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Fall Term Lesson 1: Welcome Back Lesson 2: Comparatives Lesson 3: Where to? Lesson 4: Where to? 2 Lesson 5: Requests Lesson 6: Food Lesson 7: Halloween Lesson 8,9, 10: Tests

Spring Term

Lesson #1: Introduction

Goals: For students to be able to introduce themselves. Materials: Answer sheet with conversation templates on the back and a hanko point [HP] sheet for the back. Prep Class: 1. Please ask all students to make a nametag for themselves. 2. Please ask students what they wish to learn in OCI
Time Activity

Roll JTE: Please call attendance. ALT can help if youd like.

10 10 5 10 10

Warm-up Tegami ALT will ask students to write him a letter telling him about their families. JTE will help clarify in simple English/Japanese. This will be collected at the end of class. ALT Introduction ALT will introduce himself to the class, pausing every minute to let students write down answers on their answer sheet. JTE Introduction JTE will introduce him/herself to the class, pausing every minute to let students write down answers on their answer sheet. HP Time! This will be the first time that students can earn HP/candy. Students will be asked if they know the answers to either the JTE introduction or the ALTs. Try It! JTE will explain that students are to fill out their own introduction and introduce themselves to 5 other students. Students will also write down the information of the other student, this is also on their worksheet. Then, JTE and ALT will ask each student to rehearse the dialogue with them.

Lesson #2: New Friends

Goals: To learn more colloquial greetings. To be able to express simple ambitions. Materials: An interview worksheet with a few important phrases in English.

Prep Class: 1. Please have students finish up their name cards 2. Finish part three of the worksheet from Lesson #1. 3. Practice page 6, 7, and 8 in Select. 4. Review last weeks lessons; the worksheet from Lesson #1.
Time Activity

5 5 15 10


Roll ALT will call roll. HP Explanation ALT will explain the manner in which HP will be distributed. At first though, I will use candy to motivate them, and then use HP. JTE will help clarify in simpler English and/or Japanese. In Addition JTE will explain, using the worksheet from Lesson #1, how to add in on of the four examples from page 8 in Select. Students will practice this new dialogue in pairs. This is also kind of a review for students. English Conversation ALT will explain the focus of todays lesson: `I am going to` and `I will join` JTE will then ask `Which club will you join?` and ALT will ask `What are you going to do?` to each student starting at different ends. Interviews JTE will explain that using the worksheets provided, students will find other students in their OC1 class, asking them questions, and writing down

their answers. x ITIT ALT will ask students to present their interviews with help from the ALT.

Lesson #3: Free Time

Goals: Past and Present tense understanding. Materials: Scavenger hunt worksheet, a worksheet with todays English Conversation, magnets and sentences cut up for the game A practice presentation by the ALT.

Prep Class: 1. Review Lesson #2. 2. Practice the past, present, and future instances. 3. Please practice the listening sections of the text book.
Time Activity

5 5

Roll ALT would like to call roll. New HP ALT will explain the new HP system with stickers instead of candy. Students will also receive a sheet to attach to their name cards for the new HP. Perhaps the student with the most HP will not have to take the final exam. Game Time! Scrabble ALT will place words on the board using magnets and pieces of paper. Each of these words will be from one sentence that the ALT has scrambled. Students will work in pairs to try to piece the original sentence back together. Winners get HP. English Conversation JTE will explain todays lesson of past tense vs. present tense. At first we will use play vs. played. After that, we if we can use other verbs: eat, sleep, watch, etc that would be great. Also we can include time into this. For example: yesterday, last year, tomorrow, next year, etc. JTE and ALT will work around the room asking each individual student the same question for repetition. The goal is for students to not only practice speaking, but to listen and build confidence. Interviews ALT will ask students to once again participate in interview on page 15 of the text book. See Lesson #2 for a more accurate description. Presentations ALT will briefly explain the three important concepts to giving a



10 5

well thought out presentation: 1. loud voice, 2. good eye contact, and 3. memorization. ALT will also give an example. ITIT ALT will ask students for another journal write up or letter. These count towards their participation grade.

Lesson #4: TV
Goals: For students to be able to express simple phrases in relation to TV.. Materials: TV schedule (from the Yomiyuri or a generic one), vocabulary sheet, dialogue sheet, the ALT remote, and English conversation worksheet.

