. No.Name GuideTitle of the P rojectSponsoring AgencyAmount (Rs.)1P.Gnanavel, Final year Dr K Sivakumarlow cost intelligent control system using mechanical sensor for en ergy conservationIEEMA Projects Competition - Engineer Infinite 2010, Mumbai Rs.15000/-


Publication of Papers in Journals:S. No.Name Title of the PaperPublication Detai lsNational / International1K. S. Shanmukharadhya Thermal degradation behaviour of bagasse particles, Journal of Energy Institute, Volume 82, Number 2, June 2009, pp. 120 123. International2K. S. Shanmukharadhya Numerical and experimental investigations for optimisation of plant capacity for bagasse fired furnace, Journal of Energy Instit ute, Volume 82, Number 2, June 2009, pp. 69 75.International3Dr R Saravanan, Professor & HODAn Advanced Electrical Discharge Machine (EDM) and TRIZ TRIZ Journal, June 09 issue, Available online June 09, HYPERLINK "http://www.tri z-journal.com" www.triz-journal.comInternational4Development of an Eco-friendly Ele ctrical Discharge Machine (E-EDM) using TRIZ ApproachAnti-TRIZ Journal, June 0 9 issue, vol. 8, no.5, Available online June 09, www.antitriz-journal.com. International5A Comparative Study on Optimizing CNC Milling Operation Using Stim ulated Annealing and Genetic AlgorithmThe ICFAI Journal of Mechanical Engineerin g, Vol. II, No. 3, pp. 7-17, August 2009National6Dr P Kumar Babu, Asso . Professor.Techno Economic Viability of Cascaded Hybrid Vapour Compression an d Absorption Refrigeration System for Dairy Industries Journal IJEST , Vol. 1 I ssue 3 Paper 9-15, Journal IJEST August 2009 National 7Dr G Sasikumar, Asst.Prof.An Integrated model for supplier selection: an automobile industry cas e study Services and Operations Management Vol.6.No.1, pp.89-105., 2010Internat ional 8K SivakumarHybrid Cost Tolerance Model: An Approach To Machining Toleranc e SynthesisInternational Journal of manufacturing Science and Technology (IJMST) , Vol 10,2, PP17, 2009 International 9K SivakumarAllocation of Optimal Tolerances in a Mechanical Assembly using DE a nd NSGA- IIInternational Journal of Computer Application in Technology (IJCAT), Inder Science Publisher Vol 37,No 1,pp 46-56,2010.International

Paper Presentation in Seminars / Symposia / Conferences:S. No.DateName Title of the PaperEvent & PlaceSponsoring Agency1September 30, 2009 to October 02, 2009 Dr K Sivakumar, Professor Multi-Objective Optimization of EDM Parameters Using Grey Relational Analysis for Titanium AlloyInternational BIT, Sathy230.9.09 to 2 .10.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Multi objective oprimization of EDM param eter uses Grey relational analysis for Titanium AlloyInternational Department of Manufacturing Engineering, Annamali University, Tamilnadu. BIT, Sathy319.11.09 to 21.11.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Multiple performa

nce characteristic optimization EDM parameters using intelligent technique for T itanium alloyInternational Bangalore University, Bangalore. BIT, Sathy419.11.09 to 21.11.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Multiple objectiv e Tolerance Design optimization using evolutionary algorithmInternational Bangalore University, Bangalore. BIT, Sathy519.11.09 to 21.11.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Multiple performa nce characterstic optimization of EDM parameters using orthogonal array and Neur al Network for Titanium alloyInternational Bangalore University, Bangalore. BIT, Sathy619.11.09 to 21.11.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Optimal cost Tole rance allocation through Tolerance charting using non conventional optimization techniquesInternational Bangalore University, Bangalore. BIT, Sathy75.11.09 & 6.11.09 Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Optimal Tolerance d esign by integrating CAD,Finite element analysis and Non Dominated sorting Genet ic Algorithm IINational Department of Mechanical Engineering, Shri Mata Vaishno Devi University, Kata,J& KBIT, Sathy82.12.09 to 4.12.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Sustainable Tolera nce design of complaint Assembly considering inertia effects and with Minimum qu ality loss Function International IIT, Madras, Chennai.. BIT, Sathy99.12.09 to 11.12.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Optimal concurrent dimensional and geometrical tolerancing based on evolutionary algorithmInternat ional The World congress on nature and biologically inspired computing (NaBIC) Coimbat ore.BIT, Sathy1017.12.09 to 19.12.09Dr K Sivakumar, ProfessorPaper: Multiple Per formance Characterstic Optimation of EDM Parameters Using Robust Technique for T itnium AlloyInternational COSMA 2009, NIT Calicut, India. BIT, Sathy1104.12.09Mr.P.Sureshkumar Paper: Failure Analysis in Composite Joints ATNT International conference 2009, BIT, SathyBIT, Sathy

International / National Conferences / Seminars / Workshops Organized:S. No. E To )1FUTURA 2009HELIOS Ae ventTitleNumber of Participants / PapersDuration (From ro-Modelling Contest(SAE) -28.09.09 2FUTURA 09 Robotics Workshop -28.09.09 & 29.09.093METEORA 09 Robot Design Contest -30.08.09 Training to Faculty members:S. NoName of Faculty MemberName of ProgrammeVenueDur ation (From To )1. Dr. N. Natarajan Mr. M.Sivakumar Mr. T.Rameshkumar Mr. V.C.Uvaraja Mr. P.Sankaravadivel Mr. S.Ramesh Mr. P.Velmurugan Mr. S.Boopathy Mr. S.Ramakrishnan Mr. E.PrakashCATIA TRAININGCNC Lab, /BIT, Sathy07.09.09 to 11.09.09, 14.09.09 to 18.09.09 and 2.09.09 to 24.09.09 (2 weeks)2. Dr. K.S. Shanmukharadhya Dr. P. Kumar Babu Prof. K.L. Senthilkumar Prof. M. Ravikumar

Mr. C. Sasikumar Mr. V. Ramesh Srenyvasan Mr. V.C. Uvaraja Mr. T. Ramesh kumar Mr. P. Sankaravadivel Mr. A. Ananadhamoorthy Mr. R. Rajiev Mr. M. Ashok KumarIndustrial Training COINDIA , Coimbatore6 days (7.12.09 to 12.12.09)3. Mr. V. Ramesh Srenyvasan Mr. P Velmurugan Mr. M Sivakumar Mr. S Ramesh Prof. K.L. Senthilkumar Prof. M. Ravikumar Mr. Sankaravadivel Mr. V.C. Uvaraja Mr. T. Ramesh kumar Mr. C. Sasikumar Mr. M. Ashok KumarIndustrial Training COINDIA , Coimbatore6 days (14.12.09 to 19 .12.09)4. Mr. M. Ashok Kumar Industrial TrainingYes Jay Engineering Works, Coimbatore 2 days (5.12.09 & 6.12.09 ) Special Lectures Delivered by Faculty Members:S. No. Faculty NameTitleVenue / Ev entDate1. Dr G. Sasikumar, Asst.Prof.Handling uncertainties in SCM using Fuzzy L ogicSeminar Hall (Ad - Block) Institute of Road and Transport Technology, Erode17.04.092. Mr P Suresh Kumar, Lecturer Processing of Nano Composites Mechanical Seminar Hall BIT, Sathy.21.08.093. Mr. A. Amarkarthik, Senior Lecturer Consultancy Opportunities at Deccan Poly Bag Mechanical Seminar Hall BIT, Sathy.03.09.094. Dr R Saravanan, ProfessorTRIZ Theory to Resolve Inventive Problems for New Product Development M. Kumarasamy college of Engineering, Karur.10.09.09 Consultancy Undertaken: S. No.Consultant & DepartmentName & Address of the Compa nyWork DescriptionPeriod (From .To)Revenue Generated (in Rs.)1. Dr K Sivakumar Mr A Amarkartick Mr E PrakashJanatics India Pvt.Ltd., Coimbatore Design and Fabrication Profile B urnishing Process for Pneumatic Value 22.10.09 to 22.12.09Yet to be Finalized2 . Dr K Sivakumar Prof.P Sureshkumar Dr V KannanKandasamy & Co. Coimbatore ISO Certification February 2010 to July 20103. Dr K Sivakumar Dr R SaravananSakthivel Modern Rice Mill, Kankeyam ISO Certification February 20 10 to July 2010 Faculty Deputed for Higher StudiesS. No.Name of the Faculty Programme of StudyNa me of the InstituteProgress1.2.3