Prep Class: 1. Review Lesson #3 worksheets. 2. Conduct the interview on page 21 in Select. 3. Practice vocabulary on pg. 18 and questions on pg. 20 in Select.
Time Activity

5 15



Roll ALT will call roll and simple greetings. Game The ALT Remote This is a game designed to teach simple vocabulary. Though students will watch different shows, the one common element that they will have is the remote control. Using this, we will review words such as: volume, mute, channel, power, fast forward, rewind, stop, play, pause, etc. ALT will explain this. TV Schedule + Dialogue JTE will help explain a TV schedule that we have created. It can be generic, or it can be an actual schedule. ALT will create a dialogue for students to be able to use the questions on pg. 20, the vocabulary learned in the game, channels, times, and show names/types. Students will practice the dialogue in pairs, and then be asked to present. HP. English Conversation ALT will explain todays conversation is ing. JTE will help explain what it means, and then JTE and ALT will explain how to answer it with a few examples. JTE will ask: What do you like eating? ALT will ask: What do you like watching? If we finish quickly, we can do other ing questions, examples, and answers. ITIT Another letter or journal entry. More presentations or English conversation.

Lesson #5: Our School

Goals: To be able to describe your school. Using how+adj and existence. Materials: 1. How + adj. worksheet 2. Flashcards with random school profiles. 3. Answer sheet for number 2. 4. Presentation handout.

Prep Class: 1. Review Lesson 4 5-10 min max please. 2. Please go over adjectives and their meanings..
Time Activity

5 10 5 10 15

5 x

Roll ALT will call roll for students. How + Adj. ALT and JTE will explain the worksheet, and students will be asked to follow along. The worksheet asks students to write in the correct adjective to each question. Numbers ALT will give a brief explanation on how to pronounce numbers up to hundreds of millions. English Conversation JTE will help explain what it means with `How` and ALT will work with `There is` templates. My School Students will be given flashcards of a random school with information such as: name of the school, population, school trip destination, and other random facts. ALT will explain that students are to interview other students asking about their `school` and writing down their information. Presentations Using the answer sheet from the previous activity, students will be asked to perform with a template in front of the class. HP. ITIT A new letter or beginning journal entries.

Lesson #6: Weather

Goals: For students to be able to describe the weather. And other goodies.

Materials: Weather vocabulary sheet, weather report/forecast, pair work worksheets, weather props, and weather vocabulary cards..

Prep Class: 1. Review lesson 5. 2. Practice the vocabulary on the worksheet and common phrases on pg. 34 of Select.
Time Activity

5 10

15 5


Roll Alt will call roll. English Conversation EC this week is `will,` the future tense. ALT will ask `What will you do if it snows?` and JTE will ask `What will you do during summer vacation? Students will then be asked to stand up and ask each other the first question for one minute. Then they will have one minute to ask the other question to other students. Finally ALT and JTE will ask students either question. HP. Vocabulary ALT will show a list of pictures and flash cards with weather vocabulary. Students will be asked to write the Japanese definition in addition, will be asked to match the flash cards with the pictures on the board. Explanations JTE will explain how students are to do the pair work activity. This will include a practice dialogue on pg. 34 except we will include a dialogue about expressing weather in degrees as well. JTE and ALT will demonstrate a few examples of how the exercise is to be completed. Pair Work ALT will explain that students are to use what we practiced in the Explanations section where students are to do an activity similar to that of pg. 35 and 36 on select, however we will use degrees as well as different symbols (i.e. hurricane) that will be taught during the Vocabulary section. ITIT Journal entries, letters, presentations.

Lesson #7: Title School Life 2.

Goals: To teach some extra material on previous subjects. Materials: Students schedules, various worksheets and flashcards.

Prep Class: 1. Finish the Pair Work worksheet.

Time Activity

5 15

10 10 10 x

Roll ALT will call attendance. Schedules and Subjects ALT will use clip art and flash cards to teach students different schedules. Then students will be asked to match the flash cards to the pictures on the board. ALT will then ask for other subjects in YoshiShou. Students will then be asked to search for the English or Japanese word for each subject. Course Selection Students will be asked to pick and choose their ideal schedule from the subjects available. Anything is ok, they dont need to make their real schedule. English Conversation JTE and ALT will explain the usage of the words `before` and `after` and `between` to students in preparation for the next activity. ALT will use students to demonstrate this concept. Mini Interviews Students will ask other students with the words `before` and `after` and `between` about their schedules. Then be asked to write other students answers on their papers. ITIT More Q&A if necessary.

Lesson #8: Final Examination Practice

Goals: To give a sample final exam. Materials: A practice exam.

Prep Class: 1. Review the previous lessons up to the final exam (this should be up through Weather in Select). 2. Please answer any questions about the final exam if students have questions.
Time Activity

5 30 10 5

Roll ALT will call attendance. Practice Examination JTE and ALT will give a practice examination similar to the final examination but slightly easier. There will be multiple choice, true and false, fill in the blank, and a bit of free response. Correcting JTE and ALT will go over the answers to the practice exam. Q&A Session ALT will be open to any questions about the final exam and interview test that students might have.

ITIT We will finish some worksheets from the previous week, let students study, or let students ask anymore questions they might have.