Non-teaching Staff Deputed for Higher StudiesS. No.Name of the Staff Programme o f StudyName of the InstituteProgress1.2. iv. DEPARTMENT ACTIVITIES News Bulletin Released (Nos.): S. No.Name of the BulletinVol. & Issue No.Date of Release1Mechanical & Aero Volume 1. No 1July 20092Volume 1. No 2 October 20093M echronicle Volume 1. No3January 2010

VIPs Visit / Inspection to the Department / BIT:S.No.Name of VIPs / Inspection CommitteePurposeDate1. Mr K Raghunandhanan Senior Deputy General Manager Central Management Sector E3 building A Malumichampatti campus L&T - Bypass Road Coimbatore -21FUTURA 2009- National Level Students Technical Symposium & Project Design Contest.28-08-20092. Mr R S Mani Executive Director R&D Bimetal Bearings LTD CoimbatoreFUTURA 2009- National Level Students Technical Symposium & Project Des ign Contest.28-08-20093. Mr. U. L. Jayaprakash, Head of Marketing & Sales Fluid Controlling, ARGO HYTOS Pvt. Ltd, SF.No.82B/2B,85/2, Sandegoundanpalayam, KovilPalayam Post, Pollachi Taluk, Coimbatore-642 110 FUTURA 2009- National Level Students Technical Symposium & Project Design Contes t.28-08-20094. Mr Ma Saravana Kumar Deputy Manager Pricol-I CoimbatoreFUTURA 2009- National Level Students Technical Symposium & Project Des ign Contest.28-08-20095. A Krishnan, Deputy Project Director, Chandrayaan- 1&2, ISRO Satellite Centre, BangaloreGuest Lecture- Chandrayaan India s First Mission t o Moon10.12.09 Activities for Competitive examination:S.NoPeriodActivitySpeaker /OrganizationNo . of Beneficiaries1. 2. Quality Circle:S. No.Name of the CircleNo. of participantsPurposeRemarks2. New A cademic programmes Initiated (UG/PG ) : S.No.Name of the ProgrammeUG / PGDurationEligibilityProposed Intake12 1. Innovations in curricular design and transaction : S.No.Name of the ProgrammeCourse TitleDetails of the Innovation12 4. Inter-disciplinary programmes: S.No.Name of the ProgrammeDepartments InvolvedApproved Intake12 5. Examination reforms implemented:

6. Candidates qualified for NET / SLET / GATE / CAT / GRE / GMAT / IELTS etc : S.No.Name of the examinationName of the StudentQualified / Score12 7. Initiative towards faculty development programmes :

Summer / Winter School attended:S.NoName of StaffName of ProgrammeOrganiser Dura tion12 AICTE SDP / ISTE - Winter / Summer School and Anna University FDP Organized:S. N o.Title of the programme & Sponsoring AgencyCoordinator(s)No. of ParticipantsDur ationTNOthersBIT1Class Room Teaching & Evaluation (NITTTR) Supported by BITProf. A.T. Ravichandran Mr. S.Ramakrishnan --5622.06.09 to 24.06.092 Winter / Summer School / FDP Proposals Submitted:S. NoTitle CoordinatorSponsorin g AgencyPeriodAmount (Rs.)12 8. Total number of seminars /workshops conducted: Seminars: 2 Works hops: 1 9. Research Projects - a) On-going S.No.PI / Co-PI NameProject TitleFunding AgencyAmount (Rs.)Duration1Dr. N. Natar ajanStudies on the wear Behavior of Squeeze cast Al. SiC Composites sliding agai nst automobiles Precision Material DRDO, New Delhi3.73 lakhs 1 Year 2009-2010 2Dr. K Sivakumar Remote Analyses of EDM performance AICTE, New Delhi10 lakhs3 Years 2009-20123Dr. N.Natarajan & Prof.K.L.Senthil KumarDevelopment of Aluminum Matrix composite brake drum for automotive applicationsAICTE New Delhi9.95 lakhs 2 Years 2008-20104Dr R SaravananTraining of women in Desk Top Publishing Package and Acc ountancy Software TallyDSIR, New Delhi4.05 lakhs2 years b) Completed Research Projects S.No.PI / Co-PI NameProject TitleFunding AgencyAmount (Rs.)Duration1Dr A. Mohana - Krishnan PoduvalModernization of CNC lab FMS SetupAICTE New Delhi13 Lakhs2 Years 2006-20082Dr A. Mohana- Krishnan PoduvalTraining of Women in CAD & MS- Office S oft ware.DSIR, New Delhi7.18 lakhs2 Years 2006-20083Prof.K.L.Senthil Kumar & Dr A G Sasikumar Design and Development of Database and Web portal of Indian T heses in the field of Tech. and Management aspects related to ManufacturingDSIR, New Delhi7.21 lakhs2 Years 2006-20084Dr. K. SivakumarSpeed Limit ControllerBannari InfoTech2.00 lakhs2 Year s 2007-2009

c) Project Proposals Submitted S.No.PI / Co-PI Name Project TitleFunding AgencyAmount (Rs.)DurationRemarkDr A M K Poduval & Mr.M.SivakumarBiofuel R&D Center DSTRs.40,000/-3 Years DPR Sanction ed Dr K Sivakumar & Mr E PrakashOn line tool wear monitoring using Neural NetworkCSIR9.5 Lakhs3 Year sSubmittedDr. R. Saravanan Professor & HeadModernisation Of Welding & Metallurgy LabAICTE SubmittedDr. R. Saravanan, Dr. K Sivakumar & Mr. M. SivakuamarResearch Methods And Tools For Engineering FacultyAICTESubmitte dDr. R. Saravanan & Dr. K Sivakumar

Computational Intelligence For Modeling And Optimization Of Manufacturing System sAICTESubmittedDr. N. Natarajan Advances In Materials And ProcessingAICTESubmitt edDr. R. Saravanan Dr. G. SasikumarGreen Manufacturing For Sustainable DevelopmentAICTESubmittedPro f. K L Senthil Kumar & Mr. T RameshkumarDevelopment Of Cutting Tool For Machining Aluminium Matrix Comp ositesAICTESubmittedMr. E Prakash & Dr. K SivakumarWireless Condition Monitoring Of Machine ToolsAICTESubmittedDr. R . Saravanan Dr. G. SasikumarOptimization Techniques In Engineering Sciences & Technologies (Optest-2010)AICTESubmittedDr. N. NatarajanSmart Materials And StructuresAICTESu bmittedProf. K.S.ShanmukharadhyaNumerical And Analytical Investigations For The Combustion Of Bagasse A Renewable Biomass Energy Source AICTESubmittedMr. Uvaraja V C Development Of Aluminium Matrix Composite Brake Disc AICTESubmittedMr. A. AmarkarthikDesign, Development And Testing Of Novel Double Acting Power Takeoff For Ocean Wave Energy ConversionAICTESubmittedDr. R. Sarava nanProposal For Setting Up Of An Industry Institue Partnership Cell AICTESubmitted 10. Patents Generated / Filed: S.No.Faculty MemberTitle of the InventionSponsoring AgencyRegistration DetailsNa tional/ International 12 11. New collaborative research programmes: S.No. CoordinatorProject Collaborating AgencyFunded by DurationAmount (Rs.) 12 12. Details of Research Scholars: Outside Research scholars registered with BIT S.No.SupervisorName & Address of scholarTitleUniversityYear of Regn.Status1Dr R. Saravanan Mr. Godwin Raja Ebenezer Professor, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Loyala Inst itute of Technology, Chennai. Robot trajectory optimization and controlAnna University, CoimbatoreJune 2008Cou rse work completed2Dr R. Saravanan Mr.V.Janakiraman, Senior Lecturer, Kalasalingam University, Srivilliputtur Optimization of operating parameters for CNC machining Optimization of operating parameters for CNC machining Anna University, ChennaiJune - 2006Course work completed3Dr R. Saravanan Mr. T.Mathavaraj Ravikumar, Sr. Lecturer, Dept. of Mechatronics Engineering, Kum aragurur College of Technology Design optimization and development of Walking RobotAnna University, ChennaiJun e - 2006Course work completed4Dr R. Saravanan Prof. Shree Balaji, Head of the Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Einstein Colleg e of Engineering, Trinelveli. Intelligent monitoring systems Shri Sankarasekarendra Saraswathi Mahavidyalaya University, Kancheepuram June - 2005Synopsis submitted5Dr R. Saravanan Mr. Padmanabhan Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Thangavelu Engineering College. Chennai. Design optimization of wind millKarpagam University, Coimbatore.Jan-2009Under going course work 6Dr R. Saravanan Mr.Nidhish Kumar Mathew,

Asst.Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Mangalam College of Engineering, Kottayam, Kerala. FMS Scheduling optimization Karpagam University, Coimbatore.Jan-2009Under going course work 7Dr R. Saravanan Mr.B.Manojkumar, Asst.Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, SCMS School of Engineering & Technology, Cochin. Application of TRIF Karpagam University, Coimbatore.Jan-2009Under going course work 8Dr K Sivakumar M.Thilak , Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, JJ College of Engineering and Technology Tolerance OptimizationAU CBE July 2008C ourse work completed9Dr K Sivakumar Mr.Dhanabalan , Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, JJ College of Engineering and Technology EDM parameter OptimizationAU CBE Januar y 2009Under going course work10Dr. N. NatarajanM. Saravanakumar Deputy Manager PRICOL Optimal Design of Plastic Parts AU CBE 2008Under going course work11Dr. N. Natar ajanV. Selvam Rober Bosch CBELean Manufacturing AU CBE2009Registered Faculty members of BIT registered for Ph.D. S.No.Faculty Member Name & Address of supervisorTitle UniversityYear of Regn.St atus1Mr. M. SivakumarDr K Sivakumar, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy Electro Chemical MachiningAnna University, Coimbatore11.04.2009Regi stered during April 2009 2Mr. A. AmarkarthikDr K Sivakumar, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy Ocean Energy ConversionAnna University, , Coimbatore05.04.2009Regis tered during April 2009 Mr. E. PrakashDr K Sivakumar, Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy VibrationAnna University, Coimbatore10.04.2009Registered during Apr il 2009 Mr. V.C. UvarajaDr N Natarajan Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy Composite MaterialsAnna University, Coimbatore10.04.2009Registered during April 2009 Mr. P. SankaravadivelDr N Natarajan Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy Composite MaterialsAnna University, Coimbatore11.04.2009Registered during April 2009

Mr. S. RameshDr N Natarajan Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy Composite MaterialsAnna University, Coimbatore11.04.2009Registered during April 2009 Mr. A. AnanadhamoorthyDr N Natarajan Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, BIT, Sathy Composite MaterialsAnna University, Coimbatore10.04.2009Registered during April 2009 Mr. G. SenthilkumarDr. K. Balamurugan, Selection Grade Lecturer (SGL), Dept. Mec h. Engg. IRTT, Erode.Studies on Vegetable oil based LubricantsAnna University, Coimbatore02.04.2009Registered during April 2009 Mr. V. Ramesh Srenyv asanDr. S. R. Balakrishnan, Professor EGE Park Engg College CombustionAnna University,, Coimbatore11.01.2009C.W.CMr. P. Ve lmurugan Dr S R Balakrishnan, Profrssor, Park Engg., College Fuel Cell TechnologyAnna Un iversity, Coimbatore02.04.2009Registered during April 2009 13. Citation index and impact factor of faculty publications: S.No.Faculty Member Journal TitleNo. of papers Avg. Citation indexImpact factor1 2 14. Honors/Awards to the faculty member: S.No.Name of Faculty MemberNature of the Honor/AwardAwarding Agency12 15. Internal resources generated: S.No.Programme/Activity CoordinatorResources generated12 16. Assistance/recognition through SAP, COSIST / ASSIST / DST- FIST etc. S.No.Programme / ProjectCoordinatorFunding AgencyDurationAmount (Rs.)12 17. Community / Extension services: S. No.Programme / ServiceTarget groupFunding AgencyDurationRemark1.2. 18. Teachers and Staff newly Recruited : S. No.Faculty nameQualificationDesignationDate of Joining12 19. Teaching-Non-teaching staff ratio: No. of Faculty MembersNo. of non-teaching staffRatio 20. Improvements in the library services: 20. New books/journals subscribed and their cost : DeptBooksJournals & MagazinesNationalInternationalNos.Value (Rs)Nos.Value (Rs)No s.Value (Rs) 22. Courses in which students assessment of teachers is introduced and the action taken on student feedback: 23. Unit cost of education: 24. Computerization of administration and the process of admissions and examinat ions Results, issue of certificates: 25. Increase in the infrastructural facilities: S. No.Facility Addded / UpgradedDescriptionCost (Rs.)1.2. 26. Technology upgradation: S. No.Facility Addded / UpgradedDescriptionBenefitCost (Rs.)1.2. 27. Computer and internet access and training to teachers and students: a) Computer and internet access to teachers and students: S. No. StrengthNo. of systems with internet connectionsStudentsFaculty MembersFor Stude

ntsFor Faculty Members b) Computer and internet training to teachers and students: S. No. ProgrammeDescriptionBeneficiaryNo. of studentsNo. of Faculty members1. 28. Financial aid to students: S. No.Name of the StudentNature of assistance / aidAmount (Rs.)1.2. 29. Support from the alumni association and its activities Activities and support S. No.DateBatchDescription of activity / supportStrengthR emarks12 30. Support from the Parent-Teacher Association and its Activities: S. No.SemesterDateNature of MeetDetails of ParentsFeedback / Support Extended1II I04/07/0925 Parents attended 2VVII 31. Health services: S. No.Health services providedDateNo of Students benefited 12 32. Performance in sports related activities Details of Students Participation in Sports/Games/NCC/NSS Outside BITS. No.Name of student (s)ClassDateEventPrize / PlaceRemark1V. Hariharasudhan & R. Dinesh Damodaran II Year11.09.09 & 12.09.09Search Lever General Awareness Q uiz1st Place Sri Krishna College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore 2S. Adh arsh KrishnanII Year18.09.09&19.09.09LAN GAMING 3rd Place Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi. 3S. Adharsh KrishnanII Year30.09.09NETW ORK GAMING 1st PlaceHindusthan College of Engineering & Technology, Coimbatore. 4S.Gowthaman Ram III Year18.09.09 & 19.09.09OLYMPYARD 1st Place Dr Mahalingam College of Engineering and Technology, Pollachi5S.Gowthaman Ram III Y ear18.09.09 & 19.09.09TROUBLE SHOOTING ParticipatedDr Mahalingam College of Engi neering and Technology, Pollachi6R.Gowtham Daas S.Gowthaman Ram R.Rajkumar Third Year16.10.093.D Modeling, SPARK 09 Participated V L B Janakiamm al College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore 7R Dinesh Damodaran & V Hari Hara Sudhan Second year12.10.09Quiz Programme First Prize (Rs.1500/-)Kris hna College of Engineering, Coimbatore8S Adharsh Krishnan Second year12.10.09Qui z ProgrammeFirst Prize (Rs.500/-)Krishna College of Engineering, Coimbatore9R.Go wtham Daas III Year24.12.2009 to 2.01.2010NCC IITN SIG Camp Participate VMKV Engineering University, Salem 10R. Ranjith and C. Suresh KumarIII Year 21.01.2010Hockey MatchParticipated PSG Tech Trophy 11R. Rajkumar & S. VinuIII Year 20.01.2010 & 21.01.2010Hand Ball MatchPartic ipatedTamilnadu College12Balamukunth, S. GowthamanRam, Gopinath & BalajiIII Yea r 17.1.2010 to 24.1.2010Consultancy workSalem in Aravinth Industries- Bureau Man ufacturing Industry13Mr K. Sanjai II Year6.02.2010Yoga competitionfirst prizeSpo rts development authority Tamilnadu(Erode Unit) and SSM College of Engineering a t V O C Stadium, Erode14Mr A. S. RudhraKrishan, Mr C. Van MukilSelvan& Mr M. Ven katesanII Year 28.01.2010 to 05.02.2010 NSS camp Participated BIT, Sathy 15M Kan nan & R Prakash Kumar II Year5.02.2010 & 6.02.2010Basket Ball (Sri Krishna Trophy-Inter Engineering Tournaments)Runners Sri Krishna College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore16V. Pradeep KumarII Year7.02.2010IGNOBELParticipated (KnyaX 2010) PSG College of Technology 17R. Srinavin Kumar , C. Suresh Kumar & R. RajKumarIII Ye ar 10.02.2010 to 19.02.2010Ten Days NCC Camp at CIT CollegeParticipated 2TNCTC C omp Tech Coy18R. RanjithIII Year 17 .02.2010 to 19.02.2010Hockey Match (TIES)Par ticipated PSNA College, Dindugal 19JeevaSanthoshIII Year 17 .02.2010 to 19.02.2010BallBadminton TIESPart icipatedPSNA College, Dindugal 20Mr A. S. RudhraKrishanII Year 20.02.2010

Blood Donation CampParticipated BIT, Sathy 21R.Dinesh Damodaran & V Hari Hara SudhanII Year25.02.2010& 26.02.2010Auto QuizSecond Place Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, Coimbatore 22R.Dinesh Damodaran & V Hari Hara SudhanII Year25.02.2010& 26.02.2010FIX IT (Mequcst10)Second Place Sri Ramakrishna Engineering College, C oimbatore

Details of Students Participation in Sports/Games/NCC/NSS at BIT S. No.Name of student (s)ClassDateEventPrize / PlaceRemark1.GOWTHAM DAAS. R BALAMUGUNTHAN. NIII Year28.09.09 Fabrication of Motorized Painting RobotConsolat ion PrizeFUTURA 092.HARISH KUMAR. V KARTHIK. M NITHIN KUAMR. VII Year 30.08.09Dance Competition 2nd Prize Rs.2500/-FUTURA 093 R Hemant Kumar C Praveen A Abdul Hameed Ashik R Adithan R Benjamin Sanjay S Naveen IV year13.12.09Basket ballRunnersIntra College Competition BIT, Sathy4S Vinu PrakashIII year5M Kannan T Sathiya kumaran P Satish kumar B Rajaselvam II year6C. Suresh Kumar, S. Dhanasiddharth, Yogaraj, A. N Sivaraman 21.01.2010E-Cell Awarness CampParticipated E and Nirmal KumarIII Year 19.1.2010 -CELL of Bannari amman Inst. Of Tech 33. Incentives to outstanding sportspersons: S. No.Name of studentClassSports/Games ActivityLevel of TournamentIncentives1.2. 34. Student achievements and awards (Academic and others): S. No.Name of student (s) Class / BatchNature of AchievementAwarding AgencyR emark1.2. 35. Activities of the Guidance and Counseling Cell:

Placement Training:S. No.DateSemesterProgrammeResource Person1. 10.06.09 & 22.0 6.09 (2 Days) VIITechnical Aptitude and Soft SkillsMechanical Department Faculty Members2. 25 .06.09, 27.06.09, 08.08.09, 12.09.09 & 19.09.09 ( 5 Days)VII Semester IMS Training Mr. Arulalan, Mr. Prabhu & Mr. Franklin3. 0

4.07.09, 20.07.09, 08.08.09, 12.09.09 & 19.09.09 (5 Days)V semester IMS Training Mr. Santhosh & Mr. Arulalan4. 10.10.09 (1Day)V semesterIMS Training,Mr. Prabhu & Mr. Franklin5. 10.10.09 (1Day)VII semesterIMS TrainingMr. Santhosh & rulalan6. 09.01.2010, 23.01.2010 & 13.02.2010 (3 Days)VI Semester IMS Training Mr. Santhosh & Mr. Arulalan36. Placement services provided to the students

Mr. A

Placement Dtails:S. No.Student NameOrganizationSalary offeredRemarks1.P.J.SRIDHAR R.MAHESWARPROSCAPE. DUBAI -JUNE 20092.SANDEEP VENKATESH PRABHU.K NIRMAL.G KARTHICK.PBGR ENERGY SYSEMS -MAY 20093MONSOOR ELAHI.H GOPINATH.K VIGNESHKUMAR.M ETA, Chennai-10.01.2010 BIT,Sathy & 29.101.2010 Chennai 4BENJAMIN SANJAY. R PRASANTH.R Slash Support-10.02.2010 at BIT, Sathy 5ARUN. P NAVANEETHAKRISHNAN. M SREERAM. K SHRIRAM. K VENKATRAMANAN. S Vedanta Group-26.02.2010 at BIT, Sathy6A DEVISundaram Fasteners Ltd.,-20.02.2010 at BIT, Sathys7AJAY SUNDER R PRABU P BENJAMIN SANJAY R UST, Global -10.03.20108P. GNANAVELSchlumberger, Singapore -19.03.2010 37. Development programmes for Non-Teaching Staff: S. NoProgrammeName of Staff VenueDurationRemarks1.Skill Development Programme to Personal Assistants Miss.A Kalaiselvi & Miss.R.BrindhaBIT, Sathy 04.12.09, 05.12.09 & 07.12.093 days2.Industrial Trainin g Mr S Kumaravel Mr K Kanakaraju Mr R Parthiban Mr J Lawrance Charley Mr S Ramesh Mr S Karthirvel Mr N Shanmuganathan COINDIA , Coimbatore 7.12.09 & 12.12.09 14.12.09 to 19.12.09 6 days 6 days 38. Best practices of the institution: 39. Linkages developed with National/International/Academic/Research Bodies:

S. No.Name of the BodyAssociated Faculty memberNature of interactionStatus 40. Any other relevant information: